Russia: Welcome to Capitalist Hell


Say what you will about the USSR, but they never had dirty bums on the streets begging money and sniffing glue. Of all things, street children. Good God, what a mess.

Whether it works or not, capitalism is definitely not morally ok. In a lot of ways, it’s just flat out evil.

Check out Lenin giving a speech at the end. I don’t believe I have ever seen him speak before. And at the very end before the video ends, guess who? Leon Trotsky.

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17 thoughts on “Russia: Welcome to Capitalist Hell”

  1. I’m no fan of Communist Russia or the Soviet Union (sorry, Robert!), but it is interesting.

    For all that many people like to decry the so-called JewSSR, it was only after the fall of Communism that all those wealthy Jewish oligarchs began to dominate the economy.

    I’ve heard stories from people who have frequently visited Russia, and it is indeed a hellhole.

    Russia under Communism wasn’t exactly wonderful, but it’s only gotten worse ever since Yeltsin ushered in Capitalism.

      1. @Robert Lindsay

        Good Putin speech from 2008 which he describes the situation of Russia during the 90’s and national revival during his rule.

        “I would like to quote a few figures. Over these last eight years total investment in the Russian economy has grown not by percentage points but has risen seven-fold. During the preceding period, annual net capital outflow was from $10 billion and up to $25 billion. But in 2007, we had record capital inflow of $82.3 billion.

        Stock market capitalisation has undergone a fantastic 22-fold increase compared to 1999. In 2006, this indicator put us ahead of Mexico, India, Brazil and even South Korea, which has been showing very rapid growth. The stock market was worth $60 billion at the end of 1999, but by the end of 2007, it had risen to $1.330 trillion.

        Russia’s foreign trade turnover has increased more then five-fold. More than 6 million Russian citizens go abroad every year.

        All of these figures are evidence that Russia has entered a new era as a modern state that is open to the outside world, and open too to business and fair competition.
        We have now completely restored the level of social and economic development that was lost in the 1990s. People’s real incomes now exceed their pre-reform levels. The economy is growing steadily.

        Last year, we had our best GDP growth result yet – 8.1 percent. According to the figures for 2007 (according to international experts’ data), Russia is ahead of G8 countries such as Italy and France in terms of GDP as calculated on a purchasing parity basis, and is now one of the world’s seven biggest economies.

        We have begun major projects in the energy sector, transport infrastructure, machine-building and housing construction. We are carrying out structural reform in the aircraft manufacturing and shipbuilding sectors. We have attracted substantial investment to the car industry and railway equipment sector.

        We have established state corporations with big financial and organisational possibilities in the economic sectors most sensitive for the state. The situation is also improving in agriculture.

        Our children will no longer have to pay our old debts. The state foreign debt has shrunk to 3 percent of GDP – one of the lowest ratios in the world.

        We have built up substantial financial reserves that protect our country from external crises and guarantee that we will be able to meet our social commitments in the future.
        Overall, we have established macroeconomic stability and ensured our country’s financial independence. As a result, Russia has witnessed a real investment and consumer boom over these last two years.

        Real incomes have undergone a 2.5-fold increase over these last eight years and pensions have risen by almost the same amount. I am well aware of the inflation situation and the rising prices, but I repeat that real incomes have risen 2.5-fold. Unemployment and the level of poverty have undergone a more than two-fold decrease.

        We have checked the falling birth rate and rising death rate. As you recall, we drafted a demographic programme not long ago. Many doubted that the state investments this programme called for would be of any use. Today I am happy to say that they have been of use. The birth rate grew faster last year than at time in the last 25 years, and more children were born in the country than were born over the last 15 years.
        Positive changes are taking place in education, science and healthcare. The state has once again begun paying attention to national cultural issues.

        New opportunities have opened up for developing professional and mass sports in the country. The selection of Sochi to host the 2014 Winter Olympics is confirmation not only of our sports and economic achievements but also of Russia’s growing international influence.

        Our biggest achievement is the stability that enables us to make our plans, calmly go about our work and start our families. People once more have confidence that life will continue to change for the better.

        I repeat that we have achieved all of this together. All of this is the fruit of our daily labour, this important work that has changed the lives of our citizens and changed our country itself, a country of which we are deservedly proud.”

    1. For all that many people like to decry the so-called JewSSR, it was only after the fall of Communism that all those wealthy Jewish oligarchs began to dominate the economy

      That’s not exactly true the Jewish bankers in Sweden, Britain and the US made a good fortune after the Bolshevik revolution in fact there is a book called The Worlds Greatest Heist that details this during the civil war period up until after WW2.

      Al Gores senator father was in league with Soviet agent and business man Armand Hammar who help him acquire a cattle farm and major coal mining company.

