Bigfoot News August 24, 2011

Erickson Project releases video of a sleeping Bigfoot from Kentucky. We can verify that this photo is of a young female Bigfoot sleeping in the forest in Crittenden, Kentucky in 2005. The video was apparently shot by owners of the property in that year, not by the Erickson Project. Therefore, there is a question of whether or not the residents of the house were hoaxing the videos.

Apparently they were not, because when the EP moved Dr. Leila Hadj Chikh, PhD in Evolutionary Biology, and Dennis Pfohl into the site after purchasing it, both of them continued to see the Bigfoots on many occasions. Pfohl also apparently shot quite a bit of video of the Bigfoots at the site. Dr. John Bindernagel, PhD in Wildlife Biology, also saw the Bigfoots there on one occasion. Since the EP saw the Bigfoots at the site also, it is highly dubious that the owners of the site hoaxed the video.

It is simply not possible that the Hadj-Chikh, Pfohl and Bindernagel hoaxed their sightings and video. Not possible, no way. They’re not hoaxers. It’s also not possible that Drs. Hadj-Chikh and Bindernagel misidentified a known animal as a Bigfoot. These are PhD biologists here. This is reminiscent of the scene in the USSR where Russian PhD biologists saw Almastys and Yetis on a number of occasions in the 20th Century.

This leaves one alternative – that the EP at the Kentucky site was hoaxed by a bunch of guys running around in the forest in monkey suits for years on end pretending to be Bigfoots. Now how likely is that?


An absolutely superb video from RW Ridley showing enhancements of the sleeping Bigfoot image. The enhancements are excellent, and I believe that they are correct.

People have suggested that this video is a hoax for several reasons. First, because no one could get that close to a sleeping Bigfoot without being seen. Next, it was suggested that the Bigfoot would obviously wake up when being photographed and that Bigfoots would sleep in a nest, not on the forest floor.

The people at this habituation site had been habituating these Bigfoots for a long time and had gotten to where they could get pretty close to them. And at the end of the 4-5 minute video, the Bigfoot does wake up for some reason, possibly because she realized that she was being photographed. Also, witness accounts indicate that Bigfoots do not always sleep in nests. Sometimes they do just sleep on the forest floor during the daytime.

Even more amazing, check out this drawing of a sleeping Almasty in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwestern China in 1913.This Almasty was captured by villagers in the region of the Dam River. They drew a picture of the way she slept.

Note that the way it is sleeping is in some ways very similar to the way that this Bigfoot is sleeping. Almastys and Bigfoots are apparently related in some unknown way.

A drawing of a sleeping Almasty in Western China in 1913. Notice the striking similarity between this drawing and the photo of the sleeping Bigfoot. Enhanced drawing from Bigfoot Lunch Club.
A super enhanced screen grab from Bigfoot Lunch Club of RW Ridley's video of the sleeping Bigfoot. Notice the similarity between it and the sleeping Almasty.

Justin Smeja’s Bigfoot steak was very large – weighed 15 pounds. We believe that the steak that Smeja sent in to Melba Ketchum’s DNA lab weighed just less than 2 pounds. Smeja tells us that that was 1/8 of the total Bigfoot piece that was recovered. The total piece that was recovered must have weighed just less than 16 pounds, or about 15 pounds. Smeja cut it in half, giving one 7.5 pound slice to the driver.

The driver retains this large piece to this day. Smeja kept another 7.5 pound piece for himself, of which he cut off 1/4 of it, or about 2 pounds, and sent it to Ketchum. Apparently Smeja has retained, by his own oblique admission, 6 pounds of Bigfoot to this very day.

The slice sent to Ketchum was from a thigh. A 15 pound slice of a Bigfoot thigh must have been a large portion of the thigh – but how large? A Bigfoot thigh probably weighs about 25 pounds. So this slice was about half the thigh of the female Bigfoot.

It is extremely dubious that a 15 pound piece of Bigfoot thigh was found by Smeja and the driver when they went back to the site soon after. Anyway, Smeja was in no condition to go back right away, by his own admission to one of my sources. He could not possibly have gone back to the site a few days later with the driver and found that piece. If he went back later, someone else must have gone with him. I suspect that that someone was a team from the Olympic Project.

