Social Spending and Welfare State Programs Are Popular the World Over

I always get a chuckle out of listening to wealthy people and wealthy to me is anybody making over 100K a year telling me that rich people are elitist and bad for our country.
You know to each his own. You earn it or inherit then it’s yours and all the power to you. I make under 70K a year and support two children on my own (widower).
I don’t expect the government to take care of me or help me make my life easier. I enjoy earning my own way and having self respect. I guess I am a dying breed.
Are people in Socialist country really happier. I rarely see or hear of regular citizens telling everybody how happy they are living in a socialist or Communist country. Why is that? Everybody should be flocking to those countries if it is such a great political system to live under.

It’s a rare rich person who has the balls to go against his own class and become what they called FDR, a traitor to his class. It takes a lot of nerve to do that because really you are operating against your own self-interest. The Teddy Kennedys are not laughing stocks; they are saints and angels. It’s not an easy thing to do. Most folks just follow their own class interests.
The rich are an elite in all nations, and in all nations on Earth, the agenda of the rich is always bad for all other classes. Generally it’s the top 20% versus the bottom 80%, but in the US these days, it’s the 1% versus the 99%.
Most people in European style socialist countries or in countries that have those kinds of programs anywhere on Earth do not want to get rid of the system and they do not want to get rid of those programs. The US is really the only country on the face of the Earth where majorities regularly agitate for and actually vote out social spending or welfare state style programs.
In the rest of the world, people can’t get enough of them. Once you put in welfare state or social spending programs, people almost never vote to get rid of them, and they could vote that stuff out anytime they want. Politicians often try to or actually do get rid of these programs, but there is always a huge fight from the majority that opposes them when they do this.
In the rest of the world, the only people who oppose social spending and welfare state programs are the rich and upper middle classes and the capitalist interests of those states. With the vast majority, these programs are wildly popular.
The US is fairly unique on Earth in that majorities regularly oppose social spending and welfare state programs. I can’t think of another country on Earth where this is true.
Of course people are happier to have these programs. The people voted them in, they love the programs, and they fight like wildcats when people try to take them away.

Forward With Obama or Backwards with Romney?

Your choice to make.
As progressives, we believe that history moves in a forward direction, not backwards. Clocks, time and history move forward, to the future, not backwards, to the stale, reactionary, barbaric and ultimately dead past.
Obamacare, whatever its faults, is a move forwards. It is history in action. We on the Left do not believe in the End of History, as written by Fukuyama, who said History ended in 1989. But that’s a pipe dream of the elite. As if the collapse of a wall could render the class war  neutered forever.
Class war never ends, humans being humans. There was class war before Marx was born, and there is class war after 1989. Some things will never change. Class war and ultimately history is part of the human condition.
Trying to stop history is like trying to stop clocks. Reactionaries want to stop all the clocks on Earth or make them run backwards. But no matter how hard they try, people will always come around and fix them so they run right again, and then history marches on as usual.
Forwards, the only way history can go.
To the future. To progress.

Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

This breaking news is just in. The Supreme Court by and large upheld Obamacare! Yay! Justice John Roberts, a far rightwinger, incredibly enough sided with the four more progressive members of the court.
They upheld in particular the individual mandate, a very problematic aspect of Obamacare which nevertheless is necessary for the whole thing to work. Take out the individual mandate and the whole thing falls apart as there’s no way to fund it. So the individual mandate is a necessary evil. They did throw out some parts of it, so it’s confusing. I didn’t expect this result at all; I expected the court to throw out the whole thing or at least the individual mandate.
Now all those turd Republican governments who passed legislation saying they were opting out of Obamacare will have to eat crow. Hah!
Unfortunately, polls of Ameritards show that a slight majority of Moronicans oppose Obamacare, probably almost all for reactionary reasons. The death of reactionary America will be a long, slow and painful process.

What's Up With National Bolshevism?

Repost from the old site.
National Bolshevism?
I sort of don’t like the looks of it automatically, but what is it really all about? Anyone? Is it racist? I’m looking at it and getting worried. A Commie friend of mine from Germany said they were ok, but I am not sure yet. Not sure if I like the flag either. Their supporters are on fascist fora looking for looking for more support.
I can’t really figure this out. I’m not sure if it’s ok or not. Anyone wants to look into it, be my guest.

Andy Kaufman Died For the Lulz

Repost from the old site.
On May 16, 1984, one of the finest comedians and performance artists of our time, Andy Kaufman, reportedly died at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.
Or did he? A blog, Andy Kaufman Returns, appeared right around the time of the 20th anniversary of his death. The blog was reportedly written by Kaufman himself. He describes how he faked his death, faked his supposedly having cancer, and arranged for another dying man to placed in his hospital bed in his place.
He then described what he has been doing since he faked his own death and has been living in hiding. The blog is actually pretty hilarious, and after the most recent post, there have been over 900 comments.
Soon afterward, a new blog, The Real Andy Kaufman, appeared accusing the previous one of being a lying, cheating fake. The new blog claimed to be from the real Andy Kaufman. Tony Clifton, the abusive Vegas lounge singer who was one of Andy’s comedic personas, also has two new blogs up. It appears that he did not die either.
There is an entire elaborate website up called Andy Kaufman Lives. It has quotes from many of Andy’s friends saying that Andy told them how he planning to fake his death and how exactly he would go about doing it if he did.
Some of them then describe how he did indeed fake his own illness and death as they watched. He shaved his head and went on a starvation diet to look like a cancer patient. Then he got some dying guy to fill in for him at the last moment to take his place on the deathbed.
There are reports from witnesses who spotted Kaufman soon after the faked death in Jamaica, a report from someone in Taos, New Mexico, who says that Andy is actually living there quietly incognito, a report from someone else saying that Andy was pretending to be a Venice Beach bum in the late 1980’s, quotes from his nurse, who confesses that Andy was not really ill at all, quotes from friends who were at his bedside admitting that his death was a fake, on and on it goes.
The site claims that searches of Kaufman’s death certificate online reveal a blank record and that Kaufman’s Social Security number has continued to be used in the 20 years since his death in a variety of places in the US. The site is also looking for witnesses to testify that Kaufman is still alive for reasons of some insane lawsuit that I could not figure out.
Apparently, all of this is just a gigantic put-on by some of Andy’s old friends on the 20th anniversary of his death. It’s apparently true that Andy did discuss faking his own death with some of his friends as the ultimate prank. He realized that if he did it, he could not tell anyone, as faking your death is apparently a crime.
The Snopes site reveals that Andy Kaufman actually did die on 5-16-84 in Los Angeles and offers persuasive evidence that this is in fact what really happened.
Andy Kaufman would have been quite at home in the Internet Age. He was a great troll, and he just about invented trolling IRL. In fact, that was his signature style. And everything he did, he did it for the lulz.

Nancy Pelosi, Leader of the 1%

Weeks ago, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi openly expressed her support for a plan similar to that produced by the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission — a plan that would ultimately cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits while protecting the wealthy from taxes.
It’s gotten worse.
Pelosi now says she also favors keeping the Bush-Obama tax cuts in place for those with incomes up to $1 million. (President Obama has said he supports keeping the tax cuts only for those below $250,000.) The Pelosi proposal would lose billions in revenue and would likely mean additional massive cuts to human needs.
Big budgetary decisions are likely to be pushed off until the lame-duck session after November’s election, or the following Congress. But it’s now — as we move into election season — that Democratic leaders need to hear that millions of voters oppose this appeasing of the 1% and the GOP.
The federal budget is in a hole because of bloated military spending, wars, tax cuts for the rich, corporate welfare, Wall Street speculation and the consequent economic downturn. None of these problems will be fixed by savaging our retirement and healthcare safety net or other important programs.
Nancy Pelosi, leader of the 1%.
The Democratic Party, the party of the 1%.
The Republican Party, the party of the 1%.
Two parties of the 1%
No parties of the 99%.

