Jared Taylor, “White Identity: What It Is and Why It Is Necessary”


I helped edit the book that he holds up at the beginning of the video.

One of the reasons that Taylor is so hard to argue with is that he is so honest. Most of what he says is straight up true in one way or another. For a liberal, the facts of race are cold, hard and brutal, a devastating slap to the face. There’s no need to exaggerate them by lying. The facts are bad enough as it is.

If and when Taylor starts lying like most pundits, politicians and public figures, his argument will deteriorate. The more he lies about race, the more his enemies will be able to tear him apart. By being largely comparatively truthful for a pundit and political figure, he remains a gentleman and actually dramatically increases the power of his arguments. Why? Because it’s hard to argue with facts.

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50 thoughts on “Jared Taylor, “White Identity: What It Is and Why It Is Necessary””

  1. You said it all when you said he doesn’t lie and doesn’t have to. It’s a bit of a unique position, because practically everybody else to the left _does_ lie about race because they consider the deception necessary for the support of their other policies, and also consider lying in a good cause to be the right thing to do. You are a shining counterexample, and I appreciate it. And, on the White Nationalist side, many exaggerate rather than stick to objective truth. Here’s my review of his book, and another link to Fred Reed’s review.

  2. There’s an Asian Caucus looking out for me? LOL. Pathetic, I’ve seen nothing from them, nothing. In fact, when Asians band it’s the lamest thing, Buddhist meditation groups, Bible study, Bible Study!!, after schools, SAT prep groups. It’s bullshit. This is the Asian Caucus:


    How many not really Asian Asians are there? That’s right, the majority are actually not Asian. Taylor is full of sh+t.

  3. He is irrelevant. This HBD/race-realism stuff is niche interest for a few intellectuals(mostly right wing or libertarian). Whether it’s all true or not doesn’t matter in the end. Most people just aren’t interested in this stuff. Period. They’re more interested in their fantasy football scores or who on Jay Leno tonight. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can have a guy like Noam Chomsky talking about US foreign policy. He may be completely right factually, but average Joe couldn’t give a shit about what he says. And if they did listen it would probably go through one ear and out the other. Noam Chomsky like Taylor is just a niche interest for a few intellectuals and will never have any broad support.

    1. I think you are correct. And Taylor is very rightwing on economics. He is basically a Libertarian or a standard Tea Party type. All these HBD guys are like that.

      These guys are trying to sell a mass movement that will never fly. It won’t even go over with Whites because the radical neoliberal capitalist or Libertarian element will screw the bottom 80% of Whites while enriching the top 20%. Taylor doesn’t even have the interests of most Whites at heart. None of these HBD types do. They are all just shilling for the top 20% of the population and working to screw the bottom 80%. Let’s face it: that’s not a project that is good for most Whites either.

      Rightwing economics does not respect race. Argentina and Chile, more or less White countries, have long been ruled by vicious and murderous White elites that slaughtered and oppressed the 2/3 of Whites who did not go along with their project. Elite projects aren’t good for Whites either, as only a small % of Whites will join the elite. The rest will be the pulverized bottom 80% lower classes.

    2. @ Tulio


      The problem for people on both sides of the divide, be they Jared Taylor of Tim Wise, is that few people actually listen to them. Outside of a few devoted followers or intellectuals, what they say mostly falls on deaf ears or is preaching to the choir.

    3. tulio,

      Comparing Chomsky to Taylor is like comparing Usain Bolt to the guy who just finished 3rd at the Fort Wayne PS 53, 14, 23 Spring Relays 8th Grade 100 Yard Dash. Chomsky had an enormous influence on the left, esp the academic side. He moved the conversation left. That Columbus is now widely regarded as a villain is much, not all of course, but much to Chomsky’s credit.
      Chomsky is irrelevant now, but he’s got a legacy. Taylor is a relative nobody, a buffoon. A non-entity.

      1. I assume Taylor is probably Libertarian as far as economics go but one of the pillars of the Libertarian movement is open immigration.

        This is from one of the Libertarian think tanks The Future of Freedom Foundation.

