Alt Left: The Insecurity of the Western Male as It Relates to the Issue of Patriarchy

Posted by an Arab at a pro-male website for guys either living abroad or thinking of living abroad. I actually think he is onto something, sad it is. On the other hand, I don’t have the slightest idea of what to do about it either.When I was younger, I used to say that the world would be better if it was ruled by women. I no longer believe that. Male rule is rather evil, and it’s not that great for women. It causes a ton of problems. It’s cruel, discriminatory, brutal and warlike. But it seems to work. Sort of like capitalism – they’re both evil but at least they work.

Female rule, on the other hand, whatever its merits, simply doesn’t seem to work. Sort of like Communism. Great idea, morally correct and proper, not evil, the morally superior choice. Yet it doesn’t work. Evil works and good fails.

If men are too brutal to rule properly, women are too incompetent to rule at all. Ruling – it’s not what women do. What do women do? Other stuff. What do they do well? Lots of stuff, but ruling ain’t one of them. Female rule seems to cause chaos and mass dysfunction.

The Natural Law guy in me says that’s because it goes against nature itself. Men are a bunch of assholes, but Nature wants us to rule. Violations of Nature are punished by Mother Nature herself. In particular, female rule seems to cause mass unhappiness and misery in both sexes. The women become more masculine, the men become more feminine or overcompensate, and nobody’s really happy.

I live with a bunch of Hispanics. This is a very patriarchal culture, though the women here have way more rights than they do down in Mexico. The females seem to appreciate the increased rights, and the males don’t really mind. But sex roles are quite rigid. The males are very masculine, almost parodies, and the women, at least those born in the South, are very feminine, which actually is not a bad thing.

Women born in the South almost never smoke, and they don’t drink much. They don’t screw around much either. Female sexual propriety is highly prized. It seems like men rule, and the women are subordinate to the men.

One would think that this Patriarchal catastrophe would promote mass misery among the women and idiotic and dysfunctional behavior among the men. You would be wrong. Both sexes are very happy, especially in their roles. Both sexes age well. Middle aged Hispanic women, even divorced ones, are very happy. Fat and happy. Middle aged Hispanic men are fat but happy. There’s no Middle Aged Angry and Miserable Woman Syndrome you see in the Whites. There’s no Middle aged Defeated and Depressed Man Syndrome you see here.

It’s all natural and all smiles. When you play with Nature, Nature smiles back you. One of her rewards is happiness. Rebellion is punished by the Spurned Mother with misery. It’s so simple, yet so hard to figure out that no one can see it.

Feel free to read and comment. There are many comments later on in the thread, mostly Americans pointing out that Arab culture sucks too. Maybe even more than ours. And they would be right. Arab culture sucks, but in a totally different way.

Some cultures take Nature too far. Nature gives Man a nice long leash to play on. Tear the leash off, and She’s angry and hunting you down. But Nature doesn’t want us to be dependent homebodies, hover over Mom’s skirts and afraid to go out and play. Mother’s rule: You’re on a leash, but play! Run and play and stretch that rope to its limits!

What you are about to read is a rare look into how the West and it’s culture is perceived by an Arab, who has lived and traveled all over the world and is a keen observer of society and people.

Meeting Westerners, one of the things I noticed was how insecure and de-masculinized they seemed to me; compared to myself and the male-dominated, testosterone-driven culture of my land.

Western men seemed fragile somehow, unsure of themselves and their worth, the vast majority of them. Some put on fake personas, some overcompensated…none quite had the quiet confidence that people from our culture possess.On the internet, most Americans seemed to act like little bitches, little girls brought up in a Feminist perversion of nature.

I now understand why; after observing the complex dynamics of U.S. and Western society.

It was only after coming to the U.S. and studying here that all the pieces came together – a fascinating look at a dysfunctional man-hating civilization that is the polar opposite of my own culture, and will eventually lead to the collapse of Western civilization.

