The "Street Pimp" As a Stereotypical Ethnic Occupation

I recently suggested that pimping was a stereotypical Black occupation in the US, an occupation that is not usually engaged in by other ethnicities. A friend suggested that other ethnics pimp and gave me a link to a Chinese couple running a whorehouse. Running a whorehouse ain’t the same thing as being a fucking street pimp. Lots of people of all races run whorehouses. In the US, they are typically massage parlors or outcall services or something to that effect. And yes, they are often run by Asians in this country. The “street pimp” in the US is almost always Black, nearly 100 We have some of these strutting, stereotypical street pimps around these parts. I have met two of them so far, and I heard of a third one. 100 Many books have been written on this subject. Most of them conclude that the vast majority of your typical street pimp types are indeed Black males who adopt a stereotypical style and mannerism. A lot of ink has been poured on why most street pimps in the US are Black, and many theories have been suggested. Most harken back to the times after the Civil War when employment was difficult for many Black men. At this time, the stereotypical Black male street pimp occupation began. Most street whores have a pimp (a street pimp). In most cases that I have heard of, the men who pimp out streetwalkers are almost always Black. There may be some men of other races who are successful street pimp types, but I generally have never heard of it. If you have heard of any, let me know.

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12 thoughts on “The "Street Pimp" As a Stereotypical Ethnic Occupation”

  1. I think it comes down to how broadly or narrowly one defines “street pimp”. It sounds like you narrowly define it as a man who manages women who stand on the corner / approach cars? But what if the women have a roof over their heads? Would prostitution that takes place in strip clubs, where the only meaningfull difference from a “street pimp” is moving from the outside to inside, count as “street pimpin” ? . For instance, would you say 1% Biker gangs who are notorious for running prostitution rackets are ‘street pimps’ ?

    1. What are 1% biker gangs?
      The people who run whorehouses, modeling studios and outcall services and call girl services are generally females as I understand it. The women come and go to work. The females are more properly considered madams. Madams generally treat the women fairly well. In massage parlors (often Asian), modeling studios, outcall services and call girl services the girls are treated very well. The arrive at work, work for a while and then go home. A lot of them make a lot of money. The women are not beaten, threatened, raped or killed. They are pretty much just employees.
      OTOH, do you live in the US? Do you realize the horrific reputation of the Black street pimp of Superfly etc ghetto legend? I mean, these are some of the worst human beings on the face of the Earth. They are the lowest of the low, the worst of the worst. They treat the women like shit and take all of their money. They are the worst and lowest criminals out there.
      There may be street pimps like this of other races, but I have never run into one. And so far I have run into or heard about 3 Black street pimps within let us say 100 yards of my apartment!
      I have never heard of US biker gangs running prostitution gangs? Is this a European thing or a US thing? Clue me in.

      1. “What are 1% biker gangs?”
        I am referring to : Hells Angels, Bandidos, Mongols etc..
        They are notorious for running/managing Prostitution rackets, in addition to other criminal enterprises. They also have a well known reputation for violence and murder .
        Yeah I live in the US. Over the years I have read articles and watched documentaries on 1% Bikers that mention their deep involvement in prostitution, along with Meth manufacturing and other criminal activity.
        Heres articles that I got from a quick search.
        “Organized crime by motorcycle gangs, such as ‘Hell’s Angels,’ are involved in drug trafficking and prostitution. More than 50 people have been killed in Quebec over four years, in a turf war between the Hell’s Angels and a rival gang called the Rock Machine (“Canada plans to take on biker gangs,” United Press International, 23 April 1998) ”
        “The prosecutors contended that Mr. McClure had been under orders from Odis Garrett to kill Ms. Compton in retaliation for her testimony against several Hell’s Angels in a San Francisco prostitution trial.”
        “”They do a lot of prostitution rings that they run, they are involved in extortions, they’re involved in thefts of stolen motorcycles … murders, assaults, narcotics trafficking, firearms trafficking,” Ciccone said.”

    2. In strip joints, I am not sure how it works. The women may negotiate with you at your table if you want to go home with them afterwards on their own time. The house makes money on drinks and admission charges. They are not really pimping at all as I understand it. The women get tips for dancing and lap dances and whatnot. I think they keep all the tips. It’s a pretty good deal for the girls. You show up every day for work and go home. You can quit any time.

  2. If you watched all of Epic Beard Man’s videos, you’ll recall that he admitted to having pimped in his past.

  3. Excuse me but, you left out the Russian and Eastern-European mobsters running the same kind of criminal enterprise. If you think these guys are some sort of Euro-Boyscouts, you’er a fool. They are just as vicious and violent as the next pimp. It’s all about the money.

  4. after reading this all i can do is shake my head and laugh. wow……… this really what people think? where is this information coming from? lmao! well…………i can honestly say that the real pimps are enjoying this. the game has changed due to the something called a “crack hoe”. ever heard of that? as a result……….the things u think u know…………are all gone like 8 tracks. lol!

  5. Hmmm…I personally do not know of any. In fact, if you researched your American history, the sale of women, both black and white, during slavery times were done almost exclusively by white men.
    Perhaps the true origin of the “street pimp” comes from a dark place in American white history that no one wants to discover.

  6. a pimp is someone who makes profit from the prostitution of women. Norm to find a decent, pimp is very rare. Most pimps use mental, and emotional abuse to coerce their “ho’s” into remaining in the “game.” “Pimp” then becomes only a glamorized word for sexual traffickers. In the media, it is shown as black males, but there are sexual traffickers of all races and ethnic background. They run brothels, and massage parlors, and the like – but most of these times these women are manipulated into remaining in that position. This type of “pimpin” is done all over, by everyone.
    You should be smarter than to use the percentage of 100. Nothing is 100% in the world, and idk where you go making that kind of assertion, esp. when you are no sociologist, or psychologist.
    “Pimping” is a profession done to assume profit as fast as possible. No man is immune to the want of great.

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