Jewamongyou Reviews “The Emperor’s New Clothes”


An excellent book review (warning: long at 44 pages) of a book, The Emperor’s New Clothes, written by Joseph Graves, a black scientist (geneticist) who works with fruit flies. It was published a while back in 2001, but it’s still relevant. Graves claims to totally destroy the arguments of race realists, but JAY shows that he does no such thing.

It’s a good review, honest, forthright, respectful, decent and gentlemanly. JAY concedes points to Graves where he deserves points. Just goes to show once again that the race realists are some of the more honest conservatives out there.

Let’s get real though: a lot of these race realists have an agenda (I will not comment on whether or not JAY has an agenda). It isn’t just, “Let’s get at the truth here.” Most HBD types have deep and abiding hatred or dislike to non-Whites, in particular Blacks. I’m not sure to what extent they dislike Hispanics too. I’ve long noticed that the vast majority of the racism coming from US Whites is towards Blacks. It overrides all of the others by a long shot. The agenda of HBD types, honestly, is “stick it to the niggers.”

This can be shown in the fact that the vast majority of HBD types are Libertarians. NAM’s will crash and burn in the worst way in a Libertarian society. A lot of Whites will too, but HBD Whites think that they will climb to the top of crab barrel.

The worse HBD types, the White nationalists, have another project going on. They are actually trying to revive White racism as a respectable ideology among White society. In this, they are shoveling sand against the tide.

White racism has been declining in intensity probably every year since the 1960’s. It’s going to keep on going that way, Tea Partiers be damned. You can’t stop the forces of history. Time moves forwards, not backwards. Attempts to turn back clocks to the “bad old days” typically fail, because they go against human cultural evolution, which moves in a progressive direction along with human genetic evolution. We aren’t going back to pre-Civil Rights Days.

These are guys are in a race against time.

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  1. “I will not comment on whether or not JAY has an agenda”. But I can comment on that. Though there is a certain amount of bitterness I harbor toward blacks in general, this does not translate into animosity toward any specific black individual just because he’s black. When I started reading the book, it made no difference to me what the author’s race was. As I got deeper into it, however, it became clear that the author’s race was hugely important to HIM, so I had to address that.
    As for my agenda in general, I’m only interested in revealing the truth, exposing lies and deceit, and breaking down the walls of taboo-ness and heresy-ness that keep people from being open-minded about these things. Fighting for a just, but unpopular, cause allows me to be both a rebel and right at the same time – a double bonus. It’s fun and rewarding (because I’m an iconoclast by nature) and it will allow me, some day, to look back on my life and know that I did something important. This is my agenda.

  2. Psuedo-intellectual upper class whites will do worse than NAMs and blue collar whites in a libertarian society as NAMs are willing to do less desirable work and work for longer hours. I’m predicting it will go downhill from here for educated, intellectual whites.

    1. I’m predicting it will go downhill from here for educated, intellectual whites.

      Yeah, Tim Wise’s “tick tock” rant notwithstanding, it won’t be conservative whites out in the heartland who will suffer once the non-white rainbow revolution commences.

      They live in relatively more homogenous areas and often have guns.

      If any whites are going to go down, it will be the SWPL’s in places like San Francisco, Oakland, New York, etc.

      1. They live in relatively more homogenous areas and often have guns.

        Yet they can’t even tackle gangs of black unarmed youths robbing stores.

        “If any whites are going to go down, it will be the SWPL’s in places like San Francisco, Oakland, New York, etc.”

        They seem to be doing okay in South Africa.

  3. When, in the 1880s, Freud first began to suspect that sexual frustration might be the key to mental illness, the idea so frightened and shocked him that he hardly dared to put it in words; he felt that it would mean professional disgrace and ruin. And the very fact that the idea created such inner turmoil convinced him that it must be true. If he had lived in a less prudish society, he might simply have concluded that sexual problems can lead to neuroses, and left it at that. But the fact that the idea struck him as too awful to utter led him to go much further, and to assert that all neurosis, without exception, has a sexual origin, and to exaggerate the sexual element out of all proportion.

