A Few More Comments About Black Diners

In reference to the Black Diners post which caused so much controversy, there were a couple of things that I forgot to mention about in that post.

The post discussed very fat Black ladies who ordered multiple servings of the buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks. Four servings each, to be exact.

Now, in my culture, I am not sure if this is some kind of violation, but it seems that they are ordering multiple servings for a single person. Plus, they are already fat.

I go out to eat with overweight people on a pretty regular basis. Some of them are even obese. They don’t necessarily order the healthiest stuff on the menu, but that’s marginally ok in my culture. In fact, I’ve been told to not make comments about the high fat menu choices of my obese eating partners. But one thing you cannot do is order multiple servings for a single person. If you are fat or obese, you just order a regular dish like everyone else. You don’t order multiple servings.

The reasoning is simple. If a fat person orders multiple servings, they are calling attention to themselves in the worst way. You’re already fat, and that’s obvious to everyone, and really, that’s bad enough. Now you’re saying, “I’m not only fat, but I’m also a pig!” It’s really gross. A fat person obviously got that way by a certain eating style, but you don’t put it on display in a restaurant. In a restaurant, a fat person eats just like everyone else. They don’t order half the kitchen freezer and wolf it all down.

Now, if you’re fat and you like to pig out, in my culture, you do it in the privacy of your own home. If you like to buy whole cartons of ice cream and eat the whole damn thing in one serving because you’re a fat pig, fine, just close the door when you do it. You don’t do that when you eat out.

The post also mentioned Blacks running around to various different tables to go sit and eat with their friends. They often took their food with them. I think this might be a serious problem for the server. It’s important to know who ordered what at what table. For all of that to make sense, people have to stay seated at the same table they initially sat down at, and they can’t move around or especially move their food around. I would imagine that moving to different tables and especially bringing your food with you screws up the server’s billing job bigtime.

I think that a lot of Blacks still have the old White attitude about food. In old White culture, pigging out on the best and most fattening food was “living large.” A rich man was a fat man. A poor man was typically a skinny man, because he didn’t earn enough to eat well. Women sought out fat, rich men. Rich man deliberately got fat because this meant that you were making so much money you could eat like a horse. Obesity was a sign of wealth and privilege.

Now, modern White culture has gotten away from this. The richer you are, the skinnier you are. The legions of the poor could never fight a war, because they’re too fat to form an army. Go to Walmart and see how fat the American poor of all races are. Fattening food is cheap. Healthy food is expensive. Only the upscale groups bother to exercise, and exercise is not typical in American society. You need to go to a gym, have a home gym, ride an exercise bike, something like that. The poor don’t exercise at all, except to get off the coach and grab another beer.

I think Blacks are still living in that old White culture. To Blacks, food is the good life. Eating out is living large. In particular, pigging out on the most fattening food is not shameful, instead, it’s living it up, the high life. So this may be what is behind those fat Black ladies ordering multiple servings of fattening food.

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0 thoughts on “A Few More Comments About Black Diners”

  1. Agree that obesity has a negative effect on society but Michelle Obama’s Anti Obesity crusade has gone way too far. You can not legally force people to maintain a healthy diet, or punish those who don’t.

    1. Well, if her program is doing that, I would agree that it’s wrong and highly unethical. However, I’m not aware that Michelle Obama’s been forcing people or punishing people to lose weight. I thought she was merely encouraging and motivating people, especially kids, to lose weight via special programs and positive activities, and raising awareness of obesity-related issues among the public at large (no pun intended). If you have any links or examples of how her program goes too far, please share them. I would like to take a look. Thanks.

  2. Well, I think black Africans have that old-world mentality, but I’m not too sure about African Americans.

  3. Rob, I don’t think this is entirely accurate. Most people who I’ve seen who looked jacked were prole types. Most upper class have a skinny, SWPL type look with no visible signs of physical strength.

    1. LOL. In the dying days of my first marriage I was working out a lot (to relieve the stress) and my wife was always telling me I looked like I had just gotten out of prison. I took it as a compliment (sort of) but a lot of my fellow SWPLs thought I was a freak or had gone around the bend in some way.