Where I come from, men walk proud and rule the streets and testosterone runs in the air; and strong patriarchal foundations of family and the father as ruler of the household. Men harass and aggressively follow women – it is unapologetically a man’s world. Men are imbued with confidence and have high self esteem, women are (funnily enough) horny and demure; and feminine and understand the natural order of things.

In the U.S., Feminism has so corrupted the society to it’s core, damaged the very concept of family and the family unit and the father’s role, that society as a whole is like some bizarre alien planet – where men are bland, lack personality, are anti-social, gossipy, soul-less. Men are weak and insecure deep inside. People are disconnected and paranoid, anti-social and self-absorbed.

It’s a society where men have become de-masculinized. Bizarre and cliquish; I can sense the odd social-cultural constructs permeating the country – it is a deeply segregated and fake culture. Men cannot feel confident and assured here like in strong patriarchies; women have all the power and American men seem clueless as to how bizarre the male-female dynamic has become.

In the workplace, Americans are Automatons, like soul-less hamsters on a wheel. Fake conversations, no intellectualism, no interest in other countries, peoples, or history.

Also, terrible social and people skills – at least in California. Most people communicate via twitter and Facebook, even though most of the people on their Facebook live in the same city and a phone call away.

People are vacuous, shallow, superficial, suggestible. Men raised here are fake, insecure, lack personality, they seem to have “issues.” Women are confused and messed up…

You let your women take control, and your society will unravel- it will make your men weak, and destroy your society to it’s core. The patriarchy is a male conceived and enforced institution that was imposed on females, because men, and only men understand well the long-term impacts of civilization and harnessing male energies into productive family units and a stable society…. civilization itself is a result of patriarchy.

To sum if up, it seems to be that the whole country is schizophrenic, like a Jekyll and Hyde monstrosity. There is no community, no camaraderie, no soul, men and women are willing servants to their corporate masters and slaves to materialism and superficiality; and incredibly conformist, reserved, and politically correct to the point of totalitarianism.

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30 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Insecurity of the Western Male as It Relates to the Issue of Patriarchy”

  1. Women can certainly mother a child. And they can participate in governance. 50% females is not female rule. And female rulers can participate or help institute male rule.

    The Danes are most certainly not the happiest people on Earth. A Scandinavian never smiles. The happiest folks on Earth are in the tropics, in say Nigeria.

  2. This is one of the legitimate points Anders Breivik raised in his screed — as a Scandanavian, I don’t live under male privilege because ours is a superior society that treats women as equals. So why do I have to pretend that the immigrant patriarchal Muslim culture is equal to ours, when the superiority of the West is the reason I have to live under feminism?

    Various anti-mutliculturalism blogs have been making points about mis-guided attempts to enforce gender equality through the legal process. Steve Sailer writes occasionally about games colleges have play to get their Title IX athletic numbers in line because women just plain aren’t as interested in sports as men. I remember reading about study under which 60% of mothers with kids at home would prefer to work part-time, but only 24% do. City Journal recently ran an article about the inevitability of the gender pay gap:

    Women and men just aren’t equal in some senses.

  3. Once I was at YMCA waiting for my son to finish a class. There was an arabic woman sitting necx to me and an american guy. We started a small chat. The guy was complainig that he can not handle his pre-teen boys. They basically did whatever they wanted. Stress free type of upbringing. ” I have nothing to say, my wife makes All decisions” . He seemed so powerless, so lost. He almost had tears in his eyes when he talked about it. I felt like slapping him, like saying to him, “who wears the pants in your disfunctional family, why do you let your wife to control everything around?”. Of course I was polite ,so I said it way nicer then I felt like saying.
    The arabic woman felt excactly like me.. It was very pitiful picture to watch though. A whiny, frustrated, confused , beat-down , depressed american male who can not control his own family. His closest family controls him.

    1. “A whiny, frustrated, confused , beat-down , depressed american male who can not control his own family.”

