Message to NonWhite Women

Once you go White, you’ll be all right!

Isn’t it obvious that White men are the best men in America, the highest prize of all? Thank you for agreeing with me. Isn’t it clear that we White men are better than all those non-White guys? Well, of course we are. What does any White woman with any sense want? A White guy! What does the classy, discerning non-White woman who is looking to move up in the world want? A White guy! In the US, White guys are de facto Alphas. We’re the most dominant of all. Maybe not behaviorally, but in so many other ways that count.

White women, non-White women, all kinds of women…grab yourself a White man today!

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76 thoughts on “Message to NonWhite Women”

      1. Wait Robert maybe I am wrong, the white nationalists might be your second biggest enemies and your biggest ones might be the rich capitalist ruling class elite. WHo would you say are your biggest enemies?

  1. I am an economic man. My worst enemies are the rightwingers of both parties. I am a socialist, and I am pro-working class. My primary allegiance is to the working class, the poor and the low income people. The other classes come next.

    White nationalists are not that important at the end of the day. One Republican is worse than 10 WN’s. WN’s are just ugly, but they don’t do that much damage outside of voting Republican. Mostly, they are just irrelevant because they have almost no support. They’re bunch of idiots more than anything else.

      1. Being poor or low income doesn’t necessarily make you more moral.

        Very true.

        In fairness, I don’t think Robert or anyone else on this thread is necessarily romanticizing the poor.

        But yes, among leftists in general, there is an irritating tendency to romanticize/deify “the oppressed.”

  2. lol @ at this thread. My cousin is married to a white man and imho he is luckier than she. If he had married a white chick there is an overwhelming chance that his marriage would be over and he’d be financially ruined. White chicks are dysfunctional, broken, narcissistic, and morally retarded. I don’t blame white men for pursuing Asian women at all. While I sympathize with the WN call for racial endogamy, you only get one shot at happiness.

    1. “White chicks are dysfunctional, broken, narcissistic, and morally retarded”

      They just need strong men in their lives again.

      1. “They just need strong men in their lives again.”

        You’d think that wouldn’t you? However unlike Asian women, white women don’t know how to respond to strength. Asian women respect and augment their men’s strength, and by strength I’m referring to a man’s vision and his ability to take charge and lead the family unit. Feminism has programmed white women to mistrust strong men. I’ve seen white women feel threatened when their husbands and SOs receive a promotion or raise. It makes them feel inadequate. Asian women understand the division of labour in a family, do not challenge gender roles and soldier on with a resilience that would mystify their white counterparts. A good mate is not born, but is made. There is where culture comes in.

        @ Seed

        We’re Indians (south Asian).

        1. From my experience, the Asian women suck no differently from white women. Same narcissistic game, just hang out with their own folk. Now the Indians, the Costa Ricans, the Kazakhstanis, these are the women with more dignity that still want to rock it old school.

        2. “white women don’t know how to respond to strength”

          I mean they don’t respond to masculine strength except as entertainment. White women want to respect their men again. Somewhere in the 1960s, they lost their respect. All the phony white male institutions came crashing down.

        3. Justin, I couldn’t agree with you more. With East Asians girls, especially the recent mainland Chinese girls, their supposedly subdued demeanor is mostly a facade! Deep down, they’re no different than white girls or any other girls, for that matter. You just have to get to know them. They may be less obnoxious about it, but they are no different.

          This past two years have been an eye opener. I knew a married women who cheated on her partners right in front of me. I kept questioning her about it, but she made it seem so leisure — a common thing. And, apparently, playing such games was commonplace with Chinese girls. When things blew up in her face, she spilled the beans on some of her friends. With some of them, I had already seen them in their acts first hand. With the others, I was just shocked at how many men they were playing.

          In fact, I was almost got dragged into one of these relationships. It would have been pretty messy.

          Also, CHINESE MEN IN RELATIONSHIPS ARE WHIPPED! VERY WHIPPED! Once again, first-hand experience.

        4. “Also, CHINESE MEN IN RELATIONSHIPS ARE WHIPPED! VERY WHIPPED! Once again, first-hand experience.”

          Let’s play tit-for-tat!

