An Excellent Summary of Our Current Crisis, and the Insane American Thinking That Created It

A commenter, Chris Schultz, wrote the following. I agree with every single thing he said. He makes many excellent and insightful points.

Like him, I see no future at all. Sure, the rich created the problem, but the US working class cheered their rich enemies on while they did. They cheered every time the working class was attacked, which is all that ever happens anymore.

Americans hate the working classes. Even the working classes hate the working classes. They hate themselves! Many of them won’t even call themselves working class. We’re all “middle class,” but middle class is an invention. People making $10K are middle class based on their value set or ambitions. The rich say that $250K or $840K is middle class. The rich love being rich, but many don’t want to call themselves that. Some of our Republican political class have been quoted on this.

And the problem is mostly White workers, though not exclusively White workers. We see the same mindset in a certain subtype of Blacks and Hispanics.

We will burn ourselves at the stake of middle class identity while the crowd watches and aims a circular firing squad at the burning heretics, the lazy government workers or pampered union losers. The rich snicker, watch from their balconies and cheer the suicidal on. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down. It’s a middle class Inquisition and Black Plague, self-inflicted.

A Medieval passion play in the era of 1’s and 0’s, but we all die on the cross, and instead of wailing, the audience whoops and hollers angrily. It’s their turn next, or so they hope. Or do they?

It’s all nuts, but no one can see it. There’s an elephant charging cocktail party, but everyone insists they can’t see it when they look right at all. We’re doomed, just like them. But even in our death, we will deny being mortal as we try to strangle the poor corpse next to us.

We’re all doomed.

We’re worried about unions, yet what I see here is a resurgence of Nazism, or perhaps Jew-phobia. Forget race. It doesn’t matter. Those who focus on race are intent on creating divisions that divert attention from the real problem. It’s not the color of skin, it’s the color of money. The haves versus the have nots. America’s biggest advantage is its biggest weakness.

People born in poverty can elevate themselves to the top of the financial food chain. I know of a few of these people. They are rare, exceptional and they have compelling stories. Every one would like to be like these success stories. Alas, most of us won’t make it.

But that desire and almost insane competitiveness drives workers apart as they plot and scheme for their own little nirvanas at the expense of their neighbors. It seems to hit white Americans hardest because from the beginning of this country, it was white Americans who benefited from the upward mobility. But I believe it afflicts all American workers to some extent.

And if we’re all going to be rich, why associate with a bunch of Union losers who are planning to retire from their same old job 30 years down the road? No health insurance? No problem. In 10 years I’ll be a mulitimillionaire and buy my own damn doctor. Or so the thinking goes.

With a national psychosis that runs so deep, I see no cure. The Republic is doomed to be torn apart by the growing wealth and power of the Haves and the increasingly frustrated ambitions of the Have Nots. What you’re seeing now in the U.S. is the end game, as the power elite consolidates its power through the Republican Party and subjugates the remaining 99.5 percent to their interpretation of democracy and the Constitution.

The 1950s and early 1960s were an aberration created by World War II. Most of the old-line union members were former military men, hardened by the Depression and war, who were used to cooperating to get a job done regardless if they liked or even respected the man next to him.

We are now returning to a politics like that of the 1890-1910s, in which management is able to create artificial divisions in the labor movement and separate middle class working folk from each other based on their race, their financial fortunes and whether they work in either the public or private sector.

Perhaps the saddest thing I’ve seen is hardworking middle class construction workers, foundry workers, truck drivers and police and fire personnel in my home state of Wisconsin applaud while our right wing governor forces the state government and school districts to shed tens of thousands of middle class government jobs.

They applaud while the power elite grows the ranks of the unemployed and powerless and shrink their numbers to nearly nothing. Unbelievable. Anyone who thinks American style democracy can survive this kind of systemic onslaught is blind or insane.

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0 thoughts on “An Excellent Summary of Our Current Crisis, and the Insane American Thinking That Created It”

  1. I wouldn’t be so pessimistic, if your acessment is right, I just think of the monologue from the movie “The Grapes Of Wrath” at the very end, where Ma describes men and women and the poor vs the rich.
    The little plain people are hardy and resilient, the rich and their spawn are weak and defective.
    I’ve seen it.
    The G.I parties in saigon while Charlie “squats in the bush eating rice-balls”.
    The uptake will probably be free market socialism, and there’ll be clashes and misery, but it is what it is, IMO. At least it won’t be boring.
    What doesn’t kill the working class will make it stronger.

