Women Can Get Sex Anytime They Want; Men Can’t

A female friend of mine is surprised that there are young, intelligent, single guys who aren’t getting any. But this is the typical line of women. They always assume that guys can get laid anytime they want to, and they are amazed that there are any guys who aren’t getting any, or who haven’t gotten any in some time.

This is because a single, attractive woman has guys after her all the time. She can get laid anytime she wants to. I have been told that even homely and heavy women can more or less get laid anytime they want to, if they want to lower their standards enough. This is because guys always want to fuck, and a lot of guys will just fuck anything. My neighborhood is full of heavy and homely women, some very homely and very heavy, sometimes both. They’ve more or less all got men, and the ones that don’t have men seem to be doing without by choice.

Lots of guys can’t get women or can hardly get a woman. Of all ages. It’s more or less normal for single guys in general. This whole idea that any single guy can get laid any time he wants to is insane.

I know a lot of guys who have gone years without so much as having a date. Good looking, intelligent guys with good jobs of all ages ranging from 23-50. And a lot of single guys go on long dry spells. I know a 52 year old virgin. In my old town, it was well known that there were some guys, not gay, who had never been seen with a woman in a 15-20 year period.

Now some of these guys are kind of weird, angry, or shy, but some of are none of the above.

I’m not surprised that some commenters on this site are having a hard time getting women. That’s just normal to me.

Women don’t give it up that easily, and they usually want something in return. The ~15

The fact that guys just can’t get it any old time in general like women can is why guys just say the Hell with it and get married. Men claim they marry for love, but really they marry for sex. Steady, reliable, no hassle, regular sex. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s right there in your bed every night, and all you have to do is ask.

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306 thoughts on “Women Can Get Sex Anytime They Want; Men Can’t”

  1. The first time I saw my husband I couldn’t believe such a gorgeous creature existed. He is Greek and looks like a living version of those famous statues. Long wavy black hair to the shoulders, taught muscular body, the “Greek” nose… The guy was stunning and the women were after him like I’ve never seen. His physicality was breathtaking and like any normal female, I couldn’t wait to test him out. And I wasn’t disappointed.

    Did I hit the jackpot? You bet. But I dated many men who were average regular guys and they were wonderful guys. My husband ( who could have had any girl because they pursued him) admitted to me one time that he preferred average looking girls over the good-looking ones. This is why:
    The average girls were usually more fun, pleasant, easy to get along with, and with right hair and make-up, cute. The so-called “hot” girls were arrogant and felt that they were such a big prize, that all they had to do was breathe. Most people don’t stay “hot” forever.

    My concerned dad was worried,”Could I handle being married to such a handsome man?” Well, yeah. Thirty years and 3 children later, we’re still married. We’re both still in lust with each other. How does that happen? How can a person maintain such desire? One word: Reality.

    Looks aside, he’s an astounding person. I married him because I LIKED him. No amount of looks could compensate for a shallow, selfish person. He was a fully grown man,not a boy. He’s a spiritual man and understands that the “punishment” is built in to the sin and no amount of messing around heals anyone. He’s faithful and good and I still love him. And he’s still fantastic looking. I got lucky.

    And I, your humble commenter, understand that a man’s well-being occupies that special area below the waist. The biology of producing children is centered in that region and the feeling associated with it never goes away. All feelings, desires, emotions… life itself exists for a man there. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the way men are built.

    Most men are not “pigs” nor are they selfish when it comes to sex. It’s a necessity for men to be able to release fluids from their body. It’s healthy, it’s normal, it’s life-giving, and it’s what makes a man a man. He will do anything for you in bed, but you can’t pretend that’s not where his world exists.
    Ladies, his job is not to go to work, clean the house, watch the babies, or cook you dinner, and maybe you’ll sleep with him. Sex is not a reward.

    Many females really don’t understand the psyche of a man because they haven’t been taught what men are all about or what they need to exist. I guarantee if you satisfy your man, he’ll do anything for you. All those things you want and harp on about are yours with the simple act of giving yourself to the man you love.

    Never assume your man will stay loyal and married to you if you quit sleeping with him, get fat, cut your hair off, quit wearing make-up, quit making his favorite foods, and in general quit paying attention to him. After 30 years of marriage I now have friends who are divorced, because they, too, had been married many years and chose to quit sleeping with him, get fat, cut their hair off, quit wearing make-up, quit making his favorite foods, and in general quit paying attention to their husband. They’re single and their former husbands are remarried. And I’ve seen the new wives and they’re not beauty queens. But you better believe they’re sleeping with their man.