    ––Colin Wilson

    Quote is relevant to the fourth paragraph (“Let’s get real though…”)

    1. Freud had some very intriguing ideas however the idea that neurosis is caused by a lack of sexual activity is not true. Some of the most sexually liberated people out there are people who have some serious spiritual problems.

      Freuds theories on the construction of the personality as being composed of the Id(evil inclinations) and the Superego(a persons conscience) competing for influence might be based on the jewish idea of yetzer hara and yetzer hatov. The yetzer hara is the evil inclination and the other one is the good inclination. And basically a persons intellect mediates between these two inclinations just as how according to freud a persons Ego mediates between the Id and the Superego.

  4. Robert do you have any opinion on the Nazi Lowrider phenomena? For those who are not familiar the nazi lowriders are a prison gang that accept white people and mestizo people into their ranks but yet they exclude black people.

  5. As for me and my racial outlook I am not a race realist and I am not a white nationalist. I reject the notion that race is related to IQ and hence am not a race realist.

    I simply advocate that white people have a right to preserve themselves but if they live in a multiracial society they should be respectful of the other races that live there. But I support all forms of racial pride whether its pride in being a member of one race or pride in being of mixed race ancestry.

    And if whites which to preserve themselves in an ethnically homogenous society they should be respectful of whatever minority groups live there too.

  6. i am not a white nationalist but i think there are two good options in a multiracial society.

    First. Race is not more important than hair color. This is what I prefer and it happens in the country I live.

    Second. Evere racial group is proud of its heritage and culture.

    But none of these two options is happening in USA. Instead of this option 3 happens:

    Every group is allowed to be proud of its race EXCEPt Whites. Any White expression of pride is labelled as racist. any crime made by whites is magnified and any crime made by nonwhites is minimized. so holocaust or past western slavery have been the object of endless books and movies while rwandan genocide or current muslim slavery are concealed and silenced.

    malcolm x is a cultural icon but any white who said the same as him would be a radical racist.

    this is extremely disingenuous. no matter which way history winds go it is impossible to hide the truth forever.

  7. I just started reading your blog. I’m enjoying it very much. I agree with your views in this post as it applies to *most* HBD-types online. Most are just highfalutin racists who have a bone to pick with “niggers.” I imagine most of them implicitly approach their posts and ideas with a measure of retribution against what they, perhaps accurately, perceive as blacks victimizing whites in various ways (direct and indirect). This will explain why the majority of HBD attention is placed on blacks when there are plenty of other races (namely variants of South Asian, Amerindian, Australoid, or Arab stock) who have low IQs as well. Though admittedly, none of these races have the same type of behavior as blacks, which links back to my previous point that explains their attitudes.

    This is not to say that HBD or race realism is in any way flawed. For the most part, HBD guys are correct. There are innate differences in intelligence and behavior between races. The evidence is abundant; it is obviously not necessary to expound on this evidence in this comment. There is nothing inherently wrong with accepting these purely scientific findings. My beef with HBD types is more about their attitude. Your attitudes toward HBD science will be greatly affected by your past inclinations. I have always been a liberal who happens to value facts and evidence; I came across the evidence for HBD and couldn’t simply ignore the findings. Yes, there is a hierarchy of intelligence (the defining trait of humanity) between races. It is a very sensitive issue and should be dealt with sensitively. That is, if you wish to speak on HBD, you should take a scientific attitude. Yes, the reason for this “double standard” I request of HBD writers, is in fact rooted in emotional grounds. But emotions are just as real as race, and many people could potentially be damaged through indirect means. This is all irrelevant if you are already a racist who is simply uses racialism to corroborate one’s beliefs. Contrast this to racialists who formed their views on the basis of evidence first (perhaps like James Watson).

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