The Inevitability of US Politics: A Rightwing Lie

A commenter writes:

You should avoid attacking tea party supporters because it is a cultural conflict rather than an economic one at the core. Charles Murray sums it up right here. He talks about the “new” cognitive elite and class stratification and generated a lot of controversy.

I’m inclined to sympathize with log cabin style republicans even they may be racist and ignorant.

I really don’t think it is the cognitive elite that is supporting the Tea Party. They’re just as likely to be SWPL.

Murray is a Libertarian scumbag.

This is a rightwing argument. As the economy gets more complex, brainy high IQ types will be more in value, hence they will make more money. Inevitably, they will become raving reactionary fanatics! Amazing how the cognitive elite in Japan, Taiwan, Europe, the Arab World, South Korea, Russia, etc. have somehow managed not to become reactionary nutcases while reaping the cash from their high IQ jobs.

The rightwing states that the fanatical reactionary politics of the US Right is due to the modern economy in which the high IQ elite will reap almost all of the rewards from the economy while the rest of us will be their serfs. There’s nothing to be done about the Tea Party. Tea Party reaction was coded into their high IQ genes.

But I just pointed out that there are many countries in the world that have cognitive elites making high incomes who have not moved in the direction of US style reactionary fanaticism.

US politics is not inevitable. It’s not based on IQ. It’s not true that nothing can be done about US fanatical reactionary politics because it is an inevitable by-product of the high IQ economy.

The Right uses this “inevitable” and “nothing can be done” line over and over.

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  1. I never endorsed Murray’s politics. I quoted him because he makes a lot of sense on cultural issues, though he does not do enough field research and he tends to exaggerate for effect. I also did no say the “cognitive elite” supports the tea party. It is precisely their SWPL views that drive the tea party.

      1. I know I meant the SWPL “cognitive elite” cause resentment that drives the tea party support. I am not referring to political views but rather cultural. Evangelicals and uneducated blue collar workers are the butt of hollywood’s jokes and this drives them to support tea party.

        Personally I think Murray is a hypocrite. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. He says he’s proud to be from Iowa and empathizes with uneducated blue collar workers and evangelicals but at the same time he is an intellectual supremecist.

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