    His job is not to make you happy. And he’s not a selfish pig. He’s your partner, your friend, and your lover. He chose you. He married you. Happiness is the result of the love you share. There you will find it. And for the love of God, don’t get fat.

    1. in the end it doesn’t really matter because i can ask Allah to give me virgins in paradise who are more beautiful than all of the filthy gold diggers of this world.

    2. You, box are the smartest woman that I’ve every heard from ( besides Beatrix of course). Its so simple how you,very wrapped up the human condition. This is the reason you got to choose your man and the reason he chose you. You should be counsoling couples. Somebody should tap your shoulder for a book on your in sites. I know many who need your advice. Congrats on the family and 30 year marraige.

    3. Very edifying post from OBX.

      It’s definitely a welcome change from the usual whiny “where are all the good men?!” screeds that you see posted in the likes of The Atlantic and Slate.

    4. Men don’t only leave because the Woman didnt give em sex or let themselves go. Some Men and Women also do not want the same genitalia for yrs and yrs they want variety.

      I agree with you a Woman should never give sex like a reward like Men are children . Men want to be appreciated and desired just like Women .They also want to have fun in Sex cause any real Man who is a proud Man has had very good sex with usually a few or at least one Woman.

      I see a lot of pity here for Men that they have on themselves just skimming this thread. A Man should always be proud. You’re a fucking Man nobody wants a Man who feels defeated in life. Hit the gym, buy nice clothes, speak and walk with confidence. Dont be so quick to let a girl know how special she is. Dont drop everything for a girl. Dont always respond to that text. Have a backbone and stand your ground on certain objects. I started having sex at 15 anf its been easy to fuck girls really always, mostly 8’s a few 7’s .

      Turn a girl on just like you want to be turned on dress and smell nice be charming and be a Man. Take charge in the bedroom and outside. Dont tolerate bullshit. Get your shit together

  2. I’m 28 now, when I was 27 I dated a 45 year old man. He was attractive but had too much baggage for me, plus his obsession with Nazism and his volatile behaviour was a huge turn off. He made all kinds of promises to me he couldn’t keep, he was jobless, on drugs, drank occasionally and always insinuated I could have any man I want, that I was a worthless stupid idiot that’d go home with any men at the pub, ect. He was too insecure, I had to leave him in the dust. Makes me think the whole relationship was a joke and he only used me. Because I really like older men and expected more maturity out of the situation than was given. I remember him used to always talk about the exact thing here ” women can get laid men can’t ” but the truth is, he was abusive and manipulative and weird. It seems like you can’t have the best of both worlds, you either get good sex and a shitty person or a great person and so-so sex.

    1. So you’re mad about having good sex with an abusive Alpha, rather than so-so sex with a Beta who would treat you well?
      Alpha Fucks Beta Bucks Strikes Again!

  3. Get married for sex? Yikes! Out of a 25 year sexless marriage. Never again – happy to go without sex instead of constantly being turned down by the person who is supposed to love and honour you. And it’s not like I let myself go. Over 6 foot, trim, intelligent, wealthy, a community leader, caring, able to give my ex-wife multiple orgasms on the rare occasions she wanted it while she just lay there. So now my family is all screwed up and all I wanted was sex a few times a week and someone who basically took an interest. Who knows what women are up to these days but it seems to be messed up – all about showing off on Facebook, Stop being so complicated and unsatisfied and pay attention to the basics!

  4. It was interesting for me to read this experience. It is not that lucky for women if they belonged to a conservative society.

  5. The problem I see is your are talking about sex not a relationship. Men get mad at a women because they believe they have to give up money for sex. That is because men want sex and they value money and women want (not including gold diggers here) someone who values them more than money so they want to see how invested you are in them for them to have sex. Unfortunately, because they know that men will have sex with many more people then they will, women don’t know if a man cares with sex. But because, in general, money is very important to men, women feel like a man really cares when he is willing to give up that which is important to him. A women gives up herself to a man. This might sound old fashion but much of what we do is from the subconscious level. Neither side is wrong. What you need to do is fairly look at what you can offer someone and what you ask from them in return. Then try to slip into their shoes and think about what they are offering you. It might not be exactly what you want but look at what value they place on it. Neither is wrong but what is valuable to one might not be valuable to the other. I hope you all find what you are searching for.

