Miley Cyrus and Joan Jett on Oprah


Miley Cyrus either rocks out with Joan Jett or else destroys three of her songs. You decide. I’m an old Joan Jett fan, dating back all the way to 1977-1978. I knew a guy who had produced the Runaways album. He said that all of the Runaways chicks were bisexual, “all of them, every one of them.” He acted like he was amazed at that. I wasn’t. Those girls were also on drugs at the time. And they really were teenagers too. All of them were about 15-17 when they made that album.This was one of the original proto-punk albums.

Joan later split off and formed Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. “I Don’t Give a Damn About My Reputation” was recorded on an album in 1981. I don’t know when “I Hate Myself for Loving You” was recorded. In 1981 I was hearing rumors from women in the know, including women I was dating, that Jett was bisexual. “She likes girls,” is what I was told. This is a long-standing rumor. I don’t think she has ever married.

On a side note, doesn’t she look fantastic? I believe she is 51 years old.

I wonder how many people in that crowd were Republicans. What they don’t realize is that rock and rock in general, with a few exceptions, and punk rock in particular, was revolutionary music. It was always part of the Left, and in particular, it was the leading edge of the Left in the Culture War. The true Culture Warriors ought to realize that. Someday in the future, or perhaps now already, Joan Jett will be on loudspeakers at the Republican Convention. Do these idiots have any idea of what they are listening to?

Once Republicans start rocking out to the best and most revolutionary music, the music is gone and has lost all of its value. Sure it has a nice beat, but do you have any idea of what exactly you are listening to? Why don’t you light up a joint, go get an abortion, burn the flag and go to your best friends gay wedding at the local hippie commune?.

Rock music was always revolutionary, and the best rock music always will be. It’s sacrilege to play such music at a Tea Party rally. The music, after all, has a message. Do you have any idea what that message is, you idiots? It’s the message of the Left in the Culture War, you dipshits. It’s not just another goddamned commodity!

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14 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus and Joan Jett on Oprah”

  1. It’s “Cyrus,” not “Cyprus.” I have a ten-year-old daughter, I know these things.

    The Runaways were not proto-punk. Punk was already in high gear by the time they came along. They just jumped on the bandwagon. I was also a fan of theirs (“Wasted”), but even then I knew that they weren’t real punk. Real punk was the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, etc.

    One of the other Runaways later went to law school in the same class as Barack Obama. She wrote an article comparing him to Joan Jett, who she said was originally shy and timid and then decided to reinvent herself as a tough girl. I’m sure the article’s googlable.

    It’s pretty simplistic to say that the “message” of rock ‘n’ roll is left or right. It’s neither, or both. It is just another goddamned commodity, from Elvis Presley to Rage Against the Machine to Miley Cyrus.

  2. Yeah, well a leder of the “rev,” Bob Dylan made his music, by then folk-ROCK, a capitalist commodity,allowing it to help sell a variety of unnecessaries. Sure, a few hardcore Marxist-socialist folkies (who mostly had already accused him of selling out folk to rock) accused him thereof, but in muted and quickly evaporating tones. You might expand on that by outlining how many of your “revs” sold out the music in that respect.

  3. Speaking of proto-punk and destroying songs, Joan Jett really destroyed a true proto-punk classic, “Roadrunner” by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. The Sex Pistols covered it too; Johnny Rotten once said it was the only song he liked.

    Here’s my favorite version of Jonathan Richman doing that proto-punk classic, but all his versions of it are good.

  4. Rock and punk had leftish cores, but the real original hard core punk, that only lasted in this country a few short yrs. before being replaced with mass produced punk,, was rightish. No alcohol, no drugs, spare me the empathetic crap, let’s fight. That was the prevailing attitude. The hard cores didn’t give a damn about being recorded or making money. They just wanted to fight and play loud & fast in small venues and rant. Many were bi.
    Johnny Ramone, arguably the leader of the group, was a conservative.
    Maybe that’s not a good example as they weren’t the original hard cores.

    1. I don’t think American punk was rightish at all, much less British punk. It was fiercely anti-hippie, but that doesn’t mean rightish.

      Johnny Ramone was the exception that proves the rule. But Joey Ramone was a liberal, of course.

      Same with the proto-punks. The MC5 were a bunch of hippie commies. Don’t know about Iggy Pop, but I don’t think he was a Republican. The Velvet Underground, rightish? Lou Reed? John Cale? Don’t think so. Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers? Writing a song like “I’m Straight” doesn’t put you on the right. Most of these guys just hated the hippie flower-power scene and the leftist fantasies of peace and love and equality. If they were rightish, it wasn’t like Johnny Ramone, it was only in the same way that criminals are rightish.

    2. They most certainly were not bisexual. The chicks were; the guys definitely were not. I was a hardcore part of that scene in Los Angeles in the early days. I met a number of the big players.

      1. I’m going by what the main players said. More than one of those original players were bi or gay. I agree that they never let it out and put fwd a facade of toughguy-ness. But you’d be suprised.
        I allowed that the Ramones were a rough example, but Johnny was the leader.
        Being anti-hippy is a good sign of right leanings. What’s so funny about peace, love & understanding? Every anti-hippy I’ve ever seen was not a liberal.
        The groups you mention Aaron were not among the original hard core American punksters as I understand it. The originals were black flag (formerly Panic), minor threat, bad brains, MDC, SSD, DOA, DRI, the Adolescents, 7 seconds…with key figures being Ian MacKaye, Keith Morris, and H.R. (Paul Huson).

        A good source for this is the docu based on the book…American Hardcore

  5. Miley Cyrus is… is… I just don’t have words. If I were her, I would be ashamed to watch that video and hear myself next to Joan Jett, who rips the song out the way they were meant to be ripped. Miley Cyrus– what does she do? Sing them? Hum them? The way she said the word “jealous” — as “jayl-iss” made me think of a jr. high girl in her backyard with a plastic microphone playing rock’n’roll girlz. That was horrible to watch. Joan Jett is still a goddess. Miley Cyrus is hardly even mortal.

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