Race and Poverty Inevitability Theory: More Rightwing Lies

Rightwingers also like to use race to play down poverty. US poverty skyrocketing, the highest number in 50 years? More Americans on food stamps than ever? 50 million Americans without health insurance? Unemployment sky high?

It could not possibly be caused by 30 years of relentless hard rightwing economic policies which caused a horrible economic crash, followed by austerity measures which deepened if not caused the ensuing recession. Of course not.

What causes poverty?


Niggers, for starters.

Niggers and beaners.

Blacks and Hispanics cause poverty. The poverty rate is skyrocketing in the US due to niggers and beaners. Its not clear why the niggers are causing it, maybe deepening niggertude amongst the nigger population. The beaners are causing poverty by flooding into America and having 10 kids for each woman.

This implies that these groups have some absolute essence, apparently genetic, that is the same at all times and will be the same under all systems. Blacks have some niggerness about them that will always make them hopeless poor in any possible universe of economic systems. Hispanics have some essential beanertude about them that causes them to be poor no matter the economic system.

Economics has nothing to do with it. Economics doesn’t cause poverty, booms and busts, homelessness, malnutrition, unemployment, lack of health insurance, depressions and recessions. All of these things are caused by some essential and genetic niggertude and beanerness that is static at all times and causes mass poverty in all possible economic universes.

There’s no reason to blame an economic system if poverty is bred into your genes.

I will point out how this view is wrong. Barbados is 8

Cuba is full of Hispanics and even Blacks. There’ s no homelessness; everyone has a roof over their head. Everyone has a job. Everyone has good health care the life expectancy rate is higher than in the US. The number of hungry people is close to zero. But how can this be if the essential essences of the Cuban people are beanertude and niggerness, which automatically cause mass homelessness, unemployment, hunger and disease everywhere on Earth?

There is no essential essence about Black or Hispanic people that automatically causes them to lack for shelter, food, jobs or medical care. It’s just another rightwing lie. All of those things are caused by economics and economic systems. They are not bred into your genes with none to be done but throw up our hands.

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22 thoughts on “Race and Poverty Inevitability Theory: More Rightwing Lies”

  1. I did not say that poverty is caused by low IQ and many blue collar jobs are more high paying than jobs that require advanced degrees.I told you I’m a moderate not a right winger. I merely made some observations about the culture that surrounds poverty and battered women.

  2. Where did I say that minorities cause poverty? As I said, I’m a moderate but my views are all over the place and I refuse to be categorized by a specific political idealogy. I consider myself to be a populist in the sense that want to improve the country for everyone who lives here regardless of socioeconomic status.

      1. Who were you referring to.

        I was thinking about M Wickham said because I believe Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate but I don’t believe that she stands a chance because she is unattractive and female politicians appearance always play a significant role in elections.

  3. The poverty rate is rising the highest among Messicans in the U.S. A large percentage of these people are Criminal Trespassers and their brood.

    Being Hispanic does not cause poverty, Lindsay, but being dumb, uneducated, and coming here to work illegally for slave wages (or just low wages) does make our U.S. poverty rate go up.


    For example, the Central Valley in Calif. has by far the highest poverty rates in Calif., because of farmworkers and all the other illegals. It’s just a fact.

    Barbados? Bad example- bad analogy. Tiny country, tiny population, 100% Anglicized culture, billions in Brit and world capitalst $$$$, banking, tourism. Doesn’t compare to other countries “with blacks”!

      1. Tulio- Barbados and Haiti are at polar opposite ends of the quality indexes for “black” countries. Better to not consider either one typical- but Haiti is a horrific embarassment.

        Let’s be fair- Haiti got deliberately f-ed over for 150 years, true, but Haiti also doesn’t have anything- no natural resources or industries (AIDS tourism don’t count). So, Haiti doesn’t even compare to an African country. And, arguably those blacks should not even be there in the first place- they are displaced Africans.

        However, to be even more fair, the prosperity of Barbados, ( &Bahamas, etc,) is not due to the wonderful qualities of the blacks (although they are 100% Anglicized- which helps enormously). It’s because of Big White Money, Big White Banks, Big White Tourism. The prime minister is half-white, and whites no doubt play a disproportionate role in the upper class.

        Barbados is a tiny island- 21 miles long- nothing like Haiti. Countries are not equivalent at all- people should stop assuming that a country is a country, etc. No…

  4. American manifest destiny capitalist supremacy depends on a permanent underclass. It worked great for hundreds of years then those idiots went and abolished slavery. They still needed, and need, a servant / under class. Hispanic and Black inability to excel in school and thus not blend into the upper caste social pretensions of Whites and Asians marginalize the “NAM” groups into one big clusterfuck of underachievement. I think people in general only rise as far as they are expected. Blacks and Hispanics make the perfect unofficial slave fodder of post-Abolitionist America. And of course, the economic slave mentality is so ingrained into their cultures that they don’t have the ability to rise above expectations as a group.

