Black Crime and Extroversion

A Black commenter writes:

In his perverse assessment of black people, that bastard Rushton notes that black African children tend to be more sociable. I particularly don’t have a problem with being seen as extroverted, but it’s held as another strike against my blackness.

That doesn’t make a ton of sense to me, but it seems that anything associated with blackness is automatically somehow problematic, instead being seen as natural leaders, we’re seen as sociopaths and raucous baboons, or as I’ve seen on one blog “feral humans.” So I say at some point maybe we should simply agree and give up on civility since we’ll never be respected even by self-proclaimed anti-racists like Robert.

I honestly do not have much of a problem with Rushton’s assessment of Blacks, other than the fact that he doesn’t seem to like them very much. I think he is an excellent scientist. If he were studying any other species, his work would be praised to the skies. The main problem with Rushton is that he’s right.

Sure Black kids are more social. Big deal. In anti-introverted America, that ought to be a great thing.

I am against extroversion because I’m an introvert. These assholes have been pummeling me my whole life, and I’m sick of it.

Relations of any kind are simply not possible for me with pure extroverts of any race. Relations, especially sexual and romantic, with strongly extroverted females are never going to work for me. Extroverts don’t understand us, they don’t like us, and they don’t respect us. They never will understand, like or respect us. Enough is enough.

But there is no need for Blacks for worry. America loves extroverts. In White society, you can hardly be too extroverted.

I pointed out that extroverts commit crime as a defense against my society’s love affair with extroversion and condemnation of us introverts. Did you know that a lot of us introverts are always being accused of being dangerous, criminal, violent, weird, creepy, psycho, child molesters, murderers, on and on?

Humans obviously don’t understand psychology in the tiniest bit. True introverts who are not angry commit a very tiny amount of crime and almost no violent crime. We are too afraid to do these things, and we are the most nonviolent people on Earth anyway, and that’s the starting point.

Fear is opposed to aggression. The more fear, the less aggression, in general.

Fear and aggression can mix in fighting or in paranoia, but introverts avoid all physical conflict and are typically not paranoid.

Paranoids are often extroverts who displace their failings onto other humans because they can’t accept they do anything wrong. If an extrovert is getting heavily rejected, it’s all everyone else’s fault. From this, paranoia springs. Introverts feel like everything is their own fault. If there’s massive rejection, they’re obviously causing these good people to react this way. There’s no reason for paranoia if you always blame yourself.

America loves extroverion. We can’t get enough of it. The last thing that White America holds against Blacks is their extroversion.

However, White America does hold that Blacks are loud, rude, hostile, rambunctious, problematic, in your face, indifferent to the feelings of others, and have low standards of honesty and morality.

The funny thing about all of these things is that they are common to extroverts of all races. These are merely facets of a more extroverted personality.

Loud: White extroverts can be quite loud.

Rude: White extroverts are the rudest of Whites. The only way to stop them is to frighten them so they don’t say their brutal shit to you.

Hostile: We Whites know that hostility and aggression are very common in White extroverts. These people are blowing up all the time, and they always blame you, no matter what. Next time you talk to them, everything is fine and they are wondering why you’re still resentful. Aggression is fear turned outwards. Fear is aggression turned inwards.

Rambunctious: Well, yes, extroverts can be pretty rambunctious if they are not controlled.

Problematic: Of course, extroverts cause tons of problems. Introverts just avoid conflict and run and hide. What problems do introverts cause?

In your face: Sure extroverts are in your face. They can be. And introvert will never get in your face unless you seriously provoke them, and that’s an unusual introvert.

Indifferent to the feelings of others: Of course they are clueless. Extroverts are thinking about themselves all the time, don’t get their feelings hurt and are pretty insensitive in general. Don’t like it? You need to grow a thick skin and let out some steam every now and then.