    1. The point is though, if a woman decides she wants to have sex on any given night, she can get it almost 100% of the time…. whereas most men would be overjoyed to have a 5% success rate.

      Women control the sex.

      For a time anyway…. it backfires after a while, especially in a marriage. I am avoiding places and several women now to avoid cheating, because we have children.

      When the youngest graduates from high school, it’s open season.

  6. Ron Jermey is the biggest porn star alive – case closed. The truth is that the ugliest guy can get the best looking woman since women like how men make them feel not men in general, in fact most women resent good looking men for making them feel insecure.

    As for sex, I am one phone call from ordering pornstar look alikes for a threesome – but to do that every day at $2000 a pop is not what average joe can afford. If every men could afford such a luxury then women would not get sex at all. And for the record, if you want a 9 who can also give amazing head – escort is the only answer. In real world, only 6’s and below can give head – uglier the chick, better head she gives .

    1. GEORGE

      Jeremy was smarter than most of the morons that get into porn like th Mark Wahlberg character. Clearly he invested his money. He never became a junkie. He did not do gay-for-pay like Holmes and expose himself to AIDS.

      He was ALREADY 26 and a Special-Ed teacher when he started doing porn films.

      When he was under-40 he was not THAT UGLY.

      His penis was not freakishly large (10 inches is large but not deformed) like John Holmes or Long Dong Silver.

      Of course his appearance is distinctive but part of it is simply longevity. Many porn actors from the 70’s and 80’s simply did too much cocaine.

  7. Yes, men in general have to find solution how to eliminate sexual desires without hurting their rest health. Only after that discovery their problems will be solved.

  8. Women in the west think they don’t have to adhere to any standards. It’s become so bad that even prostitutes are getting fatter and uglier….. and they are fucking PAYED to have sex with…. the least you would expect from someone getting payed to get access to her body, is that that body actually looks good right? Would you accept sloppy code from a programmer you payed for? no right, the programmer has to hone his skills and give you the best code he can give you. being a prostitute is a JOB, get GOOD at it by staying IN SHAPE. I met my girlfriend when she was a hot and tight 17 year old, now she is 22 and she weighs more than me…… and that’s with me gaining about 4 kilo’s in muscle mass in the same time span. So I felt the need to spice up my sex life by having escort girls come over, so far none of them looked as slender and hot as the pictures suggested.

  9. Where do I find these attractive successful men who marry for sex? All the guys I’m meeting brag about how easy it is to get and they put in no effort at all once I say yes to a date, like they don’t want sex they just want to be seen in public with a woman. Most of them have no job, no social skills, are entangled with at least one partner of questionable judgement, have a body like a man 20 years older who’s had a very very hard life and a head like a chewed twistie.

  10. A woman can get men’s maybe anytime and a guy can get a woman but just any women they wants just because she’s a woman she can’t get sex from just any man maybe years ago she could have only things have changed also men’s not weak as we use too we much smarter when it comes to a relationship with any woman we think first not all men are gifts that way just us men who not blind who have seen others people mistake and learn from them i have turns down more women’s that you can count i always think about once you catch you better pray that it don’t gets into your body im sure glad that i don’t hang out on the street or clubs looking for women’s even if a woman can get any man she wants it not nothing to brag abouts in today’s world with AIDS and others Disease out there im single without any kids im afraid to get a child for a lot of reasons main reason im afraid of AIDS and others Disease also child support children families service drama im very careful so people ask me what do i do for sex i just tell them it’s a safe way to have sex with a woman and im not talking about with a condom since i have a fetish for one part of a woman body i can do it that way without catching anything i like to be comfort i like to get up in the morning and know where my body been because going inside a woman not good especially if you don’t know where she been.

    1. The males that are most likely not to support a family, to run around and produce a nation of bastard children are the ones that get the most sex. Usually, but not exclusively, from women who are not to bright.

      Women in their younger years are attracted to the 6 foot + stud with nice physique. He may be an utter degenerate, but she wants to produce healthy attractive children.

      All women are filled with lust but a certain degree of predisposition-possibly genetic and possibly environmental-leads them to seek sex with a particular partner.

      Like the animal kingdom, where the dominant Silver back attracts various women and the beta gorilla males get no sex, the 6 foot plus male with the square jaw, muscles and large penis will have sex with 4 women who are aware one another while the Ron Jeremy type gets no sex.