    1. The worst kind of thinking of these minorities is blaming Whites for all of their ills instead of trying to improve their condition. There are very few capable of self-criticism (which, I believe, is the first step towards self-improvement – and the White anti-racist academia is encouraging this victim mentality by saying that Whites are responsible for everything bad that has happened to minorities).

      Low IQ is not the end of the world. A hard-working low-IQ can surpass a lazy high-IQ by working longer hours. Of course, conscientiousness is also partly genetic but people also can will themselves to work harder, even if they can’t will themselves to have a higher IQ. There are ways to compensate, but constantly blaming others for one’s own shortcomings isn’t one of them.

      1. The only formalized blaming of the sort you talk about is on the part of scumbag self-appointed attention whore “minority spokespeople” who love to bitch and moan on the part of the “oppressed” they represent.

        Most Blacks and Hispanics are too busy either 1) building up artificial credit lines so they can buy large televisions, or 2) working their ass off to barely afford what pitifully little they have. Very few of them spend their days blaming anyone or even looking at the big picture that spells their predicament. No one is blaming anybody except you crazy HBDers who blame “X” for blaming “Y.”

        This feel-good “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” claptrap sounds great but inevitably it collides with culturally-imposed limitations. I don’t think it’s so outrageous to claim that a historic socioeconomic system that has been in place for hundreds of years can be surmounted by a few ennobled savages. Conservatives blames liberals of “pie in the sky” thinking but really conservatives are just as guilty of pumping up the wonders of the American dream.

      2. Exactly. As I mentioned earlier, many blue collar jobs such plumbing and construction pay higher than jobs that require such as Education and Social work. I believe that intellectualism and the unwillingness to do practical work will be the downfall of the upper middle class.

    2. I don’t think we have the whole story on all this, especially with regard to black and hispanic IQ, I’ll be nice start with hispanics. We’re told their IQ is about 89-91, but hispanics when compared to whites, come from circumstances of extreme environmental depravity. Certainly this is pushing the number down by 5 or so points. I’ll move on to blacks, the robert Lindsay estimate is 86, but by a report that he himself cited, we’re likely losing 2-3 points from neo-natal diet/nutrition. I’ll also posit, subjectively and anectdotally, that given our family structure(65% plus, from single parent homes) we’re losing

    3. Cont’d

      ….an additional 2-3 points. Also considering that the average black person reads about 50% of the average white person, I’ll hypothesize we’re losing 3-5 points there as well, I’ll give about 1 point(generously) for stereotype threat, bc I’m not even sure if I buy that one. So we have blacks with an upper IQ potential of 93-95, and hispanics with an upper IQ potential of about 96. Given certain other specialized cognitive capacities of blacks and browns, a nation of 94 IQ blacks, and 96 IQ Hispanics could potentially end racial inequality. Most of what I just said are cultural therefore require no state intervention, just good strong minority leaders encouraging their people to behave a certain way

      1. I really wonder if the IQ fetish i see all the time in this blogosector (not singling you out louie) is just a red herring.

        There is IQ and then there is what I call “functional IQ.”
        Functional IQ by its nature is immeasurable. It is a holistic measure of your ability to fend off your environment. The archetypal high-IQ’d social miscreant speaks to this dichotomy.

        Character profile of a high-IQ’d HBDer:
        Your IQ is 150 and you earn a nice 6-figure income in the STEM sector but you cry that women are shit and they don’t recognize what a real man is. They are too liberated. You start a blog. Oh, your functional IQ is about 75 (using the standard measure LOL).

    4. I thought it was the Jews and Whites, not whites and Asians that are the elite of the U.S wtf? Asians are hardly upperclass in the U.S and are also alienated and isolated like everybody else, they are numerous blogs complaining that Asians can’t get anywhere because of class ceilings and racism here in the U.S.

  5. Good point AUM, it certainly speaks volumes about fitness for survival, when one has all that “intelligence”, but can’t find a reproductive partner. I guess by the selfish gene theory, blacks and browns, and maybe some Asians are the fittest groups on the planet. But let’s at least acknowledge toward the ends of building terrifying war machines, skyscrapers, genetically engineered super humans, and colorful blog-worthy rhetoric, then IQ is a pretty decent indicator

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