An Overview of US Private Education

At the K-12 level, my experience is that private schools provide a vastly inferior education to public schools. I know this because my father worked for some of these capitalist private school rats for a while. It was a sickening experience.

Teachers were horribly underpaid and overworked, and the school scrimped on everything. Textbooks were very out of date. The school bought almost nothing. My Dad had to pay for many of his classroom expenses out of his pocket. He was constantly pressured to pass on failing students and to award A’s and B’s to C and D students. This is because these well-off Whites were paying big bucks for their private school education, and they were going to get good grades for their kids out of it come Hell or high water.

The owners of the school exploited the labor of the poorly paid teachers to the extent that they flew around in Lear Jets. The whole thing was just sick.

I worked for a bit for some private education capitalist worms in Venice. I drove down there, got my textbooks, and they gave me the names of the Hispanics who I was going to teach English to. They did pay me quite well, but they didn’t care one bit about whether or not their students learned anything.

That’s what was clear: they cared nothing about their students whatsoever. The slimeballs running it were young Yuppies who were parodies of disgusting little capitalist punks. They sat around in meetings all day talking about money, wore fancy clothes and drove nice cars. It was a revolting situation.

One of my students was a Colombian man who was obviously a drug dealer. He fired me because he didn’t like the way I was teaching him, so I called up the DEA and turned him in as a probable drug dealer, possibly cocaine (this was 1985 in Los Angeles). Haha.

I was so mad at my empolyers that I stole their set of textbooks at the end and quit. Then I gave the textbooks away to the Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

I received a teaching credential at USC. I must say that the education I received there was very, very good.

My perception is that private school education in the US is basically shit. It’s a ripoff. The only reason it exists is so Whites can fork over tons of money so their kids won’t have to go to school with Blacks and Hispanics. As far as the unregulated tutoring like I was doing, that’s along the same level. It’s a ripoff. Private schools frankly don’t care whether their students learn one damned thing. It’s all about the money, always the money, and only the money. It’s bullshit.

However, my experience at USC taught me that many private universities may indeed offer high quality education. This may be because they are competing with public schools and possibly other private schools. If they give you a shit education, after a while, word is going to get out, and people will just stop going. Besides, White people actually go to private colleges to get an actual education, not just to get away from the beaners and niggers.

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0 thoughts on “An Overview of US Private Education”

  1. I think K-12 is a scam period. It’s not education, it’s conditioning. They are a waste of time and I’ve gained more from reading your blog than I did in K-12 and my school district is considered to be one of the best in the country.

    in my experience, public schools suck. They are more concerned with teaching diversity and enhancing creativity than offering an academic or vocational education (though this could be said about certain Montessori or other non sectarian private schools. If public schools were neutral and showed more respect religious students, I’d have no problem with them. Public schools claim to keep religion out of the classroom, but they DO enforce several creeds on their students. They are secular humanism, universalism, multiculturalism and SELF ESTEEM. The department of education is run by pseudo intellectual SWPL types and starry eyed idealogical idiots. But this isn’t a public vs private issue for me. It’s more of a traditional vs new age pedagogy. And in my experience, parochial schools do a better job.

    Many private schools have sought out minority students. Why do you that all private school parents are trying to segregate their children from non whites?

    I don’t like the current war on the teaching profession or efforts to close public schools but not all teachers should be regarded as saints and public schools should not be hailed as a solution to all of societies ills. Since the teaching profession is low paying compared to other jobs that require advanced degrees, people entering tend to be motivated by idealogical reasons rather than financial reasons. This can be a good thing but also bad. I’ve had teachers who were genuinely well meaning but horribly misguided, those who are hellbent on forcing their worldview on vulnerable students who had no choice but to sit in their class, and yes, those who were emotionally abusive.

    Question: How do you feel about Matthew Iglesias’s proposal to tax parents for each child that they send to private school so as to offer incentive to utilize public schools? O an anonymous commenters suggestion that public school attendance be mandatory because parochial schools “segregate” children on religious grounds. He opines that parents be forced to have their children interact with children of different backgrounds on a daily basis. Is this the company you want to keep?

  2. “This is because these well-off Whites were paying big bucks for their private school education, and they were going to get good grades for their kids out of it come Hell or high water.”

    This is most definitely true. Though private schools are generally more demanding and a C at a private school is worth an A in public school.

    “It’s a ripoff. Private schools frankly don’t care whether their students learn one damned thing. It’s all about the money, always the money, and only the money. It’s bullshit.”

    My experience with the public schools is that the teachers are idealogically driven so they care too much. Public school teachers (a loud minority) like to get involved in students lives and try to impact them. I have heard idealistic teachers say that teenagers should not be allowed to hold after school jobs because they would be better served in extracurricular activities. I’d take the Yuppie assholes over him anyday.

  3. I would have preferred to spend high school at online school or community college but that was denied to me because the administration said we can do better for her (translation you’ll undermine our reputation.)

  4. John Taylor Gatto provides a more non partisan crtiicism of the public schools. My issue is not whether they are public or private but that they young people in a state of perpetual adolescence.

  5. Lindsay
    Do you think the goverment has the right to force unwilling parents to send their children into public school to mix with “niggers and beaners?”

    1. No, I think it is ridiculous to force anyone to attend public school if they wish to go to a private school instead. But it’s a non-issue. What we are trying to do right now is to keep the Republicans from destroying public education anymore than they already have.

  6. I was homeschooled, then went to public school, and finally private school for the last two years. It was such a relief to go to the washroom without having to fight through the dope smokers and bullies. Everything was clean. The teachers encouraged thinking and taught me to write well, and this was a religious school. You were allowed to have a dissenting opinion as long as you logically supported it. I’d go for a private school for my kids every time.

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