The Reality of Dialects in Italy

It’s often said that the dialects of Italy will be dead in 30 years. There is no way on Earth that that is true. On the other hand, the hard or pure dialects are dying, as they are all over Europe, in Sweden, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
The hard dialects are often spoken only by the old now, and many old words have fallen out of use. The hard dialects often had a limited vocabulary restricted to whatever economic activity was typical of the area. A lot of the old dialects are now being written down in local dictionaries to preserve their heritage.
The dialects were of course killed by universal education, and this was a positive thing. All Italians should learn to speak some form of Standard Italian. In the old days when everyone spoke dialect, people had a hard time communicating with each other unless there was some form of regional koine that they could speak and all understand. It doesn’t make sense if you can only talk to people in a 20 mile or less radius.
A diglossia where hard dialects would exist alongside Standard Italian was never going to work. People are pretty much going to speak one or the other. As people learn Standard Italian, their local dialect will tend to become more Italianized. In other cases, the hard local dialect will tend to resemble more the local regional dialect.
For instance, in southern Campania, the region of Naples, in a part called Southern Cilento, there are still some Sicilianized dialects spoken, remnants from Sicilian immigrants who came in the 1500’s. These dialects are now dying, and the speech of the young tends to resemble more the Neapolitan Cilento speech of the surrounding area more.
In other cases, koines have developed.
There is a regional koine in Piedmont that everyone understands. There is a similar koine in West and East Lombard, the Western one based on the speech of Ticino. There is a Standard Sicilian, spoken by everyone and understood by all, and then there are regional dialects, which, if spoken in hard form, may not be intelligible with surrounding regions. A koine has also developed in Abruzze around Pesaro. There is “TV Venetian,” the Venetian used in regional TV, a homogenized form that has speakers of local dialects worried it is going to take them out.
Even where hard dialects still exist, the younger people continue to speak the local dialect, except that it is now a lot more Italianized and regionalized. A lot of the old words are gone, but quite a few are still left. So the dialects are not necessarily dead or dying, instead they are just changing.
In the places where the dialects are the farthest gone such as Lazio and Tuscany, the regional dialects are turning into “accents” which can be understood by any Standard Italian speaker.
The situation in Tuscany is complicated. Although the hard dialects are definitely going out, even the hard dialects may be intelligible to Standard Italian speakers since Standard Italian itself was based on the dialect of Florence, a city in Tuscany.
Florence was chosen as the national dialect around 1800 when Italian leaders decided on a language for all of Italy. But the truth is that the language of Dante had always been an Italian koine extending far beyond its borders, just as the language of Paris had long been the de facto Standard French (and it still is as Parisien).
This is not to say that there are not dialects in Tuscany. Neapolitan speakers say they hear old men from the Florence region on TV and the dialect is so hard that they want subtitles. And there is the issue of which Florentine was chosen as Standard Italian. A commenter said that the language that was chosen was the language of Dante, sort of a dialect frozen in time in the 1400’s. In that case, regional Tuscan could well have moved far beyond that.
Even in areas where dialects are said to be badly gone such as Liguria, local accents still exist. It is said that everyone in Genoa speaks with a pretty hard Ligurian accent. That is, it is Standard Italian spoken with a Genoese accent.
Many younger Italians are capable of speaking in what is called “close,” “strict” or “tight” dialect. This means the hard form of the dialect. Speaking in this hard dialect, they often say that outsiders have a hard time understanding them. They can also speak in a looser form that is more readily intelligible. People adjust their speech to interlocutors.
We seem to be seeing a resurgence of interest in dialects among young people. Even if they can’t  speak them, many understand them. Most young people grew up with mothers, fathers or certainly grandparents who spoke in this or that dialect, and they learned at least to understand it from them. In addition, in many parts of Italy, dialects are still going strong, and many young people at least understand the local dialect even if they do not speak it.

Source for Stalin's Death Toll

For a more academic source that Sousa’s essay is based on, see Victims of the Soviet Penal System in the Pre-war Years:A First Approach on the Basis of Archival Evidence by J. Arch Getty, Gabor T. Ritterspoon and Viktor N. Zemskov.
I am really getting tired of endlessly answering these questions to people who are not familiar with the literature. Note: I am not insulting those of you who have not heard of the revisionist studies, as the revisionist tolls on Stalin have never been disseminated by the “free press” (LOL!) in the West, so of course no one has heard of any of this stuff.
Peacetime figures for political deaths in the USSR 1921-1953 are:

Executions:             900,000
Deaths in the gulag:    300,000
Dekulakization Ukraine: 390,000

Totals: 1.59 million
Granted this does not include their fake deliberate famine (5.4 million) or the deaths during WW2. It’s open to debate whether to include such things or not.
The source is J. Arch Getty and various Russian scholars. The KGB archives were opened up by Gorbachev in 1990 and the millions of pages were pored over by scholars from the world over. The killers wrote down everything. Google J. Arch Getty for more.
The debate has continued to be conducted in academic journals since then, and the Conquest liars have stuck to their guns. The debate gets complicated, and I am not privy to all the details. Bottom line is that Conquest is saying that Commies lie all the time, so why should we believe the KGB archives, since obviously the KGB lied in their own archives?
Feel free to dip into it if you wish. I gave up after a bit and am just siding with Getty and rest. It may be some time before this is all sorted out. There are clearly some overheated emotions, at least on one side anyway.
The figures do not include:

WW2 minority transfers:    300,000+
Executions during WW2:     ~100,000+
Gulag criminal deaths:     900,000

Totals: 1.3 million
Even if you include those deaths, the figure only goes to 2.9 million. That’s a far cry from 20-110 million.
So many people have been fed the Conquest fertilizer for so many years that they can’t help but believe it, and they refuse to believe that the US government and the World Press lied to them for so many decades. People don’t like to hear that they got lied to.


Getty, J. Arch, Ritterspoon, Gabor T. and Zemskov, Viktor N. 1993. Victims of the Soviet Penal System in the Pre-war Years: A First Approach on the Basis of Archival Evidence American Historical Review 98:4, 1048-49.

Can't Make It Without Immigrant Scabs? Just Go!

Repost from the old site.
We hear over and over again about all these businesses that supposedly are going to go out business if they can’t hire immigrant scabs. And that’s what every single illegal alien is in this country – a scab. Let’s make that loud and clear here.
And H-1B “non-immigrant guest workers” that have totally destroyed the computer industry for US engineers and programmers are nothing but scabs too. Indian nationalists tell me that without H-1B’s, all US computer corporations will have to go out of business. Well, first of all, that is complete nonsense. It’s not going to happen.
This is all based on the premise that there is such horrible competition from those great computer corporations in INDIA that are, you know, going to put Microsoft and Intel out of business.
I’ve also heard it from a fish processing plant in New England that now hires all illegal aliens. Back in the 1980’s, this was a union shop paying high wages. Bottom line is they broke the union. Now they pay crap wages and the only people dumb or desperate enough to work there are illegals. I suppose they are treated just wonderfully too.
So they need to hire illegals. As always, Americans will do the horrible, smelly and dirty work, but you need to pay them a good wage. This is what happened to our meat packing plants too, exactly. This is also what happened to the US construction industry. One by one, they broke the constructions unions.
In the 1970’s and 1980’s, my friends were working union construction. It paid good money, enough to buy a home and raise a family. That’s all pretty much gone now. The jobs that once paid the equivalent of $30-45/hour in today’s wages are mostly history. There are still union jobs around, but not that many, and they have to wage continuous war against illegals.
There’s also a serious problem with legal immigrants from Mesoamerica who we have insanely allowed to flood in here. The result has been a complete glut in unskilled labor, such that many legal Mesoamericans are happy to work construction for $10/hr.
These jobs used to pay $30-45/hr. One would think that with a 30-75% decline in the cost of labor, even including inflation, that the cost of a house would have gone down. Forget it. Instead, we have seen insane increases in inequality and lopsided returns for those at the top of the heap.
I blame the Left in part for all of this. For the destruction of the US middle class and working class, for the crime and gang wave among young Americans in our cities (all the unskilled work goes to illegals, so young men turn to crime, gangs and dope).
For the mad increases in inequality, for the decline in wages for US workers, for workers have to work two and three jobs to get by, for the entire rightwing and Republican revolution (created in part by the empowerment of a 20% upper to upper middle class that benefited tremendously by massive wealth redistribution), for the ruination of US unions.
There were many factors at play in the development of these sorry reactionary and backwards trends over 35 years, but the US Idiot Left cheering on mass legal and illegal immigration into the US, especially in the past 20 years, has played its own sorry and significant role.
The American worker doesn’t really have any friends anymore. Both parties are supporting his total and absolute replacement by a never-ending tidal wave of immigrant scabs.
There have been some posts lately about a particularly gratuitous, outrageous and in your face abuse of immigration law in a town called Postville, Iowa in a plant that was managed by Orthodox Jews.
They came into Postville, took over the plant, got rid of all the Americans, and hired all illegal aliens. They are now polluting the water supply. I doubt they have paid much taxes either. Apparently they were also allowing the plant to be used to manufacture methamphetamine! How low can you go?
This incident has been written up a lot, including a book by a Jewish author that was quite critical of these Orthodox Jews – Steven Bloom – Postville – A Clash of Cultures in the Heartland. They came into the town, would not talk to or be friendly with anyone not Jewish, filled the town with illegal Mesoamericans, and basically created a lot of havoc.
This particular Jewish family – the Rubashkins – have been crooks for a very long time. They’ve been not only ripping off the Gentiles in the traditional Orthodox manner, but they have also specialized in ripping off their own people. That’s actually a violation of Jewish dual morality, and it may explain why they got some fellow Jews after them.
The Jewish press, as usual, wrote glowing articles about this wonderful situation in this small Iowa town, and Jewish Hollywood made a stupid documentary narrated by Glen Close and sponsored by Hallmark that lied and said how wonderful everything was in Postville, Iowa.
Here is Steve Sailer’s excellent article on this situation. The comments are also enlightening. There is a Jewish commenter (apparently) on there defending the Lubavitchers running the slaughterhouse (the Lubavitchers are the very worst of all ultra-Orthodox Jews). His line is that if they shut down the plant, it will be an economic disaster for Postville.
I get to the point of my post.
So shut it down already! Seriously, just shut down the fucking plant. They aren’t hiring any Americans anyway. Just move it to Mexico and take the 800 Mexican scabs with you.
That’s basically my response to all these idiots who say we need to bring in Indian H-1B job thief scabs and illegals to do all this work that supposedly Americans just won’t do. Supposedly it’s going to harm US business too much to get rid of all the immigrant scabs, legal and illegal.
Look man, if you can’t make it paying American workers the wages that they want (not too high, actually) just take the fuck off. Go overseas. Offshore. Move your damn business to a foreign country. What good is a business in the US that isn’t even hiring Americans anyway?
Who’s making money off that, besides the criminal owner? A bunch of immigrant scabs, that’s who. And they are worthless. They add nothing to this country, they and their jobs can go in a NY minute without a tear to be shed. These businesses are nothing but parasites in our country. If all a business can do in our country is just be a parasite, then just move your damn operation offshore and get the Hell out of the country.