      Referenced at the 5:36 mark:

      It was Kruschev British aligned economic policy and de-Stalinisation policy that sent the Soviet economy in decline and decrease in living standards which lead to the revolt in Hungry in 56 that started with conflict within the party itself.

      In the Soviet system there has always been a two tier system which is why Soros and his economic shock gurus were able to loot Russia and Ukraine and install their Oligarchs in these countries and Kazakhstan because they had senior contacts within the Soviet government which to align themselves with.

      Soros Russian economic shock therapy advisors where trained in London and London affiliated institutions during Gorbachevs rule during the late 80’s.

      The second genocide of Russia and the Russian aligned spheres of influence and the literally conspiracy to destroy Russia as a state just shows how ruthless and evil Jews as a group can be who have no loyalty to there nation states and will actively work against them when it suits their international agenda which various examples in history have shown.

      There are as bad if not worse than my own people speaking as a Brit.

      No surprise that the British Empire and the British Imperial system and Judaism go hand in hand.

      1. I have to take the Gore stuff with a grain of salt, the only place where this Gore sr. ArmandHammar, soviet spy stuff appears is prisonplanet or worldnetdaily. I’ve not taken Gore stories seriously ever since that silly stuff about Gore having claimed he “invented the internet”. That never happened. Maybe “ruthless and evil Jews” are actually just “ruthless and evil capitalists”. Keep in mind the Brits created Israel to get rid of the Jews, not to “help” them..

        1. Keep in mind the Brits created Israel to get rid of the Jews, not to “help” them..

          No, that’s hardly why they got involved in the whole Zionist enterprise in the first place .

          The reason why was that the Brits were facing a tough moment during WWI, and so they issued the Balfour Declaration because they wanted to get big Jewish bankers on their side.

          Others have argued that the Balfour Declaration was a reward to prominent American Jewish Zionists like Louis Brandeis for the role they played in persuading president Wilson to enter the war on behalf of the allied powers.

          The Brits got nothing but headaches from their occupation of Palestine, and were more than happy to leave following WWII, and pass the problem off onto someone else.

      2. Johnny- I just watched the video. Are you a LaRouche-ite?

        That is some of the craziest shit I have ever seen/heard.

        So, the KKK, the Enviros and the Ruskies are all in bed with the Nazis and the World Wildlife Fund- all funded by Soros, the Narco Terrorists, the DNC and the Opossums…now it makes sense.

        I need to start drinking more heavily now that I know the truth!

        1. @mott 69

          “Johnny- I just watched the video. Are you a LaRouche-ite?”

          A lot of his work and material are good and puts past and current events in perspective which he has rightfully predicted the collapsing economic system.

          I knew from my own research the predominant role Britain is playing in regards to supporting Islamic terrorism against Russia and across the world but in retrospect I was surprised to learn the primary role Britain and British institutions and assets played in global affairs which is the world centre for Oligarchs and international terrorism.

          “So, the KKK, the Enviros and the Ruskies are all in bed with the Nazis and the World Wildlife Fund- all funded by Soros, the Narco Terrorists, the DNC and the Opossums…now it makes sense”.

          What BS. Where did you get that nonsense from?

          The whole point of the global warming hoax as LaRouche and others have point out is to de-industrialise developing countries with the leading environmentalists also being prominent depopulation advocates.

          ”I need to start drinking more heavily now that I know the truth!”

          I think you need to lay of the drink and drugs altogether.

        2. Johnny- I went to the LaRouche websites, 21st Century Science, etc. Their theories have bits of truth in them, but put it together and it’s a pretty wild amalgamation to swallow.

          They say that Enviros like Al Gore are racists bent on genociding the “dark peoples” of the third world in order to…what? Save the pandas?

          The video says that Al Gore’s dad worked with a Russian agent, the Al Gore went to a KKK college, and that he and an ex-Nazi run the WWF, and that the DNC and Narco Terrorists are involved.

          LaRouchite’s believe that nuclear power and industrializing the whole third world will solve evryone’s problems, and that Enviros want to ban DDT to genocide Africans.

      3. Thx for the book tip. But real title is:

        History’s Greatest Heist: The Looting of Russia by the Bolsheviks – Sean McMeekin

  2. The country could be better, but it rushed too fast to embrace capitalism. Things will inevitably get better, though, but god knows how long it would take.

  3. It’s looking a lot like America today. At least the Russian homeless seem to have pets to keep them company.

  4. As someone born under a Commie regime and having lived 4 years of my life under it (+the next 20 under the crony capitalism that followed), I will say that Communism with its shortages of food, electricity, water was awful for intellectuals and what are now considered middle-class people. The rich aristocrats and peasants had been either brutally killed, deported somewhere else, or just expropriated. The former (educated) aristocracy had been replaced by the rich inner-party folks and apparatchiks (much stupider than the former bourgeoisie), which had access to stuff the average citizen and party member could only dream of.

