Sweetened Popcorn

Just ate a whole bag of that stuff. Good Lord that was gross! I eat popcorn a lot, usually buttered or cheesed. I can handle that just fine. There’s salt in it, but an extraordinary amount. There’s not that much saturated fat as you might think.

But there was something horrid about that sweetened popcorn. Apparently it was sweetened with sugar. The bag had about 66 grams of real sugar in it. You probably should not eat more than 40 grams a day of that crap. The stuff grossed me out so much that I had to throw the last of it away.

Thing is, I don’t eat much sugar. I don’t even eat much in the way of desserts. I often just eat fresh fruit for dessert, if I have anything at all. I’ve been on an avoidance of sugar diet for quite some time now. I don’t put it in my coffee either, nor in my iced tea. At this point, sugar would just about wreck my coffee I’m afraid.

I do drink quite a bit of real fruit juice, hopefully with as little sugar added as possible. I’m not too worried about the fructose.

When you radically cut back on sugar, a funny thing happens. I almost felt like puking eating that bag of popcorn. If I tried to eat a fudge sundae, I might practically puke. I have a hard time eating fancy cakes and various get-togethers. A typical sugar-laden wedding cake type cake that’s served at many get-togethers nearly makes me vomit.

I really think this is your body’s natural reaction to sugar. The stuff is poison and it’s supposed to make you puke. But when you eat it all the time, you build up tolerance to it, and it doesn’t bother you anymore. Like a drug. Yeah. Sugar is a drug. Think about it.

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0 thoughts on “Sweetened Popcorn”

  1. One day, a man with moderate MR told me: “You can get drunk on Coke.” I apologize if anyone finds this offensive, but I thought it was precious. He was quite serious.

  2. In its modern manufactured doses, sugar has to be the biggest destroyer of health. It seems like we are predisposed to abusing our sweet tooth.

    When you look at clean, natural foods, there is nothing as sweet as the crap you find packaged nowadays. No other natural flavors or seasonings have been amped up as much as that of sugar/sweet.

    1. The shit’s basically poison AFAICT, or a toxin, or a drug. Same thing really. Eating 60 grams of sugar at a setting is almost like doing a few lines of coke, except the coke is way more fun.

      1. I just had a can of soda with like 50g of sugar in it. I know it was basically liquid candy but my god was it good though! I went on a 20 mile back ride and just grabbed the first ice cold tasty drink I saw.

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