      Thus he has many sexual partners and produces 3 children with 3 women.

      The “Beta” who would have been guaranteed some sort of sexual congress in the Mad Man-era now as long as he held a job and was faithful might have to hump his hand all his live in a “free market”.

      Conversely, bastards fill the streets. Unhappy children with no father and little money are doomed to a childhood of single-parent mothers, molesting step-fathers and weary grandparents.

    2. FREDDIE Is it difficult to meet women who want to be penetrated in their rectum, a painful and somewhat unsanitary sex practice.

      How do you approach these women? “Hello, I really like you, but in order for us to be together I have to ream out your anus”?

  11. Don’t kid yourself men most women have dick on demand at all times, and if she’s even little more sexual she has multiple dicks on demand at all times and i mean why not if you are atleast bit of attractive you have men approaching to you everyday, men don’t have that option to just sit back and relax and let men do all the work.

  12. Women can get laid any time they want. But it’s not what women care about, so it’s irrelevant. It’s like saying, “men can provide resources and entertainment any time they want.”
    Women don’t care that much about sex. They want resources and they want to be entertained.
    Men don’t care that much about providing resources and entertainment, unless those things get him sex.
    So who cares if even a fat or old woman could get sex easily? It doesn’t give them what they want.

    1. JF

      This is why prostitution exists and members of the female underclass provide this sexual service.

      White women are generally callow, shallow when they are young. Usually they make enough money or have enough money not to have to suck penises on streets.

      NAM women do not really have a choice if they want extra money. Even $30 extra money.

      In a sense, they are degraded to a pair of arms by the racial power structure anyhow. The jobs they do in the straight world are thankless. Therefore 5 minutes of work does not bother them.

      Generally white women in society-not Mexican or Black or Italian or even Jewish women-wish to stamp out the sexual free marketplace as it undercuts their bargaining power.

    1. Beauregard JOBS AMERICANS WON’T DO

      By the time I reached Phoenix at 25 I had been having sex with prostitutes off and on for 5 years since visiting Amsterdam in 1994.

      I could not be bothered to try and talk to shallow young white women so I went to Van Buren Avenue. It was filled with Hispanic and Black women of all ages who with no hesitation or regret would give you a blowjob or even full sex for $25.

      Then I would go home to my roommate John. John was upset because his girlfriend Christa, whom he had taken up to the grand canyons on a pittance salary as a data entry clerk, gave another guy a blowjob at some party. She was a pretty, kind of stupid and rude, 23 year old Pet Store Manager. John was despondent.

      Mike my other roommate was complaining that he only got a handjob after plying a masculine-looking chick for hours on end with beer.

      He told me this as I arrived home from receiving a deep throat blowjob from a crack addicted woman in her 20’s.

      When I went to get a good pipe-cleaning knob polisher in on Van Buren I would take the bus far away from our apartment. Nobody knew where I went.

      I’ll add that the Hispanic and Black ladies did not seem traumatized by what they were doing. I was under 30 then. They were happy to do it. One Mexican woman told she worked part-time as a house cleaner but was available Mondays and Thursdays. One or two were clearly excited sexually as their nipples hardened during the act.



      Female crime would rise enormously if all sex-related work in strip clubs, red-light districts, craig list, porn just evaporated. You’d have many low-IQ women who were “no purchases” in a capitalist economy. Many are drug addicts and would resort to robbery and murder to feed habits. Worse forms of female crime would rise 400%.

      1) What do you notice about the change in a neighborhood when gays move in? Women move out because when their 2 or 3 orifices are of no interest to males there is no economy to support them.

      2) When gays move into a bad neighborhood it improves. Juvenile delinquency goes down as single-mothers leave. Pimps disappear. Prostitution of the female variety vanishes. Domestic abuse disappears. Bar fights disappear. Seedy motels with their traffic in drugs, vice and violence disappear. Welfare and social workers disappear.

    3. Beauregard

      Attribute this to white female shallowness, callowness and a kind of fluctuating bitchiness.

      I live in Asia because I could not be bothered to show up at Ladies Night hoping that once every 6 months I got laid at some local bar.

      Worse yet is the biological orientation of the Alpha Male. He shows little interest in raising his own children. This is most common in NAM areas where certain males have VD and give it to dozens of women.