    For middle-class hard-working people, there is no comparison: it’s much much better now. One of the most precious gifts of the new regime is the ability to see the world and travel freely to other countries.

    Communism ruined my country, there is no denying it – and now we’re reaping the consequences. Romania was the 7th most prosperous country in Europe before WWII, now it is one of the poorest. The corrupt, crony-capitalist state that we have today is a consequence of the fact that bribery, “gifts” and such became widespread under the Communist regime (due to its lack of realistic prices), and the mentalities that emerged then are still with us today, practically infecting the whole society as most people alive during the 1989 Revolution were born under the Communist regime and knew nothing of the prior, healthier social structure. By then, the old generation born under the Kingdom was already too thin to make a difference and teach people how things were before.

    However, I must say that some things (which you noticed) were somewhat better during Communism, law enforcement in particular (when it came to regular thugs and thieves, not when it came to the rule of law in general). A lot of apartment blocks were being built, and their prices were generally more affordable (even for people without college degrees) than they are today. Pensioners could afford trips to the country’s top spas and mountain resorts.

    But providing order and housing need not be tied to Communism.
    Just so you know where I’m coming from: I think that state capitalism as in Hong Kong and Singapore (especially with a touch of voluntary eugenics as in the latter) is the best political system today. I think Communism is flawed (at least in non-hunter-gatherer societies) due to the economic calculation problem ( and the observation that agricultural societies always gravitate to some sort of class hierarchy. A classless, stateless society cannot exist; there will always be a sovereign authority which will answer to no one.

    I think the free-market does a much better job of allocating resources than any central planner, but is also flawed due to human nature (football players earning much more than most scientists should be a hint that the free market is perfectible, unlike what libertarians believe)

    1. I would say that 4 yrs is not a period of time necessary to judge various systems of government or economic policies.
      The middle class may be better off now, but if there’s alot less of them, that’s not a ringing endorsement. The upper middle class and above have always done well.
      Singapore and Hong Kong are very corrupt, there’s a strong class distinction, and repressive rules.
      Communism has never really been implemented. Communism is a point where all government and classes disappear, and the system runs on it’s own. There are varying levels and degrees of socialism.
      IMO, Romania was better off without capitalism.

      “Romania entered the 1990s a relatively poor country by European standards, largely a result of the failed economic policies of Nicolae Ceauşescu in the 1970s and of the failures of privatization in Romania during the 90s, which decreased the GDP by almost 50% and ruined the industry because of corruption. ( Ceauşescu was a maverick, pro-western, pro-capitalist leader)

      With oil production of 7.2 million tons in 1937, Romania ranked second in Europe and seventh in the world. The oil extracted from Romania was essential for the German war campaigns. Before World War II, it was Europe’s second-largest food producer. In

      After the Second World War, Romania became a member of the Eastern Bloc, and switched to a socialist-style command economy. During this period the country experienced rapid industrialization in an attempt to create a “multilaterally developed socialist society”. Economic growth was further fueled by foreign credits in the 1970s, but this eventually led to a growing foreign debt, which peaked at $11–12 billion; the latter was largely paid off during the 1980s by implementing severe austerity measures which deprived Romanians of basic consumer goods.

      As of 2008, inflation stood at 7.8%, up from 4.8% in 2007. Romania is a major crossroad for International economic exchange in Europe. However, because of insufficient investment, maintenance and repair, the transport infrastructure does not meet the current needs of a market economy and lags behind Western Europe.

      Romania’s per-capita PPP GDP is still only about a 40% of the EU average, while the country’s nominal GDP per capita is about 25% of the EU average. Despite recent growth Romania still has some of the lowest wages in the European Union, second only to Bulgaria. WIKI (note that much of the rest of Europe is…socialist.)

      Gheorghiu-Dej (1950’s), a firm Stalinist, was not pleased with the reforms in Nikita Khrushchev’s Soviet Union after Stalin’s death in 1953. He closed Romania’s largest labor camps, abandoned the Danube–Black Sea Canal project, halted rationing and hiked workers’ wages.”

  5. Bay Area Guy…I concede that your point is compelling…I read about the motivation for Britain and the Balfour agreement more than 20 yrs ago, and the source may well have been biased since I was unaware then of the reach and influence of zionist control of the message.
    History changes over the years. It becomes more refined. Here is one of the links I read because of your reply that makes me question my original take.

    1. @MIke Sylvester- Yeah, but that’s illogical. The accusation is that there weren’t feral children and millions of homeless in Russia under Communism- it’s a Capitalist phenomena. So, a video like that could not have been made under Communism. That, Mike, is no endorsement of Capitalism. Are you saying Russia’s better now because you can You Tube the homeless without being arrested?

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