Mike Rugg on the Sierra Kills


Mike Rugg is one of the best observers in the Bigfoot game. Here is his take on the Sierra Kills. It’s good to see that the Sierra Kills story is getting as much play as it does.

Rugg suggests that what actually was that two Black Bears were killed instead of two Bigfoots.

Two Black Bears were actually killed very close to the area of the Sierra Kills. The tags were turned in at Portola, 15 miles southwest of the Sierra Kills site. The bears were shot on October 15-16, right around the time of the Sierra Kills. When the hunters went to a gas station after they shot the first one, a crowd gathered around the truck with the dead bear in it. The crowd was calling the dead bear “Bigfoot.”

So this is supposedly how the whole Sierra Kills story got started, with reports of a bear shot and killed in the same locale at the same time that locals felt looked like a Bigfoot.

For the record, I do believe that Justin Smeja shot and killed two Bigfoots in that region in late October of last year. The story simply must be true, as unbelievable as it sounds.

Derek Randles, strangely enough one of the most loved characters in the Bigfoot world, shows up in the comments below the video on Youtube and makes a total ass out of himself as he so often does lately, blasting Rigg. In the video, oddly enough, Rugg says Randles is a “very nice guy.” Yeah whatever.

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  1. Wow….the pic of the Bear on the tailgate of the truck…looks very similiar to what a Bigfoot would look like..especially at a distance and from the neck down….whether or not the story about the bigfoot kills is true or not,I must say the whole affair is quite entertaining.

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