There is No Solution

A Black commenter writes:

Soooo has Robert Lindsay turned HBD? Sure we’re more aggressive, but I also understand introversion, and the explosive/implosive personality dichotomy. Lack of introspection only occurs at the most extreme end of the extroversion. So what’s your solution? I say separation of peoples, since us living with the rest of you is a failed policy.

I’ve always been HBD. I just don’t talk about it much. That’s one of the components of Liberal Race Realism, a project that I promote, which is made up of, as another blogger described it:

1. a dash of race realism
2. positive white racial identity
3. the leftist view of American history
4. anti-racism
5. a base of liberalism

This is exactly what it is. Why talk about HBD? Almost everyone doing so is a rightwing asshole and a racist. Why bother? And the Blacks, Browns and liberals just get really riled up about it. And when it’s not doing that, it just riles up those inclined to racism even more and drives them more towards conservatism and voting Republican.

Extroverts in general lack introspection. That’s what they’re all about. I’ve been around White extroverts my whole life. They’re never wrong. It’s amazing that they are able to improve themselves at all, seeing as they are never wrong, but they do.

There is no solution.

That’s the thing about HBD. There’s no solution to it. The only logical solutions that follow from it I suppose are separation, expulsion or apartheid. In fact, that’s exactly what most of the HBD folks (White nationalists) support. It’s horrible, but it solves the problem all right. If you don’t agree with any of those solutions, the problem just goes on forever.

The typical US rightwing solution that’s proposed by most of the moderate HBD crowd (conservative Republican types) is just the Republican Party: eliminate the safety net, wipe out government, cut off the welfare, and the niggers will shape up. For those that don’t, lock em up and throw away the key. Liberalism is what’s made niggers act so horrible. Get rid of liberalism, and niggers will quit acting up.

It would be pitiful, except they actually believe this. This won’t help. The safety net is one of the only things that keeps Black America from exploding for sure. The more you destroy the safety net, the angrier they will become. The more you cut government, the worse they will act. Look how they act in the Caribbean and Africa where there’s no welfare. You think Blacks act any better over there. The safety net is worth it in part because it defuses a lot of Black crime and I believe it cuts down a lot on Black rioting and crime. Call it extortion but you have to do what works.

If you are not going to take extreme measures, Blacks will probably always cause tons of problems, crime, etc. I honestly can’t think of any ways to reduce such outcomes. But I’m all ears, believe me. Two things that work are socialism and Islam. Both seem to calm down Blacks an awful lot. The more capitalism, the more Black anger. Extreme capitalism just makes them inevitably lag behind and then lash out at all the stuff they can’t have in the way of riots and crime.

I also believe, in case you are interested, that due to differential IQ’s, Whites don’t really deserve our excess wealth and Blacks can’t really be blamed for falling behind. Therefore, Whites are obligated to help Blacks and also to share some our our deserved wealth those who can’t help their station in life. Now, how many HBD’ers believe that?

But that flows logically from HBD too. If Blacks caused all these problems and fell behind in all of these ways due to their own sheer free will, I might say the Hell with em too. But I don’t think a lot of Black problems are their fault. Further, if we Whites ended up on top simply by trying harder than everyone else and we had no inborn advantages, I would say our wealth is ours to keep. But we just lucked out in a genetic lottery, so we don’t deserve all this money and stuff. That’s where the Leftist part comes in.

See why everyone hates me?

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46 thoughts on “There is No Solution”

  1. Unamused, sympathy is insulting, let’s leave these flame wars for the comments section, not sure how we got into a post-comment fight

    1. There is no flame war. See, you’re projecting again. You’re projecting your hostility towards me onto me, turning it around, and saying I am being hostile to do. Typical extroverted maneuver. But I’m not being hostile at all. This is where I stand. I have written these things many times in the past.

      Do Black people want to deal with Black problems or not? If they are serious about it, they may have to look at HBD and junk a lot of their fake theories.

