The Stupid Party

The Republican Party has been anti-science for a long time now, since Reagan in 1980 at least. Part of the problem is due to capitalism. Capitalists simply reject science when it gets in the way their profits. That’s why the state always has to run science research. Science is too important to let smarmy capitalist liars get their mitts all over it. Science run by capitalists, when it was done at all, would come up with exactly those findings that the capitalists running the science would want to come up with.

Note I said when it was done at all. Much basic science simply would not be run by the private sector. The private sector would only fund science that they thought they could make a buck off of, or else they would fund fraudulent science designed to protect their profits from regulators.

The Republican Party has been getting more anti-science since 1980. In fact, recent studies have shown that watching Fox News actually makes you stupid, in a dose response fashion. The more Fox News you watch, the stupider you get. That’s because Fox News lies to you about the truth all the time. There are many truths that Fox News will not admit because they are ideologically bad for the Right. And there are many lies that it continues to peddle because those lies are good for the Right.

Fortunately, the Left in the US, or what’s left of it, doesn’t have the same problem.

New information has just come out that proves that a majority of Republican voters, at least in Iowa, may well be retarded. Of Iowa Republicans:



Rick Perry has chimed in. He doesn’t believe in evolution either, but he believes in fucking beautiful young men, in quantities even. Rick Perry doesn’t believe in global warming either, but he believes in fucking scores of hot young hookers, stripper and call girls, often while doing lines of cocaine.

Perry has a particularly bizarre theory about global warming. He says that there is a gigantic conspiracy on the part of tens of thousands of climate scientists all over the world to cook the books and make up this fake scientific theory. Why are they all lying like this? For the money, he says. To keep the dollars rolling into their projects. Amazing, and not one scientist has blown the whistle about this.

Never mind that 97.5

Mitt Romney has chimed in idiotically, saying that he is not sure if the planet is warming or if humans are to blame. Way to have it both ways, Mittens.

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27 thoughts on “The Stupid Party”

  1. Would you say engineering and high tech firms are “anti science,” as well?

    A lot of scientific research funded by the public sector is useless as well, such as a recent study conducted by the AMA on how penis size affects the lives of gay men.

  2. New information has just come out that proves that a majority of Republican voters, at least in Iowa, may well be retarded. Of Iowa Republicans:

    79% do not believe in global warming

    You would have to be retarded to believe in global warming.

  3. Religion is a major problem here. As tyrannical as this may sound, I sometimes fantasize about outlawing evangelical Christianity (or religion in general) among whites, and force them to be purely scientific.

    The U.S. is the most religious country in the world.

    It’s also the most anti-scientific of 1st world countries.

    Go figure.

    1. “The U.S. is the most religious country in the world.”

      Do you mean the developed world. The Southern cone are bigger culprits in this regard. One must be a Catholic to serve as President of Argentina.

        1. Hehe, good one!

          Well, if we can get over age and geographical differences (we’ve already resolved Jewish/gentile issues), then who knows? 😉

          Just kidding, GSG. I’m not creepily trying to come onto you!

          Just rolling with Tulio’s joke.

        2. Eh, give or take three years. We can meet up in Leavensworth, Kansas (the midpoint stop on the Oregon Trail) 🙂 !!!!

          Now I’m starting to scare you 🙂

  4. Michelle Backmann today just said that the east coast earthquake and hurricane are a sign from God of his dissatisfaction of big government, lol. I bet many red state whites will eat that shit up too.

    1. I don’t like religious whites in general.

      Religious whites on the right are anti-scientific flat-earther doofuses who make whites look bad.

      Religious whites on the left are self-righteous, self-hating whites (think Michael Pfleger and William E. Alberts).

      Well, I’m biased against religion in general, but it’s especially bad for whites.

        1. Tulio, just curious, what prompted you to now ask that question?

          (don’t worry, I’ll answer you soon enough!)

        2. Because you seem to support a socialism that is white race-conscious.

          I’m not suggesting you are Nazi per se and want genocide.

        3. Because you seem to support a socialism that is white race-conscious.

          True enough.

          And thanks for clarifying that I’m not about to get the nooses and gas chambers ready! 😉

      1. Although I’m an atheist I don’t think you understand the origens of religions and their purpose.

    2. The Northeast doesn’t usually get hit with natural disasters. That’s reserved for the South West (no doubt divine retribution for illegal immigration.) But this week, we experienced both an earthquake and a tornado. Maybe she’s onto something 🙂

  5. @ Tulio

    Take Ralph Nader’s views on workers, corporations, and the environment, and then combine them with Sam Francis’s views on race (absent HBD), immigration, and foreign policy.

    That sums up many of my views in a nutshell.

    Of course, there are other issues and other views that I have, but if you want to know, there you have it. I’m sure you already do know.

    Observing the ineffectiveness of the white nationalist movement due to squabbles over ideological purity has convinced me never to bind myself to abstractions. I adopt ideas that are the most fitting to me.

    Therefore, I will not identify myself as a “white nationalist,” “liberal,” “conservative,” “national socialist,” etc. I will not bind myself to any single ideological category or abstraction.

    I’ve heeded Saul Alinsky’s advice and will never become a “true believer.”

    So if you want an answer to my question, it’s “no.”

  6. “79% do not believe in global warming.
    65% do not believe in evolution.”

    Astonishing! And on what basis do they choose not to believe in these things. It certainly isn’t from investigation or actually putting in 30 minutes of thought into these things. Nearly all of them have probably never even bothered to Google “evolution” or “global warming”, believing it to be a waste of time.

    It’s true what Napolean said, freedom is the concern of a small minority of men, the rest seek dependence and someone to follow.

    As I’ve stated before, the only way to cleanse of America is to open it up to ALL. Fight prejudice with prejudice, balance faith with faith, combat ignorance with ignorance. To each what they give, from each only what they are capable of.

  7. Bay Area Guy
    Religion is a wide spectrum of beliefs. You can’t epaint them all with the same brush. I don’t want to get rid of religion because the alternative is worse. Secular Humanism and Universalism are self indulgent and narcisstic at the core. One hundred fifty years ago, it was a viable alternative. Now, not so much.

    1. Secular Humanism and Universalism are self indulgent and narcisstic at the core.

      Do I detect your Orthodox upbringing coming into play here? 😉

      But all joking aside, I completely agree.

      Secular Humanism and Universalism are indeed cancers. As I’ve said before, I’ll take Orthodox Jews over liberal secular Jews any day of the week.

      I do think that in the absence of religion, you need a sort of nationalism or patriotism.

      Otherwise, you just have a bunch of rootless universalists.

      1. I have my differences with the Orthodox as well. I currently don’t practice but identify more with the Orthodox culture than secular Doucheberg culture. I don’t mind secular jewish identity in theory, but secular jews always try to integrate their own philosophies and political views into an ancient tradition and pass it off as jewish identity. Now I can respect a woman or homosexual as a rabbi, but they have to respect traditional judaism and can not incorporate their identity into their work. now I’m open to different interpretations of the bible, but I can’t stand Buddhist seders or Yoga Minyans or Saturday morning Quaker style meetings masquerading as humanistic, universal Judaism.

        While I’m not a fan of extremist sects of any faith, most have little influence and do minimal damage in comparison to what seculars have accomplished. I know our foreign policy is a counter example, but they’ve been manipulated by stronger forces.

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