Check Out Massese

This is a news broadcast in the dialect of Massa, part of the dual city of Carrara Massa in the far north of Tuscany. This is actually an Emilian dialect related to Modenese in the province of Modena in Emilia. Carrara Massa was part of a political and religious unit with Modena for a very long time, and it influenced their dialects.
All of the dialects in this part of the far north of Tuscany near the border of Liguria have undergone such influence. As such, the dialects of Carrara Massa have seen little influence from the Tuscan dialects in the region although Massa has undergone a lot more influence from Versiliese, spoken in the historical area of Versilia along the coast just to the south.The dialect of Carrara is much more pure and has almost zero Tuscan influence, but the dialects of Massa and Carrara are similar.
There are about four different dialects spoken in each Massa and Carrara. It is said in Carrara that the dialects change every 100 yards! This may be an exaggeration, but you get the picture. The old dialect of Carrara is now spoken only by the elderly and the new dialect spoken by younger people is heavily Italiainized.
There are beautiful beaches in both Massa and Carrara and the women are said to be very beautiful.
The region to the north of the border with Emilia and just into Liguria around Sarzana just across the border in Liguria are similar. The dialects to the north are referred to as Lunigiana and Gargafuna in the mountains. The Lunigiana dialect is probably understandable throughout this region and is spoken by about 300,000 people. Outside the region in the rest of Tuscany and Liguria and in Emilia, intelligibility is probably marginal, although intelligibility tests with Modenese have not yet been done.
This is a Gallo-Italic dialect spoken in Tuscany.
This broadcast in the pure dialect of Massese is probably hard to understand for speakers of Standard Italian who do not speak a Gallo-Italic language. To me, it’s sounds very strange and sounds nothing like Standard Italian. It almost sounds French to my ears.

Pat Buchanon As a Covert White Nationalist

A commenter writes:

Pat Buchanan also seems to be a White Nationalist, or at least someone who believes the US should remain a majority White country forever and uses his “Western Civilization” term as a code for White domination constantly. I’m sure his covert White Nationalism (Which I guess is Nixon era moderate ideology isn’t it?) is what got him kicked off liberal MSNBC.
Most Black, Latino, Amerindian etc racists by definition are on the Left, aren’t they?

Yes Buchanan is a covert White nationalist in a sense. Buchanan is about as far as any form of WN, no matter how mild, has made it in the mainstream. There is little stomach for even Buchanan’s very mild race realism and White ethnocentrism which is why he is being thrown off venue after venue.
Buchanan has few other peers in the mass media, as there is almost no space there for them. Actually, aside from his antisemitism (itself quite mild), Buchanan’s views are quite mild in terms of WN and HBD in general. He’s pretty much saying what a lot of us liberals think but are too frightened to say.
But almost all true White nationalists want to split off and form their own state. Few WN’s want to just keep the US a White majority country anymore, as that seems to be hopeless anyway. The definition of WN anymore seems to be one who wants a separate White country.
Most WN’s nowadays are split into a few camps:
1. Take back the US by force. Enforce White dominance at the state level and throw out the minorities and send them back to wherever. With the most extreme, this would involve some level of genocide or mass murder against non-Whites and “White traitors,” especially Jews and White race traitors.
2. White separatists. Most WN’s nowadays are White Separatists. They want a separate White state in the US along with separate states for Blacks and Hispanics or possibly a separate mixed race state where anyone could live. This has always been the goal of almost all of the major WN figures. Those who deny this are basically lying. WN for all intents and purposes is White separatism in one form or another.
3. The apartheid crowd. Some want to take back the US, enforce White dominance, but not throw out the minorities. This is a lesser trend. They want to keep the minorities under heel with some form of apartheid or Jim Crow. At the very least, they want to get rid of all anti-discrimination laws.
4. Get rid of all anti-discrimination laws. This is the least toxic of the trends, and it’s the fallback position in the even that there is no White state and no White capture of the state and enforced apartheid. All WN’s and I do mean all of them believe that we should eliminate all anti-discrimination laws. Then White towns at least could be set up where there would be massive discrimination against nonwhites on a private level.
This ties in very well with the Libertarian position since all Libertarians want to get rid of all anti-discrimination laws. People of color support Libertarianism at their own risk.
5. End all immigration, legal and illegal. Some modify this to say that we should allow immigration by Whites. This is a fallback minimal position. Obviously this is never going to happen either. We can’t even limit legal immigration. We can’t stop illegal immigration, and there are continuous calls for amnesty. This will never fly, but it’s supported by all WN’s with vehemence. The 1965 Immigration Act was one of the worst things that ever happened to America in their book.
6. End affirmative action. All WN’s support this, and quite a few regular folks do too. This is another fallback minimal position and ties in well with the positions of the Republican Party.
7. Sing the praises of a White majority US and White dominance, bash minorities, but do nothing to keep a White majority or White dominance in place. This is essentially a rhetorical position, and it’s where Pat Buchanan is coming from.
One very smart Black commenter on here wrote a while back that the logical end result of WN could only be genocide, apartheid (or separatism) or expulsion. He was correct of course.

Most Black, Latino, Amerindian etc racists by definition are on the left, aren’t they?

Unfortunately, most Black, Latino and Indian racists are indeed on the Left, often on the Far Left. As there is no space for racism on the Left, this has always bothered me, but on the Left, they say that these folks are not really racists. They’re just fighting back against White racism and only Whites can be racist, bla bla bla.

How Capitalism Causes Crime

In the comments, Aakash writes:

RL: “You get a lot of good with capitalism – I would admit that. You also get a lot of bad, and one of the bad things is crime.”
Indeed. Excessive capitalism has the potential to breed excessive yearning, competitiveness, envy, resentment and passion among people across class barriers. Combine that with a proclivity to obtain gratification via short cuts (which is all too common nowadays) and it is no surprise that crime pretty much rises with a rise in capitalism.
Even the libertarians and gun owners agree to that. Why the hell would they even need more guns otherwise? It is obvious that they expect crime to rise with increasing deregulation (which is the same as increasing capitalism).

This fact has really hit the capitalist fanboys on this blog hard. There’s a real problem with people who love capitalism – they will never admit that there’s anything wrong with their precious system.
What’s wrong with saying that there are a lot of good or even great things about capitalism, but there is also a serious downside, one aspect of which is crime? You want all the goodies that comes along with capitalism? Fine, a lot of us do. But then you’re going to have to accept all the crime that goes along with it.
Leavening capitalism with doses and layers of various forms of socialism tends to reduce the crime that capitalism generates. Socialism preaches solidarity and equality, and a society run on those lines often does not have a lot of crime. Making society more equal reduces feels of envy, frustration and rage and fewer people feel like losers and failures. A more equal society has less crime. A more unequal society has more crime.
Deep down inside, people believe in fairness. They don’t think a few folks should be stinking filthy rich while tens of millions of others wear rags and live in shacks. People are going to redistribute wealth one way or another! You can either have the state do it or if not, people will just take matters into their own hands and redistribute it themselves via crime.
Capitalism preaches competitiveness, and anything for a buck, but don’t break the law, wink wink. Yet people do break the law under capitalism, and the motivation is typically the desire to make a buck, or a lot of bucks, or to strike it rich. A society run on the basis of self-interest and unrestrained greed will cause tons of crime, especially theft.
Blacks do seem to have a tendency to violence and crime if we look at the group as a whole and not individuals. But socialist societies have attenuated that tendency. In Mozambique under Samora Machel’s Marxist regime, you could walk from one end of Maputo to the other in the middle of the night and no one would bother you. Try that now.
It would seem that Blacks don’t do well in societies that are highly capitalist. Due to a variety of factors, they tend to fall behind other groups in the race for the bucks and the success. This leads to society labeling them as losers and them seeing themselves as losers. They get frustrated with falling behind and try to get, by hook or by crook, the cash and success that America preaches anyone can get one get.
I quit watching TV. One commercial after another tells me I’m a loser because I’m not rich. “Why aren’t you rich?! Why aren’t you rich!? Loser! Loser!” That’s what those endless commercials tell me. I have a lot of self-control, but others don’t.
Obviously capitalism causes tons of property crime, but what about violent crime? This is much less clear, but a lot of violent crime is also related to theft or money in some way or other.
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What OCD Is Not