Low standards of morality and honesty: Yep, you got it. Extroverts are masterful liars. One thing White extroverts do all the time is make promises and then never keep them. “I’ll give you a call.” “I’ll be there at 8 PM.” They’re baffled when you’re mad that they didn’t hold up their end. To them, promises are not to be taken seriously. Of course extroverts have lower morals. With increased introversion comes hugely decreased aggression, increased guilt and increased standards of morality to the point of finickiness, uptightness and priggishness.

The extrovert is aggressive, fearless and projects fear outwards to the world as aggression. Nothing is ever his fault. If something goes wrong, it’s always someone else’s fault. They feel little to no guilt. From this set of behaviors often comes lowered morality in an ends justifies the means thinking.

There’s no problem with Black extroversion. The problem apparently is that Blacks are simply too extroverted. They seem to have few controls. As you get more and more extroverted, you verge towards sociopathy. A sociopath is simply an extrovert taken to the extreme, with poor morals.

If the Black crime rate wasn’t 8X the White rate and 35X the Asian rate, I doubt if anyone would care about any of this. And they act the same the world over. Blacks are Blacks, in the Caribbean, in the US, in Europe and yes in Africa. There is a same general behavior, and there’s tons of Black crime in all places, especially violent crime.

This really cries out for an explanation, but no one wants to offer one. Kudos for Rushton for trying to get the bottom of it.

It’s completely obvious that all this crime and a lot of the other behaviors that go along with it are manifestations of a basic Black character, the roots of which are apparently inborn. The roots of this may have to do with extreme extroversion and possibly elevated testosterone levels, which may go together.

We have an introversion-extroversion continuum that matches an testosterone continuum. Asians are at one end with the highest introversion and the lowest testosterone. Blacks are at the other with the highest extroversion and testosterone. Whites are in the middle. Incredibly, crime rates follow this continuum almost perfectly. There’s no way on Earth that can be an accident.

All of the sociological theories seem to fall on their face, and I spent years and years messing with them as a race denier until I finally threw up my hands. The problem is that Blacks don’t want to solve the problem, and they don’t want anyone else to either. They want to keep throwing up their fake theories that have never worked in the past in hopes that something will stick.

Just because Blacks have an inborn set to behave this way, is it inevitable? No, because there are societies where Blacks don’t act this way for the most part, and there are also Black societies with an extremely low  homicide rate. But these are exceptional.

Yet apparently there are cultural and societal interventions that can geld Black violent crime tendencies. How easy it is to put these into play is another matter altogether.

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28 thoughts on “Black Crime and Extroversion”

  1. There are clearly genetic differences among races, and Blacks have certain genetic characteristics. But this doesn’t translate into a basic Black character, as character is shaped by external factors to some extent.

  2. Even though I’m not a race denier and am open to HBD (though I’m not a proponent), the one thing that always made it difficult for me to accept HBD as it applies to black people was the wide discrepancy between the behavior of black Americans and black Africans in America.

    Black Africans in the U.S. (with the exception of the odious Somalis), generally do not engage in stereotypical, obnoxious black behavior. Ditto for West Indians.

    And they’re genetically blacker than most black Americans (who average about 15% white ancestry).

    Therefore, there must be something else at work.

    (then of course, at the same time, black Africans and West Indians in Europe in places like the UK behave little differently from black Americans)

    I guess it must be the selective nature of legal African immigration, where only those who are already educated and refined can come in.

    1. African immigrants have an average IQ of 108! It’s the highest of any US immigrant group. That ought to give you your answer right there. Puerto Ricans are 1/3 Black and they cause tons of problems back East. So do 1/2 Black Dominicans.

      1. Yeah, it’s weird. African immigrants have even higher IQ’s than NE Asian immigrants. I couldn’t believe it when I first read it.

      2. Soooo has Robert Lindsay turned HBD? Apparently you took offense to my comment. Sure we’re more agressive, but I also understand introversion, and the explosive/implosive personality dichotomy. Lack of introspection only occurs at the most extreme end of the extraversion, but a retaliatory post is a bit agressive dontcha think?! So what’s your solution? I say separation of peoples, since us living with the rest of you is a failed policy.

