Blacks Versus Hispanics, Introverts Versus Extroverts.

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A commenter writes:

I find the comparisons HBD enthusiasts (like Steve Sailer) make between Mexicans and blacks pretty interesting. Many of them seem to regard mestizos as somewhat more intelligent and docile than blacks, though not nearly as bright as whites. On the other hand, they often view Afro-descended people as being much more charismatic and creative than Mexicans.

There may be some truth to this latter observation. Non-Hispanic black and biracial celebrities and other prominent figures seem to vastly outnumber noteworthy individuals of Hispanic origin, despite the Hispanic population being larger.

Even among Hispanics, there appear to be a greater number of famous mulattoes (i.e. from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, or Cuba) than famous mestizos. The only famous Mexican Americans I can think of off the top of my head are Salma Hayek (half Lebanese) and George Lopez.

The first paragraph is correct. That they are somewhat more intelligent and much more docile than Blacks, but much less so than Whites, is due to the Indian in them. Hispanics commit 3.2X as much crime as Whites. That’s a lot! But Blacks commit 8X more crime than Whites. That’s a lot more!

In order not to be White supremacists here, we must point out that Whites commit 4-5X as much crime as Asians. That’s a lot! In an Asian society with a large White minority, Whites may well be the “niggers” of society.

This may come back to extroversion. That Blacks are the most extroverted race of all and also commit the most crime may not be an accident. Extroverted people simply express their energy directed outwards at the world in all sorts of ways, good and bad.

We introverts just move it all inwards. Most of us simply don’t even have enough outward-directed energy period left over from the inward flood to commit much crime. Hell, we have a hard enough time raising our voices.

When someone has an argument with me, I often feel bad for days afterwards. The extrovert feels bad for 10 minutes. After that, it’s, “What argument?” With me, I have a bad fight with someone, and I don’t see them for three years. They’re all, “Hi there!” I’m think, “You fucker. I still remember that shitty fight from three years ago! Give me 10 good reasons why I should trust you now? Or 2? Or 1?”

Pure introverts might commit 5

Most criminals are extroverts. Everyone knows that. If prisoners were introverted, they’d behave better, and we could have Hilton San Quintins with few to no problems.

Same with the relative lack of extroverted creativity in Hispanics. Blacks have much more of this than Indians. The Indian can be creative, especially in art, as in painting. These are the introverted or visual arts. The more expressive arts, the performance arts, will favor the more extroverted Blacks.

Blacks are better at music too. Black poetry has a rapping, jazzy, and bluesy, rapid pace to it. It can be very high quality, but mostly when read aloud. On the page it suffers. Black poetry is meant to be “noisy.”

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45 thoughts on “Blacks Versus Hispanics, Introverts Versus Extroverts.”

  1. I think blacks have a higher musical intelligence than all of us (though indigenous Peruvians are also very talented). Asians have mastered Western classics to perfection but produce some of the crappiest stuff out there. Just watch the videos Hacienda posted, both traditional and modern.

  2. I’m skeptical of the notion that Native Americans were all peaceful. Some like the Tainos that the Colombus wiped out seemed peaceful, but the Aztecs didn’t seem peaceful at all. Scalping was a Native American specialty. The pioneers were frequently attacked by them. Not saying the Native Americans weren’t justified in attacking invaders in their territory, but I’m not sure I buy into this myth of the peaceful, docile Injuns.

    The extroversion theory of crime is fascinating. I’d like to see some more research in that. I’m sure though that some types of crimes are more likely to be committed by introverts though, thinks like pedophilia and other sick crimes done by the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard Ramirez. I’m sure extroverts specialize in things like armed robbery, drugs, assault, murders and such.

    1. @ tulio – Absolutely right, the Native American tribes were (and remain) so diverse that they can’t really be all described as peaceful or violent. Each tribe had their own approach to dealing with the European colonists.

      Aztecs originally responded to Cortez peacefully, thinking he was a deity returning according to prophecy. When his real intentions of conquering became evident, they responded with violence.

