Now You Know What Libertarians Are Really Like

At the recent Tea Party/CNN debate on live TV, Libertarian Ron Paul, running for President on the Republican ticket, was asked what would happen if a 30 year old without health insurance contracted a terrible disease in which he would have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to cure it. Paul answered that that was a failure of personal responsibility as he should have paid $300/month for health insurance to cover that possibility. The interviewer then asked if he should die because he could not afford treatment. Many in the crowd stood up and screamed, “Yes!”

It’s been said that these people were Tea Partiers, but we now learn that these are Ron Paul supporters who follow him around everywhere he goes. Thing is, this is what the Tea Party thinks too, last time I checked. The party thinks you need to die too if you can’t afford health care. Is that not correct, or am I wrong? If I am wrong, show me how the Tea Party says you don’t need to die because you can’t afford health care.

Ron Paul dodged the question, as usual. He said that he was a physician back in the 1950’s and 1960’s and treated many patients without insurance. He said that this person would never die because charities, families and friends would always pick up the cost of treatment. But that’s a lie, and it’s one of the biggest Libertarian lies of them all. Because the charities, families and friends won’t always have enough money to cover everyone who needs it. If they did, we wouldn’t have had to put government systems in as a backup.

So, yes, of course Libertarians say you need to die if you can’t afford health care. That’s the essence of their wicked philosophy. And every Libertarian on this Earth, every one you will ever meet in life, believes this in the deepest of their hearts. Too many people don’t take this philosophy seriously. Libertarianism is hip among a lot of people, especially young monied males, and especially on the Internet. A lot of folks think Ron Paul is the bees’ knees, especially among young Internet males.

Now you see exactly where this philosophy leads and exactly what monsters these people really are.

The real question is whether the Tea Partiers are really all that different from Ron Paul.

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  1. Ron Paul is against any kind of educational funding. He even opposes vouchers because he fears that bureaucratic institutions would be able to infiltrate the public schools. I loathe the current Department of Education because it’s run by SWPL pseudo intellectual jerks and starry eyed idealistic idiots and I would be glad to see it defunded or at least reformed but Ron Paul offers no alternative.

  2. This is where rejection of HBD and the heritability of intelligence has taken us. The assumption that anyone can increase his intelligence through education, and thus in theory being able to learn any of the high-tech professions in the current service economy (all of the low-tech ones are currently being automated)

  3. Did you hear about Ken Snider, Ron Paul’s campaign manager for the 2008 presidential election? He had complications from pneumonia but he didn’t have insurance because a pre-existing medical condition had prevented him from getting it. The bill ran up to $400,000 and he didn’t have the money so he died. That is what I have heard. I guess they must have stopped treating him at that point.

    Snider was basically responsible for getting the 2008 campaign up and running and he took it from a small operation in his apartment to a $35 million campaign.

    Bitter irony? Poetic justice? Tragedy?

    Apparently, his mum now has the bill. A lost loved one and a 400 grand bill.

    This video by TheYoungTurks is my source:

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