Arab Throws a Dog Off a Building

Video here.

I recommend that my regular readers not watch this video because it’s pretty disturbing.

This is a seriously messed up video. Two Arab guys grab a dog and take it up to the top of a building. Then one of them throws the dog off the 4-5 story building while they both laugh. The dog hits the ground below and you can hear it whimpering. It’s not sure if the dog lived or not.

The video was supposedly shot in Egypt. The date and location of the video are not known, the identity of the animal abusers is not known, nor is it known what happened to them afterwards, if anything.

This video has been making the rounds for a while now, and it’s gotten pretty viral.

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0 thoughts on “Arab Throws a Dog Off a Building”

  1. I am not an expert on Islam – but I’d be willing to bet that their behavior is strongly frowned upon by Islam, even though Muslims consider dogs to be unclean. My guess is that this is generic cruelty/misbehavior, which (unfortunately) can be found all over the world. In Jerusalem I used to yell at Hassidic kids for abusing cats – even though Judaism forbids unnecessary cruelty to animals.

    1. Islam does not like dogs, but I really doubt if you are supposed to cruelly kill them like that. I know a Muslim who says that many Muslims keep dogs as pets, as long as the dogs are kept outside at all times, it’s all fine and dandy. The dogs may not go in the house. This is the rule.

      1. They don’t dislike dogs : actually among the finest races of dogs quite a few have been bred by Arabs. What both Arabs and Muslims disapprove of is, as you rightly put it, having dogs in houses and buildings : they have to stay outside, in their natural element. Cats are allowed in buildings and even in mosques, as that animal is reputed to be clean.

    2. No no. Arabs ban dogs in mecca. Dogs are the unclean things that can not go into mecca. They are not allowed along with infidels. You will never ever see a dog in mecca or medina. The prophet only allowed dogs for guarding things or for hunting. A scholar was asked this question.

      What is the ruling on raising dogs in the house?.

      Praise be to Allaah.


      It is not permissible for a Muslim to keep a dog, unless he needs this dog for hunting, guarding livestock or guarding crops.

      Al-Bukhaari (2145) narrated that Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever keeps a dog, a qiraat from his good deeds will be deducted every day, except a dog for farming or herding livestock.”

  2. “”While a man was walking on his way he became extremely thirsty. He found a well, he went down into it to drink water. Upon leaving it, he saw a dog which was panting out of thirst. His tongue was lolling out and he was eating moist earth from extreme thirst. The man thought to himself: `This dog is extremely thirsty as I was.’ So he descended into the well, filled up his leather sock with water, and holding it in his teeth, climbed up and quenched the thirst of the dog. Allah appreciated his action and forgave his sins”. The Companions asked: “Shall we be rewarded for showing kindness to the animals also?” He (PBUH) said, “A reward is given in connection with every living creature”.

    [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

    A copy/paste from an Islamic website. Islam strongly forbids cruelty to animals and this tradition goes back to Muhammad himself. But douche bags will be douche bags.

    1. Who mine?

      Not really. I hate that fucker for doing that. But honestly, I only watched the video once. I refuse to watch it again. And the Black guys kicking the cat I watched over and over endlessly because it kept playing on the page as a gif.

      This is actually a lot worse than the Blacks with the cat. I’m not sure if the dog lived at all 4 stories down. The cat may well have lived somehow, at most using up one of its lives. Also I have cats as pets, not dogs, so I am a little more partial to them.

      1. I hope the dog died, only because I do not want it to have to go through the painful recovery process; it would be too inhumane. I hate people who are cruel to animals. These guys need to be punished, hard.

    2. In very general terms, blacks are known for their cruelty to those weaker than themselves – animals included. Thus, in a broad sense, their behavior toward the cat illustrates a common problem among blacks (a large minority of them anyway). As for Muslim Arabs, there is a dichotomy in their culture. On the one hand, their religion forbids such cruelty – and the righteous among them act accordingly, but their culture(s) tends to be a cruel one nevertheless; it dates to pre-Islamic times. Islam can either temper this cruelty or serve as an excuse to express it in extreme ways, such as beheading “infidels”, stoning adulterers or murdering their own daughters. It could be that the “Arab” wants to be cruel but the “Muslim” wants to be kind when it comes to animals. Yes, I’m picking at straws here but I think there is something to this.

      1. “In very general terms, blacks are known for their cruelty to those weaker than themselves – animals included. Thus, in a broad sense, their behavior toward the cat illustrates a common problem among blacks (a large minority of them anyway).”