      Although scalping was practiced by Native peoples, European colonists also took part in this activity, and were paid for their efforts:

      Mayans practiced blood sacrifices according to their religious belief that the sun would not rise unless the people offer a very precious sacrifice: humans.

      This is a really, really good resource on Mesoamerican history:

    2. @ Tulio

      Yes, thank you!

      I am so sick of the “harmonious, peaceful, and spiritual” American Indian myth.

      The only reason why Cortez was able to defeat the Aztecs (in addition to disease) was that around 100,000 Tlaxcalans, fed up with Aztec brutality, joined his forces.

      The Omaha tribe was likewise hounded by the Lakota.

      Of course, that doesn’t morally justify what happened to them at the hands of white settlers, but the idea that Indians were all soulful, peaceful, and egalitarian, only to be all of a sudden ravaged by the wicked white man, is simply silly.

      The extroversion theory of crime is fascinating.

      You know, it’s interesting. I’ve been thinking a lot about that myself.

      The question I was always trying to resolve was this: Why is it that blacks and Hispanics commit the most violent (especially stupid “heat of the moment” crimes over trivial things), whereas the sickest and most well known pedophiles, serial killers, and school are mostly white?

      What I always thought was that since blacks and Hispanics are encouraged to express themselves and be extroverted, then they’re more likely to do stupid everyday stuff like pick fights, start a brawl, even shoot someone, etc. However, because they’re willing to let loose and express themselves, they don’t self-reflect too much, or repress anger and resentment to the point where they one day explode in a Columbine-esque way (Though of course, there are exceptions like Colin Ferguson).

      Contrast that with whites, many of whom grow up in suburbia “where they teach you how to be thick” (as The Clash would remark in their song “white riot”).

      Public brawling, fights over trivial matters, and extraverted aggression are frowned upon in middle class white suburban culture. I always remember being taught not to hit back, and how you should always walk away from a fight, those who end fights are just as bad as those who start it, etc.

      Therefore, you don’t see as many stupid random fights or brawls among white people. But at the same time, since whites hold it in or repress their anger and aggression, they’re more likely to let it out in an ultimately destructive fashion (in the form of a school shooting or serial killing spree) than blacks.

      (and to a smaller extent, Asians, like the crazy Korean Virginia Tech guy, do it as well. Although you hardly ever see Asian serial killers or pedophiles. With the exceptions of gambling and high suicide rates, you don’t witness too many pathologies within the Asian American community)

      1. Continued…

        Of course, I realize that the theory has holes in it.

        Many have documented black serial killers, showing that they’re in fact overrepresented among serial killers. Likewise, Robert and Uncle Milton challenged the “all pedophiles are white” myth.

        And of course, Tulio has posted videos showing whites “acting a fool.”

        Still, I think it has it merits. To me, it’s no coincidence that a country like Japan, with virtually no violent crime and a relatively high degree of affluence, is rife with weird pornography and other weird stuff.

        (Someone once told me that while he was traveling in Japan, an old man was playing porn in front of a little kid on a public train)

        I don’t know. It’s very interesting.

        1. You’re way too quick to overgeneralize Hispanics here. Most of the ones I know and live around (indigenous heavy) are not “extroverted” and seem to be non confrontational. Their crime rate is also declining anyway, compare it now to what it once was in the 90s. The fact that Hispanic crime is still higher than that of whites though, is likely because of drug violence rather than impulsive “crimes of passion”.

        1. You sure about that? I’m not aware of Native Americans practicing wide-scale agriculture. I thought they were pretty much hunters and gatherers.