First of all, let us look at the case of Jack Harrison Trawick. Trawick is truly one sick puppy! He was executed in 2011 in for the rape and murder of a 22 year old woman in 1992. His defense attorneys said he had a lifetime history of schizophrenia since age 11, but he sure planned his murders well.
He had long been preoccupied with sex and violence and treatments were rendered to him to try to cure him of these preoccupations. He also murdered a 26 year old woman, for which he was also convicted. For decades, he committed burglaries to terrify women he saw as attractive. He cut up their underwear and left menacing messages on their mirrors in lipstick.
A man set up a website dedicated to him, vowing to turn him into an international superstar. Trawick sent the website many of his sick drawings and letters, including imaginary conservations with his last victim, sicks jokes and threats to famous women such as Brittney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.
The author says he has been fascinated with serial killers since he was a young boy. He also says he has OCD, apparently with the harm theme. He gets thoughts about killing his cats. “I’ve always been an animal lover,” O’Connor said in the telephone interview. “I have four very cute cats. The cutest of the cats a lot of times I just think about stomping on it until her eyes pop out of her head.” The website supposedly alleviates his symptoms somewhat.
The problem is that this guy seems to love violence. He seems like he likes to think about killing his cats, and he loves to think about serial killers and all of the horrible things that they do. He relishes this stuff and wallows in it.
There are plenty of people like that, but folks with Harm OCD are usually terrified of their thoughts. Many stop reading, listening to or watching video of murders or any kind of violence because it sends them into a panic. Quite a few said they used to like horror movies or violent video games but they stopped enjoying these things after the thoughts came on.
Now I am not saying this guy doesn’t have OCD, but his fascination with the subject of violence doesn’t seem to be normal for these people and paints a false image of people with this problem as some sort of maniacs or sickos.
It is true that some folks with this problem expose themselves to violent material as a therapeutic tool, but I assure you that it’s a painful and anxiety-ridden process for them.
I am not going to reprint the killer’s letters here, but if you go to the site and read them, they are really sick!
On this site, a woman writes that her mother knew the killer as he delivered furniture to a store she worked at. She said he was also so nice and kind that she simply refused to believe that he could do such a thing.

Gender Studies is Crap

Good video out of Norway, with English subtitles. Presents good evidence that at least some of the well known gender differences which seem to occur across all cultures are due to biology and not environment.
At the very least, it seems that males are more interested in mechanical objects and females are more interested in people. These differences show up on the first day of birth, at nine months and in cross cultural studies all over the world. Males who are exposed to more testosterone in the womb are better at math and science, worse at interpersonal relations and show more tendencies towards autism.
The video highlights the gender equality paradox. In Norway, which is the most gender-equal country on Earth, the professions are still highly segregated by gender. 90% of nurses are female. 90% of engineers are male. These trends have been static for 10-20 years, despite efforts by the government to rectify them.
The host interviews Gender Studies professors in Norway who insist that all gender differences are constructed by society. They pooh-pooh all of the cutting edge research coming out showing biological differences between the races. They fall back on the usual line that no gene has been discovered that accounts for gender differences. But I am not sure that is true.
The social constructionists continue to pretty much lord it over the debate here in the US. A university president, Larry Summers, was forced to apologize to women over comments that the gender differences in math and science were due to biology and not society. The feminists threw a shit fit.
It’s generally feminists who insist that there are no biological differences between the sexes. No male oriented groups insist on this.
The reason for this is probably quite simple. Male oriented jobs pay more than female oriented jobs. If feminists insist that there are no biological reasons why men get more high paying jobs and women get more low paying jobs, then they can continue to lobby against the prejudice and discrimination that keeps women out of these better jobs. Amidst all of the feminist pontificating and hand-waving, at the end of the day, it’s probably pretty much all about the money.
In addition, feminists feel that the notion of biological woman is used against women in order to imply that women have less desirable traits that are biologically mediated, especially in terms of emotionality and whatnot.
In today’s workplace, a typical female emotional basket case is not going to cut it. No one wants an overemotional female in their workplace. Feminists feel that women’s over-emotionality will be used to discriminate against them in the workplace, so they argue that men are just as emotional as women. Once again, it’s all about the money.
On the contrary, the notion of biological man does not seem to be harmful. Society does not discriminate against men who act like men. Male traits are seen as desirable across the board and especially in the workplace. There is no wage penalty placed on male behaviors.
One thing is for sure and that is that the Gender Studies and Women’s Studies crowds are 100% wrong when it comes to the social construction of gender. Gender is not socially constructed.

The More Capitalism, the More Crime. The More Socialism, the Less Crime.

Steve writes:

How does capitalism cause crime? Maybe you could write a post about this. I’m interested in crime. Is it something to do with inequality, lack of opportunity and the emphasis on private gain and individualism?
I don’t know if I can agree that Germany is a socialist country. Its got a government and a public sector and a welfare system but its got a large private sector. I don’t know what percentage of the workforce work in the private sector for capitalist employers but its a lot. I might look it up. The means of production aren’t socially owned, right?
(Is America a socialist country by your definition?)
It seems like you are crediting whatever elements of socialism it has with its low crime rate but it’s an affluent country, which surely has at least as much or more to do with its capitalism, and affluent places seem to have little crime.
I’m also inclined to think that Japanese culture and probably its policing and justice system have a lot to do with its low crime. And we’ve got the issue of genetics that might be explored.

The link between capitalism and crime has been well known for a very long time. It’s not even slightly controversial on the Left or in the social sciences. If you want lots of capitalism, you’re probably going to end up with tons of crime. That’s just how it goes.
The more socialism a country has, the less crime it has. Studies in Europe have proven this. In Europe, the more socialism a country had, the less crime it had. The less socialism, the more crime. It was pretty much of a linear relationship when you averaged it all together.
Transitions to capitalism in Eastern Europe and the CIS were accompanied by orgies of crime. And as China moved to more capitalism, the crime rate soared, especially for property crime. There is now a fair amount of property crime in Cuba, especially in Havana. Whether this is related to increased capitalism is uncertain.
Of course capitalism causes tons of property crime. That goes without saying. But it also causes a lot of violent crime.
Even those of us who advocate using the market as a tool acknowledge that capitalism causes crime. You get a lot of good with capitalism – I would admit that. You also get a lot of bad, and one of the bad things is crime.
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Which Countries are Socialist? Which Are Not?

I don’t know if I can agree that Germany is a socialist country. Its got a government and a public sector and a welfare system but its got a large private sector. I don’t know what percentage of the workforce work in the private sector for capitalist employers but its a lot. I might look it up. The means of production aren’t socially owned, right?
(Is America a socialist country by your definition?)

My position is that social democracy is a form of socialism. The social democrats call themselves socialists and their parties are typically called socialist parties.
America surely has socialist elements, but we don’t have any big socialist parties in this country. We don’t have a social democratic party or a party calling itself socialist in power in the US. We don’t have a ruling or large party that is a member of the Socialist International, as is the case with possibly most of the countries on Earth.
America has always been a Hard Right country as far as any kind of socialism goes. It’s basically a place for neoliberal experiments. Of all of the world’s richest countries, it is generally agreed that the US is by far the least socialist.
I realize that any social spending or social welfare projects are part of the social democratic project, but I doubt if many social democrats would describe the US as a social democratic country in spite of our meager and tattered safety net.
Now most of Europe is socialist. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are socialist. Japan is socialist. Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, China, Mongolia and North Korea are socialist. 40% of the Nepalese government is held by Maoists. Most of the Arab World and Iran are more or less socialist. Most of the CIS is socialist.
Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Paraguay, Bolivia and some Caribbean countries are at the very least run by socialists. Quite a bit of Africa is run by socialist parties. You can look at the list of the Socialist International and you will see that many countries have ruling or major parties that are part of the SI.
Which places are not socialist? Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Gabon, Pakistan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong at the very least.
Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea are uncertain. Singapore has a lot of social democratic elements. Much of the housing is public housing for instance. That’s a socialist project. Taiwan and South Korea both underwent huge land reforms, and Taiwan now has national health care. Further, South Korea has huge state involvement in the economy, and I believe that Taiwan traditionally did too.
Neither Taiwan nor South Korea is run by neoliberal rightwing hardline free marketeers. Both of them seem to be following the Japanese model. The Japanese model is considered to be noncapitalist mode of production. No one really knows what it is. Some call it state capitalism. Others call it national socialism along WW2 German lines.
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Bigfoot News June 23, 2012