          This is exactly the same thing black men say about white men. Whitey is whipped while black men gets all the tail. Right!

          My experience tells me that Asians screw around A LOT. Both sexes.

        5. Hacienda,

          So you agree with my observations about Chinese women? It’s good to have an East Asian validate this. Non-East Asian men expecting otherwise might experience the most painful rude awakening of their lives. As for Asian men, you’re right. In fact, the married women I talked about cheated on her husband with a Chinese guy, and that guy was the biggest prick/player I have ever had the liberty of knowing…of any race!

          But from my observation, it seems that when the men settle-down, the women seem to wear the belt. Then men might still be as much of player as they were when younger, but it seems that they just sit there and take the lip-service. Then again, I only knew a few of these married men, so it’s very anecdotal.

          I’m still flabbergasted by the women, though. Jesus!

        6. “I’m still flabbergasted by the women, though. Jesus!”

          I know. They should all come with a “Me, So Horny” warning label.

    2. White chicks are dysfunctional, broken, narcissistic, and morally retarded.

      I wouldn’t go that far, but I definitely have some problems with white women.

      (no offense, Lafleur. Where’ve you been?)

      Maybe it’s because most of the white girls I’ve known have been SWPL’s, and I don’t like SWPL’s in general.

      Maybe it’s because I don’t like valley girl accents and I associate white girls with that.

      (though I have also encountered a few Asian girls with equally annoying valley girl style accents)

      Maybe it’s because I don’t like irritating modern day feminism, which I associate with ugly, poorly dressed, white women (and this manifests itself in the form of the criminally high white divorce rate).

      Maybe it’s because of my travels to UC Santa Cruz and the city of Berkeley (not UC Berkeley), where I’ve witnessed very homely, organic looking white women who don’t give a crap about how they look and are very into the SWPL/feminist thing.

      Maybe it’s because they’re so politically correct and bland.

      Either way, there’s just something about white women that I find lacking. I might like white women more if I went to different parts of the country. Who knows?

      But yeah, I can hardly blame white men for wanting to hook up with Asian women, either.

      Apologies in advance to any white ladies out there, but if any of you are upset about WM/AF couples, you need to step your game up.

      1. That’s why I also think that certain projections from certain people that there will be more WM/BF marriages in the future is foolish.

        White men who don’t like narcissistic, feminist white women can always go for Asian women (though of course, it needs to be said that many Asian women are hardly “docile” in any way, in case any of you think I’m supporting the whole docile/feminine stereotype of Asian women).

        They can even go for Hispanic women.

        1. Gay Area Guy
          So you apologize to La Fleur but not to me? Are you associating me with those stereotypes? Are you implying that I’m not white enough? Are you associating my breed of women with lack of femininity?

          Just playin’ wit u.

        2. @ GSG


          Nah, you and I already squabble (just kidding, we don’t really) on Jewish issues, so if I were to apologize, it would be for the occasional JAP remark! 😉

          The thing is, to the extent that you talk about your identity, it’s related to Jewishness.

          Still, don’t know what kind of white girl you are. 🙂

        3. No I was referring to the the fact that Jewish women are always portrayed as unfeminine and unappealing or just loud and obnoxious. Jewish women are always portrayed

          I do consider myself a generic white woman and non feminist. I grew up Orthodox so I typically avoid radicalism of all forms. I have more in common with a 1950’s midwestern Christian housewife than I do with a ssecular jewish girl of my age. If I had grown up secular, I would probably be a loud mouthed, narcissistic, arrogant, feminist but I’m none of those things.

        4. If I had grown up secular, I would probably be a loud mouthed, narcissistic, arrogant, feminist but I’m none of those things.

          I think that reminds me of something that some Israeli Orthodox Jew Yeshayahu Leibowitz said about the religion of Judaism dying 200 years ago.

          Anyway, I’ve noticed that Orthodox Jews tend to be much more respectful or their host populations (or at least are openly more respectful), don’t agitate/advocate radicalism, and tend to mind their own business.

          All the negative Jewish stereotypes we think of are mostly associated with secular Jews. The movie “Defamation” (which was an in depth expose of the ADL) demonstrated this.

          Jews who have no religious identity/roots tend to overcompensate in mostly negative ways.

