Imperialist War Ends in Libya – Imperialists Win


From Russia Today, an excellent TV station funded by the Russian government that frequently attacks the West and Western imperialism, an interview with Pepe Escobar of Asia Times. Escobar, a journalist who often takes on Western imperialism, says that NATO will want a boots on the ground occupation in order to secure the oil supplies.

Western imperialism, headed by the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) has won the war in Libya. The whole war was a joke. There was a no fly zone, which meant that Western aircraft flew over Libya to keep Qaddafi’s aircraft out of the sky. This was supposedly to protect civilians. But it never really was.

For a long time recently, NATO jets have been bombing Qaddafi’s forces where they were not attacking civilians at all. These attacks happened in areas where Libyan forces were only fighting against rebel forces. So the whole protecting civilians things is some kind of a sick joke.

One wonders why the people rose up against Ghaddafi. Libya provides free education anywhere on Earth for any Libyan who wants it. There is a job waiting for any Libyan who wants to work, or even for Libyans who don’t want to work. The unemployment rate is effectively zero, since the only nonworkers are layabouts or the disabled. Basic food supplies are either very cheap or free. Rent is completely free in Libya. All medical care is completely free in Libya. All Libyans get a $500 check every month from the state’s oil supplies.

This was probably one of the main reasons for the NATO assault – to wipe out Libya’s socialist system and privatize the Libyan state.

Ghaddafi tried to move off the US dollar to denominate oil sales – this is probably the main reason why he got attacked by imperialism. He also moved completely outside of the world banking system. As such, he was a threat to the bankster criminals who actually run this entire planet. This is probably another reason why he got attacked – to force him back into the international imperialist banking system.

He was trying to set up a parallel currency and banking system for Africa so Africa could move off the imperialist currency and banking systems of the West. Ghaddafi represented what’s called “the threat of a good example” – this is why he was attacked.

I imagine that all of Libya’s socialist system denominated above will be dismantled by the new NATO imperialist rulers of the NATO colony of Libya. Enjoy the capitalism, Libyans!

Libya had contracts via an Italian oil company with Putin’s Russia. Wikileaks’ documents showed that the US said that these contracts had to be stopped at all costs. This was probably another reason for the war – to end Ghaddafi’s contracts with Russia. This contract is now on hold.

Libya under Ghaddafi paid lower royalties to foreign imperialist oil corporations than any other nation on Earth. That is because as a nationalist, Ghaddafi believed in keeping the maximum amount of oil wealth for his people and the minimum for Western corporate sharks and rapists. This was probably another reason he was attacked – to force negotiation of better terms for Western oil corporations. These contracts will probably all be negotiated on better terms for Western corporations now.

Libya does not recognize the Zionist entity in Israel. This was probably another reason why he was attacked – to force him to recognize Israel.  There are now reports that NATO is demanding that the new regime recognize Israel immediately. I am sure that they will.

Libya was destroyed so that it could be rebuilt. More disaster capitalism. Western corporations, like sharks, are now swarming over Libya to get the rebuilding contracts for rebuild all of the infrastructure that NATO bombed. I think that NATO deliberately destroyed Libya’s infrastructure in order to make money off the rebuilding contracts. The very same thing was done in Iraq. Is that sick or what?

It’s clear, however, that many Libyans hated Ghaddafi. One wonders why. He did so many things for his people. Libya had the highest level of development of any African nation. I think it may have been because he was brutal. He killed so many of his own people. Many others were arrested, tortured, beaten or disappeared. It’s possible that he was so widely hated more on account of his brutality than anything else.

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  1. Maybe he was hated because the people didn’t like socialism? Maybe they hated to see their property confiscated? Maybe they saw that socialism does not work and never will work?

  2. Maybe they all hate him so much because he really was a dictator who oppressed his people.
    I agree with Robert that the bombing sorties morphed from protecting the civilians to tactical hits on hard targets.
    I realize we’ve lied about leaders we opposed in the past…many times in fact…aggregiously. But maybe, owing to the fact that info doesn’t flow freely in and out of Libya, the characterization of Quaddafi is accurate. Those rebels are jubilant, and comprise every strata of society, from what I’ve seen.
    Mind you, I don’t believe it’s a slam-dunk as the media portrays it that quaddafi was responsible the Lockerbie bombing, and I read somehere that the nightclub bombing that killed U.S. servicemen was an Israeli false-flag op that was blamed on Libya. I can easily believe that. But I think Clinton was right in Yugoslavia, and Obama was right in Libya, no matter how it turns out. Even if Libya goes fundie Islamic, which it may. In most of the celebratory clips I’ve seen the revelors are all saying Allahu Ahkbar..even prompting each other to say it on camera…that’s the western equivalent of saying “Thank you Jesus” IMO. All we know at this point is that “Ol crazy-eyes” is no longer in the driver’s seat. If Quaddafi was so good to his people, why did he have to hire mercs to defend his govt.? One more point about another guy having troubles… Bashar Assad…is it just me or does he look freaky, with that tiny head on top of that abnormally long neck?

    1. It seems these lawless tribal regions were Gadaffi has little control and infiltrated by foreign intelligence similar to the Kurdish region of Iraq during Saddam’s rule are the ones mainly in charge of the opposition.

      There is reports that the Al Jazeera green square parade by the rebels in Tripoli is fake but it initially came from Libyan state TV so I would take it with a grain of salt..

  3. At least for the brain dead morons that constitute the general public in North America, Europe and the Muslim world our Libyan adventure shows US/EU/NATO’s on going collusion with the Arab world and Islamist terrorists and that regime in Qatar and the Al Jazeera network if any further evidence was needed is a 100% vassal of Britain and the US.

    Islam + US + EU + NATO = Anti-christ NWO

  4. An Irish born Libyan rebel is in the frontline of the war against dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

    Dubliner Husam Najjair is fighting with the Tripoli Revolutionary Brigade as they mount a new offensive against government forces near the city of Tiji.

    The son of an Irish mother and a Libyan father, Najjair was a builder in Dublin in a previous life.

    In an interview with the Irish Independent, he revealed that he decided to join the rebels after seeing TV reports alleging that government troops were committing atrocities against those staging the uprising.

    “I heard there were rapes and oppression. I could not just sit there like a couch potato just watching it on the news,” said Najjair who came to Libya for a family wedding in January and stayed on to fight after the February 17 revolt began. (bullshit)

    A crash course in warfare followed for the Dublin born Najjair.

    “I am also a sniper. It’s not rocket science. You just hold your breath and shoot,” he added.
    “The war is not easy. The government forces have ammunition to burn while we are running out of ammunition.(lol! yes I am sure this guy is not an MI6 trained mercenary who just happens to be a trained sniper).

    “Yesterday a sniper was closely tracking me and shooting at me as I moved for quite a distance.

    “But it’s worth the risk. This has made me learn about myself, what I am capable of achieving.”

    Obviously the Libya operation was pre-planned months in advance and the character is a MI6 mercenary.

    1. @Chullo

      Are you a Libyan terrorist you imperial dog?

      I’m sure this guys other hobbies are origami and bomb making.

  5. Robert,

    “Libya had the highest level of development of any African nation. I think it may have been because he was brutal.”

    Libya having the highest level of development in African means little. A country with such a small population and large oil wealth should have one of the highest level of development in the world, period.

    Under Qaddafi, Libya didn’t progress far enough. Saying that he was hated just because he was brutal doesn’t paint a full picture. He was a self-absorbed (I would say narcissistic), very corrupt, mentally unstable man unfit for leadership. Libya was his playground and, if he had his way, the whole of Africa would have been too.

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