      Not only is the Beta male angry but the females are mostly discarded by the Alpha males they are attracted to.

      It is a weary story for me. The former stripper or slut blaming men because she liked the bad boys and they did the thing bad boys always do.

    4. Sexual Behavior by Race

      I attended a Junior College in a predominantly Jewish community. The girls there were in their early adult years. They mostly had boyfriends. None were promiscuous or at least slutty in public. Neither were the Asian girls. The black girls were rather unfriendly-seeming.

      I then went to a State university. Because I had attended Catholic school I was surprised at how early White prole women became promiscuous. They were usually giving boys blow jobs. By college they were picking up males in the Meat Markets.

      More white girls were “airheads” or pretended to be. No traditions seemed to bind them. In the 1990’s however, white girls still regarded black males as thugs in general. Interracial coupling was rarer.

      Also there was a degree of public exhibitionism.

      When I went to strip clubs I noticed NO JEWISH GIRLS danced there.

      In addition to being more slutty, white prole girls were more course and bitchy. One hears all sorts of stories about Jewish girls but usually they are merely quiet and wary and unfriendly.

    5. Beauregard

      Why do you think so many white prole or middle-class common or garden white women are molested? Usually by young men in their twenties.

      White prole males lack traits of desirability to white females. Period. Occasionally their frustrated desire overwhelms them (NB Black males can ALWAYS pay in crack cocaine or $20 for a blowjob in their neighborhoods).

  13. TRACY White Prole Sex Partner

    Tracy was a white small town girl from Canada.

    She had the typical white prole female stories. She had been traveling through Germany and got raped in a hostel while drinking beer with a bunch of locals. Her brother molested her once. Her father was a school teacher and her mother was a carpenter.

    I met her through another girl and guy who knew her. We got drunk and had sex at her house. She was a short brunette. Shapely.

    She claimed to love threesomes and be bisexual.

    I forgot about it. But back at the Meat Market she told me I was “a little bit gay” in her hoarse Canadian voice.

    The next time I met her was a party at a hotel. Months later. We had sex again. Once again I forgot about it.

    She told people I was gay again.

    Not long after she began hanging around blacks. Bad scene I thought. Never talked to her again.

    But LATER two black women beat her up at a party.

  14. BEAUREGARD The “Elite” Perspective

    White proles feel the same way about NAMS. They simply do not want to be near them and so they are not.

    So-called elitists which is a word that might apply to any white who acquires a four-year degree, has held some job of meaning, owns one suit and travels to other countries at least once in their life-feel the same way about white proles.

    The women are course and loud. Many have been molested because white prole males lack the desirable traits of an Alpha male-they are both bitter and oversexualized. Often they have children young and marry young. Their marriages often end in divorce. In any event nobody wants to visit their cities or exurbs or small towns. If they ever travel it is within the region they were born.

  15. BEAUREGARD A Funny White Prole COUPLE Story

    John and Amy were Polish. John married her and got her pregnant when was 18 and he was 23 in college.

    During the pregnancy she became overweight and she complained to me that he was buying a load of porno mags and jacking off in the shower.

    After the baby was born she was 19 and fat and he continued jacking off to porn mags. She got angry and threw them outside.

    He met a black woman and f*cked her. Then he got tired of her and F9cked some stripper.

    He then beat up Amy and went to jail for some time.

    Amy married some Mormon and moved to California. He saw his daughter once a year.

    This is the tale of a White Prole and his weakness/susceptibility.


    Mom and Dad are working long hours in Nebraska. Unlike the Jewish dentist or German-American real estate mogul in NYC or Irish Catholic judge they lack the money to send their daughter to private school.

    Lately little Sally has begun dropping to her knees in study halls or gym. The Asian and Jewish and black girls, big fat and aggressive, titter about what little degraded sluts white girls are as 50 or 60 penises enter her mouth by 7th grade.

    Dad divorces Mom in the 9th grade. He likes his blow jobs too. He has been having an affair with his secretary in order to receive them. The rest of the time in his “study” he jerking off to images of skinny white prole girls from the Flyover with huge Hebrew and positively gargantuan Black penises far down their thrown. Most came from backgrounds like the one he has created.

    Sally’s mouth has been badly used by then. She has self-esteem issues and begins to do some wrist cutting.

    Meanwhile the Asian and Jewish girls study. Their fathers despise their mothers but in keeping with tradition they remain together.

    Sally is middle-class but her parents are struggling with bills. Still she manages to go to university.