      1. Of course we want to deal with Black problems at least most of us do, and I’m not projecting, in our exchange I’ve admitted flaws/error at least twice, but the post in response to a comment maneuver is a passive agressive introvert tactic. Not really sure where I’ve tried to flip it on you, but if you believe that, then you’re doing what you’re accusing me of.

        1. I am not sure if you understand how this blog works. I often post comments in new posts and then reply to them. I have done this with most commenters. You are the first one one who ever complained so far.

          You really need to stop projecting all of this anger you have towards me onto me. I’m not mad at you at all. Honest. Takes a lot to make me mad. I’m an introvert, slow to heat up.

        2. Not mad at you, don’t hate you either, and I’m aware of many of the Lindsay techniques, but again if you think I’m angry or that I hate you, you’re doing what you’re accussing me of.

  2. yes, bc I’m full of ill will towards bloggers (note sarcasm), I (like most blacks) have an aggressive disposition, but anger for me causes introversion(to protect those I’m in contact with) so true anger would cause me to stop responding

      1. Well, considering that people can develop anxiety at possibly anytime of their lives, I can’t see why an extrovert couldn’t develop anxiety. In fact, I may know of one such case. Sure he or she will be more introverted because of the condition, but deep down there is still an extrovert. I think that what anxiety does is hold back ones true personality.

        An extrovert having some sort of anxiety disorder at a very young age would likely be a very conflicted individual. The anxiety will be like a poorly guarded mental prison holding all those inhibitions back, while this person tries like a mad man to burst free. These people are probably more likely to commit suicide or go on a killing spree. At the same time, if they are more balanced, they are mostly likely the type that seek whatever methods possible to overcome their condition.

        It’ll probably be less painful to be a natural introvert with anxiety — less struggle inside.

  3. Will someone please tell me what HBD stands for? I keep seeing it pop up on the internet but no one bothers to actually type out what it means.

  4. British police were thoroughly whipped for their institutional racism and forced to be more sensitive in their dealings with Londons nigger infestations Im sorry with Londons rich vibrant black communities.The result was that blacks had a free hand in London and when you give blacks a free hand guess what? Far more blacks have died as a result of liberal concern and sensitivity than ever died as a result of institutional racism but liberals really dont care.

  5. You present about three options as if they are the only solutions: apartheid/Balkanization/restored Jim Crow status quo (#1), exodus (#2), or extreme Republican/Tea Party proposal (dismantle all welfare and social safety nets so that Afro-Americans either straighten up and fly right or starve to death, #3). But I have a viable solution consistent with a modern, liberal (in the generic sense), civilized society.

    African-Americans make up little over 12% of the population. If we actively encouraged and promoted racial mixing, theoretically within a couple generations we could end up with an octoroon nation. This would practically mean the end of racism as most Americans know it! Suppose for the sake of discussion that this project involved all of the African-Americans and a portion of the White-American population amounting to 50% of the total population (excluding recent immigrant groups that have a strong ethnic identity: Hispanics, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Jews, Middle Easters, certain nationalistic European groups such as Greeks, Slavs, and others who immigrated relatively recently by and large. We would then end up with a majority-quadroon nation (approx. 65%) with the big minorities being Mexican-Americans, East Asiatics, misc. European-Americans, Amerindian communities, and so on.

    But what would most Americans in a quadroon or octoroon America look like? I imagine much like Puerto Ricans. Basically, given enough inter-racial mixing the USA would be one big Anglophone Puerto Rico, the average American woman would probably resemble JLo (before she got those plastic surgeries). I don’t have any problem with this, personally. I happen to find “White Nationalist” ideologies utterly abhorrent (though reading their discussions is morbidly amusing, what with their “Oh noes the J00z!” paranoia). That said, I figure that such a programme would end the deep Black-White divide in American culture, while creating a uniquely US American ethnicity (analogous to the various Latin American ethno-national groups) with a very strong sense of national unity.

    There are, of course, many practical limitations to this possibility, but I think it would be an interesting experiment. I’m curious, Robert, what you think about this proposal.

    1. Interesting, but that’s not harmony, at no point does it really eliminate “racism”, it just creates a new race to hate/be hated. And you’ll still have a dichotomy of pure white vs octroon/quadroon, and somehow, some way the pure whites would land in a position of power, sorry for being a stick in the mud, but I can’t see it working out any better.

