The Biggest Bunch of Assholes in the Whole World

That would be Bigfooters. What the Hell is the matter with them anyway? Why are they so hostile? Why are they so psycho, nuts and kooky? I don’t get it. Why can’t they act like normal human beings. 90 Maybe when we start to do a better job of proving these things exist, we can get a better class of people in Bigfootery. For now, it seems to have attracted only cranks, kooks, crazies, nutcases and more than anything else, assholes.

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0 thoughts on “The Biggest Bunch of Assholes in the Whole World”

  1. Yes, well said. My own thought, here, is that there must be a grab for glory of some kind and within the grabbing, people seem to lose their minds. Another passing thought is that, many – perhaps most lack an education. It follows then that, many cannot communicate well. So, assholes are thick as fleas.

    1. this is a different Steve to the regular commenter 😛 I’m gonna have to come up with a rarer name.

  2. Hello Robert,
    In general I agree with you that a broad generalization of the people that are showing up online in blogs, chat groups, and other BF websites are the types of offensive people that give the publicly available portion of this topic a poor image. I’d like to add that while many of the outspoken people online, are just that, overly outspoken, there is a large number of well educated, dedicated, scientifically minded individuals who are out working hard on this topic. Generally speaking they are less talkative online and you don’t hear much from them or about them because they preferr to avoid the politics and BS that you so frequently see broiling online. As time goes by it’s most likely that these are the people and their research that have the best potential to bring really good information to the forefront. So in conclusion I believe that the “better class” of people in sasquatch research that you refer to already exists, but the highly productive and outspoken group of onlinesters grab most of the headlines.

  3. What you say may be true.
    Perhaps the topic attracts so many prima donnas because they see it as an opportunity for a person such as themselves, with no particular skills or knowledge, to achieve some kind of fame and fortune.
    I omit Bindernagel, Meldrum, David Paulides, and TimbergiantBigfoot, and probably many others….but I could sure include almost everyone on the most popular chat/board forums.

  4. I think that there is a particular kind of personality attracted to this subject. And the skeptics are even worse.

  5. I believe that any slightly “outside” of the norm topic will bring out those who believe, those who are open to the possibility, skeptics who enjoy defending their position, and then you have those people who love nothing more than trashing believers, and just being able to be rude under an assumed name because there are no consequences. Robert, Over the couple or 3 years of our posting on BF topics I have seen you go from being more skeptical to now being supportive of BF believers, and supportive of the Ketchum study. Please do not allow the rude and skeptical people to get you down. Soon you will be vindicated when the world realizes that *you* were correct. Hang in there my friend, that day is coming! Hugs to you from those who appreciate your support of the BF research, and the reality of this species. Soon you can say”I told you so”! You, sir, will have the last laugh.. Then you can get involved with UFOs..grin, or not..BTW, I’ve seen 3 UFOs, but only one BF.

  6. I agree with Uncle T, and share the same life long fascination with the subject. There is something about the Sasquatch phenomenon that is deeply rooted in the psyche of many (myself included). It seems to bring out the worst in many ‘researchers’. Many seem to have celebrity and/or money agendas. However as David mentioned above, there are probably many decent people following the subject who aren’t as outspoken as the assholes.

  7. Ha ha ha ha, nice one Robert. The in-fighting baffles me as well. As John R. & Sasqrotch above alluded to, the frustrating nature of this topic seems to drive many a little nuts. Perhaps everyone needs to relax. Keep up the ENTERTAINING posts , mate. Tim, U.K.

  8. Relax,listen to some Rush in the woods and Bigfoot will come to you,okay,maybe he won’t but at least you get to enjoy some good music.

  9. Misanthropes often have the tendency to get very territorial about their chosen geek obsession, be it comic books, porn, UFOs, particular bands, etc. Their entire identity becomes enmeshed with it, their entire raison d’etre, to the point they feel it’s their exlusive property and they become obnoxious, pettily vicous and just plain pathetically weird towards anyone, especially “outsiders”, though most often one another, by whom they feel threatens their “expertise”.

  10. Agreed, recently started looking into bigfoot again..reading a local sighting from 2006 got me into it..after reading about all the fake, hoaxes, lawsuits, people selling people frozen big foot costumes, people trying to make bigfoot a protected animal even though its a grey area creature..Sylvanic, that TN farm with the lady who freaking chilled with bigfoot daily, wrote a book. It all stems back to money, trying to find bigfoot isnt a hobby, or fun its about how can you make money by fooling or tricking people. Im homestly tired of those Bigfoot tv shows and doctumenties about people hunting bigfoot, its just embarrasing. They lead a bunch of people into the forest on a wild goose chase, then MAYBE hear something, or get a footprint. 42 mins of complete junk, like watching porn but instead theyre wearing clothes and playing xbox. Its pathetic, greedy, scumbag, rednecks. Everyone constantly tries to call each other out too..but the reality is were all in the same boat freaking were all nutjobs looking for a monster that might or might not really be alive. Drama drama drama. Internet lawsuits for defamation! WTF grow up ! You got called a name on the internet cry about it.

  11. It is the Last Man Standing Syndrome. They have to clear the decks of all competition, via slander, so that they will be the Last Man Standing.

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