Bigfoot News June 11, 2012

Check out Shawn’s (Bigfoot Evidence) montage comparing the Sierra Kills Bigfoot steak with Randy Brisson’s hair samples from Golden Ears Park in British Colombia.

Click to enlarge. A photo montage of hair samples from Randy Brisson found in Golden Ears Park in British Colombia compared with the Bigfoot hide from the Sierra Kills. All samples were DNA-proven to come from Bigfoots.

New analyses from Facebook Find Bigfoot. Two of them.
FB/FB analyses a very interesting film of a Bigfoot in Pennsylvania watching kids in a go-cart competition. Video here. Very interesting video. You can see the Bigfoot very well. This was sent in anonymously to Dr. Jeff Meldrum. He thought it was interesting enough to send it to FB/FB for them to analyze it. The way the Bigfoot walks looks exactly like Patty in the Patterson film. Any thoughts on this one? If it’s fake, it’s a darn good one.
Another analysis from FB/FB. This one is from Mink Creek, Idaho, filmed by high school kids who were Nordic skiing. It was also sent in to Meldrum anonymously (that is the shooter wishes to remain anonymous), but Meldrum contacted the kids who shot the video somehow because he knows their family. So he was able to interview the kids who shot the video.
Meldrum analyzed video of the footprints the kids shot when they went up on the hill to where the Bigfoot was filmed. Meldrum feels the video is authentic because of the authenticity of the footprint video. It would have been very hard for those kids to fake that good of a footprint. The kids don’t know what they saw, and they don’t want any fame or fortune out of this. Instead, they just want to be anonymous. I believe this video is authentic.
New video from Joe Black claims to catch Bigfoot on a plot watcher. The video is pretty long, but it has some interesting photo grabs. Joe Black has a hair sample in to the Ketchum study that has tested positive for Bigfoot on DNA.
An enhancement of the screen grab from Joe Black’s video. Pretty interesting! Did he fake this? Who knows? But he does have a successful hair sample into the Ketchum study, so what’s the motivation to hoax? God that thing looks weird.

Great video of a White Bigfoot by MK Davis. Supposedly shot on a trail cam. There is a cow in front of the Bigfoot. The Bigfoot is on all fours, then it takes off running extremely fast. I don’t see how a human could be this big and run this fast. Davis isn’t giving us much information on who shot this video. Apparently the person wishes to remain anonymous. Quite possibly authentic.
Bigfoot pics on Google Street View and Google Earth. These were collected by Facebook Find Bigfoot.
Very interesting pic of a possible Bigfoot in a river. It has a shadow too.

Possible Bigfoot along the side of a highway. Could be real.

Very interesting photo from Google Earth. This one looks very real.

Strange photo of a possible Bigfoot along a highway. Could be real.

Possible Yowie from NSW, Australia. Interesting photo. Could be real.

This is a greatly enhanced photo from Google Street View via Crypto Four Corners. Much enhanced from the original photo. Though I do not see how you can copyright a Google Street View photo.

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  1. wasn’t you saying a few months ago that the Ketchum study would come out any time. where is it? is this Ketchum study gonna turn out to be bullshit and something that never happens?

  2. Go kart is a person in my opinion
    the Idaho one is a bear, I did an analysis of this a few months back before they add the track photo and re-released it.In my opinion it’s a bear but people can decided for themselves.!/photo.php?v=10150674058325480&set=vb.263899730338985&type=2&theater

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