      2. @ B.A.G – “The only reason why Cortez was able to defeat the Aztecs (in addition to disease) was that around 100,000 Tlaxcalans, fed up with Aztec brutality, joined his forces. ”
        I’m glad you know about that! I rarely meet Whites who know anything about Mesoamerican history.
        I would hesitate to label American Asians just because of the Virginia Tech guy. He was really mentally unstable. I was in college at the time and it was such a shock for all my Asian friends. It was really hard on them because they felt it reflected on them as a group.
        I think you may have a point there about White male cultural norms in terms of extroversion and aggression. I know this is random: As a Latina I have always found White (straight) men in America to be somewhat prudish and withdrawn, as if they don’t have some kind of inner spark of emotion. That makes Blacks, Hispanics, and other racial/ethnic male minorities more attractive (to me). I have dated White men, and they seem to reveal more of themselves in private settings :P. Although White straight males might be very chivalrous on the surface, they frankly don’t seem as interesting as a “dangerous” racial/ethnic minority. I think it’s healthier to have “stupid random fights” than keeping all your emotions tightly sealed. I can often keep up a good conversation with a White guy, because we might share commonality in having a college education, but the chemistry just isn’t there. 🙁

        1. @ Wickham

          Well, just to clarify, I wasn’t saying that Asians as a whole had that problem (although many of the latest school stabbings in China might say otherwise).

          Still, they too tend to suck it up and not get into everyday fights. And yes, many do in fact repress their emotions.

          Re: White male emotional repression

          I might be generalizing, because I’ve known many fellow white guys who are extroverted, almost to the point of embarrassment. Of course, as a white minority at a majority Asian university, I cringe whenever my white friend acts like a doofus in public, and look down on his boozehound ways.

          Still, I think there’s plenty of truth to it. Maybe I’m just projecting, because I myself am withdrawn and tend to hold a lot back when around other people.

          (one person even went so far as to call me “enigmatic,” LOL)

          I think it’s healthier to have “stupid random fights” than keeping all your emotions tightly sealed.

          Well, preferably it’s best to avoid both. It’s not good to repress your emotions and go on a shooting spree, but if you have a reputation for starting fights over foolish things, people won’t want to deal with you.

          That’s why I think there should be a fight club.

          No, seriously, I do. For people with emotional repression issues, they can go unleash the beast in a safe, controlled setting. And for those that are prone to starting stupid fights or brawls, they can get it out of their system, and maybe stop starting fights in the future.

        2. @ B.A.G. – I think ABCs (American Born Chinese) and other second/third generation American Asians probably have less emotional repression struggles than people straight from Asia (I’m thinking of my experiences with Asian international students, especially grad students, who are so intensely focused on their lasers lens configuration or something :D). I lived with a girl from Taiwan for a year, who told me a little about the differences between Chinese culture and the social norms of ABCs.
          Because I enjoy Chuck Palahniuk’s books just a little too much, I would hesitate to see a real fight club in action. But if you get one together, I think women need one too! To hell with punching pillows.

  3. It’s an interesting theory. But it doesn’t stand up. The highest ‘murders per capita’ countries are Turkey, South Africa, Ukraine, Columbia, Belarus, Thailand. I can’t any racial pattern there. The commonality might be rapidly changing economies with wide class differences.

    Of course, in the US, you can’t talk about class.

    1. @ KarolS – I wonder if you could point out where you got the statistical evidence for that claim. I think your class-based theory is probably closer to the truth, but I haven’t examined the statistical data.

  4. Hispanics commit 3X as much crime as Whites. That’s a lot! But Blacks commit 8X more crime than Whites. That’s a lot more! In order not to be White supremacists here, we must point out that Whites commit 4-5X as much crime as Asians. That’s a lot! In an Asian society with a large White minority, Whites may well be the “niggers” of society.

    So for every crime committed by Asians, whites commit five. And for every crime whites commit, blacks commit 8.

    So shit, you’re telling me that blacks commit 40X as many crimes as Asians? I don’t know. Even I find that a bit hard to believe.

    White minorities in Asian countries generally don’t commit violent crime (with perhaps the exception of poorly behaved military men in places like Korea).

    From what I’ve gathered, whites living in Asia are either dorky English teacher/effete liberal types fascinated with Asian culture, or white men with Yellow Fever.

    1. “”From what I’ve gathered, whites living in Asia are either dorky English teacher/effete liberal types fascinated with Asian culture, or white men with Yellow Fever.””

