Do I Know My Right from My Left?

A commenter asks if I know my Right from my Left. The problem is that in the US anymore, the Left is absolutely dead. So is liberalism. “Liberalism” in the US is now represented by Barack Obama and the DNC Democrats. There is nothing even slightly or remotely liberal about these people. They are all rightwingers. Therefore, the liberal brand is shot dead and gone full of holes. “Liberalism” in the US now means some kind of hard rightwinger, but just not as extreme rightwing as the Republican fascists.

A lot of us on the US Left, mostly the left wing of the Democratic Party, or what might be called the liberal base, do not believe that there is anything leftwing about this guy in any way, shape or form. He’s a rightwing Republican. The choice is between the “Democratic” rightwing Republicans and the “Republican” rightwing Republicans. The latter are much more extreme, but they are both parties of the Right.

The Left in the US stands for many things. Barack Obama represents and stands for almost none of those things. In fact, he is a hardcore sworn enemy of most of the hard and fast tenets of the Left here in the US. The Right in America stands also for many things. Barack Obama believes in the vast majority of those things, but he is just not as extreme about it as the Republican Republicans.

Both parties are moving us far to the rightwing. The Republican Republicans are moving us there very fast, the Democratic Republicans are moving us to rightwing Hell more slowly. It’s the slow boat to Hell or the fast boat to Hell.

It is time for everyone in the US who calls themselves as liberal to forcefully reject Barack Obama. What kind of liberal are you?

There are several types of US liberals.

FDR or New Deal liberal

LBJ or Great Society liberal

MLK or Martin Luther King liberal

I am all three of these things. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the DNC corporate Democrats represent a total rejection of everything that FDR, LBJ and in particular MLK stood for. The DNC Dems think that the New Deal and the Great Society and in particular MLK’s view represent “socialist” baggage that the Democratic Party needs to get rid of if it is going to win any elections. The DNC is based on the premise that only a very pro-corporate Democratic Party can possibly win elections in corporatized America.

I will say that Bill Clinton was much less of a Republican than Barack Obama is.

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  1. Dear Robert
    In non-economic matters, the left goes from victory to victory. Their latest victory is gay marriage. Economic Marxism may be dead, but cultural Marsism, a misnomer really, is alive and well.


  2. Robert what would you consider Jesus Christ to be left or right if you were to put him in modern concept?

    The closest equivalent if he would be compared to modern day political discourse in America would be Ron Paul.

      1. Commanding the rich to give everything they have to the poor, promising divine intervention to reverse the social order… Sounds leftist to me.

      2. If Jesus was a leftist then why do the Christian majority both evangelical and Catholic vote Republican and on conservative issues.

        1. You really want to know? It’s because historically organized Christianity has always aligned itself with the interests of the ruling class/mercantalist elites. The Church instigated the crusades partly to control Mediterranean trade routes and lent its support to the institution of slavery since it was a lucrative business back then. Since Christianity lacked a state after the demise of the Byzantine empire, it has always allied itself with the ruling classes of Christian states. Christianity on a personal level has inspired poetry, art, literature, philosophy and civilization. It has been a force for good. Small wonder that OC still aligns itself to the interests of the ruling elites by supporting Israel and the right wing imperialists.

          Also bear in mind that Christianity is not the religion of Jesus, but the religion about Jesus, ie the cult of the Christ. Jesus never founded a new religion and neither did he call his disciples Christians. He was an apocalyptic rabbi who subscribed to Essene theology. Hence it is not logical to scrutinize the actions of Christians within the context of Jesus’ sayings.

  3. Jesus and Ron Paul? The spaceships are boarding.
    Ron Paul wants to kill off all poor people and make all working people slaves of the corporatocracy.
    Doesn’t sound like no “Jesus” to me.
    Fuck Ron Paul, he’s just to the right of Ghenghis Kahn. I swear these Paul-heads need to start taking Aricept.
    As for Obama being a rightwinger, I have a small factoid that might be useful…no country, ever, left or right, no country in all of history and all of the planet earth, has ever let a major bank fail.
    Obama ain’t perfect by a longshot, but he also ain’t McInsane or Mitch-the-bitch or Boehner-weepie…not by a longshot. Let’s try to keep things in perspective. Imagine where we’d be if those loopy evil-clowns were in charge.
    Look at Iowa…they just picked batshit-Bachmann…I mean, don’t they set up roadblocks in Iowa to keep the crazies out? The rightwing media gushes about this but there’s like 300 people in Iowa, and they’re all fucked-up on corn-fumes and have high blood sugar. This is a person who thinks the rapture is coming. And you’re worried about Obama? Imagine someone who thinks it’s last call at the bar in charge of the bar. Have you seen how people behave when it’s last call? They’re batshit crazy, and she’s already batshit crazy so just multiply the lunacy.
    I’ll take Obama, thank you.

    1. I don’t think the points you’re making are as inconsistent with Robert’s as you may think, but let’s see what happens Nov. next year and then we’ll talk. 😉

    2. Not so at all. CreditAnstalt was the largest bank in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its bankruptcy in 1931 precipitated the Great Depression.

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