"Starbucks Wants Your Help," by Alpha Unit

Starbucks wants to add jobs to the economy, and help a lot of other people hold on to their jobs, they say.
Today they launched their Jobs for USA program, an alliance with the Opportunity Finance Network. Opportunity Finance Network is a non-profit that works with banks, credit unions, loan funds, and venture capital funds to lend money to small businesses and community groups.
Starbucks will ask each customer for a $5 donation to contribute to the program, beginning November 1. In exchange, you get a red, white, and blue wristband that says, “Indivisible.”
Howard Schultz is the CEO of Starbucks. He has been outspoken on behalf of small businesses during this economic downturn, even asking his fellow CEOs to stop contributing to all political campaigns until our representatives in Washington find a way to get us out of this recession – the Great Recession, as some people call it.
A lot of people aren’t buying it. Some think it’s some kind of publicity stunt. Others are raking Starbucks over the coals for the way it deals with its employees. Or for their high prices. Others are completely cynical about Schultz’s motives, seeing it as a self-serving move on his part. Someone wondered if the wristbands were made in America.
One commenter’s response, however, was, “I would like a job anywhere.”

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0 thoughts on “"Starbucks Wants Your Help," by Alpha Unit”

  1. Starbucks’ business model is to get people to pay three dollars for something they could make at home for twenty cents. I’ve heard it said that a white South African would rather be killed in their bed than make it. The only thing that will massively employ our low-skill population, is an expansion of desire for domestic help.
    The problem is that our population doesn’t need enough things to employ everyone who wants a job. (Exception: scientists who will discover an AIDS vaccine or gasoline alternative made from inedible plant waste.)

  2. You gotta be kiddin’ me. Starbucks regards small businesspeople as deserving of handouts? $5 per customer? How about 3 free coffees instead of a wristband?
    I wonder how much na starbucks employee makes. If starbucks pays it’s employees less than $10 an hour they’re Nazis and deserve to roast in hell.
    They’re java is overpriced…the only time I ever bought a coffee at starbucks was when I found a giftcard with $7.50 left on it.

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