Ron Paul’s Education Plan

I don’t have a link handy, but I just read about Ron Paul’s education plan. In brief, he would immediately close down all US public schools. I am not sure if he would close down the US military academies or police academies, though it is an interesting question. Ron Paul would immediately shut down:

All US public:

  1. Primary schools
  2. Junior highs
  3. High schools
  4. Community colleges
  5. Universities
  6. Grad schools, such as:
  7. Law schools
  8. Medical schools
  9. Nursing schools
  10. Dental schools
  11. Business schools

I suppose that they could stay open if they somehow got private funding to pay for their expenses. In other words, he would completely privatize education in the US.

He would also eliminate all public:

  1. Scholarships
  2. Student grants
  3. Student loans

Obviously, only private schools would be available. See here for what US private school education is like.

Private school education in the US is extremely expensive. Most Americans would not be able to afford it. Not only would many Americans not be able to afford to go to college, millions to tens of millions of Americans would not be able to afford to send their kids to primary, junior high and high school.

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0 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Education Plan”

  1. I’m not a supporter of Ron Paul’s policy positions on education at all, but in fairness, he’s never made any claim about shutting down all public schools. What he wants to do is make public education a state matter rather than federal, thus abolishing the Department of Education. Even if he did become president, it’s not like it would ever happen, just like his pipe dream of abolishing the Federal Reserve and going on the gold standard. These are just pledges of ideas and values, not policies that have any likelihood of becoming law of the land.

    1. I think you are treading on very dangerous ground giving this guy the benefit of the doubt by saying he won’t do all of these crazy things that he pledges to do.

      I trust people on their words. When they say they will do crazy shit, I believe them.

      1. I say it won’t happen for the same reason Obama’s tax hikes won’t happen. Won’t be able to get it through congress. Of course I’m absolutely convinced that Paul would do these things if he could, but luckily we have checks and balances of power.

  2. He wouldn’t close down all public schools, he would close down the Department of Education. Public schools would stay open but under control of each individual state. You really should include a link if you’re going to make ignorant and misinformed statements.

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