        This is rubbish. There is no reason to think blacks are more cruel to animals than any other group of people. And if you are going to mention killing elephants for ivory in Africa, that is obviously economically motivated by destitute people.

        White’s entire history is built on being cruel to weaker people, even amongst themselves. So I don’t know what on earth you’re talking. How a Jew of all people can’t see that is beyond me.

        1. I agree Tulio. The flaws of human nature are common to us all. I’m always disturbed when people make such remarks in earnest.

        2. I don’t see black people do anything like this:

          Let a couple of black kids kick a cat and that magically becomes racial behavior indicative of black’s lower nature. Yet let a place like China make an entire industry out of cruelty(while whites buy the end product) and they suffer no negative group stigma.

          Seriously, I’m really getting sick of seeing blacks constantly picked on in the HBD sphere.

        3. Tulio
          In Western provinces in China, they put live animals in boiling hot water in order to kill them because it is more effecient to kill them and prepare them in one breath, they kill two birds with one stone. (pun intended.)

          I find it very sad that HBDers single out blacks. That helps Political Correctness and hurts sane white advocacy more than anything.

        4. I’m sick of all this China worship on the part of WNs and BN’s (Denmark Vessey) alike. And DV has contradicted himself on a number of occasions.

        5. You mention elephants. Don’t forget about the pygmies, the Khoisan peoples, the albinos, Asian minorities, whites, or even simply another tribe. My own personal experience gives me this impression as well; it is much more dangerous to be a minority among blacks than among other groups. As for animals, perhaps you have not noticed that almost all animal-rights groups are dominated by whites. How many animal-rights groups were founded by blacks?

          RE: Asians. Actually my first draft of the comment mentioned that Asians are probably the worst when it comes to their treatment of animals, at least in places like Korea and some parts of China. But I didn’t want to make the comment more complicated than it already was – and nobody had brought up Asians in this discussion yet, only Arabs/Muslims and blacks.

        6. My own personal experience gives me this impression as well; it is much more dangerous to be a minority among blacks than among other groups.


          Even though I’m self-conscious about it, I’ve never been too uncomfortable being a white minority among Asians or even Hispanics.

        7. I’m sick of all this China worship on the part of WNs and BN’s (Denmark Vessey) alike.

          Yeah, same here.

          I admit, I too used to gaze upon China in awe. But now I realize that such sentiments were silly.

          When you have 1.3 billion people, pay your workers borderline slave wages, devalue your currency for the purpose of exports, and basically get by as an economy by being a glorified giant Walmart that sells goods other people have created, that may be sufficient to make it a power to reckon with and inspire fear, but it’s certainly not impressive.

          I once posted that China became the world’s second largest economy in the open topic a while back, but as Tulio admonished me, that just has to do with size and numbers.

          The fact that China just surpassed Japan as the world’s second largest economy, despite having almost 13x as many people, really says something.

          I also read an article about how many of China’s wealthy elites want to potentially move out of China, or at least get foreign visas just in case.

          That ought to raise red flags for anyone who blindly romanticizes China’s growth.

          (yes, Huax, if you’re there, I’m prepared for your childish and repetitive insults about sub-human Caucasoids)

        8. “As for animals, perhaps you have not noticed that almost all animal-rights groups are dominated by whites.”

          True, that’s because social egalitarianism is a concept that comes from Western culture. Animal rights is simply social egalitarianism extended to animals.

        9. Huax
          How would you explain the lack of charity and social justice among Asians who are supposedly more capable than whites and who live in a country where many of these abuses occur?

        10. @ GSG

          Hehe, I don’t think Huax will actually respond.

          I was just saying that in anticipation, since he tends to get really butthurt whenever anyone disagrees with the notion that China is the most wonderful, perfect country in the world, and that we are all their inferiors.

        11. Regarding Black Nationalist worship of Chinese culture or Arabian culture. They do so because these cultures undermine Western Civilization. I find it somewhat hypocritical. If a European or a White American does business in Africa, blacks call it colonization. If an Asian does it, they call it “investment.” Denmark Vessey has contradicted himself a number of times on this issue. He believes the Western public education system (which he calls compulsory schooling, even though it isn’t) is a form of indoctrination and is the reason why Americans can’t think for themselves and I agree to extent. But he praises China where children are in school for twelve hours and public school attendence is mandatory.

        12. @ GSG

          To be fair, there have been black Africans who have denounced what they see as Chinese neo-colonialism in Africa.