    Here she meets big NAM studs, Italian paisans and Hispanic macho men. Their sense of strength and masculinity is a breath of fresh air. They are upfront about their masculinity and their desire for sex.

    Once again Sally begins shaking hands with her mouth. But her grades slide. A relationship begins with a stud named Tyrone. She is arrested for marijuana.

    Her father is wondering what is happening to his country. His daughter dates Black thugs, flunked out of college. He himself can barely keep employed. His Dad owned a hardware store when he was young. But Wal-Mart has wiped this out. Now it is full young white tweakers who dart about in the derelict upstairs, crashing to come down off highs. Once the police even raided it.

    The white prole stares sadly at the building where his father’s hardware store once stood as it seems to represent his derelict American Dream.

    His daughter is a dick-sucking slut. He has seen the shadow of her head bobbing in the parked car outside his house being dropped of by high school acquaintances.

    His American Dream has crumbled into a derelict and shuttered downtown full of tweakers and a daughter who has sucks penises and dates black thugs because the media portrays whites so badly and her IQ is only 100 so she believes life is a movie.

    Perhaps she leaves her town and takes a bus to Los Angeles to be a porn star.

  17. TRASH
    Of the five personality types (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omega) Jews have a disp. amount of Gammas.

    I am a gamma, I’ve been involved with Jewish women. Jewish women are more open to gammas.

    In general women will make gammas work to be laid as opposed to Alphas or even betas. We just don’t have a sexual personality.

    1. On Sexual Perimeters and De-Valued Sexual Currency

      If you have lived in other countries you cannot be paid to hang around Ladies Night drinking beer and hoping some callow, snotty white girl decides-once every 6 months-she is going to have sex with you. That is if you look average.

      It was odd. During my teen years, though I am average looking more or less, I could not get sex. It might be different now but this was circa 1990.

      When I went to Amsterdam and was amazed at how easy it was to have sex with a woman who would have sex for $30, it completely erased my perimeters.

      When I moved to Arizona, I was astounded how average and pleasant Hispanic women-perhaps some were cocaine addicts-would engage in sexual activity for $25.

      After this, I could not be bothered with callow, shallow white women.

      1. Did you ever get any STD’s from these Latinas? I assume the blowjobs were bareback, right? You can’t catch much from a blowjob, but some street whores have gonorrhea of the throat. I knew a guy who was a total whoremonger. He specialized in Black streetwalkers. He told me got gonorrhea TWO TIMES from blowjobs from Black streetwalkers. Each woman had gonorrhea of the throat.

        Just wondering. Do whores use condoms for blowjobs? A friend told me that call girls will.

        1. ROBERT

          My only experience with STD’s was genital warts from the briefest of contact with a middle-aged white call-woman’s anus in Michigan (Street prostitutes were rare then) when I removed the condom and shot off on her backside. We’re talking 20 seconds of minimal contact and I had to have the thing burned off with dry ice.

          I frequented areas that were not in the depths of the black ghetto where you would be pulled out of your car and shot. Neither do the healthier street prostitutes, even the ones who use drugs. Nobody, not even Mexican prostitutes, will be in the depths of the black ghetto.

          In Detroit it is certain death. You’ll simply be killed and your body will lie in a public place for a day or two until it is found.

          One white line repairman was shot and killed for his vehicle and the guy actually hung for 2 days as a grotesque effigy from a pole.

          Latina women on Phoenix streets in the late 1990’s were actually legitimately employed and only part-time hookers. Most told me “they were available Thursdays or Saturdays” because they worked as maids in hotels or something the rest of the week. I think they only engaged in sex acts with relatively clean-cut, healthy and normal-appearing white or Hispanic or Asian males.

          However, they never used condoms and I never contracted any sort of VD from them.

        2. ROBERT Odd you say that.

          The one time I contracted the genital warts was from a middle-aged weary white call-girl in her forties when I came into contact for the briefest time with the perineum around her anus.

          I generally used condoms and would recommend it.

        3. ROBERT Odd Tale

          One Hispanic female in her 40’s who was a matronly Mestizo type with short hair got really horny and asked me to have sex with her but I said no because we had no condom.

          Black women sell their bodies primarily in the black ghetto itself where STD’s are the least risk. You might get killed.

          It is better to go to a seedy area that is in the Hispanic part of town. And during the day.