      There”s also a 4th kind. The opportunist who”s smart enough to do his/her research and avail of the economic opportunities available in developing economies. I’ve seen so many whites in Dubai. And these guys weren’t your average retarded white boys who blow their paychecks on booze and whoring. No, these guys form groups, pool in their capital and invest smartly.

      1. @ Dota – Totally true. My friends from Bahrain keep telling me to get a job in Dubai because they love Americans. They do say that you don’t have to be very intelligent to get a decent job, because the American passport is like a golden ticket. I had a friend who couldn’t get a archeology job anywhere in America but finally got a very well paid position there. I’d easily believe there are lots of Whites there.

        1. @ Dota – I wouldn’t ever really consider living or working in Dubai, Kuwait or Qatar, because the restrictions on women there are too much for me to handle. It’s also a very unstable region now. If I were a man I would probably venture to the Middle East for jobs, or just for a long term traveling experience. The reality of the situation isn’t especially favorable for people like myself atm.

        2. Of course Dubai pays well. There’s a reason it does. Because it absolutely sucks to live there. If you’re a male, you’ll basically have no sex life. The local women are conservative Muslims. It’s a huge cockfest due to all the foreign male workers being brought in for construction. There are Russian/Ukrainian prostitutes I hear that the guys go to for relief. You might bag an occasional tourist girl, maybe. But the type of mingling culture where guys go out to bars and clubs to meet girls to get laid doesn’t exist these middle eastern countries. There’s absolutely nothing to do for nightlife but play dominoes in some hookah cafe. Alcohol is hard to get outside of the major hotels. If Dubai didn’t pay well, nobody would want to go there by volition.

        3. @ tulio – 😉 Yeah I’ve heard about the prostitutes there as well. I have an inkling that my former Indian aerospace engineer bf was fond of stopping over at the Dubai airport for more than just the luxurious airport accommodations and Emirates airlines good customer service. Is it just me or are engineers total assholes? Is it is just Indians? 😀

        4. Tulio, I think you may be mistaken about Dubai of all Middle East localities. Although mostly underground or otherwise very private, there is a lot of sexing going on there. Where do you think all those Eastern European women go?

  5. It’s true that introverts tend to be less physically violent compared to extroverts, because we get our energy from within versus from outside interactions.

    However if we dig a little deeper we can see that introversion is correlated with a decreased likelihood of committing violent crimes versus being a primary cause. The cause is testosterone, the more a race has, or rather the more sensitive the race’s hormone receptors, the more likely that on average that race will tend to be more violent & just be all-round more extroverted.

  6. In support of what both Tulio and BAG said earlier, could it be that Latinos are the way they are because of selective pressures? In regards to the Indian component, I think that their respective clans or tribes were constantly fighting and raiding each other to the point where it paid to be aggressive and extroverted. All the passive, less physically intimidating men where wiped out, leaving the ultra-aggressive men and their children. With such small populations, it wouldn’t have taken long for their genes to dominate their group’s gene pool.

    When the Conquistadores, whom I image where more extroverted and aggressive on average than those that remained in Spain (they had to be to be as bold as they were), they were mostly met with people that were already predisposed to being aggressive. Mix the two extroverted and aggressive groups and you likely get not just an averaging but an amplification of the aggressive and outwardly violent behaviors you find in today’s Hispanics.

  7. Emotional black extrovert here: wondering if I should give up throw my hands in the air, and become a one man flash mob killing non-blacks and raping their women. You can’t really blame me, I’m just being true to blackness, and playing to my strengths. To hell with my education and work ethic, those characteristics aren’t for blacks anyway

  8. I’m frankly surprised the Inca Princess Warrior, Madame Wickham, has not protested Sailer’s half-baked observation about this.

    Mexicans are the most extroverted, loud people in the world. Ever been to a Mexican wedding, a quinceanera, or a Mexican funeral? This is a culture that sings and talks loudly and quickly and that allows/encourages children to act this way from a young age, thus reinforcing the behavior for life. The only thing is, Mexicans are extremely parochial. The ones who come here are separated from American culture by the chasm of language and religion. Turn on Telemundo and watch it for a full day and tell me Mexicans are introverted. I’m the epitome of “introvert” and even my people just piss me off cause they won’t shut up or tone it down most of the time. I avoid family events because I can’t deal with this.

