Is Marxism About Moral Superiority?

An anti-Marxist commenter notes:

If you want to pat yourself on the back for your moral superiority, than Marxism is the way to go.

I don’t agree. The Marxists are really the ultimate humanists. They are correct -capitalism is evil, irrational and self-destructing.

Think about it. Think about the poorest of the poor on this Earth in any country. Who loves them, cares about them, and promotes their interests better than anyone else? The Marxists! Isn’t that correct? Which project helps the poor the most? Marxism.

Social democracy? I don’t think so. Besides, do you think social democrats really love the poor, especially the poorest of the poor? This latest crop of social democrats? I’m not so sure about that. Social democracy appears to be a middle class movement that above all else promotes and has the most affection for the middle classes?

Now, it is an open question about who serves the interests of working people better. The social democrats? Or the Marxists? This is hard to say. The Marxists really do love the workers. They are the party of the working class, and they love and support the workers more than any other group of people.

However, social democrats are also pro-worker (except this latest batch). So this is sort of a toss up. Further, the most pro-worker group on Earth, the Marxists, have created a system that causes a lot of problems for the working people. This is not because the Marxists are out to screw them, but because the Marxist model simply does not work that well.

The capitalists do not promote the interests of the poor, especially the poorest of the poor, or the workers. Under capitalism, workers are seen as an enemy class to be attacked at all costs. Nevertheless, due to high wealth creation, many workers have done fairly well economically under capitalism, a system that hates them and attacks them constantly. However, this model is not stable, and at the moment it is failing not only the workers, but the capitalist model in the West is actually failing period, exactly how Marx predicted it would fail.

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0 thoughts on “Is Marxism About Moral Superiority?”

  1. You know, you’re violating the comments rules, Chullo. You can’t do that on here. Go back and read them if you don’t understand them. If you keep on doing it, I’m going to ban you. Ok?

  2. Rob, why does Marxism have nothing to say about usury and the debt-based financial system that enslaves and eats nations alive? Have you heard of the Social Credit movement? Only National Socialist economists, such as Gottfried Feder, have directly addressed usury.

  3. History of Marxist movements proves that Marxists in numerous cases are against the poorest of the poor if the poorest of the poor are not on the Marxist program. The Soviets killed and imprisoned millions of rural peasants, as well as shut down labor unions. Many Marxists are the worst type of ideologues, and are very similar in mentality to the so called reactionary jihadists and right wingers they oppose. They are willing to kill you if you don’t believe in dictatorship of the proletariat and all sorts of “leftist theology” (abstract ideas that reasonable people can disagree on regarding premises, morality, etc).

    Religious groups also clamor the poorest of the poor throughout the world too.

    1. i think robert fails to see the difference between theory and reality. in theory, marxism is about protecting the worker. in reality, it enslaves entire populations and enriches only a few true believers. don’t think so? take a look around at the marxist countries. have a chat with former serfs that live in the former soviet union.

        1. ls the jew run shithole Palestine a classless society?

          The jew run shithole Soviet was a diehard class society. There was five classes in the jew run Soviet: On top of the ladder was the cardcarrying ASKHE-NAZI jews. Those are the very same ashke-NAZI jews that runs Palestine today.

          Next on the ladder came the kews that was not a member of the jew run communist party. Next came the “religious” jews.

          Then came the non-jews that was a communist party member. And at the bottom came all non-jews that refused to join the communist party.

          A classless society is jewish bullshit. There is no such thing, have never been and will never be.

          Everything in the jew fraud marxism is emotionally jewish bullshit, marxism is jew porn for retarded non-jews. More than one retarded non-jew have spunked over the jewish bullshit “Classless society” porn.

          What all the non-jew communist do is that they wank over jewish porn.The jew Karl Marx wrote porn. Have you ever spooken to a diehard non-jew communist face to face? l have and the more they talked about the jew Karl Marx, the harder they get. Red in the head, sweaty …

          How the jews treat the palestinian people is how the jews treated the russian people in the jew run Soviet. And this is how the jews will treat any non-jew people when the jews can get away with it.

          Every single jewish “holyday” is about how the jews have slaughterd the enemy of the jews to tha last man, women and child.

  4. My pal Bernie the Attorney talked about what Marx really said vs how his ideas are portrayed.

    A family operates in a way that Marx decribed.

    From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

    An infant is not required to “produce” to be fed, and older children might help with chores within their capabilities.

    Seems simple enough.

  5. This is a re-post by ‘Flanders’ from Hofflandia.
    It is about jews and communism.It is a must read:

    Communism is nothing more than an extension of the Kehillah system which the jews have always lived under.

    Communism is expanding that Kehillah communal system from the jewish Kehillah and extending it’s coverage to the rest of the (non-jew) world.

    The jews lived under the Kehillah system in Europe (and probably going further back) long before they ever came to the US. It’s a communal system where the jews pack together in opposition to the rest of the world. Thus, the “unending world revolution” called for by communism is the jew kehillah’s opposition to the world.

    The system is administered to (or onto) the jews by the Rabbi’s who act as the Officer Corps for the international financier classes of controlling jewry, such as the satanistic Rothschild’s and their Bankster class of friends. The Rabbi’s are more concerned with organizing and collecting money shares from the jews than they are in instilling religion as it is known within civilized societies.

    Why else would there be so many secularistic, athiestic and agnostic jews? And, why do the jews hate, ridicle and denounce Jesus Christ and Christianity? They HAVE learned what the Rabbi’s teach them. What the jews learn just isn’t truly religious. Jews learn greed, envy, subversion hypocrisy and hate, but they learn to pretend otherwise while administering those skills.

    That is why the end game for the NWO is actually the same as that of the jews. The non-jews of the world are expected to be required to live according to Noahide laws in conformity to the wishes of that same Bankster class of satanists who constitute a Presidium over the jews. The non-jews are, of course to be subservient to the jews (the communist class) in the same way that the jews are subservients to the international bankers. Non-jews can expect the usual treatment accorded by satanists to those subservient to them.

    We Whites and non-jews are already on the receiving end of much of that.

    The jewish soul is a vapid stinking hole.

    by Flanders

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