A Political Evolution

Nothing Darwinian about it. Just a political meandering all over the place with a lot of passion and little sense.

Of course, now I’m completely politically evolved and 100% right about everything political. So if any of you are politically confused, simply adopt my politics, ok? You’ll piss off everyone you know, but you’ll be sui generis. Great for young people looking to rebel for no reason. I really doubt if your parents agree with Robert Lindsay. Piss them off, kids!

An Unmarried Man writes:

<i>I worked for the Ronald Reagan campaign’s “East LA headquarters” in 1982. I left my car window down by accident once and someone pissed all over my car seat. </i>

Sentence #1: I am sorry to hear that.

Sentence #1: Serves you right. Karma exists after all!

UM should not feel so bad.

I worked for Nixon’s Committee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP of Watergate fame) in 1973 at age 15. My Republican Mom was so proud. It was a blast. Worked with a bunch of old White ladies.

Before that, I had gone door to door for McCartney with my liberal, hippe-hating father in 1968 at age 11.

I was confused.

I loved Jerry Brown. We all loved Jerry Brown. We were Jerry Brown. Jerry Brown was California and vice versa. If you don’t understand, you had to have been there.

In 1980, I voted for Ron Paul and thought Libertarianism was cool. At the same time, I was a member of Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda’s Committee for Economic Democracy. I mostly just joined to get laid, and it worked. If you’re a young single guy, join a liberal political group if you want to get laid. Liberal chicks like to fuck.

I was confused again. Young people are so politically moronic.

In 1987, I proudly called myself a Marxist-Leninist. My Mom frowned when I said that. Then I was an anarchist for a few years. In the late 1980’s, I donated to the Salvadoran guerrillas’ FMLN’s weapons fund and went to one of their rallies. Coolest political rally I ever went to! I wore t-shirts for guerrilla groups with machine guns and rebel flags.

Later I got involved with the Green morons.

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0 thoughts on “A Political Evolution”

  1. “I worked for Nixon’s Committee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP of Watergate fame) in 1973 at age 15. My Republican Mom was so proud. It was a blast. Worked with a bunch of old White ladies.”


    No one in my generation had the opportunity to campaign at that age unless we were heavily supervised by counselors or youth group leaders. Of course I boycotted all those things.

  2. It is always interesting to hear about personal politico-ideological development. Personally, I have never been able to find a box I could comfortably fit in, and I’ve given up on trying to articulate what I exactly care about other than the physical sciences, which seems to be the most ideologically neutral ground I’ve been able to find. I know that atheism is a big part of what I am, but I personally don’t care what others ascribe to, and don’t have any intention of proselytizing to anyone other than my chihuahua about the uselessness of religion. Bravo on settling on something as coherent and neat as Green – I have briefly entertained the notion of becoming Green myself, but as my favorite color is blue, I am sadly unable to willingly join that camp. 😛
    Getting back around to my original mental flash of interest, I think it so interesting the way people’s phenotypical racial characteristics influences their political outlooks. I have darker skin than some of my siblings, and logic tells me that we are genetically extremely similar, and would thus be classified by people such as you as the same “race” (or rather, technically, ethnicity). But my lighter-skinned siblings identify as plain old White (and here I readily admit to being biased that Whiteness is quite boring, and the social construction of the Other in relation to White is far more fascinating to me), and I identify as Brown, in the “beaner” understanding of the term. I find that I reject and abhor the Spanish (and its affiliated Catholicism) part of me. Of course, then I get confused about who and what I am, and alternately hate and grudgingly respect the historic figure of Malinche (Malintzin) and her offspring. I am curious to know as to what your ethnic background is, as I’m fairly certain most American Whites are very mixed in background. In addition to this, do you favor any of your ancestral origins in terms of self-identity? Do you ascribe any racial hierarchy to European groups (in terms of intelligence and general worthiness)?

  3. Changing political orientation is not necessarily something to be looked down upon, even if done numerous times. It certainly beats not caring enough about government and society to adopt an ideological stance in the first place. I see references to several strands of political thought in this post, but it seems like you have been a man of the “left” (in some form) for most of your life.

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