        1. I say separation of peoples, since us living with the rest of you is a failed policy.

          I think separation is unrealistic now, but hey, if you and enough black people are game, so am I!

      3. Can you cite the source on that numbera? Their educational attainment certainly predicts such a number, but according to a report by Sailer, the number about 89

      4. I’m not sure if Puerto Ricans and Dominicans cause that many social problems in NYC and other places where they concentrate. It’s probably difficult to get good stats on them anyway because, like other Hispanics, they are often counted as white in the crime stats, even if they look like Sammy Sosa!

  3. Mmmm, don’t think I read the post thoroughly(see an extroverted black admitting error) but point well taken, blog after is pretty hostile to blacks, or unobjectively/irrationally pro black, not much solid support for blacks in the blogosphere except maybe abagond

  4. “African immigrants have an average IQ of 108!”


    “I say separation of peoples”

    They’re already separated. They’re called “inner-cities”. People asking for segregation are arguing a moot point. People ALREADY segregate naturally and are not doing so currently because of the multiculturalism being peddled about. Notice how Blacks who DON’T act “ghetto” (AKA Black) are more likely to live and communicate with White Americans, or at least really want to.

  5. You are all racist pieces of ignorant shit. I’m half black and your premises are stupid and you sound as if you are as well. STFU or I will come to SF and shoot your queer ass in the face like the hostile Black stereotype you want me to be…..douche bag.

  6. Well robert, after reading this post twic, thank you hating me for your perception of the content of my character, quite noble of you.

  7. What you said about an introversion/extroversion continuum following crime rate and testosterone levels was brilliant. I was wondering Robert, do you think that IQ also follows this continuum?

    It sure seems like high IQ Asians and whites seem to be more introverted than say, low IQ whites and blacks. I would be very interested in knowing what you think about this topic. Thanks.

    1. Yes, as IQ increases, so does introversion. Or at least it looks like it. And as IQ drops, extroversion seems to increase also. Whether that holds true even within races, well, it might.

      1. Anecdotally, I doubt that’s true among blacks, most of my friends are magnet school alumnae, and now degreed professionals, introvert doesn’t seem to be an adequate description for most of them

  8. If you believe in Meyers Briggs personality-typing, ISTPs are in jail nearly as often as ESTPs. Testosterone increases extroversion in some and not in others (plenty of dudes on cycle don’t want to talk to anyone).

    I believe a more likely cause of sociopathy to be general dopamine system dysfunction, coupled with life experience. If you ever hang out with a division one sports team – these dudes can’t sit still and can’t pay attention in class. Partially a test thing but also a dopamine (and PFC) thing.

    That said, as an introvert I agree with some of your sentiments about extroverts.

  9. Louie Jacuzzi,
    not much solid support for blacks in the blogosphere except maybe abagond

    No.. there’s plenty of blogs like Abagond’s.. just take a look at his blog roll for starters.

    1. You missed my other criteria, I’m talking about objective rational, fact-based support, as opposed to ad-hoc pro-blackism or ad-hoc anti-blackism, not interested in pseudo history, and/or flat out lies to make us look better, I’m talking about joseph l graves, and roland fryer styled academic research-based defense of black people.

  10. I wonder what the Jewish testosterone level is, and some other races.

    It seems that there is a great correlation(inverse) between IQ and testosterone. It makes sense too. In societies where brawn is not a good predictor of reproduction, than something else has to fill in the gap.

  11. Can the author please provide more sources? As a psychology student it’s clear to me that a lot of the author’s discussion of introversion/extroversion is constructed on popular and personal characterizations rather than research or scientific opinion.

  12. White extroverts eventually get punched out in bar fights, arrested for minor assaults or domestic abuse, fail to go very far professionally, develop meaningful social connections or personal relationships.

    As they get older they tend to develop a since of resentment and this detracts from their outgoing sense of gregariousness.

  13. I was tempted to tell one white extrovert to shut the fuck up 😆 once in linear algebra class, but I didn’t have the balls. I wonder what his comeback would have been?

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