  2. “as the power elite consolidates its power through the Republican Party and subjugates the remaining 99.5 percent to their interpretation of democracy and the Constitution”

    The richest people in America are Democrat supporters. Only the “2nd rank rich” are Republicans, see . Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, George Soros, Al Gore – they’re all Dem supporters. Why? Probably because they are aware that they didn’t get rich by creating value as much as transferring it – often by taking advantage of bad laws – and that in fact they “stole” from people who actually create value (scientists, inventors, engineers, doctors, teachers).

    And since poverty is often an indirect consequence of low IQ, any biorealists are guaranteed to do a better job of eliminating it than our current politically-corrent politicians: either through voluntary eugenics or genetic engineering. The former can only guarantee less poverty in future generations, at a slow pace, but it is doable today – while the latter promises to change existing humans. But for the latter to become reality, we must compensate the value-creating scientists adequately instead of celebrities, crony capitalists or politicians, and take a closer look at Big Pharma, because it might put blocks in anything that might endanger its profits through significantly improving the human condition.

  3. Ever wondered why there has been a steady decline in union power? Since the 1950s it has become harder and harder to make a good living doing blue-collar work. It used to be that you could have a blue-collar job, make a good living, live in the suburbs, and afford a few children while the wife had the opportunity to take care of the kids full-time.

    As white-collar jobs expanded a lot of the people who would or did do blue-collar work shifted to white-collar work. The unions stagnated and retreated, and along with their power decline came a drop in the salaries for the blue-collar type work.

    When this happened the high-IQ people were culled from blue-collar work. Without high-IQ people the unions were unable to effectively organize. It became tougher to negotiate with bosses and maintain a public presence in front of the camera, as few could speak with the required lucidity. That’s the problem with unions today, in a nutshell.

      1. I concur w/Robert. Hoffa was a dumbass but nobody organized like him, and nobody could communicate as effectively..
        Hitler was a conservative who probably had an unremarkable IQ, but he could communicate and organize very well. Of course his IQ soared when he decided to commit suicide.

        And Eugenick, there’s probably several million multi-millionaires in the U.S. and you named 4 that’re alleged to be liberals. That leaves 1,999,996 republican conservatives.
        Not very convincing as a premise.

  4. It looks like we do live in so called End Times.
    I hate to be a Prophet of Doom, since I love life and everything good and beautiful that is connected with it, but unfortunately there are so many signs that we do live in a very “Intersting times”. Bummer.
    Apocaliptyc?? Maybe. We brought all of it upon ourselves.
    Now it is payback time.

  5. We survived the civil war, the first 2 world wars, the great depressions of 1893 and 1929, and corporations and the uber-rich reached a peak of power and influence dwarfing present day in the 1890’s..we came thru it all and managed to increase our rights and become more socialistic. We make constant, if slow and frustrating, progress.
    Americans are tough and determined. We never give up. The present lack of hope is temporary. When the common man gets knocked down and spit on, he always gets back up.
    We used to make lots of stuff.
    A country that doesn’t make stuff can’t prosper…we used to make the best shit in the world.
    I remember it…”American made” meant cool and high quality.
    We need to start making stuff again, and exporting…with protectionist policies.
    We need to wake up and stop accepting this low bar stuff like reduced wages and benefits. Since when is it OK for Americans to settle for less?
    Americans don’t settle for less, that’s what makes us great.
    It’s not OK and “understandable” for us to accept crap wages and be pushed around on the job just because we’re in a slump.
    Settling for less is unAmerican.
    We gotta realize that all the CEO’s that make lots of money are the ones that fire people the most. We gotta communicate with our representatives about this. Tell ’em to deal with this shit. Tell ’em to act like real Americans.

  6. Thanks for this wonderful essay. I too am afraid of Jews… But also Russians, Chinese, and perhaps Arabs…and of course savage underclass blacks. I think really all peoples can become rabid looting zombies, but on the whole it’s non whites who have the worst conditions to yield the morbid zombie transformation.. Whites of the lower class will just stock up on beans and ammo and raise the confederate flag or something else symbolic yet misunderstood and coo coo. It’s not that I think these groups are bad, but it’s that they are inclined and in the end perhaps forced to act a certain way to the detriment of freedom and the old way of life which only exists in my mind. Anyways, boys, sharpen your samurai sticks… It’s go time.

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