Four Left Latin American Governments Quit OAS Defense Treaty

Four leftwing Latin American nations quit the OAS defense treaty, asking for changes in the document. The OAS has always been the whore of the US, a sickening and reactionary organization. They threw Cuba out for no good reason long ago. These heroic Latin American nations are doing what should have been done long ago. The OAS is just shit, a Cold War creation of the Yankee dogs. Get rid of it already. Yankee go home! The nations are Nicaragua, led by the Sandinista hero Daniel Ortega, Venezuela, led by Hugo Chavez, Ecuador, led by Rafael Correa and Bolivia, led by Evo Morales. I am reminded of the words of the former Sandinista national anthem:

America, enemy of mankind!

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0 thoughts on “Four Left Latin American Governments Quit OAS Defense Treaty”

  1. i am also reminded of of the words of me to idiots like you….. go fuck yourself, by the way why dont you move to one of those great countries

  2. Dear Robert
    Let’s hope that European countries and Canada will follow their example and start leaving NATO. With the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, NATO has lost its reason for being. It has become an extension of the Pentagon and an instrument of Western human rights imperialists. Just look at the countries that NATO has attacked: Serbia, Afghanistan, Lybia. Were they really a threat to the security of NATO countries? I don’t think so.
    Regards. James

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