      95% of American men don’t understand the nature of female power. Or they do and have given in to it long ago. And women in America and the men who do understand are not clueing them in. So American men are “clueless”.

      Human beings have basic drives and these drives vary in expression and nature between men and women. One of fhe stupidest questions ever asked was by Freud when he asked “What do women want?” And it shows you how lost white men are in their dealings with women that such a fool as Freud is/was elevated to pantheon status in Western cultural thinking! It also tells you the enormousm, pervasive, absurd status the Jew intellectual had in the West. Especially when that Jew smoked a cigar, had white hair and a beard, was interested in Orientalism, and had a air of supreme gravity! But that’s another matter.

      Back on point. I’d say the critical human drives are breathing, drinking, eating, sexing, talking/listening, wandering. Roughly in that order after the first three, although it varies by person. Let’s say the two sexes have evolved so that each sex has specialized in certain areas that they become dependent on each other. If it became possible for one sex to deny or to allow the expression of any of these drives, what a power they would have! For a long time in human history men specialized in the wandering and eating part. Men eat more and are much more prone to wanderlust. This was syncretic with men becoming great at hunting and farming. And this enabled men to have not only physical power over women but the power of bounty. What power women had was largely the power of sex. That is the giving or the denial of sex. So both men and women had great fundamental power over each other. But with men holding a strong edge. It’s in recent times that all bets are off. In modern times, women can eat to their pleasure’s end and you see supersized, bulbinous white women everywhere like a plaque upon the land. And they can do so without male support. If you are frugal, it only takes a secretarial job, or cashier’s job done 5 years continuously, before you have the earnings/savings to eat what you will. The flip side has occured for the white man. He is free to gorge upon $25 prostitutes, man-a-day women, 3rd world sex tours, internet porn, etc. IOW, the relationship between men and women in America have become debased. Meaning having no-base. De-based. Without a basis. And any American male that bemoans his lack of power is rightly seen as not only sad, but foolish. FOOL-ish. So, yes, the thinking American male has surrendered not to women exactly, but to his lot, his situation in World 2011. The fool American male chases female tail, not understanding that he holds NO cards, not real ones. Bad women (and is there any other kind?) use his sex drive for all things. He is unarmed and a commodity. A sex commodity. A true fool. A slave.

      1. Hacienda, how is it that a relatively more patriarchal country like Japan seems to have degraded even further than your average western country in regards to male emasculation. Shameless perverts have become a common aspect of its society. And that’s only the icing on the cake when its comes to the many social problems facing that country. Do you see the same thing happening in Korea, if it hasn’t started already, and China?

        Those Japanese take everything to the extreme.

        1. “Shameless perverts have become a common aspect of its society.”

          Could be. There’s probably not a more vibrant (in a good way), sexually charged place on Earth than Shinjuku, Gion (the geisha district in Kyoto). I love Gion. (If I could be born again, it might be as a big shot in Gion, one of the best things to be on Earth, like being a starting quarterback in the NFL.) It’s special, forbidden to whitey, unfortunately for you. Guess whitey has to create their own Gion, good luck trying. Nyuck, nyuck. I realize white sexual expression is a different animal, and by no means wanting, but nothing in any Anglo country could ever come close to being Shinjuku or Gion. And there’s nothing in Korea that comes close either. OTOH, Hong Kong and some SE Asian cities are catching up, I’ve heard. Money, hot chicks, East Asian philosophical-religious sensibility, in-group male bonding, the sense of liquid being (some) Asian females have, bright lights, sake, and geishas. Can’t be a better breeding ground for perverts. And I mean that without sarcasm or negativity. It’s actually a compliment to the yellow race. When I was touring Akibahara several years ago, a Japanese salesman straight up asked me if I wanted to be a porn distributor of Japan porn in the US. LOL. And I look like a very straight laced kind of guy, I exude a kind of straight laced Americanness. Nothing really “porny” about me. Japanese are very refreshing that way. They will talk very frankly. The famed Japanese indirectness is bullshit or a relic.