Justin Smeja told people he had more than 2 pounds of Bigfoot steak. There is much controversy about how much Bigfoot steak was recovered at the scene of the Sierra Kills in the Sierra Nevada in October 2010.
As Justin is a friend of mine, this post is hard to write. I have interviewed him at length, and I do believe that he is telling the truth for most of the story. However, I was always uncertain about the body recovery aspects.
I originally felt that Smeja and the driver recovered 16 pounds of Bigfoot. This is because the original proportions of the steak sent to Dr. Melba Ketchum were 7″ X 4″ X 2.5″ – 7 inches long by 4 inches wide by 2.5 inches deep. Richard Stubstad and I calculated that weight out at almost 2 pounds. Smeja himself said that the piece he sent to Ketchum was only 1/8 of the total recovered. Therefore, we estimated the total at ~16 pounds.
Derek Randles, on a radio show, agreed that the steak was the proportions that Ketchum described in a phone call to a colleague (we spoke to the person she made this call to).
Later, when Smeja was confronted with evidence that he may have ~16 pounds of steak, he said the piece sent to Ketchum was small, only 1″ by 1″ by 1″. This would line up better with his claim, which he has always maintained, that he only recovered 2 pounds of Bigfoot steak from the scene. However, the new proportions are completely contradicted by Ketchum’s report of the size of the steak and Randles’ corroboration of those proportions (probably from conversations with Ketchum).
We can now report that Smeja told at least one person and possibly more that he and the driver have much more than 2 pounds of steak stashed away between them in various freezers in a 25-40 mile radius of their homes.
A friend of Smeja’s contacted me and reported that Smeja had told him that Smeja and the driver had anywhere from 8-16 pounds of steak stashed away, much more than reported. In addition, “Jodie,” formerly of  Bigfoot Forums, reported that there were 8 pounds of steak. Since it’s well known that she had many private conversations with Smeja, she may have gotten that information from him too.
So it looks like Smeja is being less than forthright about how much steak was recovered. At the very least, he seems to be saying different things to different people. And the statements abut the original proportions of the steak sent in to Ketchum’s lab do not line up with Smeja’s statements at all.
I would like to say that I don’t care if Smeja is telling the truth about this or not. Considering what he did, I might be lying my butt off about all sorts of things if I were him. And I love a mystery. Nevertheless, it might be nice if the truth about this could come out some day.
Further, I am not obsessive about honesty. There’s no reason for him to be forthright about this matter. I agree with the Japanese who say, “A man who never lies is a fool.” There are different categories of lies, including lies to protect yourself, and if Smeja is stretching the truth here, it falls into the benign category.
Melissa Hovey photo is part of a series. Apparently a lot of folks are unaware that the famous Melissa Hovey Bigfoot photo is part of a series. The series is of 4 of 5 photos in sequence. The photo released is the first one in the series. The others show it walking away in a sequence.
In the last photo, it has its head turned around, and you can see one half of its face. A source informed me that someone in the upper echelons of Bigfootery, a Californian, has seen the entire sequence. The Californian feels that the photos are of a real creature.
I feel the Hovey pic is either a statue as in the sort a taxidermist or Bill Munns type would make, or it is a real Bigfoot because I am certain it is not a costume. If the sequence exists, then it must be of a real Bigfoot, since statues can’t get up and walk away.
Hovey only released the first photo. After she did that, the source contacted her and approved of her release and gave some new information but asked that no new photos be released. Apparently Hovey is in possession of this series of 4-5 photos but is not releasing them as per instructions form her source. But they seem to be making the rounds anyway, as the Californian at the very least has seen them.
I didn’t think this was worthy of a story since I thought everyone knew about this, but some major Bigfooters told me that had never heard of this sequence, so we are running the story since apparently a lot of folks didn’t hear the first time I reported it.
Release of Kentucky Pancake Video stills. We are going to release some stills from the Kentucky Pancake Video shot by the owners of the Crittenden, Kentucky property that Adrian Erickson bought as part of his Erickson Project. The video, which is very poor quality, was shot at night.
There was a lawsuit preventing its release on the Internet, so copies were pulled from the Net. However, I found it on the Net repeatedly over the past year or so. It was not easy to find at all. On my most recent search though, I could not find it.
The stills have already been released on the Crypto Crew’s Facebook page, so I figure there’s low risk of my releasing this stuff.
The movie is shot at night in thermal vision. The owner of the house, the wife, is standing on a table with her back to the pancakes on the edge of the table. The baby Bigfoot rapidly approaches, grabs the pancakes and leaves in a hurry.
Quality is very poor, but one thing you can notice is that it has a huge head. Reports indicate that baby Bigfoots have gigantic heads, way out of proportion to their bodies.
When Ken Walker spoke to Smeja when Justin first reported the shooting on, Smeja told Walker that the baby Bigfoot had a gigantic head, as big as a 5-10 gallon bucket. Walker said that that was when he knew that Smeja was telling the truth because almost no one knows that the babies have huge heads, and Smeja knew nothing at all about Bigfoots before the Sierra Kills.
The huge head was widely cited as a reason why the video must be a fake. Skeptics said it looked like a turban.

First still from the Kentucky Pancake Video.

Second still from the Kentucky Pancake Video.

Third still from Kentucky Pancake Video. Note huge head.

Very nice still from the Kentucky Pancake Video shows the wife of the owner of the house standing with her back to the Bigfoot. You can also see the stack of pancakes very well.

Origin of the phrase “Sierra Kills.” After I broke the Sierra Kills story and it was posted to Bigfoot Forums amidst gigantic controversy, one of the more creative posters there called the incident “The Sierra Kills.” When I read that, I felt a rush of exhilaration, a twinge of humor and a chill run down my spine. Further, there was a sensationalistic aspect to it that could not be denied. It’s amazing that the phrase stuck. Whoever invented it did a good job.
Update on the Ketchum DNA paper. No new news to report as everything is completely silent on that end. Even people inside the Ketchum camp are getting sick and tired of of the waiting and say they don’t blame people for being frustrated.
Debate in the Ketchum camp over the dangerousness of Bigfoots. There are some in the camp who are strongly pushing the line that these things are dangerous and people need to be warned away from them, and there are others who are saying that they are not dangerous. This is a big acrimonious debate going on over there about this.
Ontario Bigfoot bumpercam video. Man on a camping trip to Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada shot video of his one hour drive to the park by attaching a cam to his truck bumper. He caught this image of what may be a Bigfoot standing by the side of the road as he drove by.
I do not believe this is a Bigfoot. I think it is a hunter in a ghillie suit standing up as the truck goes by, thinking it may have been his ride.
Facebook Find Bigfoot breakdown here. They don’t seem to be taking a position on it.
Screen capture from the Ontario video from Steven Streufert’s site. I don’t think this is a fake. I think it is a misidentification.

Multiple screen captures from the Ontario video. I don’t believe it’s a fake, but it’s not a Bigfoot either.

White = Rich, Black and Brown = Poor

Mercutio, who is apparently a White nationalist, writes asking me to rethink my socialism:

But socialism/collectivism is only somewhat desirable and workable in a society comprised of a racially homogenous high-IQ population – e.g. Sweden, Japan. Socialism in a racially diverse country like America is just asking for trouble. The low-IQ brown masses will leech the life out of the White majority through wealth redistribution. And the majority of Whites will never go along with it.
Not to mention that America serves a unique and vital role in Western (White) global dominance. Socialism in countries like Northern Europe are only sustainable if you have a larger ally to rely on for security. Who does America have to lean on? East Asia will be pulling ahead of us this century.
The last thing we need is to commit demographic suicide (Whites will be minorities in America in 20 years) and to then spoil all of our wealth in a massive government handouts orgy under a socialist regime. Have you really thought your worldview out?

Mercutio recites the typical line of White = rich, Black and Brown = poor. This is actually the way that 10’s of millions of US voters think. This is the logic behind the vast majority of US conservatives. This is what drives the world view of the US Republican Party. No White money going to beaners and niggers!
Whites will not be a minority in the US in 20 years. They will be a minority in perhaps 35-40 years.
Of course I have thought my world view out. I have always been a socialist. I know lots of White people who use government social programs to survive, so to me I do not believe that social programs are a way to transfer productive White wealth to lazy Browns and Blacks. To me, it’s a wealth transfer from the rich to the poor, and a lot of my White friends are poor and low income. I will never support the rich! The rich are my enemies forever and ever.
Government handouts orgies don’t spoil a nation’s wealth anyway. They just distribute it around more effectively to where everyone is more or less middle class and there are few very rich and few very poor.
Mercutio’s ideology seems to be White = rich, Black and Brown = poor. That’s sure not the way it is with the people I know!
I don’t give a flying fuck about East Asians pulling ahead of us soon. Who cares? Why should this concern me?
Why must Whites dominate the world? What’s in it for me? If Whites dominate the world, do I get a check every month for being White and part of the world-dominating group then? If we don’t dominate it anymore, will they cut off the check?

One Maniac, One Icepick

I am sorry I did not get to this story earlier. I started on a draft of it 3 weeks ago, but the story was so upsetting that I could not bring myself to write about it. Every time I would think about writing about it, I would get very nervous and would not be able to follow through on it. Finally, 3 weeks later, here is the story. There really is more to the story, but this short piece should be enough for now.
You may have already read about the Luka Magnotta case. Magnotta was the male model/porno star who murdered his gay male lover, chopped him into pieces, had sex with his body parts and his dead body, and ate his dead body, recording all of it on video. He uploaded the video and titled it One Maniac, One Icepick. Then he cut up his gay lover’s body and started mailing parts of the body to Canada’s political parties and to the Prime Minister.
An APB was put out for him after the body parts were found in a trash bag near his abandoned apartment in Montreal, Canada. He took off for Europe, stayed in Paris for a few days, part of the time with a gay man, then took off for Germany where he was caught in an Internet cafe reading stories about himself.
Magnotta had previously made a video in which he killed a kitten. Animal rights activists were trying to get him for that one. He was reportedly linked to psycho Karla Homolka, girlfriend of a Canadian serial killer who served 12 years in prison. However, these reports were in error, and it appears that he tried to link himself to Homolka as an act of sick publicity.
He claimed to be mostly straight in his private life and only “gay for pay” but that does not appear to be the case. Instead, he seems to have been mostly gay, hanging around in many gay bars and clubs, having a gay boyfriend who he killed in addition to staying with other gay men. He traveled all around the Northern Hemisphere and spent time in Europe.
In his male model photos, his eyes always look very cold and mean. He never looks nice or friendly. He’s apparently a sociopath, but he also has extreme narcissistic traits which are apparent during an interview with him for a Canadian newspaper. The interview was done before the killings. He set up number of very narcissistic webpages all about himself. On one of them named after his moniker, there is a great deal of psychologically aberrant material detailing resembling paranoia.
He’s definitely one sick cookie.
The movie is probably hard to find, and it’s one of the sickest movies ever made. Watch it if you dare. I haven’t the faintest idea where to find it, but you might look here, who knows?

