Ben Stein Urges Republican Party to Nominate Barack Obama for President


We on the Left have been saying this for a long time now. Barack Obama needs to run for President in 2012 on the Republican ticket. Why not? He’s just a Republican anyway.

Stein is intelligent enough to point out that from the point of view of a Republican, since the 2010 elections, Obama has moved dramatically to the right, and he’s basically just a Republican now anyway. Hence, Stein says, Republicans ought to be happy with the Republican Barack Obama.

I should point out that Stein is apparently one of the sane Republicans who remain, the core of the old Republican Party. He’s basically a David Brooks – Fareed Zakaria – John McCain old school Republican. I suspect that like these folks, he hates the Tea Party.

I will go Stein one step better and say that we on the Left should also support Barack Obama for President on the Republican ticket. It’s win-win for us all around. Barack Obama for President on the Republican ticket!

Here Ben Stein, Jew, definitely a conservative Republican if there ever was one, urges the Republican Party to nominate Barack Obama for President on the Republican ticket. Obviously, all of the Democrats would vote for Barack the Republican.

No one that the Democratic Party could put up could possibly defeat Obama, but it would at least be interesting to watch. At any rate, it’s not possible for the Democrats to nominate anyone more rightwing than Obama. Hillary and the rest aren’t worse than Obama, they are just the same.

Anyone more liberal than Obama will just lose, but if they don’t, we win.

If Obama wins the Republican ticket, it will be a good thing, since he is much better (more progressive) than any of the Republican candidates.

If he wins as a Republican, this will be good, as we defeated the real crazies on the Right.

If he loses to the Democrat, this will be good too, since the Democrat running against him can’t possibly be worse than Obama, and he will probably be better. And if Obama wins the Republican ticket, he will pull the Republican Party to the Left somewhat. Face it, Obama is to the left of all of his Republican contenders.

And Obama will stop killing the Democratic Party and liberal brand. He won’t be a Democrat anymore, and it’s not possible to be a liberal and a Republican. Let him destroy the Republican Party and the conservative label for a change. They need some internal destruction.

So really Democrats need to support Obama on the Republican ticket too.

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0 thoughts on “Ben Stein Urges Republican Party to Nominate Barack Obama for President”

  1. I’m sorry, I can’t see Pres Obama as being conservative. He and the rest of congress are taking away our freedoms all the time. I don’t care HOW he runs for his second term, I’m not voting for him. And as far as the national debt is concerned, he made it worse! AT LOT worse! When will we ever get out of this funk of consecutive bad presidents??

  2. ^ 6 years later I think you should now eat crow for your short sightedness. There has never been a more leftist progressive communist as a President more than Obama. He’s just a few executive orders away from a Happy Meal. So how do you like the most non-transparent administration in U.S. history?

    1. LOL! Clearly you are psychotic, I mean a Republican. Obama is a Leftist? Obama is a progressive? Obama is a Communist? HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA. Ask some real Leftists, progressives and Communists what they think of Obama. They will all say that they hate him and that Obama is nothing but a Republican. So you are just wrong. Obama is a Liberal Republican. There is one party in the country – the Republican Party. It has two wings – the Liberal Republican Party and the Conservative Republican Party.

      Anyway, I am banning you lunatic ass and sending you back to the RNC for your next injection of antipsychotics. Clearly it’s been over a week since your last.

      Also this is a socialist blog. Only humans are allowed to post here. No dogs or conservatives are allowed to post.


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