          Most recently, Desmond Tutu expressed outrage over the Dalai Lama potentially being barred from visiting him, claiming that South Africa was shamelessly succumbing to Chinese pressure.

          South African newspapers also have been publishing articles comparing the treatment of Tibetans under Chinese occupation to that of blacks under apartheid.

          So I wouldn’t exactly say that the Chinese get off scot free.

          But otherwise, I agree.

        13. =P i like more China now, i used to think that China wasn’t cool for a bit, as usual i admire Japan to the max, thanks to its big cultural exports (Anime-Manga) and now recently Korea has presence with the singer Psy, but because certain popular chinese films were at their peak some time ago, i didn’t realize that China had its share of coolness
          east asian presence in the west=
          Japan has Anime-Manga: those products are licensed to america, go read the new york times best seller and most of the list are american stuff, however 1 section is about Manga, and manga is the only foreign stuff that has its presence in the New York times
          -Korea has at least Gangnam Style and it can be Psy in the future if that singer turn to develop a sucessful career in america
          -and China, until recently i didn’t read that 2 wUxia chinese films have been of the few foreign films that make it big in america, in fact in Mexico i watched Crounching Tiger Hidden Dragon dubbed in spanish and Hero and House of Flying Daggers with spanish subtitles in the tv, that is cool
          i hope China can do more cool wUxia films and hits in the future
          also just like japanese are too good with drawings and that of Anime-Manga; i wasn’t aware how big is the presence of chinese in cinema, very cool, after all how many foreign actors make it big in america! Jackie Chan! and not only at acting, the chinese director Ronny Yu was selected as the director of Freddy vs Jason, if the movie wasn’t that great was because the script, but i read the director improved the movie with some of his aportations, and the films of Final Destination? i think the concept is cool and they are quite good, and the chinese writer James Wong contributed to the script, China is starting to look cooler and cooler to me U//// U

      2. “It could be that the “Arab” wants to be cruel but the “Muslim” wants to be kind when it comes to animals. Yes, I’m picking at straws here but I think there is something to this.”

        Hard to say. The Hadith I quoted above seems to confirm what you’ve said as the companions of Muhammad were astonished when he suggested kindness to animals, indicating that this was novel idea. Anyhow this is insufficient information to warrant such an extrapolation. Islam brought in some revolutionary ideas however in the end, cultural values always triumph over religious ones.

  3. But on the other hand I don’t get too upset about hunting as long as it happens to a non-endangered species and it’s done in a painless way. But of course I would get upset if people are hunted. So I think it’s more the cruelty that upsets me more when it comes to animals versus people…

  4. l was in the so called “israel”, that is the jew run shithole “israel” for six months, and do you know what l didn’t see once? A jew walking their dog. As a matter of fact, l didn’t see one single dog in the jew run “israel”. Do you know why? Because the jews had killed every single dog in “israel”.

    l didn’t see a single retarded jew in “israel”. Do you know why? Because the jews kill all retarded jews at birth.

    Jewish kosher slaughter. WARNING

      1. Thank goodness for Jews though. If it weren’t for them, racists would be 100% all over blacks. At least blacks don’t get their undivided attention!

  5. Disney (just a bit Jewish) creates talking animals we can relate to as human. Kids eat this crap up, have been for decades, and it shapes culture and generations. I don’t believe animals are deserving of human consideration, but you can tell everything about a man by how he treats animals. We’re under no moral obligation to treat them kindly, and in fact, I don’t think throwing a dog off a 4 story building should be punishable by the state. I would keep my eyes open on this guy and never let him out of my sight, however. They say animal abuse is a sign of antisocial personality disorder. However, its polar opposite, animal worship, is a luxury of affluent civilizations. Birthday parties for your dog. Feed your Lab better than the homeless man.

    1. I don;t believe that animals deserve human considerations either, but some things are just ridiculous and cruel. (That kosher slaughter video being one of them.)

      1. What pisses me off is the elevation of animal life above human life.

        The slaughter in that video is typical, actually. I’m not even sure if it’s Kosher.

        Those animals are technically not suffering because they have been knocked into unconsciousness by a bolt gun to their forehead. They are in seizure…they are not reacting to pain. The video is misleading in this respect. Slaughter houses are carnage. Yet we love steak but love Fido. Ironic.

        1. Why not just execute them quickly first? Is there a benefit to slitting the things throat while it’s still alive? If it makes it tastier then I’m all for it.

