Wolverine Photographed in California

A second wolverine has been photographed in the Sierra Nevadas of California.

The first one was captured on a baited trailcam station in 2008 as part of a study on martens. The location was north of Lake Tahoe on the Tahoe National Forest near Hobart Mills Road. They since set up a number of hair traps and they caught hair samples of this same wolverine a number of times. It’s a male, and genetic testing showed that he came from Idaho. It’s not known how he got from Idaho to the Sierras. He’s been apparently looking for a mate in the area, but he hasn’t been able to find one.

This one was photographed in May at Lake Spaulding, ~25 miles away from Hobart Mills Road to the west. It’s not known whether this wolverine that was photographed is the same one as was snapped at Hobart Mills Road. A hiker went into the backcountry for a three hike all alone and saw the wolverine booking it across Lake Spaulding’s frozen surface. He snapped a photo of it as it was running past. Biologists on the forest are very excited about this sighting.

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  1. A somewhat more recent(last year) documented sighting was up the road a bit in northern Oregon at a baited camera trap. Not aware if any comparisons were done between the two pics but it would be simultaneously interesting/deflating if it turned out to be the same wolverine. Such nomads . . . Cheers!

  2. Hello just wanted to state that we now have wolverines in Indiana. I live in a forested region 15 miles from the Illinois line. We have several lakes here and a creek running thru. In recent years have ran across a male and female. Came close to running into the male with my car on a gravel road. The female dug a den in the side of a 60 foot cliff over looking my lake. Observed her for a few weeks coming and going making improvements on her den. From my research I have found that Indiana ws once this animals biota several hundred years ago.

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