We have been intensively criticized for writing that the Bigfoot steak weighed 15 pounds. The figure was arrived at in the following manner. I told a friend of mine, who is a statistician, that the dimensions of the steak sent to Ketchum were 7″ by 4″ by 2″. We then calculated the dimensions of the steak based on those figures and came up with a figure in cubic inches.

He then told me how much the steak with that cubic dimensional figure must have weighed in pounds, based on his knowledge of the weight of human-type flesh (it weighs just less than water). The weight of the sample came to just under 2 pounds. Since Smeja has told us in his own words that the steak he sent to Ketchum was 1/8 of the total, we then multiplied the weight of the sample he sent in by 8 and came up with about 15 pounds.

The math:

1 cubic inch of water weighs = 0.036127 lbs.

4 in. x 7 in. x 2 in. = 56 in3

Approx, eight times larger = 56 x 8 = 448 in3

0.036127 x 448 = 16.19 lbs.

This would be the weight of 448 cubic inches of water.

Most likely, flesh will float in water so I’d say a round number is a veritable 15 lb. “steak”.

Helicopter trip to the Sierra Kills. About five months ago, in March 2011, Dave Paulides of the NABS Bigfoot organization chartered a helicopter for a very strange trip to the Sierra Nevadas of California. There were only two passengers on this trip – Paulides and his helicopter pilot, who must remain nameless. The trip was to the Dixie Mountain area of California west of Frenchman Lake where the Sierra Kills reportedly took place.

Apparently Paulides had good information on where the kills took place in that region, much better information that I have. The helicopter landed, and the two men got out and looked around for a while. Suddenly, Paulides become very alarmed and insisted that the two men go back to the helicopter. This behavior was very unlike Paulides. Paulides would not say what had alarmed him so much. The pilot wanted to stay and look around, but Paulides insisted that they go. They flew back to wherever they took off from.

Paulides does not have the money to rent that helicopter. There is only one person in the Bigfoot World who has that kind of money and that is Wally Hersom. I assume that Hersom rented the helicopter for the flight to the Sierras.

One question remains. How did Paulides find out about the Sierra Kills in March 2011 before the story broke, and how did he know the exact site to go to? NABS and the Olympic Project do not cooperate at all, and Paulides does not like the OP, who he considers competitors.

David Paulides a fearsome character, widely feared in the Bigfoot World. Paulides, who runs the NABS organization is a former cop who was forced to retire for beating up a suspect, among other things. We have now learned that he is highly vindictive, has a legendary temper, is very controlling, runs his organization like a dictatorship, and is quick to retaliate against anyone who goes against him. We believe that even most of the people who work with him in NABS are afraid of him.

I always thought he had mean looking eyes, and he has a huge ego. I heard him on the radio with Melba Ketchum and I was expecting to hear a nasty person. Instead, Paulides sounded very polite and pleasant, like a really nice guy, very friendly voice. Apparently he’s a complicated person.

David Paulides and Matt Moneymaker of BFRO hate each other’s guts. There is tremendous competition between these two narcissistic men with notoriously huge egos. Paulides had a spy inside the BFRO for a long time feeding him secret BFRO information. It’s a symptom of how ridiculous this game has gotten that these groups even have secret information in the first place. Why aren’t they all cooperating in the search for Bigfoot. Because they all have Bigfoot fever, and they all want to be the first to discover Bigfoot.

Moneymaker found out who the spy was and fired him. He soon made his way over to Paulides NABS, where he can be seen to this day with his very own photo on the NABS team page.

Melba Ketchum has a publicity photo up on her Facebook page.

A new photo of Melba Ketchum, looking very beautiful indeed.

Well, there is the photo. I am surprised that she looks that good. I think she is very beautiful, and she’s one of the best looking women in Bigfootery. A number were smitten with the photo of her that was previously online, showing her standing in the desert with a cross around her neck. However, it is little known that that photo is about 20 years old. One of my sources told me that time has not been kind to her, and she didn’t look anything like that old picture. Judging by this new photo, I think my source is wrong.

But really, what’s with this photo? It looks like a publicity photo, no? Is something big about to happen?