          The short answer about Korea is that it’s still very Confucian and the allowable behavior space that men are allowed to occupy is narrow. Get out of this space and you are socially dead, shown by the high suicide rate of Korea. So no, I don’t think Korea will ever evolve the extravagant amount of effeminate male behavior you see in the US, like Richard Simmons, hen pecked media, ladyboy classifieds, female superiority in most professional fields, etc.

        2. How do you explain all the Korean male celebrities who look like fags, and the young Korean guys who emulate them?

        3. How do you explain all the Korean male celebrities who look like fags, and the young Korean guys who emulate them?

          Which faggy Korean celebrities do you have in mind?

        4. “male celebrities who look like fags”

          They actually don’t look like fags to me. It’s just the style of the day. For scoring. For scoring with hot Korean female celebrities. Nothing fag about that one, Joe. Uncle Joe, the Korean who loves to cocksuck Aryan goosesteppers. Whose the fag now, dipshit! Look in the mirror, boy.

    2. in the west men are nothing.if you are married it is only at the whim of the wife.she can throw you away like trash,keep you from seeing your kids,get most of what you own in a divorce,ruin you reputation etc etc etc.

  4. About the title: I’ve been wondering, who was it that started referring to men as “males”? I’m pretty sure it was Phil Donahue who mainstreamed that awful usage in the 1970s, but was he the first one to use “male” that way?

    I agree with this Arab guy, but of course he’s not saying anything original. Much of it is the standard view of American society, which is not obviously related to feminism: Americans are shallow, cold, alienated, and empty (and fat, too, which he forgot to mention). This description is true even relative to other Northern European countries, except maybe some Scandinavian ones.

    All of this was true before the rise of feminism in the 1970s, though you could argue that feminism has helped make it worse. Americans implicitly endorse this stereotype: when they say that the ______ are a warm people, they’re implicitly saying that they themselves are cold.

    American feminism is truly sick. I guess I should say Anglo feminism, not just American, because the British, Australians, et al. seem to be just as kooky.

    In olden times, American men were admired for treating their women with respect, as seen in Hollywood movies. Women in other countries watched these movies and thought, “Wow, the men don’t smack their women around like they do here!”

  5. Gold star Robert. I’ll just add a few minor points

    What makes humans remarkable (as far as mammals go) is patriarchy. In other mammal species, the male simply mates and then is of on his merry way. The female rears the offspring and teaches it the skills it requires to survive. Humans are the only mammals where males play a far more active role, and the result is civilization as the Arab dude correctly observes. Western society is going the way of the conventional mammal where ”single mothers” are glorified and romanticized and males are rendered powerless and obsolete by feminism, their only function being to procreate and vanish. The true goal of feminism is to socially re-engineer people to create a more dysfunctional and atomized society. Why else did the Rockefellers pump so much money into the movement?

    Feminists argue that gender roles are socially constructed completely ignoring biology in the process. The essence of masculinity is creation. Men create, women cannot. Has there ever been a female Plato or Beethoven? In order for western civilization to survive, men to need to reclaim masculinity. This is what WNs should be focusing on, not beating on hapless immigrants or inter racial couples.

  6. @BAG
    I don’t follow modern Asian pop culture, most of it is complete shit, so I don’t know their names, but I’ve seen them on TV, posters etc. This shit has got to STOP.

    1. Because a few homo-looking Koreans is such a big deal in comparison to Western Feminism, mirite?

      Anyway, I tend to roll my eyes at the majority of social “issues” but even so–real talk, multiculturalism, islamification, immigration, blah blah blah are A JOKE in comparison to what Western Feminism has done.

      At the risk of sounding pseudo-scientific–over 4000 years of human civilization grew under patriarchy. How on Earth is it a good idea to discard one of the tools that led the species to its greatest heights?

