Iris Dement, “The Wasteland of the Free”


The Bluegrass Left!

Let’s face it, the best folk music has always been leftwing. So has bluegrass. They’re both the music of the poor, the music of the people, both of which can never be anything but the music of the Left. Country music ought to be the music of the Left too, but for some odd reason, it’s the music of the Right.

Lyrics here.

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  1. You might have to listen to non-American country-western music to get different political viewpoints. I know there’s a country-western scene in Australia. Brazilian country music is called forro.

  2. Country is the music of the states that are the most Christian and conservative, that’s why I guess.

    I reckon a lot of people in those states go with the republicans because of their conservative stance on things like gay marriage and abortion. That probably prevents many people from supporting liberal policies on things like universal healthcare and higher taxes for the rich.

    Saying that, the right wing media does an excellent job of defaming those policies (they make ‘socialism’ such a dirty word, so un-American) and rallying people to support their policies.

  3. Yes, I very much like Iris DeMent, and Bluegrass generally – not sure if I’d call her bluegrass really. Also cool are Tim O’Brien, and Joan Osborne, who also sits in with Phil Lesh’s (Grateful Dead bass-player) band, doing the vocals on some classic dead tunes, very creditably. And Pete Rowan of course, the daddy of them all – by now anyway – and a direct link to Bill Monro, the historical founder, the Leon Trotsky of bluegrass – only joking.

  4. And Tony Rice, Dan Crary and Bryan Sutton, of course. The Stanley Brothers – Ralph’s still singing and touring, unless he’s died and I missed it. He played to a sell-out in London about 3 years ago. Gillian Welsh. .. And so many more. Bluegrass is a last hold-out of quality.

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