Commenters Who Always Disagree with Me

We have some commenters on here who only comment in order to disagree with me. You really can’t do that on here. You can’t be “contrary.” You can’t comment on here only to disagree with everything I say. That’s not acceptable or permissible and it’s frankly a sign of hostility. I am letting it go for now, but you can’t keep on doing it. You can disagree with me, but not with everything I say. You can’t make every single post only to disagree with me.

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0 thoughts on “Commenters Who Always Disagree with Me”

  1. I’m glad I complimented an article of yours before this came out lol. I probably do this a bit but obviously I like your writing and feel I have something to learn from it or I wouldn’t read it so much.
    I tend to read things critically and sometimes kind of play devil’s advocate or try to provide another point of view or a bigger picture. But I do also take on board what you are saying and I probably agree with you more than you think. To prove it, I had this exchange with an Indian recently:
    me: India is a long way off being a superpower. You’ll have to overtake the economies of Italy and Canada first! Half of your children are malnourished and most people don’t have a flushing toilet.
    Indian: Flushing Toilets :-) is that a prerequisite ?
    me: it a prerequisite to not having shit in the street in India. I was putting it politely. Probably having any toilets would help. I would expect a modern superpower to have substantially shit free street.
    Indian: We will be great as a nation long before prosperity reaches everyone I do not see a problem with that.
    me: what do you define as ‘greatness’?
    Indian: 20% or greater of the world GDP the ability to provide for the masses…
    me: Good luck with that.

    1. You are just fine. You don’t come on here and disagree with everything I say just to be a dick. The people doing this are basically just being hostile to be honest.

        1. Yeah, but you’re nice to me, and you’re a cool guy. So you disagree sometimes? You do so very pleasantly, and you’re not a contrary asshole.
          Keep in mind that these contrary types are more or less expressing hostility towards me. That’s how you express hostility towards someone – disagree with everything they say.

  2. Why didn’t you respond to his challenges about shitty OIT?? That sounded like a personal disagreement to me.

    1. I don’t want to get into it with the guy. I don’t want to fight with him. That will set him off, he will start fighting me, and I might have to ban him. I don’t want to ban the guy.
      He doesn’t bother me one bit.

      1. Well then I’m curious then, why don’t you want to “fight” him? There were many other threads where you just banned Black commentators without them even attacking you or personally disagreeing with you one bit. Are there too many Indian nationalists that you have to handle on a daily basis that it gets tiring?

        1. Because nobody takes Jaipal seriously. He just copies and pastes Hindutva nonsense from sites like voice of dharma. Must of us, including Robert, just filter his posts out

  3. On a related note, Robert I wonder what your opinion is on Burma and Burmese racism on recent events relating to the Burmese border with India, there is an ethnic group called the Rohingya’s that are trying to settle in Burma due to overpopulation however this is causing a lot of conflict and an outburst of Sino-Tibetan supremacy. Maybe you should do a post on this, it’s all very interesting stuff Robert.

    1. I know something about them. This has been going on for a very long time now. I believe they had an insurgency of some sort for some time. They have long been in Burma, and Burmese have long treated them terribly. They are Muslims.

        1. No actually I thought you knew enough about it, it have been an interesting to see your take on it. After all you are like a master at explaining these race conflict things.

        2. I guess that’s one example of how it would not be pleasant living under an Asian dominated world, does Dota here know much about this?

    2. There is a conspiracy that the West is trying to set up extremist Muslims in Burma, and are trying to pry open into that country using refugee displacement through Saudi cooperation and petro dollars. A lot of Burmese people and Monks have been killed and beaten through this huge conflict that really has no mainstream naming or exposure of it.

      1. I don’t know much about this issue either Jake, but I suspect as usual the religious aspect will be played up and the ethnic aspect will be minimized.

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