Ketchum’s business not as successful as people think. Sources have told me that Dr. Ketchum doesn’t even need the money for this Bigfoot business, and she runs a very successful business. It’s true that she is very  good at what she does, and she does contract work for various governments, including forensic work. Ketchum helped identify bodies from 9-11 via DNA. She must be good if they gave her that work.

However, sources have told me that she doesn’t have nearly as much business as she wants to have. In fact, she’s lacking customers much of the time, and she may well have a hard time paying her bills, which may be considerable. Further, she has a very hard time keeping employees and there is continuous turnaround at the lab. This is because no one wants to work for her as due to her personality.

Erickson and Ketchum continuing to feud. As we reported earlier, Adrian Erickson sent Ketchum all of his Bigfoot samples, paid $70K for sequencing and never got any results. We believe that Erickson is very upset about this. We also believe that by this point, both parties have retained attorneys, and I assume that they have threatened to sue each other. Sources have also told me that the Ketchum-Erickson feud is what is behind the delay in bringing these projects to the public, or is at least part of the delay.

Derek Randles, pillar of rectitude? Randles has an interesting reputation in this super sleazy field as some sort of a Mother Theresa in terms of honesty and moral uprightness. I don’t know the man, and I have no personal feelings on whether he is honest or not. I will say that Randles is a man who chooses his words very carefully. He should have gone into law, diplomacy or pubic relations. To me, it’s not so much that he lies as that he is a very careful talker.

However, one source with decades in the field has told me that Randles has a long history of extensive lying in Bigfootery going back decades. The source said, “Derek Randles is a pathological liar. If I were you, I would not believe a word he says.” So there you have it. Mr. Randles has obviously not won over everyone.

Randles also works very closely with that charming lump of humanity known as Matt Moneymaker of the BFRO. Hmmm.

However, I will admit that the Olympic Project does excellent Bigfoot work. These are the boots on the ground guys, and they are highly professional. Randles appears to have a good reputation in his Washington landscaping business, which can be found via web search.

Erickson habituation sites revealed. The EP had habituation sites in the following locales: Crittenden, Kentucky; Golden Ears Provincial Park, British Colombia; Texas (exact location unknown); Alabama (exact location unknown); Tennessee (exact location unknown). We believe that verified Bigfoot DNA samples were probably taken at each one of these locations.

Ketchum Bigfoot DNA samples revealed. We previously reported that Ketchum has produced DNA from 20 separate Bigfoot individuals. But whose samples made the final grade? We believe that all six of the EP’s samples were proven to be from Bigfoots. We also believe that hair samples from a project in Oklahoma made the grade. We also believe that the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills, from the Olympic Project, made the grade.

That leaves nine separate samples, referring to nine separate Bigfoots, as making the grade. This leaves 11 other samples yet unidentified.

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44 thoughts on “Bigfoot News August 24, 2011”

  1. On Wally Herson:

    In May ’09 the BFRO website connected themselves to Wally and stated he was supplying new trailcams, etc… and he was an interested and wealthy patron.

    I sent to the BFRO an email shortly after I filmed my small/poor resolution/but compelling BG daytime video (with hands that appear to me human like seeking aid). I hoped for the loan of those cameras and offerred up the video in exchange for a short loan
    After many months or so it seemed I never got further than the local BFRO rep “T” who lives a bit north and not so close to my location.

    He stated “they already had video.” – although he had not seen it. I asked, “from Arizona?” and he said well he didn’t know. He seemed tired of running BF expeditions, which is how his talents were mined and he also seemed a little apologetic.

    I never did get through to Matt Moneymaker although I tried…but then the first sentence of my several emaila may have started, “I am a licesnced attorney…blah blah.” (LOL like that has any weight!) If it is true he is not an attorney then I was fooled (who has time to track all this down?) as lawyer is the adjective most frequently associated with him on blogs and forums aside from Bigfoot. So perhaps there is a reason Matt never got back to me? Or sent the vid on to Wally? Who knows?

    But, I must say I thought the response odd from the “only scientific team” researching Bigfoot (as stated on their site). And so it went from there…
    one independant and profit oriented BF Group to another and I got no where. But, do feel I did a bit on my own.