A Debate About Communism and Capitalism

Steve wrote:

‘The system is already killing at least 4 million and probably a lot more anyway.’ [citation needed] ???
‘Communist countries have done great things as far as feeding and housing people, giving them basic education and health care and putting in essential sanitation. India has failed at all of these things, mostly because they haven’t even tried.’
North Korea- questionable on health care and food sufficiency.
Cuba- I don’t know much about Cuba, but the life expectancy is slightly higher than the US and people are well fed, so it must be doing something right.
U.S.S.R.- sure it achieved those things but it was poor, and they only managed the basics. Compare it to the western half of Europe.
China- I might address that on the other post.
In any case, supposing you have a generally good point, I’d still say so what? Capitalist countries have achieved those things too. Europeans achieved all those things on both sides of the divide. The question is would a Communist government achieve them in India? India is not Europe or North East Asia. It is a tropical, caste ridden country with rampant corruption.
Oh…watch the bodies pile up as they try to stamp out caste.
‘As they became more capitalist, they became much more corrupt.’
Really? I don’t know how you would measure it or prove that but I don’t think it is controversial to say that there was plenty of corruption in Soviet Union. And do you think Indian officials/politicians/police will stop being corrupt because they are communist? Really?
“There won’t be any “economic development that will eventually lift millions of out poverty.” It’s not going to happen under neoliberalism.
Don’t you ever get tired of neoliberals telling us to wait around for the “economic development that will eventually lift millions of out poverty?” Don’t you realize that under neoliberal capitalism reduction of poverty is a goal that has zero value, and I do mean zero value.”
Economic growth is already happening in India. The economy will keep growing, as long as there isn’t a big war or global financial collapse or something. As the economy grows, the small middle class will grow and per capita incomes will rise generally.
Incomes are already higher than in sub Saharan Africa. (The malnutrition is a separate problem related to Indian culture.) Income inequality is less in India than in China or America. Why won’t the economy keep growing?
Maybe poverty reduction has no intrinsic value in capitalism but it happens anyway. It can anyway. If you are practical, the question is what will work?
Compare North Korea to South Korea, Eastern Europe to Western Europe. And look at the Chinese economic growth in the past 30 years. It has been meteoric. The fastest industrial revolution in history.
I only have to look at my own country and think of it 100 or 200 years ago. There was widespread poverty and squalor. People lived with terrible hardship. How did it get from that to this? This being high levels of development and widespread material wealth and comfort, probably unimaginable to my great great grand parents. Capitalism.
Capitalism is better for economic development, or at least a strong element of capitalism. I’m not advocating libertarianism or neoliberalism. The public sector (in health care and education for example) and government regulations (like minimum wage, working hours etc) are important and have been important to my country.
Capitalism must be harnessed. And poor countries must not be forced into structural adjustment policies. When capitalism is harnessed, it is more effective at providing economic growth and development than Communism, as it was in the 20th century. Let people get on with enterprising and they will produce growth. How big the public sector should be and what it should encompass is open for debate.

If the USSR is so poor and capitalism is so much better for Russia, why have only two republics recently surpassed the USSR in per capita income. Agricultural production is still far below the USSR. If capitalism is so much better for Russia, then why did the USSR produce more crops than Russia does now?
The problem is you are comparing socialism to socialism. They haven’t had pure capitalism is Western Europe for many decades. You are comparing state socialism of the USSR with social democracy in Europe. They are both socialism – just different kinds.
One would think that if a tropical country like China or Cuba could do great things, why wouldn’t India? India can’t even provide the basics for its people. I don’t give a flying fuck about “economic growth.” The capitalists have been saying sit back and watch the economic growth as the rising tide lifts all boats in trickle down, supply side economics forever now.
The 3rd World has always been pure capitalist or colonialist, which was a form of mercantilism. When is it supposed to start working? When is capitalism in the 3rd World supposed to start working so this rising tide can lift all boats and raise everyone out of poverty? It hasn’t happened, and a lot of us are getting tired of waiting around. Poverty in the capitalist 3rd World is horrific, and capitalism has utterly failed to alleviate the problem in any way, shape or form.
Yes, corruption skyrocketed as China, the CIS and Eastern Europe went to capitalism, and no, there was not a lot of corruption in the USSR or Eastern Europe compared to now. There is always vastly more corruption in a capitalist society than in a Communist one, and always far more crime too. Capitalism causes incredible amounts of crime and corruption.
Neoliberalism only benefits the top 20% of society and it actually harms the bottom 80%. This has been proven the world over in neoliberal experiments for the past 30 years. It worked the same way in the US. It’s just class war and all neoliberalism ever does is cause mass wealth redistribution from the bottom 80% to the top 20%.
Why is this economic growth acceptable in China? Millions of people are dying every year in China from lack of health care. That wasn’t happening under Mao. Why is this ok? Why was it ok to shut down hundreds of thousands of schools. You realize that the privatization of health care and mass shutdown of schools all over China was part of Deng’s project that you are now cheering on? Why is that ok? Was it ok to do that just to get some “economic growth?”
You know what? Fuck economic growth. If you have to kill millions every year and shut down hundreds of thousands of schools so tens of millions of children don’t even get a primary school education, why is that worth it? I say it’s not worth it!
That so many live so well in the UK now is testament to social democracy. And keep in mind that the UK was a very socialist place until recently. The state even ran mines and all sorts of “commanding heights of the economy” type things.
You argue for capitalism, but all over the world, the capitalists are all 100% behind forcing poor countries (and even rich countries like Ireland and Greece) into structural adjustment policies. Who are the only people opposing structural adjustment? Only us socialists! And increasingly, it is only us on the Hard Left, and so many social democrats in Europe now are pushing structural adjustment.
The problem is that the only people who are advocating that capitalism should be harnessed in any whatsoever area us socialists. Almost all capitalists agree that capitalism should not be harnessed in any way whatsoever. Capitalists are all radical neoliberal, neoclassical Libertarians. Almost all of them are. They all oppose regulation in any way, shape or form, and they always will. That’s why capitalism is unreformable.
Anyway, hardly anyone on the Left is advocating USSR style Communism anymore anyway.

Evolutionary Reasons for Male Attraction to Teenage Girls

George writes:

It’s 20,000 BC. You’re living in a small foraging society and need to secure a wife that will give you as many offspring as possible and ensure your genes will pass down the generations.
So what age of bride do you go for?
It’s simple. The best bride material will be girls approaching their first pregnancy since they would have all of their breeding years ahead of them and the time you’d have to wait before she’d start giving you any offspring would be at a minimum.
So what was the typical age of a girls first pregnancy in prehistoric times?
Using modern day foraging societies as a guide, it was probably about 17. This means that girls in the 12 to 16 bracket would have generally made the best bride material.
Now go take at look at what porn groups get the most traffic: Jailbait, schoolgirls, Lolitas…
Girls between about 12 and 16, in other words…

