Black Man's House Burns Down, White Neighbor Cheers on the Arson

Here. The White man more or less said what do you expect? A family of African immigrants moved into a White neighborhood in Buffalo, New York. Soon afterwards, the home burned down in an apparent racial arson attack. The White man, a 30 year resident of the area, made the following comments:

I think that if people just stayed on their own side of town in their own neighborhood that things like that wouldn’t happen. Every race and color has their own section of Buffalo, so if they just stay in their own neighborhood, things like this wouldn’t happen. People in these neighborhoods don’t want those type of people moving down here and destroying the property value. So when things like that happen, it shouldn’t such a shock. What do I mean by “those types of people?” Minorities. African Americans. Why do I feel this way? Because I own a home and I see what happens when they move into the neighborhood. Property value goes down, kids on the corner, crime goes up. The east side used to be a beautiful place; look what they did to that.

He has since reportedly received death threats for those comments.

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0 thoughts on “Black Man's House Burns Down, White Neighbor Cheers on the Arson”

  1. You have to appreciate the guy’s honesty and forthrighteness. What happened was obviously wrong but my feelings towards the guy is tempered because he is honest.
    A lot of people feel like him but are too sly/smart to reveal it so when someone is refreshingly honest, I just don’t develop much animosity towards them.

    1. A family just lost their home. They have young children. A family that probably already had to struggle has to start all over again. That they are black doesn’t change the fact that they experience suffering like us wonderful whites do. So let’s not be so quick to feel “refreshed” by that selfish, insensitive jackass. You don’t warm up to your neighbor who you may judge as culturally challenged? Tough shit …too bad for our pampered notions of how life should be. it doesn’t compare to when your neighbors home burns down, whether you feel comfy around them or not. I don’t appreciate his honesty. It doesn’t do me a damn bit of good even when I don’t want to live around a lot of blacks either. But I’m not going to publicly or privately lament for and feel bitter about my home value when the home other human beings live in down the street just burned down. I’m not going to relate with my fellow white brother who points at the victim of arson and feels that “it serves those niggers right, it’s their fault.” My message to him is, if you can’t help but to be such a cold bastard, then make more money and move the fuck out of dodge, and stop your bitching. If he could find it in his white ingenuity to make it happen then at least he wouldn’t be kidding himself that he’s not a broke nigger too.

    2. Its very likely to be true that if poor African Americans moved into the white part of Buffalo, the crime rate would go up and the area would deteriorate. And I do privately appreciate a bit of honesty. But he is being a bit too mean when a family lost their home. They might have individually been nice, hard-working people.

      1. Wanting vermin like him wiped out doesn’t make one like him, let alone “worse” than him.

        1. Fuck you, foreign name asshole. Read my comment and let’s see if you’re capable of more than a troll response.

  2. He’s lumping black people together. I’d take a family of African immigrants over a family of American ghetto emigrants any day.

    1. I agree with both of your points.. It’s human nature to lump as many people as possible into “groups” so they can be judged and insulted in one fell swoop.

  3. Black people do hate white people and will threaten to kill whites if you speak the truth about blacks. There is no self reflection by blacks when criticized, only hostility toward whites. Whites have been silent for too long. The truth must be spoken.

    1. (There is no self reflection by blacks when criticized) As a group yes (Herd mentality), individually there is self reflection (myself) but no group as a whole likes to hear negative things about themselves you can see this by criticizing Catholics, Jews, Mexicans, Hindus, Asians and whites can handle it because there’s way more positive than negative.

        1. To be fair, white men are also in the process of dragging the world through it’s demographic transition, thus halting the malthusian boom/bust cycle. Granted, we’re quickly headed toward’s the limit’s to growth and it’s not clear how it’s going to play out, but singling out the bad things white’s have done is only looking at half the picture.

  4. Here is my Analysis of a white man’s mental makeup. I have worked with a quite a brilliant people.
    1. They are very disciplned.
    2. Hard-working .
    3. A Singular focus in getting a job done.
    4. Many people suggest many alternative solutions which are unique, but not necessarily the best [ Will profess that their solution is the best].
    5. Adaptability to a hostile envirnoment, and so called protein may have raised your IQ.
    6. But life, societies, and culture are intensively complex and inter-related.
    7. All those early Europeans razed a pristine Europe, and had to devise means to adapt, and discover new lands and raze them.
    8. It is easy to focus, be discplined and work hard, to think linearly in solving many inventions that White man has invented.
    Some of the Frankenstien inventions that were adopted that proved determinal to Life.
    1. DDT [ Just becoz it kill some pests doesnt mean it wont kill you]
    2. Agent Orange, many such chemicals.
    3. All your so called disruptive technologies.
    4. Singular focus in making Material objects determinetal to the envirnoment with Money only as the focus.
    5. The basic premise is “Nature has to be conquered”
    6. “Man has rights over Animals and Plants”
    7. Wars
    White man lacks a critical component for survival called “Wisdom”
    Germans are intelligent. Main excuse Germans claim for their holocaust against Jews is that “They just followed Orders”. You need discriminatory faculty to see whether you are doing right or wrong, whether it benefits Life and this planet.
    Amazon forests are being totalled for pastures for cattle raising on grass for the European pallette. Nature is Enemy number one for the White man even today.
    The European thought process is Linear and Singular, has no ability to see the complex big picture. No one cares for the “Gaia” shit yet.
    Your problems are only going to compound.
    Nothing remarkable in western invention. Some crazy guy will be born in your midst and wipe your civilization.

  5. The most bothersome thing to me is that the man is only 30. He’s younger than me. We’re not talking about some 70 year old white guy that grew up under segregation. This guy is young and talking like any southern segregationist in the 1950s. I am always disheartened to see racism like this amongst the young.

  6. I think he should have been born in the 1900’s but sorry sweetheart, you should feel threatened. Black people are not just sitting around being seen as the under classmen anymore. More black people are becoming successful and soon it will be the whites in the ghetto because they are so simple minded. A Black man is the president and will be again for 4 more years. Get over it. The new expression should be “It’s a Black Man’s world” because it is. Get used to it.

  7. Shit i don’t trust those whites anyway. Half of them are pedophile’s praising a priest who’s molesting half the lttle boys in the church, or just out right hillbillies who don’t have an educated bane in their body. smh at how someone so low can judge or feel threatened by a black man who’s probably making more money then he is. I think the real problem was tht he was scared his wife would get a taste of tht black d*ck and never come home again. Or come home pregnant w/ a mixed baby. lol anyone who’s racist can die a long painful death. Its 2012 get some morals jackasses or burn in hell like the scum u are.

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