    And I do want to give credit where is a tough business and the behavior of others can force some pretty weird responses…
    BFRO has done a bang up job with Google Earth layer (how I discovered the BF myth – when Google Earth first launched) and the extensive use of field volunteers to follow up on reports to their website..

    WALLY HERSOM please contact me….I have something for you…all of my three years evidence and story to you in total f you agree to a BF Trust – a leagl trust of which any profits you or I as a member (or any others..let the indie movement begin) earn go into the Bigfoot Trust…all of which is to support and protect, etc Bigfoots. We don’t need to wait for proof Wally!

    with all the altuistic satisfaction of a non-profit for science, humanity and BF your association could be lasting!

    I need you to buy or raise money for this special 100 acres of riparian habitat with a complete and happy family of BF’s…)

    I also think the finacial pressure the rancher is under is well..opportune in some ways. It’s wedged in btw wildernesses…with lovely Lodge..perennial stream…and just beautiful and isolated…..and yet accessible..too accesible…lets quiet it up!

  2. So, hypothetically…. If a person from a tiny midwest community was to come across a BF family and got incredible footage and actually had the trust of a group of the ‘special people,’ including gift exchanges and shared food with DNA evidence, who would you share the knowledge with?

    With all the backstabbing and GREED that appears to be prevalent in the BF community just where does a person turn without risking all you’ve work for? In short, who the heck can a person trust in the BF world?

    Curiouser and curiouser…

    1. The “Bigfoot community” is a joke. How about you contact your local university anthropology professor?? Better yet, ME.

      Dr. Mike Jenkins

      1. And your doctorate is in . . ? Clearly not biology as your ignorance of the role DNA plays in the taxonomical record reveals. And, really, Mike, we got it the first time, you can take your finger off the “repeat” button now . . . Cheers!

        1. Maurice, I doubt you even know what DNA is. Would you like a lesson my uneducated friend? I hold degrees in biology, chemistry and medicine. PS Ignorant One, DNA played NO ROLE in general taxonomy BECAUSE IT WASN’T POSSIBLE WHEN MOST SPECIES WERE CATEGORIZED YOU MORON. Besides, where did I ever deny DNA’s role in taxonomy asshole?? I stated that there may be no way to ascertain FOOT SIZE from a DNA sample, which is true. Are you aware of a specifically isolated FOOT SIZE GENE ASSWIPE??

  3. Anonnymous:

    I can probably help; no NDA’s, no money, either way, no fame, just a large step for Mankind and Sasquatchkind alike.

    Richard Stubstad

    PS: I have visited with Melba Ketchum within the past year. That photo does NOT look like her. I’m not even sure it is, unless it is either an old (very old) photo or she has lost quite a lot of weight. Anyway, this isn’t about looks, good or bad. She is what she is. It’s the inside nature of Melba that matters. Therein lies the rub.

    1. As one wanker to another R B . . . wash your clothes, open your blinds, have a little lie down with your therapist and then come back to see us . . . Cheers!

  4. Did any of the people involved, assuming the Sierra Kill story is true, contact authorities upon learning the origin of the ‘steak” sample?
    So, from the driver and shooter, to the OP and NABS, and on to Dr.Ketchum no one contacted any authorities, prior to this ‘breaking story.” Do any claim to have contacted Game&Fish, or the Forest Rangers, or the police, or FBI, or even a non-profit group, or a university, or the press before sending a “sample” on to Ketchum? Does Dr. Ketchum acknowledge this story?

    As for the shooter? He goes straight to Ketchum via OP? That seems really odd, Why would a guy previously just a hunter suddenly become so motivated to prove a Bigfoot that he killed? For nothing, if we are to believe the all encompassing DNA’s of Dr. Ketchum as claimed here.

    It seems so far just a great story to fill the time wating for Bigfoot to be proven, like forever? Is any of this substantiated with more than just interviews?

    What seems even stranger? The same people who claim committment to a “human” Bigfoot are not treating this like a crime scene? But, more like a lucky accident, a bear kill?