        5. @ GSG

          It’s good to know that you consider yourself a non-feminist, generic white woman.

          You are certainly a better white woman than the vast majority of white women, Jew or Gentile.

      2. BAG, you should find a woman in Ukraine or E. Europe if you want to stay white but want a more feminine woman. Ukrainian women are stunners. I think they’re supposed to be quite conservative and even racist(probably a selling point for you).

        Seriously, I don’t know why any single white guy in America who is fed up with American women isn’t over in Ukraine, Russia or Belarus. From the reports I hear, even short, ugly, unemployed, drunk on Vodka Russian guys get smoking hot girlfriends with ease.

        1. BAG, you should find a woman in Ukraine or E. Europe if you want to stay white but want a more feminine woman.

          Well, if romance/having a hot girlfriend were my only goal in life, then maybe.

          Otherwise, there isn’t too much about Eastern Europe that appeals to me.

          Yeah, I used to admire that hardcore nationalism/badass whiteness among Russians.

          But based on stories I’ve heard and what I’ve read, that hardcore nationalism/anger probably has more to do with how miserable Russian life is. Freezing weather, always drinking vodka while not having a ton of food/crappy food, nobody gives a crap about your well being, not many good jobs, Etc

          Maybe women in Italy. They don’t seem to be too feminist.

        1. tulio,

          I agree a lot with that observation, even if it is from an Arab. Ever see white boys talk about their hair and the shampoos and conditioners they use? It’s something else. Then they can go on and on about that shit and be dead serious about it. Like little girls talking about Revlon vs Avon vs Donna Karan. And the white guys aren’t even gay. It’s usually the ones that buy things at Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollinger’s etc.

  3. In that spirit, I ask all white women to get with Korean men. High income, stable, best colleges, SATs. Up and comers, nay Upped and Came. Can’t beat’em. Robert, can you America in her tired declining state, I can give you World, (if I weren’t married)

    1. Hacienda
      I’m game. Asians make as much as jews but are generally more mellow (Uncle Joe not withstanding).

      1. You know something, Gay State Girl, sometimes I get the impression that you’re not gay, or at least, you’re one those confused straight/gays. I also get the impression that you might have a little yellow fever, if you know what I mean. And by that, I’m talking about the masculine variant of the fever. Just a vibe I get whenever I read your comments on matter relating to East Asians/

        You should probably go back into your closet and make sure you have your shit straight. [attempt at humor]

  4. My concern is that this will not stay true for long, Bob. Sometimes I feel like all of Mexico is piggybacking on me across the border. They are dragging this white man down!

  5. BAGm, you’re being naive with regards to Orthodox. Have you ever read the Talmud? The book that they study 24/7 openly degrades and is a manifesto for fucking over Gentiles (g0yim). And please don’t tell me you approve of race mixing, I’m disappointed in you.

    1. The book that they study 24/7 openly degrades and is a manifesto for fucking over Gentiles (goyim).

      Believe me, I know. I’ve read my Brother Nathanael.

      However, when judging the Orthodox, I judge them based on their actions.

      They are not the ones in Hollywood producing holocaust movie after holocaust movie. They are not the ones who comprise the bulk of the Israel lobby. They are not the ones who downplay black on white violence through their influence in the media.


      This is all the work of secular Jews.

      Besides, the Orthodox/Jews with religious roots that I’ve met online, like GSG or JAY (whom I know you despise) are the most pro-white Jews I’ve ever known. Ditto for Rabbi Mayer Schiller.

      And please don’t tell me you approve of race mixing

      I’m certainly not a cheerleader for it, no.

      My comment was more of a critique of white women than it was an endorsement of yellow fever.

      I’m just saying that there’s a reason why white guys go for Asian girls, and that white girls need to get their act together.

      Also considering where I live and where I go to school, race mixing for me is inevitable. The genie is already out of the lamp, so to speak.

      Besides, I’ve never been one of those WN’s obsessed with blood purity. While I still support white advocacy and agree with WN’s on certain fundamental issues, I no longer really identify with the white nationalist movement. I’ve seen how dogmatic, rigid, and obsessed with purity they are. I’ve also seen that they’re a dead-end movement that’s going nowhere. I try to do little things (even just saying something pro-white every now and then) to support my people, but I no longer identify as a white nationalist.

