About Those Olmec Heads

There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever for this Afrocentrist theory that the Olmec statues represent African colonization of the Americas. The Olmecs are simply tropical adapted humans, with a phenotype typical of those in the tropics. They have the wide noses typical of many tropical adapted peoples. A wide nose is good for living in a very hot climate. Probably a long and narrow nose heats up the air too much when you breathe. A wide nose allows cooling of the air as you breathe, presumably. The Olmecs are also short and dark, but many tropical adapted types are short and dark. Dark skin keeps you from getting too much UV radiation which among other things is toxic to fetuses on the women’s womb. A small and compact body easily diffuses heat in a very hot environment. A large or tall body will not diffuse heat well and may well overheat in that environment. The faces on Olmec statues are flat. African faces are not flat. End of argument. There are no African genes in Olmec people. There is no evidence of any long-range colonization or even exploration by Africans via sea in any period, ancient or modern. They do not appear to have mastered the art of seafaring except for the White Africans in North Africa.

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16 thoughts on “About Those Olmec Heads”

  1. And that’s why no one takes my race serious in debates, Instead of arguing from points we can prove we say completely asinine things, I can handle racism but what gets me mad is when someone of my race starts jumping around the monkey cage flinging shit (Afrocentrist theory’s) at people and keep doing it even when there proven wrong and the whites racists just laugh in joy. Do those idiots they know what there doing?

    1. They really need to just drop this crap. Forget about Black history. Screw Black history. Black people need to focus on DOING IT NOW! Make some real history TODAY!

  2. Hi Robert,
    “A small and compact body easily diffuses heat in a very hot environment. A large or tall body will not diffuse heat well and may well overheat in that environment.”
    If this is the case how come Sub Saharan Africans are tall and big? Shouldn’t they be small like us Indonesians? Or maybe they compensate by sweating a lot?

  3. Oh, one more thing.
    I just looked at the map and South India is definitely located in the tropic. Yet most South Indians I saw has long and narrow nose. So I’m not sure about the hypothesis that long and narrow nose heats up air. Or maybe South Indians can handle hot air going up their noses?

    1. Those S. Indians are basically just Caucasians with very dark skin. So whatever changes happened to them happened in the Caucasus and they migrated south and became darker over generations. That would be my guess.

  4. From my expereince it has only been a fringe minority of African Americans who espouse the belief that the Olmec heads were Black. I sure don’t see any Black Academics from Western institutions claiming this.
    I don’t think anyone seriously claims that White academics believe Europeans colonised the Americas 1st just because 2 Academics from the Smithsonian are pushing the Solutrean theory.

    1. The African Olmec hypothesis also is believed by many in the alt.archaeology crowd, Graham Hancock for example. Not that this means anything, except that both crowds of charlatans and credulous woo-meisters are drawing factoids from the same cultic milieu.

  5. Been several decades since I read Ivan van Sertimas early books.. but he only a third rate scholar then at College Graduate Level… below Barry Fell, Charles Hapgood who were below Cyrus Gordon & Alexander von Wuthenau. Sad but 90 percent of Afro-centrism descend into cuckoo NOI “Blacks” were the only inhabitants, conquered every square foot of Land in the Earth, then alnino “mud people” mutated about 6K years ago. Blacks invented everything & religion – Ra, Osirus, Mother Earrth etc.
    So where is their worldwide evidence of vast ocean going passenger vessels populating all the Earth? or shipyards under the Saharan coasts or sub-Saharan perimeter of Africa? Why doesn’t the Wordwide “Black diaspora” fund massive archeological excavations throughout the African Continent below Libya & Egypt?
    Yes Pre-Columbian African head sculpures have been unearthed in the Americas complete with dacial ritual scar tattooing, but so have Roman, Phoenician, Carthage, Egyptian & Chinese & Japanese head sculptures etc. And there is some evidence for either pre-1492 & post-1492 blond & blue-eyed small tribes of SA Indians & NA “Blacks”. But were they just captured sailors or possibly slaves of the Spanish @ 1500 who escaped or were left behind?

  6. The pyramids in Egypt and central America were built by extraterrestrials. The extraterrestrials look black and they are one day going to come back and unleash a can of whoop ass on the white man for what he did to Africa.

    1. only partially correct T. The ETs borrowed the pyramid design from the all knowing Hindus. The vedas also contain detailed schematics on building space ships and time travel devices too. They just haven’t been decoded yet.

      1. Both wrong. The ideas came from the Nordics, but they only did it because the Zionists bamboozled them into it for reasons of their own.

    2. The white man has been lying about history for the last 500 years . White people think that only they can interpret and explain history . This sick and
      perverted frame of mind comes from their eurocentric racist white supremacist beliefs . Every day of the week , the lies they tell are exposed one
      by one . And just as you said judgement day is coming and they cannot
      escape it .

  7. With all the White, European history we’re spoon fed in school you have the nerve to say forget about Black History? Just because your co-author is a brainwashed,co-opted Black women doesn’t mean she gives you legitimacy. There better more informed historians and geneticists who discount your theories with actual PROOF.

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