War in Libya Fought for Oil


I kept on telling you. We are still bombing Ghaddafi’s forces, even though he has been overthrown. The reason? Protecting civilians! What a joke. This war has been absolutely pitiful.

There is no way that NATO would have gotten involved in this war if there weren’t some ulterior motives. NATO doesn’t go to war to “protect civilians.” Maybe in Europe. But not anywhere else. And since when is NATO the good guys? NATO is an army that was formed to destroy socialism. It’s the biggest army on Earth, an anti-socialist army. It’s only reason for existence was to fight and destroy socialism in the USSR. That’s the reason for NATO. Now that the USSR is dead, what good is NATO? Simple, NATO is the armed force of European and American imperialism.

French and Italian oil companies are in Libya as I write this, busy carving up the oil fields.

This war was sleazy as Hell. Shame on all of you progressives who backed this imperialist aggression.

One more thing. Did I tell you that the head of the armed Libyan rebels in Tripoli is from the Libyan Al Qaeda? I will do it now then.

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0 thoughts on “War in Libya Fought for Oil”

  1. I recall reading a cynical article on counterpunch that endorsed Ron Paul, and the article concluded by saying that (paraphrase) “if someone on the right like Ron Paul were elected, liberals might finally start caring about American wars of aggression.”

    Yeah, it seems that liberals are only upset by war when it’s being waged by a Republican president (and of course, vice versa).

    Is the American left pathetic or what?

    In addition to ideological reasons, I just have so much contempt for American leftists. They’re freakin’ useless!

  2. Libya was not fought for oil as Gaddafi was signing oil contracts with western oil companies.

    The war in Libya was about gold which Gaddafi had one of the largest personal reserves in the world and supporting African states against European colonisation.

    It would be good to know if Gaddafi was going to challenge the global Oligrachy and switch to the gold dinar and pull out of the dollar system


    Anti-christ colonialists Britain and France rehearsed war games scenario Southern Storm against Libya prior to our adventure in Libya.


    Guess who pushed Sarkozy to take action against Libya?


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