        Declaration of Principles

        The United States was founded on the principles of individual freedom, free markets, private property, and limited government. As the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution reflect, individuals have the natural and God-given right to live their lives any way they choose, so long as their conduct is peaceful. It is the duty of government to protect, not destroy, these inherent and inalienable rights.

        Thus, for well over a century, the American people said “No” to such anti-free-market government policies as income taxation, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, immigration controls, economic regulations, drug laws, gun control, public schooling, and foreign wars. Despite the tragic exception of slavery, the result was the most prosperous, healthy, literate, and compassionate society in history. Unfortunately, in the 20th century, our country has moved in an opposite direction. Operating through the IRS, DEA, ATF, INS, FDA, FTC , and a multitude of other bureaucracies, our government has waged immoral and destructive wars on our freedom, our property, and our well-being.”


        The Case for Free Trade and Open Immigration
        Edited by: Richard M. Ebeling and Jacob G. Hornberger (1995)


  4. Dear Robert
    The problem with Jared taylor and all WNs is that they constantly mix race with other categories such as culture and language. He keeps referring to Hispanics as a race, which they manifestly are not. Hispanics in the US are immigrants, children of immigrants and grandchildren of immigrants who originate from a Spanish-speaking country. If they can act as one interst group, it demonstrates that race does NOT determine conduct. If a black Dominican immigrant votes for a lily-white Cuban immigrant, then race does NOT determine his behavior. Hispanics as a racial group are entirely a creation of American politics. Nobody in Latin America believes that there is such a thing as a Hispanic race.
    If I were an American, I would view with disfavor the growth of Spanish language in the US, but what does language have to with race? If Spanish has become a semi-official language in the US, this has nothing to do with race but demonstrates the perils of importing too many immigrants from one language group. The more immigrants a country imports, the more it should seek to diversify them in order to accelerate their assimilation.
    Immigrants have always created parallel societies to some degree. Haven’t the Irish done the same? There was a time when there were hundreds of German-language newspapers in the US and also hundreds of Turnvereine.
    As to Asians, they aren’t a race either. If all immigrants from Asia in the US behave as one interest group, then that it is evidence AGAINST the importance of race in human affairs. Asians as a racial group are also entirely a creation of American politics.
    Due to the the historical racial conflict between blacks and whites in the US, American politics became heavily racialized. As a result, immigrants have also started to think in racial terms.
    It is perfectly reasonable for an American to wish to preserve the basic character of the US. In that case, why do WNs never worry about the preservation of Christianity in the US. Christianity is as much part of American history as the English language. Well, if preserving Christianity in the US is your goal, you are more likely to reach that goal by importing Philippinos than by importing non-religious white.
    As to the English language, people of all races can learn it.
    Still, Taylor has a valid point. If all non-whites think and behave in racial terms, then whites should do the same as a defensive measure. If everybody else is buying arms, then you don’t hav to remain unarmed. Unilateral anti-racism is just as foolish as unilateral pacifism.
    BTW, if the child of Mexican immigrants marries a person like Taylor, are his children still Hispanic? If a person has one Mexican grandparent and 3 grandparents like Tylor, is he/she still a Hispanic? Just wondering.
    What the US needs is not White Nationalism but more whites and non-whites who want to deracialize politics altogether. This may be hard to achieve in the caseof blacks, but it should be possible with everybody else.

    Cheers. James

    1. This has changed, as the US census now requires hispanics to specify their race and their country of origin. Same with Asians Native Americans are asked to say which tribe they belong to but the census still treats whites as if they’re one homogeneous group.

    2. Here’s one that will trip people up: If a white American marries a Native American off a reservation , is that kid considered “Hispanic?” The kid will technically be a mestizo and will look indistinguishable from any Mexican in California. People will assume he’s Latin-American and probably speaks Spanish. If that kid is a suspect in a crime, people will describe him as Hispanic on the police report even though such a person has nothing to do with Spanish language or any culture or roots south of the border. Funny how confusing this Hispanic thing gets.

