Everything Republicans Say Is a Lie

That’s really all you need to know about the Republican Party. It’s generally true around the world too. Everything that rightwing and conservative politicians say is a lie, except when they are stating the obvious that everyone agrees with. I would also say that it’s true of most major conservative and Republican pundits. Almost everything they say is a lie. A politically motivated lie too.

The interesting thing about rightwing race realists is that although most of them are conservatives or Republicans, it’s not true that everything they say is a lie. In fact, a lot of what conservative race realists say is the truth. They’re ugly, cruel, vicious and racist, yes, but are they liars? Not necessarily. Is Jared Taylor a liar? Not really, not like your typical rightwing Republican pol anyway. I wonder if the fact that they are often telling the truth is why they are shut out of public discourse.

We could do a regular series about Republican lies here, but it would get old real quick.

One of the worst ways the conservatives lie all over the world is about economics. The conservative philosophy is that of the moneyed elite or the rich. That’s rightwing economics in a nutshell. Great for moneyed folks, bad for everyone else.

Yet they have to somehow sell an economic project that helps the top 20

Conservatism is a minority philosophy. It’s the philosophy of an elite. It says that economics should benefit them and only them and that democracy must be limited to allow the moneyed elite to rule without the dirty unwashed getting in the way too much. There’s no way you can be honest about an elitist political project and somehow sell it to the bottom 80

This is one reason why conservatism sucks. It’s dishonest, always was and always will be. Under capitalism, it grabs the media and culture, and saturates society with conservative lies. After a while, the population is so brainwashed and confused that they don’t know what is what.

I honestly don’t think that liberals and the Left lie all that much. Communists lie, but they don’t lie too much inside Communist circles. I am on some Communist mailing lists and visit Communist websites regularly. There’s not much lying going on. Very little or none actually. They are quite up front about the problems of Communism and the strengths and weaknesses of capitalism.

We on the Left are trying to benefit the vast majority of people with our project. There’s no need to lie to do that. Just figure out what’s going to be the greatest good for the greatest number, and lay it out and push it. We don’t have to brainwash the moneyed elites or the Right, and they don’t listen to us anyway.

As we are not an elite project, we don’t need to lie to the masses to sell our product. One of the worst anti-Communist lies about, one that is still endlessly peddled, is that Communism was an elitist project. It was anything but. The fact that it had so many problems was not because the elite were ripping off the masses but instead due to problems inherent in the nature of the very project itself.

Another aspect of this lie that anything progressive cannot possibly benefit anyone. For instance, the capitalist media in the US says that Hugo Chavez’ project has not benefited the poor at all. In fact, it has harmed them. But if it won’t benefit the poor, why push it? Why not just be a rightwinger like everyone else and push an elite project?

Of course Chavez’ project has benefited poor Venezuelans to a dramatic degree. That was what it was supposed to do. That’s what the Left does everywhere on Earth; benefit the poor, low income and middle classes against the moneyed elite. True, the moneyed elite tend to lose out under the Left – but that’s the nature of our project.

The poor and low income have benefited so much from Chavez’ project and the projects in Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil that all of these people keep getting re-elected and their projects stamped with the seal of endorsement.

If the Right admitted that Left projects have been great for poor, low income and even the middle classes at the expense of the moneyed classes, a lot of people would say, “Good for the Left! Screw the rich!” The Right can’t admit that, so it has to lie.

A corollary of this is that the best way to help poor, low income and middle class people is via the project of the rich, the economics of the rich, which has been proven to only benefit the top 20

But this was just another lie. Neoliberal economics is the same economics of the moneyed classes that it has always been. It doesn’t benefit the less well-off now anymore than it did yesterday. Nothing changed in Berlin in 1989, at the University of Chicago economics study circles in the late 1970’s or the election of Reagan in 1980. The only thing that changed was the words used to make the arguments, not the lies themselves.

If a Republican’s mouth is open, he’s lying. He has a lot of reasons to lie. He’s pushing a project that only benefits business and the moneyed classes and hurts everyone else. He can’t tell the truth about it because it’s so ugly. So he has to lie. And he does, floridly and continuously.

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0 thoughts on “Everything Republicans Say Is a Lie”

  1. Dear Robert
    The basic philosophy of communists is like that of enlightened despotism: everything for the people, nothing through the people. That is elitism, although of the paternalistic kind.

  2. Well Mr. Schipper, I’d rather have a father than a greedy overseer.
    Everything Robert said is true IMO. I’ve seen it everyday on political forums.
    It’s that “win at all costs” mentality.

  3. I don’t agree with everything you say. A Republican’s open mouth is not always in the process of lying : it quite often bites as well, and it most often sucks.

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