          Latina women who were engaging in sex acts were somewhat exclusive about their clients-in 1998 none of them wanted to do anything with blacks-and tended to want white or Hispanic, groomed males in clean clothes.

          They also had some service-sector job for the most part and this was part-time gig. Most were cocaine users or drinkers and part of the motivation was simply sexual excitement.

  18. TRASH
    the problem with the feminist-era, much like some of the problems post Black civil rights, etc. is that we expect that members of these groups are not at all manipulative.

    That they won’t divert from the original intentions of the movement to fit their own interests.
    With feminists, think of “f*cking a stalker” versus “calling the police on a stalker” based on his physical appearance.

    With Blacks, think race-baiting like Al Sharpton.

    1. Manipulative Fake Racism Reports and Erotic Fantasies

      The spate of black women claiming white men have grabbed them roughly or Muslim women being forced to remove their Burka smack of erotic fantasies.

      The police cannot comprehend why the woman-a lonely female-did it. Was she trying to start a riot.


      The black woman (Her alone not all black women) has this fantasy that a strong redneck lumberjack type in a powerful monster truck drags her into the back. The V-8 engine throbs beneath her buttocks.

      He runs his strong hands roughly over her vagina and ass as he calls her dirty names and then shafts her.

      The Arab woman says a tall, clean-cut and well-built Frat boy demands she removes her Burka on deserted campus at night. He then pushes her on her back on hill and proceeds to mount her and have rough sex with her until she has an orgasm, all the while telling her what a dirty Arab girl she is.

      It is a masturbatory fantasy, a repellent one at that.

      Real racism is a bad thing.

      But these are minority fantasies of Alpha males.

  19. The stories NAM females have been making up lately-proved fabricated-about their burka pulled or butt grabbed by a tall and well-built rugged young white man smack of sexual fantasies about being taken by some rough white stud.

    The black woman claims some tall, lean strong redneck in a big shiny powerful truck emerged and sexually harassed her. The police find out it was fabricated. They wonder why she did it. The answer is of course that her darkest fantasy (Her alone, not all women of color) is to have the strong hands of white man who works outside all over her body as he sucks on her tits or shoves his big white hard penis into her mouth or vagina. Let’s face it. Its a fantasy.

    When the Arab-American who is young and chubby and lonely claims her Burka was yanked on a misty night by a tall, powerful rugged young white male whose advances she fought off it smacks of coarse S&M fantasies.

  20. ROBERT Reverse Perspective

    You cannot walk into a barrio and approach a Mexican housewife in her forties to request a blowjob for $25. This would be really ill-advised.

    Most of the Latinas selling their bodies were aging party girls with cocaine and alcohol habits who worked legitimate jobs and were trying to earn extra money from occasional street prostitution. All were divorced or had not married and I suspect all had children.

    I don’t think they would have gone with black men and I don’t know why. One said as much to me.

      1. ROBERT

        When I moved into my new apartment complex in Phoenix I was at a party and struck up a conversation about crime and bad areas.

        You can do this anywhere.

        “Yeah, that place is FULL of prostitutes and addicts.”


        What you then do is take the bus downtown. None of your middle-class friends will go downtown on the bus.

        Then you take a transfer bus to the bad area.

        Always a stretch on the highway that is relatively safe in the daytime.

  21. ROBERT

    When I arrived in Phoenix I asked other white middle-class workers “what areas to avoid”.

    Invariably the response will always be “Oh, such such a place is full of prostitutes and homeless people and criminals.”

    “Thanks, I’ll stay away from the place.”

    The reality about daytime “bad areas” is that probably on main roads nothing will happen to you at all. It will be a bleak stretch on the highway with gas stations and cheap hotels. Maybe an adult bookstore or two, though these are gone now.

    If you turn off the “bad” main road into residential areas maybe it will risky.

    Most GANGS HAVE ARRANGEMENTS WITH PIMPS. They do not want their money source-customers pay for hookers who then pay for drugs-thrown out the window.

    To some degree you are under protection.

  22. bullshit. im a female who can never get laid. never.

    ive seen whales get dick constantly with pimples and oily skin and fucked up face and some pretty dolls never get it. im a mid range “not that bad” who cant get dick. at all. period.

    and there’s plenty of other women who are on dry spells and not of their own volition it just so happens that women can not get sex whenever they want. only the snobbiest, bitchiest, or sleaziest ones can… no matter what they look like.

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