      1. US Native americans have a different physical appearance than those in Latin America but the point still stands.

    3. But James first of all whites have been racist toward all the nonwhite races. Because blacks were the main nonwhite race we were held down. You mention white americans wanting to preserve the traditional demographic and cultural character. However this is fundamentally contrary to black, hispanic and minority aims in general; we like the changed demographic situation better than the previous white anglo-protestant majority/black minority country that america was prior to about 1980. “Traditional America” is the last thing most minorities want why do you think minorities are much more likelyh to support continued immigration. Even blacks who were here long before all other minorities (except Native Americans) support of immigration is second to that of hispanics. Anti-immigration for the most part is regarded as hostile to nonwhite interests.

      1. “”“Traditional America” is the last thing most minorities want why do you think minorities are much more likelyh to support continued immigration.””

        If by traditional america you mean a conservative Christian society which emphasizes strong families, culture and decency, then sign me up. I’ll quit canada for the US in a heartbeat. And stop trying to speak for minorities. Most minorities will assimilate and augment the strength of the majority.

        1. “Traditional America” particularly in the red states have never genuinely supported the idea of americans seeing themselves as americans first and foremost. The idea of assimilated minorities embracing conservative values-oriented christianity is in fact repellant to white conservatives, and especially repellant to the conservatives traditional base; conservative southerners and their allies. It was the conservatives who confined native americans to unproductive reservations, it was the conservatives who try to prevent blacks from assimilating and even tried to force blacks into embracing black nationalism (conservative attempts at a deal with first garvey and a couple generations later malcolm X instead of embracing booker t washington and MLK types). When the immigration act of 1965 passed which allowed the majority of latinos and asians in america to come here, it was not the northeast, midwest or west that opposed it, it was the south that registered the greatest opposition to the change in immigration laws.

        2. You mention white americans wanting to preserve the traditional demographic and cultural character. However this is fundamentally contrary to black, hispanic and minority aims in general; we like the changed demographic situation better than the previous white anglo-protestant majority/black minority country that america was prior to about 1980.

          Well, I hate to sound like a dick, Jason, but duh!

          Of course white and non-white interests are going to be divergent. You like the new multiracial tossed salad, and we would prefer the salad gets tossed less and less from now on.

          It appears we’re at an impasse then.

  5. Japan doesn’t have a zero immigration policy. There were 2.2 million foreign residents in Japan in 2008 and Japan accepts 15,000 new citizens by naturalisation per year.

    The Japanese census asks your nationality rather than ethnicity so if you are a white naturalised citizen, you are just counted as Japanese.

    1. Japan doesn’t have a zero immigration policy.

      Yeah, well it might as well have.

      (compare its immigration policy to those of Western countries)

      The Japanese census asks your nationality rather than ethnicity so if you are a white naturalised citizen, you are just counted as Japanese.

      According to the census, but not Japanese society.

      1. Yes but Japan like other Asian countries have a much higher population rate than majority white countries and on average have a fairly high IQ.

        At least in Europe companies have tried to employ from the native home-grown population but they simply do not want to work in specific jobs that is filled in by Poles and others from the EU countries.

        As for the US given the fact that in large part it has shifted from manufacturing to service based economy which is heavily dependent on Mexican/Hispanic labour force if they go against the Hispanic community that could have repercussions.


  6. I’m just not convinced that blacks can be regarded as some kind of separate biological category among Hominids. I don’t see there being any real differences, let alone a “race” difference. Even in medicine and diseases, there’s nothing that separates blacks from whites IMO. We can interbreed, the only difference I can see is superficial. Hair texture, melanin, facial features…that’s about it. Scientifically, biologically..the only discernable difference I can fathom is appearance. Any other anomolies can be traced to origin geographic environment. Here, it’s also economic environment. I’m not sure I can fully accept the entire concept of “race”. I think we all came from the rift valley in Kenya, and brain development rapidly accelerated in response to wildly fluctualting climate and environment, to facilitate survival.

    1. There are definitely differences in medicine and diseases between Blacks and Whites other than stuff you have heard of. A lot of that is coming out now, and I suspect that it may be biological in origin.

      In addition, I really believe that Black superiority in various types of athletic ability appears to be biological. Something about fast twitch smooth muscle fibers. It sure seems like they bulk up awful quickly too.

      Blacks score higher in verbal memory than any other race. Rappers, etc.? I suspect biology.

      And there is good evidence of higher testosterone among Blacks versus Whites, but I believe it is only until age 32 or so.

