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Although I want to dislike this guy just for the name of his blog, this piece of his is very fair and honest. I can’t find much in the way of untruths in the piece. He is decent, fair minded and gentlemanly.

There is something strange about race realists. The better of them are among the only honest conservatives out there. One thing is that they have the left the Republican Party, so they are thinking for themselves instead of repeating Republican Party politically motivated lying bullshit.

Another thing is that much race realism, properly formulated anyway, just seems to be the truth. I remember a while back when Hunter Wallace wrote a piece on Liberal Race Realism. His commenters could not figure me out and they did not get why I was so controversial. They found out that it was mostly due to the race realism and after a bit of “What’s that?” they were even more puzzled. The WN’s stated that race realism was not controversial in any way, shape or form, and that “race realism is just the truth,” as one puzzled fellow put it.

That’s why it’s so infuriating to many people. It’s true, so it’s hard to argue with it honestly. And for us liberals and Leftists, not to mention for many NAM’s, the consequences of race realism are potentially devastating.

Nevertheless, HBD types frequently overstate the case against liberals. We don’t necessarily believe that “all people are equal.” We may be liberal, but we are not stupid. Obviously all people do not have equal gifts and detractions. That’s true even within races.

Now if you get into whether or not races are equal or not, the statistics show that on average they are not. So the debate is over. The races are not equal. Period.

All that is left to discuss is whether it is due to environment or genetics or both. At some point, it doesn’t even matter. Black crime is a catastrophe, and getting down to brass tacks, who cares if it’s caused by environment or genetics? The victims don’t care, the cops don’t care, the criminals don’t care. It’s a big problem, that’s all there is to it, it has to be dealt with, and it’s not very important what causes it.

Theories of causation in social science at some point are just intellectual onanism. It’s irrelevant on the ground where it really matters.

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0 thoughts on “Deconstructing Leftism Reviews One of My Posts”

  1. It is relevant if we want to find a solution to the problem. If we continue to assume that the causes are entirely environmental, we shall continue to waste billions of dollars on useless programs. Just like in a medical condition, if you want a long-term cure, you must understand the root causes. Otherwise, you’re only treating the symptoms.

  2. “Now if you get into whether or not races are equal or not, the statistics show that on average they are not. So the debate is over. The races are not equal. Period.”

    Statements like this have lead to genocides, slavery, oppression, the holocaust. These aren’t statements to be thrown about lightly without regard to consequences. Of course nobody likes to openly discuss race realism. First off RR is nothing new. It’s actually quite old. It was something anyone could openly discuss a few hundred years ago with no social repercussions. Because the RRs went so far overboard with slavery, Jim Crow, the holocaust, etc it was considered best to just bury such ideas for good and be done with it. Now with guys like Charles Murray, Steve Sailor, and Jared Taylor, they are trying to revive something we thought this society had put behind us.

    I’m not sure if it’ll ever get to the point where one(such as a politician) could publicly make statements such as Robert’s above without facing serious backlash. I wouldn’t be it on it. No matter how many Bell Curve-like books are released. I wouldn’t bet on us going back to a 19th century view of race.

    I can’t fathom throwing around such words. I have too many friends of different backgrounds who mean much to me. I only care what they bring to the table as individuals. I don’t care what race someone comes from and it has no personal significance to me.

    1. >>“Now if you get into whether or not races are equal or not, the statistics show that on average they are not. So the debate is over. The races are not equal. Period.”

      Statements like this have lead to genocides, slavery, oppression, the holocaust. <<

      Or as the pigs would say, "Do you want the man to come back?"

      It's a false choice to say there is nothing between enforced racial equality and the Holocaust or Jim Crow. As a dead minimum we need actual equality, not a legal and social environment rich in power and privileges for racial minorities.

  3. The real problem with this HBD phenomenon, as Tulio pointed out in a previous post, is that most flesh-and-blood white people simply don’t give a crap, and most of them have probably never even heard of Jared Taylor.

    (and of course, on the flip side, most will also tune out the Tim Wise/Eric Dyson types)

    Besides, as I have said before, even if HBD is all true, how does that benefit white activism? Is your average white person on the street going to say “aha! Those damn low IQ NAM’s! I’m going to become a white activist now!”

    The WN movement doesn’t need HBD. Fundamentally, many flesh-and-blood whites agree with white nationalists on immigration, multicultural double standards, etc. The ideological gap between average whites and white nationalists isn’t as huge though there is a gap, to be sure) as radical white nationalists insist.

    If they would stop wasting so much time and energy on HBD, obsessing too much on the Jewish Question, stop bashing Christianity, and other behaviors that alienate them from white America, they could enjoy more success.

    With the exception of all the time he wastes on HBD, Jared Taylor does a great job.

  4. Anyhow, for that matter, you deconstruct leftism all the time yourself, which is a good thing — you certainly have deconstructed and rejected the equality dogma, and it’s to your credit and to the potential improvement of leftist thinking. As a paleocon, I’m always deconstructing bits of paleoconservatism, in hopes of getting closer to the truth and eliminating some of its glitches.

  5. Thanks Robert. Part of the problem is that problems caused by environment or lack of resources and could be ameliorated by education, require the cooperation of the subject population. Much money is spent on trying to improve education for blacks, but they don’t seem to be interested. Blacks seem to think on some level that academic learning is brainwashing in white culture.

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