      Btw, blacks in truth are closer to about 16% of US population, but plenty of current quads/octs intentionally pass for white, see rashida jones, grady sizemore, jennifer beales, just sayin

      1. Well, you found a hitch, the old “One Drop Rule.” I don’t think this would have a high likelihood of success. The United States of America is not Puerto Rico or Cuba. The USA is much much larger in population than Cuba or Puerto Rico, or both put together, much much MUCH larger in territorial area than Cuba or Puerto Rico, or both put together. Both Cuba and Puerto Rico have a higher population density than the USA. (Not to mention very different historical experiences.) Also, the United States are regionally divided. The population is not as homogenous as of now. For instance, White-Americans in Alaska, Utah, Idaho, Montana, or the Dakotas would not be participating as much.

        Which brings up my next point. I would assume it would have to be carried out at the grassroots level. (People can legally marry whomever they want, but what if there were social pressures for African-Americans to marry White-Americans and vice versa?) There would still be accusations of racism because it would effectively discourage African-Americans from marrying their own, but Whites could still marry others of European ancestry, because there would be a surplus population. And that would be a problem for anyone trying to blend the races or ethnic entities in a nation where the ethnic or racial groups are not approximately equal in size. Were numbers more even, one could end up with a mulatto nation like the Dominican Republic after a generation. The problem is that Whites vastly outnumber Blacks in the USA, so such a programme would receive resistance and even protest from the smaller demographic.

        But if this were to succeed (nevermind all the practical limitations), first off the One-Drop Rule would have been discarded early in the process. Second, African-Americans would vanish as an entity (no more people of predominantly African ancestry left), and Americans would be a majority quadroon or octoroon nation. Whites would be a minority. (With mestizos and European-Americans being the two largest minorities.) And even if a (by that point, arbitrary) Black-White divide resurfaces, it would be much fuzzier. I highly doubt that the “pure” White minority would be overlords in a country whose largest (and majority) demographic is “mostly-White people with significant African ancestry.” I think that such a process would indeed solve all the probelms you mention, of course, I also admit that the solution itself is not particularly viable in practice.

        1. Brazil is a large country with the sort of demographics you describe. Many of the “white” Brazilians are without a doubt white. Think of the model Giselle or Xuxa. Some of these folks look more European than typical white Americans because all of their ancestors came from a single European nation (e.g. Germany). From what I understand, though, a sizable proportion of the “white” Brazilians have a dash of African ancestry. The other leading Brazilian supermodel, Adriana Lima, comes to mind in this regard.

        2. “I highly doubt that the “pure” White minority would be overlords in a country whose largest (and majority) demographic is “mostly-White people with significant African ancestry.”

          See Brazil, SA, and to a lesser extent Liberia(Not whites, but Light skinned mulattoes)

  6. So bartos, youre a jew.

    Understand something buddy. Its not paranoia. Its understanding truth and being ambitious enough to seek it.

    Whites are the only ones that are not worthy of entitlement. Every other culture walks around with their heads held high.

    I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that its gonna change right quick.

    You want a history lesson pal? Try me.

    1. Uh, nope sorry! Not a Jew… But you sort of just proved my point about paranoia there. I am suggesting racial miscegenation as a proposed solution, which means I must be an evil J00 out to destroy the Aryan race!

      I only mentioned Jews (Ashkenazim and Sephardim) as being likely to be more resistant to inter-racial mizing than say, “generic-Americans” (read: White Goyim), though the same may apply to other European derived ethnic groups: Greeks, recent Slavic immigrants, perhaps some Italians, Turks, Near Easterners, etc. Many of the aforementioned are less likely to marry outside their own ethnic group, let alone their larger race, as compared to the “generic-White” WASP or “Euro-mutt” American. (Your Anglo-Irish-German-French-Cherokee types for instance.) Jews especially, given that whole religion, even for the more secularized ones. (I can’t imagine African-Americans being eager to convert. (To be a Jew you must get circumcised if male (ouch!), keep kosher and Shabbat, no pork!!!!)

