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This is the first video I have uploaded that shows the Catalan language.

I could only make out a few words here and there, and I was helped by the visuals about what they were describing. If this was on the radio, I would have done a lot worse. Keep in mind I can understand Spanish pretty well. If you understand Spanish, you most definitely cannot understand Catalan very well! It is for sure a completely different language. Also note that there are many complaints that Catalan TV uses a heavily Castillianized version of Catalan. If this is what the Castillianized version sounds like, I’d hate to hear the pure Catalan.

If any of you speak French, it might be interesting to play this video and see if you can pick up any more of this language than I can coming from Spanish. The best way to listen to it is to not watch the video, just listen to it like it’s on the radio.

On the other hand, I heard a guy speaking a short video about Catalan in which he spoke very slowly and carefully, and I could actually figure out a good part of it.

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  1. I speak a little Spanish.This sounds like Spanish with an Italian component and a Slavic lilt! English force words were popping up here and there, they were talking about airport access, security and difficulties parking. That chick on the bus with the beetling brows was making me picture her on “” , i like that look cuz I now have a bigfoot fetish thanks to you Robert…thanks a LOT. (angry)
    I watched a fascinating POV episode last night on PBS, a combat journalist accompanied a Danish NATO company in Afghanistan (if you can find this–WATCH IT) the camera was right in the middle of firefights and IED’s. I swear the bullets were pinging off the damn camera. You got a REAL look at what that shit is like their. Civilians telling them to take their asses home and getting killed and all. Anyway I was listening to the Danes talking amongst themselves….Germanic, Nordic, Finn influeces, but what suprised me were the intermittent words and full sentences in English, and I’m not talking humorously or pulled from movies, it was part of the common language, you could tell by the context in which it was being used. Amazing. Phrases were being regularly used right in the middle of Danish that were complete English…no way were they drawn from a Danish source. They were being used as Danish…whole sentences even, not just a word here & there. Languages are a living thing that’s as unpredictable as humans.

    1. Danish is closer to English than any other major language except Dutch. Danes and the Dutch are also culturally and racially close to the English, one could argue. The Danes colonized and ruled England (which had already been settled by Jutes who became Danes later) and then basically became English themselves. A friend of mine who visited said that the Danes act more like English people than like Scands.

  2. Hi! The man who talks is from Rousillon (France). They speak catalan but with french accent so, probably for spaniards might be more difficult to understand.

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