Arabs Are Stupid, Backwards, Low IQ Morons Who Can’t Create Anything

I must admit that I don’t understand US Blacks. I believe that the UAE has an IQ of ~83 or so. That is ~4 points lower than US Blacks. Based on IQ alone, there is no reason why US Blacks should not, theoretically, be able to produce something like this, if they had the income to do so. But does anyone think that they would?

Black oil states in the Caribbean have sky high murder rates. Black oil states in Africa have utterly failed to redistribute the income in a fair and reasonable way; instead, it’s a zero-sum game with everyone for my tribe and my favored group and nothing for anybody else. The nation of Gabon has a PCI of $20,000/yr, yet has some of the worst health and nutrition figures on Earth. Most of the population is sick, starving, unemployed and barefoot.

I don’t get it. Arabs are dumber than US Blacks, and they create Dubai. US Blacks are smarter than Arabs, but they create Detroit. What gives?

Whatever is wrong with US Blacks, it ain’t IQ. Their IQ ought to be sufficient to create scenes like the above.

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697 thoughts on “Arabs Are Stupid, Backwards, Low IQ Morons Who Can’t Create Anything”

  1. Arabs are psychopathic. That’s the answer to your question. They are really stupid and just use their money to get other people to do things for them (even to do mundane tasks!) It’s as simple as that.

  2. After the Golden Age of the Islamic Empire when Arabs were making the biggest leaps in scientific research out of anyone in the world, they just fell off after political (greed) problems came into play. All this was happening during the Dark Ages in Europe. Arabs are in a Dark Age of there own right now, and I think Arabs can have the biggest upside if they transfer that intense energy they have for more scientific, mathematical, and philosophical purposes.

    1. Sorry, they won’t ever create anything of use to humanity.

      They are genetically inferior to Whites and Asians. They mixed too much with Blacks and inbred among themselves, marrying relatives under Islam to the point that they will never return.

      The scientific breakthroughs they had early on were not from the same people as today’s Arabs. They where much lighter skinned and more intelligent.

    1. I worked in Dubai and to be honest it was cleaner, safer, more productive than my shithole city of Detroit. I’m not an Arab but when statements are made that “The Middle East is a shithole” my response is that certain US cities are worse.

  3. The amount of uneducated, racist and ill informed people in this thread is laughable.

    A basic look into Ottoman empire history and Andalusian history gives you the vast list of progressive contributions not ONLY from Muslims but Jews and christians alike.
    Alas, it is only the Muslim empires that allowed the full flourishing of all three faiths working together.
    Um hello- Algebra was Invented by muslims (The word is an arabic word for Godsake). Coffee was originated in Ethiopia and bought to the euro’s by the muslims.

    The most NON contributing society to humanity is the white race. Thats not against them but a objective statement.

    Jews and Muslims have contributed far more then any other part. But who CARES about their religon. It is rather one should look into the system that allowed them to do so. There wasn’t any Muslim leader or Jewish leader who would burn people/women alive for having brains or saying the earth isn’t flat

    Or wait..Thats Catholic and Christian history in a nutshell.

    So people, stop talking down on Muslims , exaggerating the Arab Christians.

    Christians in Israel are persecuted on a daily basis
    Israel produces alot of startups yes.. But its policies are disgusting and are a disgrace to Jewish history and the victims of Antisemitism in history.

    Israels startup nation success is strongly related to the free billions of dollars it gets from America. NO OTHER country gets this aid.

    As a lecturer in marketing and entrepreneurship, one must point out the handicap advantage.

    Comparing UAE and Saudi – shit hole states with Western installed dictators to Israel and America, whom are leaders in the world due to political and currency control, is like comparing Jared Kushner , the pinnacle of privilege in this world to a Black Kid from Detroit. There is no comparison

    Godsake people. Celebrate each races achievements and denounce the division that the famous certain “isms “have done to us

    God bless

    Come at me comments! 🙂

    1. You idiot. TROLL.

      “The most NON contributing society to humanity is the White race.”

      If you consider contribution to be violence, bloodshed and aggression, then yes, Whites have contributed the least.

      White’s invented 97% of modern science and technology. The results speak for themselves. Look at the European Enlightenment, the periodic table, and the industrial revolution, all of modern mathematics and physics, computer science, the internet, the Theory of Evolution, almost all of modern biological science, the combustion engine and motor cars, manufacturing itself – the list is endless.