      As for entitlement, pretty much all human beings suffer from a sense of entitlement, earned or unearned, because, well, humans are just greedy selfish bastards… at the species level!

  7. I agree with T-Bone. ONLY the jews promote race-mixing, because they’re trying to destroy the White Race.

    The simple truth is that the races ARE different. That’s not the same thing as “hating” or claiming superiority. It’s just a fact. Every race, as a group, has it’s “strengths and weaknesses” and it’s own unique way of going about the business of daily living.

    That’s not to say every member of any racial group is the same. They’re not. Every individual is unique, but racial characteristics do exist, and to deny that obvious fact is to be, as Bush the lesser might say, “economical with the truth”.

    A black man in a city designed by Whites is as out of place as a White man in a city designed by blacks. We all have our own ways of doing things, and though some outsiders may “fit in”, as a general rule we’re all happiest among our own people, living the way of our people, whatever that way might be.

    Look at Detroit, a city designed by, and for, Whites. Now it’s being destroyed by blacks, not necessarily because they’re evil, but because the White man’s way is not the black man’s way. We ARE different, and to pretend otherwise is to invite disaster.

    God, or Nature if you prefer, put the races where their own special characteristics would be the most useful, but as always, the infernal jew has to interfere. First it was slavery, Now it’s open borders.

    If a member of one race wants to live among people who aren’t like him, so be it, but to force the races to live together is to invite trouble.

    We ARE different, and we need to have our own areas where we can feel safe among our own kind. No fences needed. Those who want to mix can, while those who don’t, shouldn’t have to.

    Where’s the problem with that?

  8. Whites should have the same entitlement as jews or anyone else, but they dont.
    Whites have absorbed the blame for too many things that they did not do, or were NOT top heavy in (i.e. slave trade,communism,etc…).
    Bolshevism was mostly jewish and millions of White Gentiles were killed but you dont hear about it because acadamia has been supervised by jews for the last 100 years.

    We all know who controls the media as well. Funny how less than 0.25 % of the world population attained so much power just decades after they were ‘holocausted’.
    I’ve researched this heavily and did not accept the truth until I was convinced. Before that, I was dumbed down like most people.

    Search ‘talmud quotes’ or ‘protocols of zion’ and you can see for yourself ,the blueprint for world domination.
    Some jews say that ‘protocols’ is fraudulent but even if it is (which I doubt), why are so many things unfolding exactly according to its plan?
    Simple things like using ‘Jesus Christ’ as a swear word on tv is very offensive to me. I notice that many jewish actors say it (or directors,producers,etc…indulge it), but Christian’s efforts to curtail it are futile at best.
    Say something that is jokingly anti-jew and its career suicide.You can be ‘sanchezed’ for speaking the truth.

    I see the double standard very clear. Its all about truth for me. I am not a Nazi, skinhead or redneck either; just a truth seeker who notices that Whites have been stigmatized with false guilt via the power of suggestion.

  9. How about all Jews around the world in the diaspora been forced back to their beloved stolen piece of land “Isnt’Real” and forced to mate with black Africans who will be immigrated into Israel so the Jews can get a taste of all the EVIL multi-culturalism and race mixing for their own people, that they force on White people.

    Then all the half black Jews can be taken to Africa to live and the Palestenians can have their land back.


    Please delete the 12:08 PM comment….thanks

    1. Greg
      Not all jews support multiculturalism. The neoconservatives tend to be more moderate on race relations and church vs state, and the JVP crowd is usually more radical on those issues. Also don’t jump on the Pallie bandwagon-if you think they have your interests at heart, I got a bridge to sell you.

      1. Looks like “Bartos” had to call some hasbaRAT reinforcements. Gay girl, Jews do what is good for Jews and that will almost always mean what is bad for non-Jews.

        Jews do not base their policies on liberal/conservative nonsense that is for the non-Jews to be distracted over. Jews control and play both sides pretending to be one or the other, but they are ALWAYS—–JEWS FIRST!