  4. It seems that with increasing levels of ethno-diversity, people are becoming ever more conscious of what constitutes their “culture” or at least of their cultural ideals.

  5. They are just greedy, fat pigs.
    There’s no point in trying to rationalize it any further, they simply love to stuff their fat faces with food.
    ‘Glutton’ is the word.
    Anyhow all this talk about the ‘poor’ being fat because they ‘cannot afford good food’ is just crap.
    Fresh fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods going – and the cheapest.
    The fatties are purely and simply lazy, selfish, gluttinous, undisciplined fat cunts.
    To Hell with them.

      1. Not true. Fresh vegetables and fruit are anything but cheap. You can eat healthfully on a poverty line budget *if* you do nothing other than forage for and prepare food, but if you actually have to work to make the money you do have, forget it. Still, no excuse for the behavior described in these posts.

        1. How anyone can really, seriously believe that fresh fruit and veg – as purchased from the greengrocer in its natural state – is more expensive than the same product once it has been processed and marked-up by a food industry that necessarilly takes a big cut as profit (not to mention tax taking another share), is beyond me.
          Look how much McDonald’s charges for ‘regular fries’ – how many potatoes can you purchase for that.
          The stupidity of commentators on the internet, and the way they
          unquestionally swallow any shit that professional propagandists (this time for the fat lobby) throw out never ceases to amaze and depress me.
          I’m sick and tired of dealing with idiots.Especially those of the variety who believe that two plus two equals one.

          I’m just sick and tired of being assailed by fucking idiots, like the jerk above.

        2. When you’re poor, you are trying to get the most bang for your buck, i.e. most calories per dollar spent. I can buy a fresh salad to eat for lunch and chances are I’ll be hungry again within an hour or two. That same money might have bought me a burger meal which will keep me feeling full longer because of the higher caloric and fat content. It’s not healthy, but we can’t deny that junk food helps you feel full for longer.

          So no, fresh produce may not be expensive or necessarily cheap per se, but it *IS* expensive from a calories/dollar angle.

        3. I forget who said it, but someone once remarked that the U.S. is the only country in the world where the poor people are fat.

  6. I taught in an inner-city school in Boston with a number of black teachers. The faculty would go out to dinner together as a team frequently, and nobody stuffed their faces or ran around like greedy pigs. I observed normal, reasonably healthy behavior regarding food, considering that we were out to enjoy ourselves and order lots of appetizers to share–the point is that there were no major differences that I could discern in eating behaviors, or general level of gluttony.

    You might suggest that these were educated, employed, hard-working people which accounts for the difference. Perhaps, but if that’s the case, we are talking about a class difference, not a racial difference.

    Since there were a lot of twenty-somethings on the job, which was a high stress job at that, there was a fair amount of drinking at these events. I’m not a big drinker and I got a bit tipsy from time to time. The two people who drank the most (the ones I actually saw staggering, falling down drunk,) were a first-time 23 year-old (approximately) white female math teacher who was a Minister’s daughter (she vomited on the subway ride home), and our thirty-something year old white male Principal (believe me he was smashed and border-line belligerent when we tried to call him a cab.) One of the young black teachers drank enthusiastically, but he held his liquor well I’d say.

    I was very disappointed at one event. We went to a bar, kind of a working-class chic place I guess, and one of the black teachers, a smooth, confident, well-educated young guy, suddenly got really antsy and weird. He announced that there weren’t any black people at this bar and he didn’t feel comfortable. He got up and left, emphatic that it was perfectly reasonable to walk out because basically there were too many white people around (he was with a large mixed-race group of his peers and co-workers and this was not a violent or scary place at all.) I thought this was rather poor manners, and if I had done it in a mostly black bar I would have been called out as a racist and treated rather roughly. I could have even lost my job if things snow-balled out of hand. That was the only really shocking race-oriented thing that happened at these dinners and bar events, and it wasn’t food-related at all.

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