Resistance Is the Essence of OCD

I am familiar with Harm OCD. At the same time, of course I have had many homicidal feelings and feelings of wanting to hurt people. Generally people who I hated for this or that reason. I have even fantasized about murdering them, how I would go about it, how I would pull it off, etc. Those thoughts were extremely pleasant, and of course I never tried to stop them a single time, although I tried to make sure I didn’t actually do it because I didn’t think it would be a good idea for a lot of reasons. I might get caught, number 1. The victim might turn on me and kill me, number 2. I might not be able to live well with myself afterwards, number 3. And last, wondering if even my worst enemies on this Earth deserve the death penalty via me. I assure you that I did not try to stop any of these feelings, urges, behaviors or thoughts! Never, never, never, never, not even one time did I try to stop a thought, feeling, urge or action like that. True violent feelings are so completely different from OCD they are like from different planets. I am also familiar with sexual OCD. I am also heterosexual and have had about a trillion sexual thoughts, feelings, urges, etc. towards mature females of a variety of ages. I assure you that never a single time did I ever resist any of those thoughts, feelings or urges. Not once, not ever, ever, ever. Real sexual thoughts are so different from sexual OCD that once again, they seem like they’re from another planet. I have asked people without OCD and they told me that they simply never try to stop their thoughts. One person said, “I only think about things I want to think about.” They said they had never tried to stop a single thought in their entire lives. In my opinion, if you try to stop the thoughts, feelings, urges, etc., then it’s OCD. Period.

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  1. My OCD has gone through many mutations over the years, from the two kinds you’ve mentioned here to others, where what I’m worried about is the composition of my own personality (as if my thoughts might change me into someone else inadvertently). Throughout all these mutations it’s been a case of resistance to unwanted thoughts.
    But what about the relationship between OCD and obsessional neurosis? Again, speaking from experience, it’s possible to experience irrational, obsessive worry about things without resisting those thoughts. The there’s the ritual behaviours element of OCD. It seems to me that there’s a compliant aspect to both forms of neurosis, where you engage in certain behaviours (mental or physical) or ward off disaster.
    In my experience it’s more an oscillation between compliance and resistance. Of course, I’m only talking about symptoms here, not treatment (or self-treatment).

    1. Thx for this. Very interesting. I am glad that you have beat Harm OCD and Sexual OCD. What is the nature of your stuff about your personality? Or email me if you don’t want to talk about it here.
      What you are talking about is the ruminations, the fears or the worries. I get those quite a bit. In fact, I just got a dose of one right now.
      With Pure O, you also have thought compulsions. Those are designed to neutralize the bad thoughts. You repeat good thoughts over and over to make yourself feel better. Someone with Harm O will repeat over and over that they are not a killer. Someone with Sexual O will repeat over and over that they are not gay or a pedo or whatever. Those are like comforting thoughts or compulsions designed to argue with the obsessions and tell them that they are wrong.
      But supposedly they don’t work very well.

      1. I do the thought compulsions a good part of the time. Often I just like to fill my head up with something neutral, anything, because if my mind is empty, the obsessions might come in, and I don’t dig it when they come in at all.
        Have you tried acceptance? I am doing that lately, and it seems to work pretty well, though it is very painful.

  2. Good way to live with OCD is just accept the thoughts, if you get OCD symptoms just let them come and dont become anxious about it, dont try to fight them because it will just make the symptoms worse.
    Obviously easier said than done but thats how it is suppose to be.

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