        As for the Palestenians I support them in the fact that their land was stolen for them by Jewish bankers (Rothschilds) which was the purpose of WW2. I don’t support Muslims or any brown/black people in White nations and could care less whether they like me or not.

        BTW, nice spin with the gay girl name, yeah I’m against gay marriage also, but the Jew is the problem and the pusher of immorality and anti-Christian filth.

  10. Bartos,

    Who are you tryin to fool? You’re a foul Jew through and through. Only Jews push for race mixing to destroy a race of people. White people didn’t decide to start race mixing one day.

    As for the black/White divide, well its obvious Jew, the only solution is strict racial SEPARATION!

    1. You’re right! Did you know that Jews orchestrated the race mixing between Spaniards and Portuguese and the Negro slaves and conquered Indios that produced mulattoes and mestizos respectively? Mexico and Brazil brought to you be the Jews!

      Also, Jews brought Genghis Khan to Europe, and engineered the Bubonic Plague as a form of biological warfare.

      Jews cause 99.999% of all tooth decay.

      And what do you think caused the extinction of the dinosaurs? An asteroid? Really? That’s what the Jew-dominated science media wants you to believe. It was really Jews with a time machine…

      Oh yeah, and everytime you drop something and it breaks, that is not the fault of gravity. The J000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000z made it fall!

      1. bartos
        You come across very jewwy to me. The judaized behavior of Whites is what has caused a decline in White identity.
        If you look around, hardly any White men couple up with negresses yet negro men with White women is on the rise. And the rape stats are highly disproportionate.

        We all know that White women are more beautiful than negresses.The judaized media has impressed a paranoia on many Whites by pointing blame at them for shit they never did. Therefore, many White men have been subliminally duped into believing that they shouldnt have entitlement.

        No bartos, I’m not paranoid. I just recognize jew spew when I see it.

        But maybe your black or hispanic. So its easy for you to comfortably feel this way in this day and age.

        Or maybe youre a traitorous white; in support of every mongrel out there,just as long as you help to keep White cohesion down.

        I call it like I see it. Just like how jews propegate anti-White and anti-Christian sentiment. And blacks and mexicans are always spewing ‘Whitey this and Gringo that…’
        Plus they all get your support to boot.

        They all stick together with help from outsiders who never really get in.

        Youre fooling yourself if you think I shouldnt have the same entitlement.
        I’m sticking with my peeps thank you. When the tide turns, you cant hide behind your liberal BS anymore.

        1. While I think it’s a shame that our culture doesn’t allow White people to take the same pride in their heritage as other groups can, I often wonder why WNs feel the need to denigrate others to feel good about themselves. Holding “negresses” and “mongrels” in contempt for being born the way they are is just sick.

          Oh, and living in Texas, I’ve known quite a few Mexicans, and the only ones who don’t like White people are a small minority of radical Chicano Power twits who are basically participating in a currently popular and rather idiotic activity engaged in by Americans of all races and ethnicities: trying to act Black. The Aztlan crowd (who 99.9% of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans don’t sympathize with, or even know about in a lot of cases) apes Farrakhan and the Black Panthers like whiggers ape rappers.

          “Gringo” is not a racial term. It refers to Americans of all races, and any US-born Hispanic who uses it is an an idiot, being a gringo himself, and would be laughed at by any Mexican national.

      2. The jews want to control EVERY aspect of us non-jews life. This is why there is not one issue that can be backtracked to the jews doing.

        lt’s the jews who are attacking the white people – not the other way around. The biggest topic is the 3-world mass immigration into ALL white countries. Only a retard can’t see that it’s the jews who started to open the borders and that is’t jews who push the mass immigration.

        Every public jew is pushing mass immigration. Every single jew “paper”, jew “TV” is promoting 3-world mass immigration. The jews plan is to exterminate the white people and replace all white people by mud bastards.

        And yes – it’s the jews.

  11. Bartos,

    Cut the “poor little innocent Jews never do anything wrong, but get blamed for everything” recycled garbage. Jews are deliberately pushing for race mixing in White nations such as America and parts of Europe simply to weaken (and destroy) White western culture and Christianity.