        2. “All meat is tasty as far as I am concerned”

          Sure, but there is a spectrum of tasty. Kobe beef should be tastier than a texas longhorn.

        3. An Unmarried Man
          Another reason is for economically efficient reasons. It costs more to produce livestock than crops because you have to feed, house and medicate the animals. And much farm land and crops grown are used for feeding livestock.

        4. Yes, it will always cost more to raise livestock, but in an organic environment, the 2 avenues come closer to synchronizing. Industrial farming expends too much in the way of housing, transporting, vaccinating, fattening, and tenderizing cattle contrasted with maintaining crops. The amount of petroleum spent raising and fattening cattle is ludicrous.

          In a naturally “harmonious” environment, cattle feed on grass, not corn. Grass does not add the weight that corn does, hence, profits tumble. Guess what wins? Cows are ruminants and they are not evolutionarily equipped to eat corn. Infections follow. But hey, pharmaceutical companies have the cure! Pump them up with antibiotics. Win win!

        5. It doesn’t anger me. It offends me, however.

          Owls are not capable of “decency, kindness, virtue, goodness.”

          They are birds. They are lower life forms without conscious awareness of these “moral” attributes. That is Disney talking.

        6. Actually, vegetarianism, strictly observed, is good for you. Problem is, vegetarianism, as it’s practiced in this SWPL society, is bullshit. I dated a “vegetarian” chick once who still ate all the sweets she could find because they weren’t “meat.” She was still a fatass.

          Educated vegetarianism is fine. I would do it except I love met too much. We’re omnivores and capable of digesting plant and animal. It’s best to load up on plants and minimize on meat, however. Our ancestors did not eat meat whenever they pleased, unlike us.

        7. They are not capable of evil or maliciousness. Humans kill for entertainment. The same can not be said about anyone else.

        8. Perhaps maliciousness is a higher form of consciousness. Why are we so ashamed of it. Why does it trigger such repulsion? We play this game which tells us that spiritual advancement is a quantitative sum of what we feel is right…but what do we have to judge its appropriateness against? Why sanctify the owl because he is not capable of hate? Perhaps the absence of hate is our downfall.

        9. “Why are we so ashamed of it. Why does it trigger such repulsion?”

          In the civilized world, people aren’t ashamed by malicious thoughts or fantasies. They are ashamed of malicious deeds. Because malicious deeds have such a penalty to them mostly, direct and indirect. Direct in the form of someone shooting you, knifing you in the back, etc. Indirect in the damage to your reputation, which can cause all kinds of harm. Experience causes people to understand that controlling your thoughts helps control your deeds. So controlled good behavior becomes 2nd nature. But not all groups, jobs, or people have the same kind of cost/benefit curve. Some people actually benefit from malicious behaviour, so they’ll rob, kill, rape without any shame.
          But they aren’t enlightened or any bullshit like that.

      2. Slitting the throat alive is “cruel” because it is not instantaneous. They would suffocate to death with a severed trachea. But if you knock them into unconsciousness, they don’t know they are struggling to breath. No conscious gasping. It’s quite an efficient machine!

  6. The Black Dog is a Devil

    Abu Dharr reported: The Messenger of ‘Allah (may peace be upon him) said: When any one of you stands for prayer and there is a thing before him equal to the back of the saddle that covers him and in case there is not before him (a thing) equal to the back of the saddle, his prayer would be cut off by (passing of an) ass, woman, and black Dog. I said: O Abu Dharr, what feature is there in a black dog which distinguish it from the red dog and the yellow dog? He said: O, son of my brother, I asked the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) as you are asking me, and he said: The black dog is a devil.
    Sahih Muslim 4:1032

    Dogs Annul Prayers

    Narrated ‘Aisha: The things which annul the prayers were mentioned before me. They said, “Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman (if they pass in front of the praying people).” I said, “You have made us (i.e. women) dogs. I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in my bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I would slip away. for I disliked to face him.”
    Sahih Bukhari 1:9:490, See Also Sahih Bukhari 1:9:493, Sahih Bukhari 1:9:498, Sahih Muslim 4:1034, Abu Dawud 2:703 , Abu Dawud

    Angels do not like Dogs

    Narrated Abu Talha: I heard Allah’s Apostle saying; “Angels (of Mercy) do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or a picture of a living creature (a human being or an animal).”
    Sahih Bukhari 4:54:448, See also: Sahih Bukhari 4:54:450, Sahih Bukhari 5:59:338, Sahih Bukhari 7:72:833, Sahih Bukhari 7:72:843

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