Game Lesson: What If She Gives You a Hate Look?

We have guys on this blog who say they have a hard time meeting women, so I will periodically write articles about Game. In addition, we have had some Incel types and male virgins come to the site. I’d like to welcome Incel types and male virgins to the site, because I am sympathetic to them.

It’s not so much about Game as it is some basics in terms of how to deal with women. I’m no expert, but I’ve had a lot of experience with women, so I think I know them pretty well.

I was going into a store today when I noticed two women standing outside. They were about 25-30 years old. I thought they were Hispanic for some reason, but I believe they were both White. One thing I really noticed is that they both had huge tits! I glanced over at them, and the shorter one gave me a cold, hard, hateful glare. I ignored it, but then looked back a couple of times to see what was going on. Each time she was staring at me with that sheer hate look on her face.

I went into the store and stood in line. The women came up in back of me in line. I then looked them over a bit. I was mostly focusing on their huge tits! They had really big tits, but they weren’t exactly fat. Nice to look at. Anyway, the hate looks went away. For a bit I tried to figure out why the hate looks, but I couldn’t come up with anything.

We got to the front of the line and suddenly the women engaged me in extremely friendly conversation about the CD I was looking at. The one with the hate stare started the conversation. They were laughing and giggling and making jokes and moving closer to me when they talked. I would turn away and they would start up the conversation again. We laughed and joked and maybe sort of flirted around.

It came my turn, I ordered, turned around and left. As I was leaving, two other women in line, both about 25-30, caught my eye, and one of them gave me a great big, “Hi!” The reason she did that is because she saw those other women making nice to me.

I didn’t think anything of the friendly joking around I had with the women. I didn’t make any sexual comments or remarks at all. I have no idea what was on their minds.

It’s best not to read women’s minds, and it’s impossible any, so don’t even try. Don’t think, “She digs me!” “She wants me!” “They have the hots for me!” You don’t know any of those things for sure. Most guys come on too strong when women are just being friendly.

I just let them be as friendly as they want to be and don’t interpret it sexually unless and until they start making obvious remarks or doing obviously sexual things.

I just sit back and put the woman in the driver’s seat as far as sexual stuff goes. Just lay back, be warm and friendly, joke around and whatnot, but leave the sexual initiative to her.

You would be surprised how many women start venturing into the sexual arena if you just sit back and let them take charge. Further, I think women like to feel empowered sexually by a nonjudgemental guy who is not coming on strong yet at the same time, she knows what his feelings are. When a woman takes the initiative, she feels powerful and in control. You allow her to do this by giving her permission to take the initiative, by making her relaxed and being nonjudgemental and approachable.

Once she starts doing sexual things and making sexual remarks, it’s a whole new ballgame. You really need to respond to that in some way or another.

The moral to the story is that women are nuts. You can’t really make sense of them, and anyone who says he does is insane.

Also, hate and love are very close. If a woman really hates you, she will just ignore you. Often if a woman really likes you, it comes across as hate. It’s true that a hate look might mean she really hates you, but many times, it is something else.

What it means is that she feels passionately about you in some way or another. Hate and lust are often confused in women. If a woman gives you hate looks, don’t write her off. Maybe she’s your worst enemy, or maybe it means something else altogether.

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23 thoughts on “Game Lesson: What If She Gives You a Hate Look?”

  1. Nice post. Agree with the point of love and hate being two different faces of the same coin. Ignoring you is the real opposite of love.

    BTW, any advice for an Incel? I am 28, at what age do you think i will be a lost case? I want to start a family but is somewhat difficult to approach women.

    I don’t think there is something very wrong with me, i just have lousy social skills.

  2. Sounds to me like the one giving the hate look might have been sizing you up.
    A test. If you react by being timid and look away and avoid their eyes, you lack confidence and outgoingness, if you react negatively and return the angry stare you’re reactionary and short-fused and a bit misogynistic…or cynical…misanthropic.
    If you don’t react at all and don’t alter your behavior, it indicates confidence and non-judgemental detachment.

    1. Yeah, I just thought, “Fuck that bitch” and ignored her. I didn’t return the angry stare or anything like that, and of course I did not act timid. I kept looking back at her to see if she would change her expression.

      She sure was flirty later on! How strange…

  3. Robert, just a question:

    When is it a good idea to be touchy feely with girls that you know? Sometimes, girls I flirt with are very huggable and friendly, other times, they recoil at my touch.

    Why I ask is because there are certain relationships where the guy was touchy feely with the girl, she was repulsed at first, and then came to like him.

    So, any tips in that regard?

    1. Keep your hands off women! That’s my attitude. I don’t always do it. I let the woman lead in that regard. If she wants to touch me, she can go right ahead. I won’t touch a woman unless she touches me first, unless she is just being outrageously sexual, in which case, I might have to start touching her.

      It depends though. If you are in an actual dating situation, then everything changes and you need to start touching them.

      Some women I used to grab at a lot, but they had already grabbed at me quite a bit beforehand, so it was ok.

    2. Women are fickle as hell. That’s why. Unless you are dealing with a particularly masculine woman, her behavior is dictated by whatever her prevailing emotional state is at the moment. She can be warm to you one hour and cold the next. Guys, we are so much more simple. If we think she’s physically attractive, that’s all there is too it. We are 100% there. For women, they are constantly evaluating you in 100 different ways. I guess that’s just the way nature made all female animals. Look at the black widow spider. The male must approach the female, he must do a very specific mating ritual. The female widow watches very carefully and evaluates. If he makes one misstep, she eats him. I was also sitting outside one ay watching what must have been 100 pigeons around me. I’d never saw pigeons trying to court before. The males would puff up their chests and make this cuckling noise while aggressively walking toward a female. The females would keep running away. The males would follow them with their chests puffed out no matter where the females went. I guess if the male pigeon did this long enough and didn’t make any mistakes, he’d score.

      Sorry if I don’t have any answers. Nature just makes females weird and males simple.

      1. Nature just makes females weird and males simple.

        You can say that again!

        Why can’t women just be genuine and sincere, and not force you to play all these games?

  4. I’ve noticed that if I’m with an attractive girl, other woman take a much more noticeable interest in me. Its as if being with a girl is proof of your suitability, as if it tells them you must have something to get with her. I remember one time I was in a restaurant with a beautiful, fashionable Korean girl and on my way to the toilet these two attractive professional woman who must have been on their dinner break were sizing me up like lustful builders. Normally woman in public seem more or less indifferent to me; they sometimes look but rarely give anything away.

    p.s. interesting story Robert.

    1. I knew a guy who wasn’t married but wore a wedding band when he went out at night. He said that he gets more attention from women that way!

      1. *shakes head* 😀

        I heard some guy in an interview say that wearing a wedding ring tells woman that a) you’ve got some money and b) your cock works.

        I don’t know if it actually does say either of those things but…

    1. LOL. Lots of women hate my guts. Especially young women lately. I think it’s because I’m an aging lech, but I have always been one of those polarizing types that used to piss a lot of people off. I’ve had so many people hate me, especially employers, bosses, and guys. So many guys have wanted to kick my ass. A lot of them have threatened to too. I’m one of those guys who makes a lot of guys want to kick his ass for some reason.

      1. @ LOL

        Well, considering that you frequently write controversial and provocative blog posts, it’s not surprising! 😉

  5. Girls like touching me a lot, and I’m not just talking about the arms and other “safe” regions of the body. My problem is execution. Even when I am interested in them, I just pretend that nothing is going on. That’s when I get those angry looks from them, but they persist. How the hell do I snap out of my low self esteem?

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