  7. Alot of American men don’t let their woman control them, in fact many abuse their women.
    Generalizations are fraught with potholes.
    That machismo Arab men stuff is not my experience.
    I visited a few Arab countries, and I’ve been in a few confrontations, buying drugs in the Casbah and such. Even just dealing with them when they’re selling legit goods.
    My experience is that many of them scatter rather than escalate a disagreement when it becomes potentially dangerous.
    Just the opposite experience in Italy. Many seemed to be spoiling for a fight.

    1. Should a renowned sergeant-detective of the Honolulu Police be purchasing drugs in the Casbah? Really, Dano, scrapping about with Italian drug dealers . . .

      1. Actually, it was a cabby, a cameo-jewelry street salesman, and a food cart guy selling mystery meat in Italy. It was brass, hash and a Damascus steel knife in Tunisia, Morrocco and Turkey. Ever see the evening newscast with Hendrix as studio background music, while sipping mint tea next to a hookah in a Casbah tearoom? Then negotiating for 5 oz. of lebanese blonde hash while toasted? Then avoiding the NIS agent running interference at the quarterdeck by getting on board at 2am via the rat lines?

  8. Lindsay
    How do you know? It’s never been done before. Over 50% of Law an Business school students are female so in 20 years our leadership will mos likely reflect that. Give it a go before you knock it.

  9. Dear Robert
    You can’t say that women are incompetent at ruling because there has never been a female-dominated society. There have been women at the top, but a female-dominated society would be one in which 90% of the 10, 100 and 1000 most powerful positions are held by women. That has never occurred simply because most women lack the single-minded, ruthless love of power that characterizes so many men. Power tends to accrue to those who desire it most ardently, not necessarily to those who are most competent at exercising it, and they far more often men than women.

    However, the Catholic Church offers a sort of laboratory. In the Church, there were many institutions run entirely by nuns. Not only did nuns run nunneries but also schools, hospitals and charitable institutions. Were they all badly run? I don’t believe it for a moment.

    As to Latin American women being happier than Scandinavian ones, I refuse to believe it. So many Latin American women are burdened with violent, unfaithful, irresponsible, domineering, selfish, heavy-drinking machos that a significant share of Latin American women must be quite UNhappy.

    Cheers. James

  10. Dear Robert
    I just remebered that Der Spiegel recently had a story about young Turkish-German women. Their suicide rate is 5 times higher than that of their ethnically German counterparts. It could very well be that this is due to their being torn between the patriarchal culture of their parents and the gender-egalitarian culture of Germany and that they would not be killing themselves if their parents had stayed in Turkey.
    Still, when exposed to German culture, these young Turkish females do not recoil in horror and pity their German peers. Quite the contrary, they would like to imitate them, and this desire to go native provokes the rage of their fathers and brothers. When women can choose between patriarchy and gender equality, they invariably choose the latter. Does that mean that they are choosing their own misery?