      So if you’re “disappointed” in me/wondering why some of my views have changed, there you have it.

      You have to adapt with your surroundings, uncle Joe. If I ruled out race mixing when considering possible mates, I would be a lonely man indeed. I also have no shame in admitting that I’m not the greatest when it comes to girls as it is.

      Beggars can’t be choosers.

      I also have less objection to white/Asian marriages than black/white marriages because many half white/half Asian kids have Caucasian features/appearances (even though their half Asian ancestry is generally obvious and easy to detect).

      Also, unlike black women, Northeast Asian women are relatively light-skinned, have small noses and thin lips, and smooth straight hair.

      1. @BAG
        By the way, I’m not implying that I’m some sort of Puritanical prude, far from it, hell I still remember alcohol-fueled craziness during my college days. When you say you don’t rule out race mixing, are you implying you’re going out with Asian women? And when you say you don’t object to white/Asian mixing, does that also go for Asian males/white women? If not, that’s pretty hypocritical.

        1. And when you say you don’t object to white/Asian mixing, does that also go for Asian males/white women?

          Yes, it does. I don’t mind Asian male/white female couples either, even though they’re relatively rarer. There are prominent offspring of AM/WF couples, such as Russell Wong, Tommy Chong, and Bruce Lee also married a white woman (interesting, since he’s 1/4 white himself).

          If a white woman were to marry a non-white man, I would prefer she go for an Asian man, and wouldn’t mind it at all.

          When you say you don’t rule out race mixing, are you implying you’re going out with Asian women?

          Presently, no.

          I would definitely consider them as romantic partners, though.

  6. Do you think most WN’s are like me, in that they oppose race mixing but are fine with everything else, or are they overall prudes? It’s a tricky issue, since some WN’s mock Christianity as “slave morality” and they don’t seem very Puritanical.

    1. It really depends on what kind of WN’s you’re talking about.

      Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent has distinguished between realistic political activists like himself (he’s so pragmatic that he doesn’t even openly call himself a white nationalist), and what he terms the “vanguard.”

      Realistic, more refined white nationalists include the likes of James Edwards, Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Hunter Wallace, and Sam Francis before them. Even David Duke could be thrown into that category, ever since he reformed the KKK/white nationalist movement by replacing bedsheets with suits.

      (though I have various issues with Duke, unrelated to his specific views)

      Within the “vanguard,” you have the likes of Alex Linder, Tom Metzger, and people like William Pierce before them.

      The WN’s in the former category, even though most of them are not really religious/into Christianity, take care not to bash Christianity, because they know that doing so will estrange them from the white masses. Hunter Wallace in particular has warned against that. Some WN’s like James Edwards and his fellow Political Cesspool operatives are also open Christians.

      People within the “vanguard,” particularly Alex Linder (who was Hunter Wallace’s favorite whipping boy for a while), DO in fact hate Christianity, see it as holding back white people from doing what they need to do (which in Alex Linder’s case, is open extermination of all non-whites), makes them docile, etc.

      I’d say white nationalists in general are opposed to race mixing, even the more moderate ones. Perhaps the one exception to the rule is John Derbyshire (married to a Chinese woman), who while not a WN per se, has written for WN publications.

      They do come across as overall prudes, to be honest. Jared Taylor and much of the amren crowd absolutely hates all manifestations of modern day pop culture, and I even recall some commenters saying they like TCM (ie. old peoples’) movies.

      I’d say James Edwards (with his relatively attractive wife, his good sense of humor, and his interest in sports), Hunter Wallace (who’s relatively younger and keeps up to date with pop culture), and Jared Taylor (accomplished Jazz and classical musician, as well as international cosmopolitan) are the more fun/less rigid ones.

      1. To clarify, when I talked about the amren crowd being prudes, I didn’t actually mean to single out Jared Taylor.

        He comes across as a pretty pleasant individual.

        But like many other WN’s, he’s a bit too old. More young/relatively young WN’s like James Edwards, Hunter Wallace, and Alex Kurtagic are needed.