I have checked out some of the Reddit groups like Jailbait and whatever and I also checked out the Jailbait site where you get to vote on how old they are and read the comments below. On both sites, the girls are clothed, so there’s no violation of “child porn” laws.
On the Reddit site, I kept thinking, “Why would anyone want to look at this stuff anyway?” On the Jailbait site, it was interesting because you get to vote on their ages, but I also thought, “What’s the big fascination with this site anyway? Why are these girls so special? Who cares about them?” I didn’t always feel this way, so I guess I must be getting old.
There are probably evolutionary reasons for this. Gary is right. On the other hand, as we age, most men grow out of our attraction to teenage girls, even though it is quite normal.
At my age, a 12 year old girl just looks way too young. Is she attractive? Maybe a little bit. But also very underdeveloped and way, way, way too young.
13? Most 13 year old girls also look way too young, and most of them don’t even look that great – way too young and underdeveloped. It’s true that some look excellent, but even with those, you think, “Way too young.”
14 year old girls look a lot better, but even they are rather flat in their bodies, and they also look very young. These are the ones that you try pretty hard not to look at. I find myself looking at them sometimes and remembering back to when I was that age, and some of the 14 year old girls I used to hang around with, be friends with, and even date and sleep with.
When I look at them, I am often just reminiscing about the old days. But you have to be very careful about looking at girls of that age, because at my age, people will see you doing that and get mad at you.
Now 15 year old girls are excellent, it is true. In many primitive societies even today, a 15 year old girl can marry a man of any age. That’s right and proper of course, but a 15 year old girl is awfully immature. Nevertheless, they can be a lot of fun if you are young, and to a young man, they can seem pretty mature.
There were some 15 year old girls around here who looked pretty great. By then, their bodies are getting pretty developed. On the other hand, their bodies are still not totally mature, and their minds often seem extremely silly, girly and immature.
16 year old girls are the cream of the crop, because at this age, their bodies are often fully mature. I don’t know any girls that age around here, so I am not sure what to think of them at my age.
But one came to visit some relatives a while back, a friend of my niece, and she looked fantastic! She also had an interesting mind. Of course 16 year old girls can be a blast for young men because they look great and are often quite mature. I suspect at my age though, I might find them silly and immature. After all, at my age, I even find college girls silly and immature!
All in all, what Gary said is true, but this sort of thing tends to weaken as one ages. It almost seems that with each passing year, the girls look younger and younger and less and less desirable in that way. In Western society, we men are not just prey to our genes but also to our societies.
Our minds are molded by society, its rules and its laws. Teenage girl means “illegal.” In some way, that effects their desirability. You are at least less likely to look at them due to legal and societal factors. Even if they look good, you think, “way too young.” The idea that they are too young is probably an idea implanted in you by society, but nevertheless, society and laws shape your brain the same way your genes do. Humans are more than instinct-driven animals.
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Maoism in India

Steve wrote:

Do they have a realistic shot of taking power? India is a huge country with many different regions and it has a big army and police force and it would have the support of the capitalist powers.
What is more likely is that people would be killed, maybe lots, needlessly and with no positive result, while the economic development that will probably eventually lift hundreds of millions out of poverty would be retarded by conflict.
If the struggle gets big enough, there would be civil war, which would do nobody any good. There’s nothing worse than utopians with guns. When will people learn to just stop fucking killing each other?
And what do they think they will achieve if they get power? They’ll nationalize Indian companies and suddenly there wont be hundreds of millions of poor people with no toilets? They’ll put an end to corruption? A Communist government will put an end to corruption? Hahahahahaha. In India? Hahahahaha.
India would still be fucked up, dirt poor and corrupt, except it would also be an outright dictatorship, probably a highly repressive one like practically every Communist government in history, and Communism itself would probably actually retard economic development. And good luck outlawing caste.
Communism and the fight for Communism would just bring more miseries to India. That’s what I think of armed struggle in India. Some people just refuse to learn from history.

The system is already killing at least 4 million and probably a lot more anyway.
The Maoists nearly took power in Nepal, and now they are 40% of Parliament.
Communist countries have done great things as far as feeding and housing people, giving them basic education and health care and putting in essential sanitation. India has failed at all of these things, mostly because they haven’t even tried. Communist societies have not been very corrupt. As they became more capitalist, they became much more corrupt.
There won’t be any “economic development that will eventually lift millions of out poverty.” It’s not going to happen under neoliberalism.
Don’t you ever get tired of neoliberals telling us to wait around for the “economic development that will eventually lift millions of out poverty?” Don’t you realize that under neoliberal capitalism reduction of poverty is a goal that has zero value, and I do mean zero value.
Capitalists don’t care. They don’t care about reducing poverty. They don’t care if people are poor or not. In general, capitalists try to increase poverty by reducing anti-poverty programs every chance they get under “reforms.” Even Clinton got rid of welfare, an anti-poverty program.
Capitalists always push austerity, which causes mass increases in poverty as we are seeing in Europe. Poverty reduction is simply not a priority for capitalists, and in fact, capitalists generally oppose explicit programs to reduce poverty. The only people who push poverty reduction programs are socialists and social liberals.
The system is already killing at least 4 million people every year and probably a lot more. To get rid of such a killing system, if you need a war to do it, is a humanitarian act.

Maoism in China: Setting the Record Straight

If Maoism had continued in its pure form as it was in China before the reforms, there would have been no industrial revolution and China would still be weak and poor. And if there was a great leap forward in India, perhaps Indians would learn what starvation really means.

This is not true. Under Mao, the industrial economy grew 10% a year. The industrial revolution happened under Mao. Under Mao, the economy grew 4% a year. That’s not bad.
What’s so great about Deng’s reforms anyway? They have closed down 100’s of 1000’s of schools all over China and now many kids are not getting a full education. They made health care for pay only, and now millions of people are dying every year from illnesses because they cannot afford drugs and treatment.
The death rate was lower and life expectancy was higher every single year under Mao from 1949-1962. The only thing that happened during the Great Leap was that the death rate temporarily become higher than it was in 1949 for one year. I don’t think you realize how bad things were before Mao took power. Life expectancy was 32 years!

New Radio Interview with Me Is Up

I was a guest on Chuck Prahl’s Bigfoot Tonight radio show on Sunday night. The show lasted 1 1/2 hours. The subject was of course Bigfoot. While I have received some comments from people who do not like Chuck’s interview style, I like him a lot. His guest host Stacy Hostetler also does excellent work. We mostly talked about the Ketchum and Erickson Projects and where they stand at the moment.
Some said that my sound was too low, and I was hard to hear sometimes. Can’t they turn up the sound on my audio to make me louder?

The Argument for Armed Struggle in India

From the comments section. This is the argument put forward by Maoist types that the only way forward in India for the Left is via armed struggle. I am not sure how much I believe in it, but India’s problems are so horrific that I figure it’s worth it to take up arms to try to change things. And the Maoists are probably the only people in India who can really change the country in a progressive and start to tackle some of its horrible problems.

India is not a democratic country like a European one. In Europe, you have a democratic space because the democratic institutions developed from the struggles of the people, even though they were and are in the hands of the bourgeoisie.
In India the parliamentary institutions were imposed by the colonial masters to enhance their colonial rule. They were not created through people’s struggles. In India there is little democratic space.
The bourgeois class in India is a deformed reactionary force since its inception. This class hadn’t emerged naturally, but was propped up by the British colonial masters. Therefore, the initial progressive role that was present in the European bourgeoisie was not present in the Indian bourgeois class. It allied itself with the feudal classes from the beginning.
Therefore, we must use armed struggle as the democratic space is not intrinsic to our society after the colonial intervention. The illusion of democratic space is there in the form of parliamentary institutions and formal democratic rights but not in reality. The moment one forwards the people’s demands one will face repression from the state. How do you forward and defend the movement of the people without arms?

Liberals Are the Real Racists

From here.

I don’t blame black people for any problems in America. I don’t blame “racist whites” or “racist blacks” either.
All of these racial problems are directly caused by White and Jewish liberals.
White and Zionist liberals who promote multiculturalism, race mixing, and welfare slavery. They treat black people like their pets, and it’s disgusting, inhumane, and racist.
These racist liberals who promote welfare slavery for blacks are the problem.

Note the extreme antisemitism. This is a rather typical line promoted on the Far Right end of US conservatism. It posits an objectively racist line, and an extreme one at that, while denying its own racist bullshit and then projecting it back onto liberals and especially Jewish liberals by saying they are “the real racists.”
Most White nationalist types and even White racist types are pretty open about their racism, and on that score, we ought to commend them.
But there is a far slimier sort that denies its own racism and projects it onto liberals. It claims that conservatism is the real antiracism and that liberals are the real racists. Supposedly we on the Left have ruined Blacks by promoting “welfare slavery” among them.
This crap line is pretty popular on the Hard Right, especially with Black conservatives, who are generally some of the weirdest and stupidest conservatives out there. Most conservatives don’t bother with this line – they’re too smart to push the line that liberalism ruined Black people and only conservatism will set them free. They’re too busy slyly promoting quasi-racism among Whites to get the White racist vote.
But on the hardcore racist Tea Party Right, among some of the Whites, you will see this line. And Black Tea Partiers like the insane Allen West always push this line.
We don’t treat Blacks like our pets. We care about them and want to help them.
We don’t want to “enslave” Black people to welfare. There are plenty of places on Earth where Blacks live and don’t get any social spending (“welfare”) whatsoever. They aren’t doing any better there. In fact, they are a lot worse. All welfare or social spending does is try to allow human beings to survive at a very basic level. I believe in letting people live and allowing them to survive, therefore I support social spending.

Bigfoot News June 16, 2012

Stanley Dingle photos are fakes. He posted this on his Facebook wall.

Sorry to do this everyone, but I need to let you all know that the photo I posted recently is hoaxed. I may be a hoaxer, but I am also human. It was only intended as a joke, but unfortunately a lot of people believed it, something which I am feeling guilty about. This isn’t something I wanted. These are the beliefs of people, and I do not want them to have their hopes built up with false pictures.
I needed to inform everyone of this latest development because I will not be visiting the page anymore. The first photograph that I posted is also a fake. Facebook Find Bigfoot’s judgement about it being a person is right. The second, more recent photo is Photoshopped. I know you will think I am a horrible person for doing this, and I cannot make excuses. Sorry again. I cannot apologize enough to you all.