      Your hatred and jealousy of White achievement does not make your lies true. Dunning-Kruger is in full effect with you.

    2. The White European Caucasian people should be extremely proud of the inventions they have created – more than 97% of modern science and technology which have changed the world. For example, the next time you are behind the wheel of your car, remember this a European invention. Next time you get on a plane to go on holiday, another European invention. A vast majority of scientific discoveries, inventions, and technologies which have changed and benefited the world population can be attributed to our people.

      Things That Were Invented By White People

      White People Invented:

      – that computer you’re typing on
      – the software that drives it
      – the internet & nearly all web applications
      – recorded music – motion pictures
      – TV
      – radio
      – camera
      – telephone
      – light bulb
      – the automobile
      – rocketry
      – satellites
      – spacecraft
      – airplanes
      – skyscrapers
      – telescope
      – printing press
      – internal combustion engine
      – eyeglasses
      – contact lenses
      – microwave oven
      – metallurgy (most discoveries)
      – materials science (plastics, compounds, other synthetics)
      – 95% of medical advancements
      – 95% of life saving pharmaceutical drugs
      – modern food preservatives
      – most scientific breakthroughs over the past 1000 years
      – the bulk of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology
      – astronomy (most discoveries and mapping techniques)
      – sea navigation (most advancements) – discovery of DNA
      – microscope
      – laser technology and its myriad of uses
      – electric energy
      – nuclear energy
      – wireless technology
      – air conditioning devices
      – refrigeration
      – modern agricultural techniques

      White People inventions, innovations, originality and discoveries.

      1. White European Caucasian people are or at least were Godlike.

        “God in Christianity is believed to be the eternal, supreme being who created and preserves all things.”

        Many non-Whites and some Whites have said as much.

        I tend to agree but Iranians, East Asians, and others are Gods in their respective Worlds.

  4. Arabian Peninsula already went through three stages:

    First stage = pre-1938 was an absoute desert dwelling people who lived through harsh and rough times who did not acheive much beside the expansion and spread of islam

    Second stage = 1938-2017 was the age of oil and consumerism within the region

    Third stage = 2017-present is the stage that is all about development and progression in almost all fields and aspects which is the first time in Arabia’s history.

    As of now and today we’re already witnessing the third stage; since they managed to change their desert dwelling lands with oil money in less than 40 years; this proves that arabians are capable of change but were not blessed enough with oil prior to 1938 but post-2018 will be interesting to see where arabian gulf is heading because this the sector/stage that will decide where these nations head so all this IQ talk will definitly be shaped in post 2018 arabian gulf; the countries involved are saudi, qatar, uae, and kuwait these are purely arabian/bedouin with rulers and natives

    1. Hi, if you read the post, you will see that the title of the post is actually sarcastic.

      I am actually saying that Arabs are NOT stupid, backwards, low IQ morons who can’t create anything. The meat of the article argues against the premise of the title.

  5. Robert Lindsay

    Afro-Americans and Arabians might share similar IQ, but their genes differ. Genes are determinant factors in such cases. Why, you ask?

    Arabians are highly Caucasoid and lack Negroid/Sub-Saharan component at 1%-3%. As for African Americans they still hold onto the Negroid gene, which is pure and strong. If you look at Africa’s history, you’ll notice that all of its remarkable civilizations came from the Maghreb, Egypt, and the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia; Nubia).

    Despite the low level of IQ in Ethiopia and North Sudan; they were historically speaking able to achieve significant civilizations such as Nubia and Aksumite, and this goes back to their Caucasoid genes that have been multiplied heavily Egyptians and Berbers. This is why Egyptians, Maghrebians, and Nubians/Ethiopians were able to succeed in Africa. Also the Ethiopian/Eritrean language in its essence is a Yemenite language which descends from the Levant.

    As for the rest of their Negroid brethren from West, Central and Southern Africa, they failed to achieve any remarkable civilization because they’re a pure-blooded stock who lacked Caucasoid/outsider components, so this kept them simplistic.

    Genes can be a bigger determinant than IQ in such cases. Despite their low IQ’s Eritrea is clearly led by a Caucasoid/African leader, and you can see its cleanliness and articulation is like a Middle Eastern country. Genes play a big role in determining where a nation heads.

  6. genes and IQ are a detrimenent factor in where a nation heads and subsaharan africa clearly lacks both but for horn of africa they do lack the iq but they maintain a caucasoid gene which helps them time and time again and history proved it

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