        1. Well, it depends on whether or not you classify John Derbyshire as a white nationalist, because he’s married to a Chinese woman.

          He’s taken a little flack in WN circles for this.

          He’s certainly written for a few of their publications. Whether or not that’s enough to qualify him as one, I don’t know.

  7. Actually the vanguard types don’t seem prudish at all. The commenters on VNN for example, which is Linder’s site, say that other than race-mixing, fuck it and have fun. It is true however that pop culture is utter shit these days. The last decent movie I can think of is Goodfellas, which came out in 1990. Also, you may be suprised to hear this, but I’m a James Brown fan, despite my overall attitude towards Negros.

  8. Danny DeVito would be a more convincing person to play a kike on screen, given his pudgy, ugly-ass demeanor. Isn’t it funny how deformed/ugly Italians and other Mediterrneans can easily pass for jews?

  9. My sister is with a white man and he is a fucking asshole. And that’s an understatement. If I weren’t holding out for Meagan Fox, I’d be staunchly opposed to interracial dating based on that alone.

    1. My sister is with a white man and he is a fucking asshole.

      Well, not to pry into your personal life, but what does she see in him?

      1. God only knows. Women are attracted to controlling assholes like moths to a flame. So maybe that has something to do with it. Well they have a kid so she’s kinda stuck with him now unfortunately. My family doesn’t care about his race, but we don’t like him at all as a person. We’ve tried to get my sister away from him but she won’t leave. Oh well.

        1. Women are attracted to controlling assholes like moths to a flame.


          So you’re saying that I should drop the shy, polite, reserved, nice guy act and just act like a prick?

          Believe me, I’ve been tempted to do so. The shy guy act certainly hasn’t worked for me.

        2. Hard to tell if you’re being sarcastic or serious. But if you are serious, start reading some David DeAngelo.

        3. I actually am being serious, believe it or not. No sarcasm intended.

          I’ve always been debating to myself whether or not to try to go for a more badass aura, as opposed to the more mellow aura.

          To that end, I used to have a goatee. I’ve since shaved that off, but am lifting more weights/working out more.

          But I don’t know if even that works, because I’ve seen some of the most effeminate/doofus looking white guys with drop dead gorgeous girlfriends, and I’m thinking to myself, “what does he have that I don’t?”

        4. Just sounds like you need to learn some game. I’m guessing you’re in your mid 20s. Still pretty young to make up for lost time. But start learning immediately. There’s so many good resources out there now to learn game, or at least get your head right. Though of course the only way to really make any progress is with lots of dates and practice with women.

          Start with David DeAngelo’s “double your dating”. Then you can pick up “The layguide”. There’s a guy called Roosh V who wrote a book called “Bang” that’s pretty good, especially for guys who are really methodical.

        5. I’m probably not the best person to be giving advice on the subject, but all you have to be is a go-getter. You don’t have to be a jerk to be a go-getter, but you do have to be confident and you will need to be able to stand your ground. You can be a nice guy and still be confident. In that regard, you wouldn’t have to change that much about yourself.

          You will get rejected on some (many?) occasions, but you can’t let it get to you. You also shouldn’t fear rejection because that’s a normal part of life. You live and learn, and most importantly, you become more skilled.

          I’m probably more psychologically disadvantaged than you (you seem mostly normal), but I’m currently going through that transformation and I’ve been having some good results. But “good results” to me has little to do with sex — it’s more about respect. But I can’t see how the same thing couldn’t work for you.