    I blame stupid White people for still falling for the Jews BS but the Jews are still the ones pushing for it. The Jews and their plan for world domination will come to an end. Its Spiritually impossible for the Jews to accomplish what they are set out to accomplish because of the Universal Law of “reap what you sow.” I would not want to be part of nor a supporter of the Jew world order. This age of evil is passing away and it will rot like a dead carcass, and the Earth will be cleansed and reborn.

    And btw, your attempts to make your Jewey race mixing babble sound intelligent and sophisticated doesn’t fool anyone with a little common sense and who is not a tv monkey. I for one am not that easily seduced.


  12. 99.9 % ???
    What is the source of your percentages?

    btw- I’m not holding anyone in contempt mr. liberal. I’m just speaking my mind. I dont have to tap dance or be delicate with anyone who hasnt reciprocated the same for my peeps.

    For me, its still a free country.
    Cant no one tell me what to say or do.

    I do not subscribe to jew thought control like yourself.

    1. My source is all the Mexican people who’ve been friendly to me. Granted, I’m a relatively swarthy guy of southern European ancestry, but my blonde-haired, blue-eyed fair-skinned wife’s experiences have been the same. Most Mexicans in the US don’t give a shit about politics, and they most certainly DON’T want to turn the US into the very country they put so much effort into leaving. That said, our country just does not have the resources to deal with a continued stream of illegal immigrants, but the ones who are already here have neither the inclination nor the ability to conquer anything or anyone. They’re here to make AND SPEND money.

      Read my first post again. Do you think I would say that positive White pride is okay if I were a typical liberal? It’s the ugliness and hostility to outsiders that seem to go hand in hand with ethnic nationalist movements that’s the problem. This goes for White, Black, Brown, Yellow, or any other “_____ Power” movement. America’s just too genetically jumbled for that nonsense, and that goes for many of us Whites as well as others. People who really care about the survival of the White race should be more concerned about the fact that our indigenous European homelands are being overrun by Muslims.

      And I’m not telling you or anybody else what to do. I’m just stating my opinion, like you are.

  13. I could care less whether Mexicans like me or not, the fact of the matter is that Mexicans are not and never will be part of a White European society or civilization. Its foreign to them, over their heads, far advanced for them. The Mexicans are being horded in here by Jewish supremacists who want to destroy White civilization. The hording of Mexicans into America will turn White America into 3rd world Mexico…..Plain and simple!

    I’m not looking for friends, I don’t wear peace signs nor love buttons. I only care about telling the truth. Those who love the truth are my friends.

  14. This isn’t an anti-black, anti-brown or anti-anything else comment, except that I AM opposed to the deliberate destruction the jews are involved in.

    As I said in my previous comment, the races are DIFFERENT.

    No 100% black or brown country has ever been proven to have built a magnificent cathedral, and neither did they invent the internet, computers, telephones or even the wheel.

    (Yes, I know about places like Angkor wat [spelling?], but can YOU tell me who built it? Nobody else can.)

    That’s not saying they’re “inferior”, just that they’re DIFFERENT. Our way is not their way. They didn’t do those things because they didn’t want or need to.

    Only the White Race is DRIVEN to create. That’s not to say we’re superior, just that we’re DIFFERENT.

    If it’s not what a particular race wants, nobody has a right to force it on them. We ALL have a right – and a duty – to live according to our own abilities and ideals, and that has to include the creative White Race.

    Similarly, the destructive jew has no right to destroy another race or culture as they’re trying to do in all formerly-White countries.

    Any idiot can knock something down.

    Race mixing is WRONG because both races lose something. Mulatto offspring are LESS than either of their their parents.

    We were created DIFFERENT and we should STAY different.

    All species and subspecies naturally keep to their own in the absence of jewish interference and propaganda.

    Jesus Christ identified the parentage of the jews, as well as “those who call themselves jews, but do lie”. Their natural home is NOT to be found on the surface of planet Earth, but somewhere MUCH warmer. The sooner they all go back to their real home, the better.

