Tea Party Health Policy: The Uninsured Must Die


There it is, folks. Notice that every single person in that audience is a White person who looks like they make good money. They don’t look very young either – mostly age 40+.

The comments section is full of Paultards screaming about how Paul was misquoted, how it’s all going to be ok, etc. On the Mother Jones magazine site, the comments section was full of lunatic Paultards screaming about how Paul was misquoted, how everything is going to be ok, etc. It was actually frightening to see how many Paultards there are out there.

This is not only the Tea Party plan, it’s the Republican Party plan. Ron Paul’s agenda is pure free market health care. He would wipe out Medicaid, Medicare, the whole nine yards. He would wipe out all government regulation, such as the regulations that force drug companies to conduct extensive safety testing on their drugs. This really is the Republican Party’s plan too.

The Ryan Plan, which all Republicans but three voted for, would eliminate Medicare altogether while block-granting Medicaid, which would reduce funding for it by 50%. Medicaid payments are already frighteningly low as it is. If states wished to destroy Medicaid altogether, Republicans are unanimous that they would not stop them.

The fact that this guy has to die because he can’t afford treatment for his illness “is what freedom is all about,” according to Paul, to the roaring cheers of the all-White audience.

As Alan Grayson notes, this is pure sadism, the sadism of the Roman crowds that cheered the Christians thrown to the lions.

It also exemplifies the American character. Americans are sadists.

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4 thoughts on “Tea Party Health Policy: The Uninsured Must Die”

  1. The crowd booed Paul when he started talking about why the 9/11 hijackers targeted the US so we don’t know if it was Ron Paul supporters or not.

    America is a genocide factory anyway so why not let people die they do it to other countries like Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and now Greece.

    Actually I had posted the video before were he elaborates on the issue that the person would not die as he would receive medical attention anyway just like millions of illegal immigrants receive.


  2. Dear Robert
    Let’s assume for a moment that Ron Paul is right and that churches and other charitable organizations will insure that sick and old people will not die even if they don’t have health insurance or a retirement plan. Then we have a free-rider problem here. Avoidance of free-ridership has always been a sensible argument in favor of compulsory social insurance. If you are going to benefit anyway, then you may as well pay.

    Regards. James

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