    2. We are different fundamentally and down to the bone. When you have a bone from a caucasian and another anatomically same bone from a negroid, and you shine UV light under them— they glow different colors. Fact.

      1. Never heard this bone thing. Do you have a link to support that claim? Because it really doesn’t make any sense, from a functional point of view. Why would evolution make a black person’s bone need to make a different color from a white? Now skin, that makes sense because of differences in UV in different parts of the world. But I see no reason why internal organs and bones would be any different.

  7. Lindsay
    You haven’t wrote about Troy Davis yet. Blacks testified against him and he was convicted by a majority black jury, yet people are still calling his execution racist.

    1. Blacks testified against him and he was convicted by a majority black jury

      Wow, I didn’t know that. Based on what I read from the media and certain elements of the black blogosphere, I would have sworn that he was a perfectly innocent black men railroaded by a racist law enforcement system, racist white jurors, and evil white judges.

      Remember, GSG: Racism is ANYTHING a white person says or does that non-whites don’t approve of.

      1. Well, that’s only part of the story. After it later came out that there was police coercion influencing the testimony of the witnesses, some of the jurors said they would have voted differently if they’d known that fact.

        I’m as pro-death penalty as it gets, but this guy was given a bum deal. He may have been the guy that did it or maybe not, but when police are tampering with the witnesses how are we supposed to know what his actual role was if any?

        1. The witnesses who testified against him were all Black, but 7 of the nine witnesses recanted their statements and said that the cops threatened them.

          I personally think he might have done it, but it was not really a cut and dried case, so they should not have killed him.

  8. “That Columbus is now widely regarded as a villain”

    Only dopes and leftist professors buy that crap. They mad that Europe’s accomplishments > the rest of the worlds accomplishments combined.

    1. ducesblackshirt,

      “Only dopes and leftist professors buy that crap. ”

      Nope. I disagree. But the point was made to show how much of a sea-change has occurred in the world, not only America and the West. LOOK AROUND YOU, idiot! LOL.

      1. Idiot? The ‘pot calling the kettle black ‘ is it? Columbus might not have been a truly great thinker or someone who added to the benefit of mankind like, say, Leonardo Da Vinci, but he was no real villian either. Isn’t it not so much the single person that is being villianized but the whole of European colonialism? and Columbus was not a primary orchestrator of colonialism. And also, … I’d thought that Robert didn’t like this crass, childish namecalling going on here (unless he was the one doing so)?

  9. Gay Area Guy
    You said that you saw Fagelstein at an event in Georgetown and he set your gaydar. Was it in person? Did you with him?

        1. A strange way to malign those you hate So, are you saying those that worry the most about the disappearance of their own kind of people are those that can not, or will not, combine their own DNA with the opposie sex of their own kind? Yes, a blanket automatic predetermination of anyone brave enough to face the hostile environment and publicly state they care about the preservation of their own kind, will do for you.
          For the record and to balance out this type of hostile derision of the much hated white nationalist, I have known plenty of white nationalists,( or just plain white racists !), that have many, many children, often by different women. Just look at the state of Utah ! Really, white racists are usually the only type of whites that reproduce over replacement levels.

        2. Dave is correct. One of the most incredible womanizers I know is a White nationalist, more or less a Nazi, and an extreme racist to the extent that the won’t even talk to Blacks or Hispanics. The White women he fucks don’t seem to care about his racism, if they even know about it.

        3. @Bay Area Guy

          John, do you even know what a gaydar is?

          Its like spider sense for gay people.

          @Dave M

          There is no threat of the white race disappearing with the Scandinavian countries like Denmark having some of the strictest immigration policies in the world.

          Why would the WASP elite enact policies without anyone opposing or objecting to it that would erode there power base and make them a minority?

          @Robert Lindsay

          Has this friend of yours fathered any children?

      1. I didn’t know you were gay. Not really surprising as most WN leaders are gay or rumoured to be gay.

        John, do you even know what a gaydar is?