    Regards. James

  11. People don’t always make the best choices. Look at republicans.

    I read a great series of heroic fantasy once called the “Gor” novels by John Norman (doubtlessly a pen-name)
    The author wrot astoundingly good action-adventure, with his action scenes vivid and authoritative, very entertaining…but…he had a sub-premise running thruout which he would expound on whenever the narrative allowed.
    His stories were the usual “hero man rescues maiden” stuff, but with a twist.
    In his alternate world called Gor, where firearms were non-existent and the men were all testosterone fountains, fighting with swords and knives and arrows being the normal days events, the women were (almost) all slaves of men, and wore expensive. welded collars.
    And Mr. Norman averred that this was the natural condition of things. He wrot that for a woman to truly experience love and a satisfying orgasm, she had to be owned completely by a man. And by owned he meant her whole reason in life was to please her man, and if she didn’t, she knew that he would beat her, take her possesions away including any articles of clothing, he could even kill her at his whim if she failed to please on demand. He described the process of “breaking” the woman, teaching her that she had no choice and no mission other than to please her all-dominating male. Once that was achieved, posited the possibly hen-pecked Mr. Norman, the woman experienced a kind of religious reawakening, her body came alive, and her whole heart woke up. She experienced for the first time what it was to truly be a whole woman, fulfilling her natural desires. He wrot that modern women were unhappy here on this world because they really held non-dominant men in contempt. They subconsciously realized that they were not whole and satisfied because they weren’t owned and dominated, and took their frustration out on men who were not domineering and controlling. He wrot that all women were looking for a man that dominated and ordered them around, and that was the ultimate sexy man.
    Interestingly, his theory was that once the owned woman was broken and female accepted her complete dependence and subservience to her “owner”, both parties were fulfilled, the man was captivated and owned himself, loving the slave like no other woman. A woman slave was the ultimate in female sexiness, not just to him but to any man who saw or came into contact with her, as if she now emanated some kind of special power and allure, her full seductive allure unleashed merely by her presence. Then he’d get back to the action scenes and fighting, which were as good as any writer including Burroughs, Howard, Lieber or Vance.
    I always thought that it might be a good idea for the cops to inspect Mr. Norman’s basement.

    1. “…he meant her whole reason in life was to please her man, and if she didn’t, she knew that he would beat her, take her possesions away including any articles of clothing, he could even kill her at his whim if she failed to please on demand. He described the process of “breaking” the woman, teaching her that she had no choice and no mission other than to please her all-dominating male.”
      Reminds me of “Taming of the Shrew”–the scenes in which Petruchio takes Katherina’s food and clothing away.

  12. Reading this kind of thing does not prepare you for what the non-Western world is really like. Ive been hearing for a long time that Western men are neutered and men in other societies are much more masculine, and I believed it.

    But then I travelled, and the reality turned out to be completely different. The fact of the matter is that Western men today – northern European men, the men in the most feminized societies – for the most part are several orders of magnitude more assertive, aggressive, and masculine than men anywhere else on Earth. I was shocked when I discovered this fact for myself, but its true, even if its counterintuitive. I dont even have an explanation for it, because Arab men really SHOULD be more masculine, but somehow, they arent. Men in Arabic societies appear weak, defeated somehow, without spirit, broken – I dont know what it is precisely.

    And not just the Middle East, but Eastern Europe, which is supposed to be another partiarchal haven but is in fact another place where the men seem defeated and without spirit. South American men, for the most part, are polite and *nice*. Asian men – need I go there? Go to Amsterdam and tell me those men are not self-confident and aggressive, go to Germany, go to Britain, go to New York. In a way, this explains history very well, it is not an accident that the West conquered the world.

    Now what the West has is a smallish cadre of upper class extremely neutered men who travel the world in disproportionate numbers (which might perhaps account for the Arabs impressions) and who approach non-Westerners with an apologetic and submissive attitude. I have seen this first hand, its quite hideous to witness. For some reasons Canadians seem particularly egregious offenders in this regard – they are perhaps the most submissive and neutered of the Western men, its cringeworthy.

    1. For some reasons Canadians seem particularly egregious offenders in this regard – they are perhaps the most submissive and neutered of the Western men, its cringeworthy.

      Which is why when I found out that the “genderless baby” couple was Canadian, I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised.

  13. Does not sound as if you have heard of the Mosuo… or many of the sustainable matriarchies that existed in agrarian aryan europe for thousands and thousands of years…. who practiced similar cultural practices as the mosou, still practice in china….

    Name one patriarchy that has ever managed to find rulers so competent that their culture has no rape or murder? Name one patriarchy whose rulers were so competent they were capable of living in harmony with nature for thousands and thousands of years, due to practicing responsible breeding and consumption?

    “Their language has no words for “rape” or even for “jealousy.” Suicide is rare and murder unheard of. As relationships avoid entangling economic factors and love, finding and leaving a partner are simple affairs that leave little emotional scarring behind.” — THE NA OF SOUTHWEST CHINA: DEBUNKING THE MYTHS

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