    If they are “human” or we extend them at least the right to live, how can this crowd not turn in the shooter to the authorities unpon learning of the kill? It’s bordering on accomplice type behavior isn’t it? All of them, expecially Dr. Ketchum, know at some level these are Homo sapien like. it really just is not sounding good at all. So, it must be a HOAX. These people would NOT behave so irresponsibly.

    Too bad we may never know the real story.

    1. The shooter claims he contacted the CA Fish and Game and the local Sheriff’s but they did not want to get involved. No one else contacted authorities. The shooter told the story on a taxidermy forum. From there, people contacted him and put him in touch with the Olympic Project. From there, to Ketchum’s lab. And no, no one contacted authorities, correct.

      I am quite sure that this story is true. It has to be.

      1. Robert, you may have touched upon this in one of your earlier posts but just to freshen this up a bit . . . Was the particular office of Fish & Wildlife where this incident was supposedly reported contacted by either yourself or, say, Richard? Is there confirmation from anyone in Fish & Wildlife or local law enforcement that Killer and Chauffeur actually got round to popping into said offices to announce that they had just shot up some of the local fauna . . ? Cheers!

      2. Robert, give me a solid reason why this story “has to be” true???? Science is based on skepticism Robert, it has to be. You are the opposite. You believe everything anyone tells you. IF SOMEONE RECOVERED A SASQUATCH SPECIMEN IT WOULD BE THE GREATEST BIOLOGICAL AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL DISCOVERY IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND!!!! A SASQUATCH SPECIMEN WOULD BE WORTH MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

      3. Yes Robert, I may very well be a narcissitic sociopath, but no matter what I’ll always be smarter than you my dim witted moron.

        1. Hey Mike. What are you going on about now, young lady? I thought I told you to leave this blog. Shoo, shoo, out of the door with you, to the dog run.

          Boy you really want me to write a nice blog post on all your dirty laundry, don’t you? About how you keep getting your medical license pulled and denied, how you get thrown out of residency programs, how you trade sex for services with female patients?

          Tsk tsk Mikey.

          You mess with me, God save you boy.

  5. it just can’t be true as written, perhaps some kernels? I beleive if Dr. Ketchum did not report the kill sample to authorities during her investigation and then uses the sample in a peer reviewed paper and does not reveal the source that might be tantamount to a type of scientific fraud..well not fraud perhaps, more like an ethics violation. Such a situation could seriously jepordize any future hopes she would have for peer review of anything. That crowd does not tolerate anything less than full disclosure for peer review, for obvipous reasons.

    So it seems to me everyone involved and with knowledge of the Sierra Kill would be in a serious pickle. Questing for scientific proof and yet trying to include illegal data……obviously it isn’t that straightforward…one might claim they didn’t “know” they were human, etc etc. But not Dr. Ketchum so late in the DNA game, as reported this sample came in late 2010.
    So, again it just can’t be true as reported. Because IF IT IS, I predict we will never see a report from etchum including the Sierra Sample and therefore we won’t know the whole story….I just don’t see how they can include such a sample in the study without have made an informed and documented report to authorites.

  6. Even though Robert Lindsay & I drove up to the purported sight of the Sierra Kills together and did a series of interviews with locals, both civil servants and the lay public, we do not necessarily agree on our conclusions (or some of them).

    While I am now 90% or 95% convinced that there was a kill or death of some kind of one or two creatures that are actually of the sasquatch (DNA) variety, I am still not convinced that the Sierra Kills story is the one that really happened and the exact or even approximate one that lead to the “bigfoot steak”. There just wasn’t enough support to the story to satisfy me that it actually took place, at least in the area reported by numerous sources.

    So here’s what I know; not what I believe:

    Ketchum called me at some point in early November and told me she had a piece of flesh from what she believed to be a bigfoot “in front of her”. I would imagine that it had just arrived, since she was just as excited about where OUR research was leading at the time as I was. She claimed it was from a “bigfoot kill in the Sierras of California”, but she didn’t provide a very coherent story of the whole episode. At the time I ascribed her story to a probably hoax, but in retrospect the story did match pretty well the various versions of the stories that Robert has written in his blogs.

