How I Deal With Commenters

In the comments section, a commenter named Jake is trying to get me to ban an Indian nationalist named Jaipal. I told him that I go to great lengths not to ban Jaipal because I want to keep him on here. One of the ways I do that is by simply not engaging with Jaipal or not fighting with him.

Well then I’m curious then, why don’t you want to “fight” him? There were many other threads where you just banned Black commentators without them even attacking you or personally disagreeing with you one bit. Are there too many Indian nationalists that you have to handle on a daily basis that it gets tiring?

Wrong Jake! Are you Black? I have not banned any Black commenters who did not attack or personally disagree with me! I generally will never do that.
There are not so many Indian nationalists that I can’t deal with them all. Anyway, almost all of them get banned almost immediately. Jaipal has played his cards very well, and I compliment him for that. He’s a good contrary voice, and I am happy to keep him around.
Almost all commenters get banned for attacking me personally in a hostile manner. A few others get banned for things like hostile tone. Others get banned for constantly disagreeing with everything I say and being contrary, but that’s not common, and I give them a lot of slack. I let a lot of them ride on this ice for a while because at the end of the day, I want to ban as few people as possible.
Some commenters take a persistent contrary tone because that’s their agenda, but I don’t mind that so much. We had some Black nationalists on here, and we have Indian nationalists now. As I don’t want to ban them, I often just don’t engage them that much because I don’t want to set them off and get them banned.
A lot of other commenters I personally like a lot, and I deliberately don’t engage them when they disagree because I don’t want to get into a big tiff with them. I just sit back and let others take them on or just let it die.
There’s a real downside to banning too many commenters, and that’s that it makes people afraid to comment. It’s also shameful in that it makes me look bad if I ban too many people. And it’s also a bit painful to be banning people all the time because it’s such a hostile thing to do on my part. I don’t really feel very good about it, and it can make the site look bad.

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5 thoughts on “How I Deal With Commenters”

  1. Hey Robert
    Would you ever consider going to India and being on national TV there? It would be an absolute pleasure to watch you ripping the chest thumping Indians one asshole after another. Give no quarter to anyone. Fuck muslim, hindu, christian, dalit panther or whatever turds that get in your way.
    A few necessities: oxygen tanks, portable toilets, mosquito repellent, water, food etc. Rent a truck and roam the country.
    Also get your bulletproof, swordproof/knifeproof and bombproof gear and you’ll be all set.

    1. You forgot trunk load of Clorox bleach.
      Clorox = god’s gift to mankind.
      You can even render water safe for drinking by adding a wee bit of Clorox.

  2. What cracks me up about the new Alt-Reich, is that they admit their whole agenda and though process is primarily based on emotions and their feelings.
    ‘x group shouldn’t be here.’
    The founding fathers apparently wanted that (despite the fact that they were attempting to phase out slavery, with little talk of repatriation). this 1787?
    nah……times change. They don’t want any sort of change, for better or worse, because of their emotions.

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