  10. I just finished listening to Mr. Jared’s harangue and I must say I’m actually quite surprised at just how unconvincing his arguments, both individually and as a totality, were. I’ve never found racialist theories and postulates to be very convincing, but I did expect a greater level of theoretical, empirical, and–yes–even sophistical sophistication from this particular “thinker.” While I agree that there is nothing notionally wrong with an ethnocultural group’s expressing a desire to retain it’s self-defining or self-notional characteristics, I cannot, in all intellectual honesty, accept the feasibility and practicality of such propositions in the context of North American, Western European, Euro-Antipodean, and even Latin American societies. The aforementioned are either already too far along or on the verge of being too far along in the post-national (“post-heroic”) stage of capitalist development to attempt (or to be permitted to attempt) a return to the earlier, but still advanced and viable, form(s) of capitalism that existed in post-war Western Europe and America, and that, to a great extent, still exists in Japan and that, mutatis mutandis, is now taking form in China and India, without incurring a level of economic contraction, capital destruction, loss of profit potential, and political power that would be deemed immoral, intolerable, and impermissible by the economic and political establishments of the aforementioned states and regions. To be precise, Western Europe, North America, and Australia-New Zealand have opted for what may poetically be termed a post-heroic, post-grandeur-de-race age of “hypercapitalism,” one in which dimensionality+velocity of information (combined with at times tendentious “science”) function as both lodestar and sine qua non of globalist capitalist expansion; it is toward this and for this, according to the regnant ideology, that all governments must work if humanity is to survive its present inherited and intractable predicaments, not to mention the ever more ominous predictions of the now various “dismal sciences.” Under its current but soon-to-be-expiring Euro-American directorship, global capitalism has entered into and taken on an unprecedentedly prolific and effective (read: virulent and intrusive) stage and form of development, one in which the macro and microcosmic dimensions of human life are minutely and methodically analyzed as never before, for the tandem purposes of scientific revelation and capitalist exploitation, a process that necessarily and knowingly blurs the boundaries of a pretext (ideology), context (structure) and subtext (subject) that respond functionally, operationally, almost mechanistically to the “sublime” dictates of a primum mobile (ineffable object) that is fundamentally globalist capitalist (i.e. alterative) in quality. The quality of the system being fundamentally alterative, that is, hyper-alternatingly atomistic and universalist in perspective, focus, orientation, and direction, it becomes necessary (an essential function of the system’s processes) to disarticulate, at times even to explode, the anthropological and sociological rigidities that history, biology, and geography have imposed on the disparate human populations of the planet (indeed on the ecozone as a whole). In ultimate practice, this continuous, processive revolution of human existence requires the atomization of society, the family, the state, as well as the volatilization of the ancient triumvirate of racial, ethico-moral, and sexual identities, for the sublime purpose of perfecting a universalist capitalist hegemonic order. An analytical discourse that pretends to discuss the status of race consciousness in America and the greater Western world cannot neglect in such glaring fashion the primum mobile position of an ecloding global hegemonic capitalist order and be seen as anything other than rhetorical pabulum of the lowest sort by serious students of the problem. Taylor non placet.

    1. WOT?????? I think he’s kidding. This is satire. I was almost agreeing with him for a second there! Fave word pairing: “sophistical sophistication”.

  11. I appreciate the effort put forth by Marciliacus, but I don’t understand any of that esoteric language. In the future, please use words that the average person would use, not big words that almost noone knows like hegemonic, triumvirate, primum mobil, disparate, ineffable, tendetious, qua non, ethnocultural, atomization, regnant, and microcosmic.
    Speak like a normal human being, not like some boring, out-of-touch college proff.

  12. Robert-
    Has your opinion of Jared Taylor changed in all these years?

    He’s really getting kind of shrill and silly.

    Saying that Egyptians were primarily European,
    White Nationalism is necessary because “Whites don’t want to have to press one for English” and “be the only White person in a convenience store”
    like most of these people, his “arguments” are now based on emotion/manipulating the emotions of low-IQ people.

    Likewise, the intellectual powerhouse that once was AmRen is no more.
    I used to be impressed. But now, there really pretty pathetic.
    http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/amren.com (scroll to the bottom of the page).

    The knowledge of history, as well as some understanding of Normal distributions, are the first things taking a MASSIVE hit.

    All hail Trumpenreich!

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