The Ultimate Uselessness of “Freedom” under Capitalist Democracy

Look. At some point, the concept of “freedom” is complete bullshit.

Are you “free” to reinstate feudalism? No, you are not. If you try it, we will kill you.

Are you “free” to set up some Nazi-like fascism? No, you are not. If you try to do it, we are going to kill you.

Are you “free” to perpetuate an evil system like caste? No, you are not.

Are you “free” to reinstate segregation and legal racial discrimination? You must certainly are not. If you try to do it, we are going to kill you.

Are you going to set up your White state and throw all the non-Whites out? Try it and we will have to kill you.

None of these are any kind of freedoms at all. These are the sort of things that people rave about when they talk about “freedom.” These are the glories of democracy. I am not saying that democracy per se is bad, but whenever some idiot starts raving about freedom, think about this. Freedom isn’t necessarily great.

Capitalism offers people the freedom to starve, the freedom to sicken and die, and the freedom to lose your home and end up homeless on the streets, where you will sicken, starve and die.

In return for these glorious freedoms, I have the right to march off to a polling booth. I can print up a useless sign and wave it around. I can write useless rants on the Internet. None of these expressive freedoms will do anything to mitigate the real deadly and mortal freedoms above. In return for my useless expressive freedoms, I have the freedom to have the system end my life. Expressive freedoms don’t negate or render useless mortal freedoms. On the contrary, mortal freedoms render expressive freedoms preposterous.

In return for the right to sicken, be shelterless, starve and die, I get the right to wave a sign around. Why would I trade the former for the latter? If you offered to pull my sign-waving rights for the right to food, shelter and a doctor, I might just take you up.

I’m not arguing for gulags and bullets in the head. I’m giving you something to think about the next time some moron starts shouting “freedom” at you.

Do you see what a joke it is when capitalists start ranting about “freedom?” Do you really think that the master and the serf are independent agents confronting each other and making “contracts” on an equal footing, each “free” to make this or that decision about what to do or what not to do? This is what the capitalists want you to believe. Do you really believe that?

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7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Uselessness of “Freedom” under Capitalist Democracy”

  1. good points are made here but the reverse can also be true. would you be free to force-integrated those who don’t want it?

    also, what is with all the “we will kill you” stuff. whose “we”? i get the sneaking suspicion that “we” wouldn’t do jack shit.

  2. ROBERT I fail to see how taxing the wealthy upper 10% in Sweden or Australia strips the lower 90% of their freedoms.

    You are probably more free in Sweden or Australia or Canada in Welfare Capitalism.

  3. Being poor in the U.S. is almost illegal. You can be locked up for vagrancy by police for being homeless although in most cases they will simply throw you in the back of a police car and drive you aka First Blood Sheriff Teasle to the edge of the county. Only in large urban centers can you get away with being homeless and cops ignore you.

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