Well, at least he feels guilty. “Stanley Dingle” is also not an American. He’s either Canadian or a Brit. Probably a Brit, since Brits are notorious skeptics when it comes to Bigfoots. They just don’t believe in it. I am really getting tired of these hoaxers. They ruin it for everyone. It’s hoaxers who have turned the Bigfoot community into a hornet’s nest of raving assholes.
So much Bigfoot evidence has been hoaxed by scumbags that no one believes anything anymore. Any evidence we put up – videos, photos, DNA, footprints, stories, you name it – it all gets totally destroyed as a “hoax.” The reason people do this is because of all the hoaxing. So the hoaxers have wrecked it for everyone.
One thing is for sure. Even after Bigfoot is proven or a least a lot more proven than it is now, the hoaxing will go on and on until the day I die. And as the hoaxing flood continues, it will always be hard to sort out the real evidence from the bullshit and lies. Hoaxing isn’t funny. It’s not a joke. It sucks. It ruins everything, ruins it all, turns all of Bigfootery to complete and utter shit.

Hoaxed Bigfoot photo from “Stanley Dingle,” hoaxer. This pic was Photoshopped. Jerk.

Another hoaxed photo from “Stanley Dingle,” hoaxer. This pic is “fake.” Not sure how it was created or the back story behind it.

Doubts about the Ontario Bigfoot photo. The Ontario Bigfoot photo is very nice, but even nice photos can be faked as can be seen with the “Stanley Dingle” debacle above. This photo came from a video posted by purported Bigfoot hunters who no one has ever heard of. A screen capture was obtained  from the video, which made the rounds. However, the actual video was very quickly deleted, which to be honest, is suspicious and confusing.
Photo of a possible Bigfoot peeking over a ridge in Ontario. Doubts are now emerging about this photo in line with a problematic back story.

Erickson Project update – what do we know and how do we know it? There has been a lot of discussion about the Erickson Project lately. Yes, they have a video. Yes, it is or at least was in Hollywood being worked on. What’s being done with it? Mostly editing and fixing it up. How will it be released? Probably as a DVD or possibly as some sort of a documentary on TV on National Geographic or something of that sort.
Problem is that TV doesn’t pay crap for their stuff. Earlier this year, Erickson spoke to some Hollywood TV executives. They made him an offer that he thought was way too low, and he rejected it.
I would imagine that the most any Hollywood studio would offer for Erickson’s documentary would be $150,000. Problem is that Erickson reportedly spent $2 million to make his documentary.
He’s never going to get that money back any time soon, if at all. Even under the best circumstances with residuals for each reshowing of his footage, he might make the money back over 10 years if he was lucky. But it’s going to be hard to cut a deal like that. He will need to get a good Hollywood agent, and those can be expensive.
Is the Hollywood story true? Apparently it is. We know that Erickson has been talking to Hollywood people before, because Richard Stubstad went to a Hollywood studio with Erickson where they were talking about working on Erickson’s movie. It’s a great big Hollywood studio, the real deal. That incident occurred a couple of years ago. Whether it’s at the same studio or not is anyone’s guess.
How did Erickson get the money to have Hollywood work on his video considering reports of his dire financial straits? No one knows, but we do know that Erickson showed Wally Hersom his video early this year. Wally was very impressed and said there was no way the footage could have been hoaxed.
Soon afterwards, Erickson shows up in Hollywood with a huge wad of cash, and Hollywood is working on his flick. It stands to reason that Hersom gave Erickson some money to take his flick to Hollywood to have them work on it.
There are also rumors that Dr. Melba Ketchum put extreme pressure on Erickson to shut down his leakers. In return for shutting down his leakers, Hersom was to grant him a huge wad of cash to help ease his financial apocalypse. These are just speculations, and no one knows if this is true. I have no idea what Erickson’s financial situation is now, but a while back, he was already being sued by people who bought his properties at his development in Canada.
The stars of the Erickson video are of course the Kentucky animals. Footage includes that shot by the residents and also by Leila Hadj-Chikh and Dennis Pfohl. The greatest footage of all is of Matilda, the juvenile female Bigfoot who got pregnant in the course of the study. There is also excellent footage of the large male, and he is so huge that it will completely blow your mind.
Whether there is any other footage from any of Erickson’s other habituation sites is uncertain. There may or may not be. However, no video footage was obtained from the Carter Farm that Erickson bought.
It is rumored that experts have looked at Erickson’s video and were not impressed. This is not true. Bill Munns was asked to review video shot by the Crittenden, Kentucky owners that Erickson suspected was hoaxed. Munns affirmed that it was indeed hoaxed with a Chewbacca mask and Erickson refused to buy the video.
However, several other videos were shot by the same owners after the first hoaxed one, and these were shown to a variety of experts who all thought they were real. Unfortunately it is true that the best videos in Erickson’s documentary were shot by confirmed hoaxers, who at least hoaxed the first video they shot. Surely the skeptics will use this information to try to discredit all of the videos.
However, some of our best evidence has come from hoaxers – Randy Brisson, Paul Freeman, Ray Wallace, the list goes on and on. It’s pitiful but true.
All of my sources regarding the Erickson Project have dried up. It was always hard to get people to talk about anything to do with Erickson. The sources all like him a lot, but they are also afraid of him. Erickson made all of them swear to secrecy, so getting info about his project out of anyone was like pulling teeth. In recent days, Erickson was putting extreme pressure on my sources as suspected leakers, and the sources dried up.
Erickson is at least as secretive as Ketchum, and probably a lot more so. I have no relationship with the man whatsoever, and both he and his wife are very angry at me for writing anything about him and his project at all.
If you want to know how I know all of this stuff, guess what? I can’t tell you! I had sources about the Erickson Project, and a couple of them were pretty close to Erickson himself. Others were close to submitters to the Ketchum Project. All of them gave me information under orders of strict confidentiality. All I can tell you is that the best information came from people close to Erickson himself.

White Nationalist Lies About Portugal and the Dangers of Mulattoization

Here is a typical lie that the White nationalist scum tell about Portugal and the dangers of Whites interbreeding with Blacks:

Portugal – Once a 16th century world power with colonies around the world – moor/negro slave interbreeding after 400 years has left it with a 40% illiteracy rate. The most backward country in Europe. Slow mongrelization without a shot being fired.

Well, guess what? It’s just not true. The Portuguese are not a mongrelized or mulatto people by any stretch of the imagination. Overall, the Portuguese are about 3.5% Black. In the South and Far South it is a lot higher, with some of the highest rates in Europe at around 5%.
Look, there is no way on Earth that 3.5-5% Black DNA in White genes is going to jack to your population. More Black genes than that? Maybe so. Whatever happened to Portugal, it had nothing to do with introgression of Black genes.
Another one of their lies talks about the greatness of “White Egypt.” Except there never was any White Egypt, scumbags. There was an Arab Egypt. You know, Arabs, those inferiors? And even the great Arab Egypt had ~12-13% Black genes. The glory of ancient Egypt shows that at least in the ancient world, one of the greatest societies the world ever produced was accomplished with a fair amount of Black genetics and mulattoization.
You know how these scumbags like to talk about the glories of great White South Africa? Guess what, fucktards? Those great White South Africans you love so much are 11% Black by genetics. There have even been cases of two White parents producing a child who looks pretty mulatto.
Let us look at the Arab World. The Arab World has gotten a lot Blacker over time with the introduction of Black slaves via Islam, but there was no corresponding degeneration of society. In fact, at the moment, the Blackest parts of the Arab World are the wealthiest of all.
Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait have quite a bit of Black genes in their populations. Percentages generally range from ~13-17%. But these are some of the wealthiest countries on Earth, with First World health and developmental figures, spectacular architecture, suburbs that look like Phoenix and a stunningly low crime rate, especially for violent crime.
So moral and economic degeneration of your population via low levels of mulattoization (~15% Black genes) is not guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination.
In fact, in recent times, we have few to no cases of mass mulattoization of any population anywhere on Earth. Show me one great, prosperous White society anywhere on Earth that degenerated into a moral and economic basket case in modern times due to mulattoization. Show me one, one, one, one.
Show me one in the Caribbean. One in South America. One in Central America. One in the Arab World. One in Africa. One anywhere.
Not that I think that mass introgression of Black genes into a White society is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Instead I think it is nothing much to worry about, since it doesn’t seem to be happening anywhere on Earth, which is probably a good idea.

Alternate Identities in OCD

A lot of people with OCD develop “alternative identities.”
Harm O folks develop identities called “the murderer”, “the serial killer,” “the sociopath,” “the rapist,” “the criminal,” etc. HOCD people develop identities called, “the queer,” “the fag,” “the gay,” “the lez,” “the dyke,” etc. POCD people develop “the pedo,” “the child molester,” etc. Others might develop “the racist,” “the misanthrope,” or “the misogynist.” You really start to feel like these other things.
I don’t know much about other themes too much, but there might be identity changes with those too.
If you are really bad, you will be in the alternate identity all the time.
If less bad, it will fade in and out. You will be driving along, and “the fag” takes over. You walk into a store, and all of a sudden, “the serial killer” becomes you. Often a lot of effort is expended trying to shake off the alternate identity and get back into what feels like your real one.
It’s extremely creepy and unnerving.


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