    I do believe the part of the story that Ketchum actually had a “bigfoot steak” in front of her; or that it was a piece of bear or even a piece of a human from the morgue or some such. The rest of the story, however, I now don’t really have a clue if Ketchum was repeating a kill story told to her by (probably) Derek Randles, or whether Randles told her the REAL story and told her about a kind-of cover up, which she then passed onto me.

    At that point in time, I found Ketchum to be far less than credible, let alone ethical or moral, and if anything the situation has worsened during the interim. So I really don’t have a clue about any kill story whatsoever, except that I now believe there likely WAS a kill (or two).

    While it is possible that the Smeja story is more-or-less what happened, I still don’t believe it happened where Robert and I were that day doing a “field investigation” of sorts. It is also completely conceivable that Smeja is just a decoy & that he really WAS bear hunting and really killed a bear (or two). The conclusion to this kind-of “hoax” possibility is that Randles discovered or perpetrated some sort of bigfoot kill, probably in Washington State or Oregon, and simply used Smeja’s story as a decoy to the real kill story — whatever that may be.

    I submit that a “bigfoot steak” from Washington or Oregon cannot be differentiated from a similar steak from the eastern slope of the California Sierras. All I am now convinced of is that Ketchum really had a bigfoot steak in front of her that day she called me, and that I now owe her a $2 bill as a result.

    With all the hoopla, I also doubt that she will use this in “her” technical peer-reviewed paper. She simply won’t need it, just as I told her (and she agreed) right from the beginning of our research.

    Richard Stubstad

  7. Just a comment on the “sleeping bigfoot”. It seems to me there have been numerous witnesses who have seen bigfoot fall to the ground to appear as a stump/log or rock or pile of leaves. There have also been witnesses who saw a stump/log or rock or pile of leaves suddenly get up and run away. Who’s to say that this isn’t a creature trying to look like the scenery and hoping not to really be noticed. I don’t think that it is sleeping, I think it is assuming that we humans can’t really pick it out from the surroundings when it is prostate and lying very still… and it is usually right. How many BF have we walked by? Now that there are more and more BF researchers out there who know what to look for, they aren’t getting away with camoflouging in the scenery

  8. I think it was sleeping.

    I also think we must consider the issue of lack of disease immunity, should a “modern human” get too close to a sasquatch for any length of time.

    Recall what us Europeans, Asians and Africans did to the native Americans and first nation folks.


  9. Give me a freaking break. If all this excellent footage is there then quit talking about it and release it. Stating you have DNA evidence from 20 different sasquatches is like me stating I slept with every Victoria’s secret model (I only got one crappy photo of a possible girl in a bed though)

    1. They are thinking about selling that footage right now, actually.

      Melba Ketchum has the DNA from 20 different creatures. Apparently her paper is in peer review at the moment.

  10. So, you’re telling me you were standing next to the greatest biological and anthropological discovery in history and you didn’t even wake the thing up to get a better photo?? Riiiiiight! I believe you. And when you tell me you have irrefutable evidence and video but aren’t releasing it because………why aren’t you releasing it???

    1. Erickson didn’t shoot the sleeping BF video. The previous owners of the site did. However, that photo is part of a longer video which my friends have seen. They have told that that video “will blow the lid off the whole field.” They also said that the sleeping BF video is impressive. You can see the thing breathing.

      There is a lot of way better footage in that movie than that sleeping BF footage.

      Erickson was waiting for Ketchum to release her DNA findings in order to release his video. They have NDA’s (legal agreements) with each other along the lines that one can’t release their stuff without the other releasing theirs. If Erickson releases his video without Ketchum’s DNA, he’s violating the agreement and can be sued.

      Anyway, Erickson is broke and trying to stave off bankruptcy, so he doesn’t even want to hear the word Bigfoot anymore. He’s burned out and bitter about the whole mess. He’s working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to save his ass from insolvency and he doesn’t even want to talk about this BF stuff.

      1. Robert, you must realize how hoakey this sounds. They’re not releasing their stuff til they release their stuff and it won’t be released til……And in order for Ms. Ketchum to have a “peer review” she has to be in a professional field of peers. Is she a Phd in anything??
        Again: DNA, photos and video, although adding to the mountain of evidence that already exists, MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITHOUT A SPECIMEN. You can’t “blow the lid off” anything by producing more of the same stuff that we already have. Right??