    Black extroversion is surely an American phenomenon. How many African performers/entertainers can you think of off the top of your head?

        1. In his perverve assessment of black people, that bastard rushton notes that black african children tend to be more sociable. I particularly don’t have a problem with being seen as extroverted, but it’s held as another strike against my blackness. That doesn’t make a ton of sense to me, but it seems that anything associated with blackness is automatically somehow problematic, instead being seen as natural leadersc, we’re seen as sociopaths and raucus baboons, or as I’ve seen on one blog “feral humans.” So I say at some point maybe we should simply agree and give up on civility since we’ll never be respected even by self-proclaimed anti-racists like Robert.

        2. The TWO African people I have known in my life were nothing like what I’ve encountered in this country. “Americanization” does not bode well anymore. I watch as my people turn from humble and simple into annoying garbage once they step foot into this border zone.

          I personally find it amusing, not gratifying, to watch as wealthy Mexicans grower richer off of American depravity. I take no pride in this. I wish my ancestral land would contribute more than a few kilos to social progress.

        3. Surprisingly though, latinos don’t seem to mind playing the role of crude latin stereotype for hire. You guys don’t usually come off as uptight about your brown-ness as blacks do about our blackness. Don’t feel down I say, there’d be no american music(or it would suck royal ass tossed salad style) w/o browns and blacks

      1. both blacks and hispanics lost their culture , blacks use european anglo names and hispanics use european latin names; both have some type of traditional clothes ( hispanics from the mayans or aztecas, blacks from african cultures) yet the hispanics and blacks of america forgot about them, both lost their ancient languages, hispanics don’t know mayan or aztec and blacks don”t know african languages; both black and hispanic culture are weakened, east asians are the few cultures in america that conserve their culture ( many asian americans could use anglo names, but at least they have original and unique surnames : P ), i like the asian case more and they preserve their traditional clothes

    1. I live around a lot of Salvadorans and they’re not loud at all, especially around strangers. So you can’t really generalize with this.

  9. I am commenting solely on the original post. Lindsay you are obviously not a criminal justice major, involved in law enforcement, nor do you work within the U.S. judicial system. Your figures seem to be drawn from some neo-nazi cartoon. White Americans commit far more crimes than any other ethic group in the U.S. They exceed the charts in arrests, warrants, and suspension. You fail to describe the racial inequality in this country. Although they are over 82% of arrests there conviction rate is half that of any other ethic group. I would much rather live next to an Hispanic, Black, or Asian family before I live next to the white Mr. and Mrs. Clever who are having incest, sexual assault, meth addictions and white collar crimes. According to the DOJ (2013) about 14 million Whites and 2.6 million African Americans report using an illicit drug, 5 times as many Whites are using drugs as African Americans, yet African Americans are sent to prison for drug offenses at 10 times the rate of Whites and African Americans serve virtually as much time in prison for a drug offense (58.7 months) as whites do for a violent offense (61.7 months). (Sentencing Project, 2012). Answer the question Langley!!!!

    1. I would much rather live next to an Hispanic, Black, or Asian family before I live next to the white Mr. and Mrs. Clever who are having incest, sexual assault, meth addictions and white collar crimes.

      You would rather live in a Black or Hispanic neighborhood than a White neighborhood!? LOL. Clearly you are an idiot.

      You are also banned.


      1. He’s clearly misinformed about certain things, as blacks (and to a lesser extent latinos) commit more crimes per capita, that is not disputable.

        But not all Hispanic neighborhoods are dangerous, and I wouldn’t mind living in many of them. I would argue that you’d even be safe in most Hispanic neighborhoods. Murder might be more common but it’s not so rampant that a white guy living there has a reason to be concerned.

        Also, not all Asians are the nerdy Korean type. There are a lot of Southeast Asian street gangs in California that partake in the same activities as Black street gangs. But Hmong and Khmer people are in the US at a much smaller number than Chinese or Koreans.

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