    Thousands of years of lies, cheating, killing, false-flag attacks and malicious misrule are coming to an end. When that happens, this world will be a paradise.

    1. You do realize a heavy bulk of white scientific output for the last 100 years in fact, invented by Jews( Bohr, Einstein, Lederman, Chomsky, Wozniak, etc)? Jews don’t really have a high a opinion of us blacks either (see curse of Ham in later talmudic revision), but, a flat shunning of any people group, including Jews, is not really helpful, just saying. Btw on your point about whites making stuff, and no one else well let’s see….There’re those churches in christian ethiopia, the Sankore Masjid, the great mosque at Djenne, the pyramids at Meroe, Kilwa was doing pretty well with building until the portugese went on their happy little destroying spree….black africans could safely perform c-sections years before the European…. Tanzanians could smelt steel at 1800 degrees almost 2000 years before the besemer process…. black Africans had a means of small pox innoculation years before Europe. The Songhai empire never lost to north african whites until they lost the gun race (btw, the firearm, and compass are both chinese inventions)

  15. The question that everyone needs to ask here is: “Who has made the racial mess we are faced with now?” Who has benefited from this racial mess? And when you look into the matter deeply you will find that Jews have pushed for racial integration and multi-culturalism. Jew Jacob Schiff created the NAACP in 1909. Why was a Jew so concerned about thrusting blacks into White society? The Jews have been the pushers of the diversity/multi-culturalism and race mixing. The White liberal types who support these things are just done what they believe is fashionable. If these White people woke up tomorrow and everyone around them agreed that multi-racialism and race mixing are destructive failures and are good for no one these same White people would jump on the other bandwagon. They just follow whatever they perceive as being popular.

    But, its the same thing with the economy. People should be asking: “Who has made a mess of our economy”, instead of believing the crap coming out of Obama’s mouth as he tries to start winning votes again. Anyone can do some research and find out that the “Federal Reserve” is just a fancy name for “private Jewish bank” controlling our money supply and these Jewish bankers purposely plan and create inflations and depressions to get all land/property/business into their hands so that they have a stranglehold on everything.

    The Jews create a mess and then throw a bunch of distractions out through their media for non-Jews to occupy themselves with. When we should be asking “who has caused these problems to being with.” This is where you’ll find the Jew hiding like a tick under someone’s hair sucking the blood out of them. This is why things are the way they are and the reason why are White nations are being driven into the ground. These things are not new folks.

  16. I am a proponent of Social Credit and similar schemes for much the same reasons although as it its a bit broader as it benefits less connected Whites and other ethnic groups as well. Its a social stabilizer.

    Also as an HBD guy as well, there is a key point to consider, there a significant number of Black and Mestizo people who are high caliber people and real assets. Not moving these people in the bigger society is a waste of precious brainpower.

  17. @Robert Lindsay: I think the solution is obvious. Genetic engineering. Have free universal healthcare with 10% of the population each generation chosen at random, getting free genetic engineering vouchers that are limited to genes that have been known to exist in the human genome above a certain frequency in a population before say 2000 CE. Keep all other GE illegal. This way you don’t have the rich split off into a different species and you keep the process slow enough (since not everyone of the 10% would make use of the voucher) that humans don’t fuck everything up due to fashion or theories that turn out to be wrong.

    Now for tha part that specifically helps NAMs, without leaving poor Whites out down on their luck. You could give everyone below 90 points in IQ an additional lottery (say 20%) which had just IQ and health (including mental health) boosters.

    This basically needs free universal healthcare to work and it dosen’t really limit people’s freedom (you can marry or reproduce with whomever you like and you won’t be punished for it by the state). So I don’t see why this couldn’t be the Liberal platform for solving HBD problems in 30 or 40 years time (I expect the science on HBD to become basically too hard to ignore in about 10 or 20 years as we crack the genetics of intelligence)?

    Eugenics was once a progressive positon. GE allows us to have all the good eugenics could bring without sterilization, limiting personal or rewards for those already doing great (but not reproducing enough). All it takes is the recognition that the human genetic code is neither sacred or taboo.

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