Three New Records on Robert Lindsay

In the past two years, we set three new records on Robert Lindsay. One for the 3rd biggest month in August 2010, the other for 4th biggest month set in May 2012 and another for the fifth biggest month in February 2012. I had stopped keeping track of these figures because I thought my traffic was never going to go as high as it got when I was running all those shock videos, but it looks like it is starting to creep back up again. 3. 244,088: August 2010 4. 230,853: May 2012 5. 226,320: February 2012

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0 thoughts on “Three New Records on Robert Lindsay”

      1. you have so many articles and they come up high on google. Every time I googled something related to race, an article of yours always came up. I came across this site a number of times before I started reading the blog regularly.

  1. Congratulations! I guess you’ll have the ads and popups coming soon… Anyway, must mean you’re doing something right!

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