      2. No, DNA will be excellent. We never had that before. And the video is out of this world. It’s better than Patterson. And we do have tissue samples. I don’t know if that is good enough for a sample or body or not.

        Ketchum’s study is in peer review, I believe, at Nature Magazine. She’s not a PhD, but she has a degree like you do, a doctorate in medicine, veterinary medicine. And she has published in peer reviewed journals before. You don’t need a PhD to publish in peer review. JD’s and MD’s do it all the time.

        The video is good shit. My friends have seen it, but they are not allowed to talk about it much. You have to sign a big agreement if you see it that says you can’t talk about it too much.

      1. I apologize, i see where you had titled Dr. Ketchum. And there IS,already forensic DNA evidence from the AZ state crime lab. So lets say that Dr. Ketchum’s DNA comes back as “non human, non known primate”. It’s still a big SO WHAT. IT GIVES US NOTHING BUT CONTINUED SPECULATION. UNTIL WE HAVE A SPECIMEN IT IS ALL JUST COMPELLING EVIDENCE.

      2. Totally disagree. Just because the DNA can’t tell you (yet) whether it has big feet doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a major discovery.

      3. To WS: There already is good DNA evidence from the Arizona state crime lab gathered by tribal police at Fort Apache. Again: SO WHAT. MORE OF THE SAME. Don’t get the DNA big feet connection you’re referring to – anyway, as I’ve stated: Nothing is going to satisfy Science and skeptics until there is a specimen on the exam table. If I can ever get the funding I will do it.

      4. WS,

        the Ft. Apache police sent in hair samples from a multiple person sighting on the reservation to the AZ state crime lab. It came back as “non human, non known primate”.
        Just more evidence to add to the mountain of evidence that’s already there. Bottom line: until a specimen is recovered it is just that, evidence not proof.

  11. Well said and thank you R.B. You don’t have $200 grand you’d like to invest in me recovering a sqautch specimen do u 😉 I’m so sick of these self proclaimed “Bigfoot experts” I could puke. Not joking tho, if I had the money I know I could recover one so if you or anyone you know of has some change to spare and wants to slam the door on this ridiculous nonsense drop me a line.

      1. Robert, being “banned” from association with you and the other morons on here mentally masturbating – with the exception of RB – would be a compliment.

        Tell me again Robert, you know the lindsay project’s video is real how??? Oh, because someone told you it was and by the most tenuous and ridiculous line of thought (sure as hell not reasoning or logic) imaginable.

        There are how many “proven creatures” where?? Hell Robert, there hasn’t even been a good clear photo of a squatch in years and you’re trying to convince and me that people are sitting on excellent footage?? Really??

        You’re also trying to convince me that someone shot and killed the greatest biological and anthropological discovery in history and that he just left it there?? And you’re trying to tell me that a sasquatch specimen wouldn’t be worth millions of dollars?? You’re a moron Robert, complete moron. Keep up the pseudo work.

      2. Bye Mikey. I am banning you.

        I am also going to do a post on what a crooked doctor you are, just to show you how much I love you. All the juicy details about the residency program you were dismissed from, about having sex with your plastic surgery patients in Nevada got your license denied there, how Montana just suspended your license for more boundary violations (probably more sex stuff), about how you can’t get along with colleagues, and about how you took young boys for a high speed ride in your Corvette.

        Truth is guy, you’re a poster child for pathological narcissism, possibly even malignant narcissism. You may even be a narcissistic sociopath.

        Bye now boy. Have a good life, if you can. Haha.

  12. Passing observation : I would opine that the search for BF has gone stale. Little is left to learn from the common trail camera and physically blundering around in the night with lit faces yelling at the top of one’s lungs. In this regard, BF has beaten us. We know he’s there, and he knows we are there – it has come to the point where it’s obvious that we’ve simply underestimated him.

    It’s obviously no miracle that BF has lived amongst us for centuries without the knowledge of our society as a whole. Unless we avail ourselves to both new thought and todays more modern technology in support thereof, Bigfoot will quickly become the Ghost of legend.

    That is, unless he’s killed by a beer truck on the interstate !!

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