  10. Asian women are more often praised as how women should be, whereas White women and other women are often blamed for not being like them. These tend to come from men who likely believe, whether consciously or not, that this is due to biology. They ignore that the attitudes and behaviors of American women today are unlike that of American women in the past . Therefore what you are seeing is not ‘how white women behave ‘ but how women who are Americans act regardless of their race. Just look at Russian women.
    In the future when Asian Americans are a larger portion of the US population(the same rate 12 percent as black by 2100 according to the census), you will see that women are just women , rather American women are just American women whether they are Asian or not.
    Cant wait for that time. Well we dont even have to wait that long . it is already here. Maybe a second generation Asian American woman , exhibits some attitudes and behaviors of her immigrant parents’ culture and one concludes that even Asian american woman ‘act’ Asian but definately by the third generation an American is an American whether she is Asian or not.
    As for White woman, I believe that the strong criticism comes from guys who are attracted to White women more than any other race of women but find them more challenging to get and keep especially the one these guys find very attractive. But note , all American and Americanized women who are attractive or consider themselves so
    pose the same challenge to men regarldess of race. American or Americanised women learn that they must not hesitate to complain to their men/husbands about , money, household chores, sex, child rearing,
    and even that he is not being assertive enough to get a promotiion. And
    the more they see themselves are desirable to most men , it is the more
    determine they are to complain.
    If you think that Asian AMERICANIZED women are not the same , well
    think again , date more often or wait until 2100 when a larger portion of the U.S. population is Asian and most will be non-immigrant.

    1. Devon: “”In the future when Asian Americans are a larger portion of the US population(the same rate 12 percent as black by 2100 according to the census), you will see that women are just women , rather American women are just American women whether they are Asian or not.
      Cant wait for that time. “”

      Translation: In a couple of generations Asian women will become just as dysfunctional as White women and us white women won’t have any
      competition anymore.

      You’re wrong on several points Devon. Criticizing White women has nothing to do with any sort of envy or secret desire, that is a rather juvenile assumption to begin with. Secondly, men don’t want to be ‘challenged’ in a relationship, life in general is challenging enough. If this is your assumption, you clearly understand nothing of Men. Complaining is also undesirable. This is what differentiates White women from Asian women. White women insist on placing their own self interests above those of husband and family. They believe that by spitting on conventions and behaving in an overall obnoxious manner is a sign of strength. This is bs. Asian women make sacrifices. This is the source of their strength, their resilience. And by Asian I’m referring to ALL asians, East, South, South east ect… I’ve seen my own mother sacrifice her career for the sake of me and my sister, and my sister will do the same for her Kids. MY sister is Phd student at the Uni of Texas. My Chinese buddy’s mother still runs the household on a $30k a year budget, despite her husband making over $150k. Thats discipline. Her son also possesses the virtue of frugality which is common to ALL asian cultures. Asian women simply have more character, grace, feminity than their white counterparts. As Hacienda says: “DEAL WITH IT”

      1. How do you explain the behaviors of Eastern European women and
        American women (white or not) in the 50s and earlier, if culture is not the reason for the behavior you see of American women today?

        As for being wrong that the criticism is due to a secret desire for these women, note that I stated that it is against White women they find attractive and given the percentage of Whites in the population , guys are more likely to see an attractive White woman than other woman (whether or not the rate of attractiveness is similar among the female racial group). Women who are considered attractive (white or not) and/or
        financially independent pose more challenge to men than those who are not . Moreover, American women pose more challenge to men due to a culture(more than any other culture) which values wealth , success and physical appearance. Enough is never enough for many American women(white or not) and guys know that , and they know that a White woman is more likely to be an American than an Asian woman.
        I am not stating that the criticism is not warranted but that it ignores the fact that non-White Americanised women behave the same as White women (especially attractive women) and men tend to be more critical of women they desire. There are lots of White women these guys know who are unlike the ones they
        are critical of (and similar to the Asian women they praise) but they dont find them attractive and dont want these women.
        How a woman acts can be influenced by factors such as her age, appearance, income and how desirable she thinks that she is to men.
        A carefree American woman of today , may be the ‘perfect ‘ wife later on,
        not because the American culture has changed or she has become wiser but because she may see herself as not the center of attention anymore by many men. Maybe if men did not focus so much on getting an ‘attractive’ woman ( and I dont expect them not to) they would find more
        woman who would make great wife . This would even influence how some
        attractive women act as they would know that they dont have a greater chance of being selected over women who are not considered so .
        American men being critical of American women , is
        not unique to American men . It even happens in Asia. For example,
        according to an article in a Chinese online newspaper titled ‘Chinese Men
        Looking West’ (by Tiffany Tan), many Chinese men are seekiing Western women in personal ads. Some of the reasons given for their preference for Western women include being less materalistic, and it is more easier to know that is on their mind . Some of the issues they raised are no different from what American men say of American women (usally white)
        It seems men tend to believe that the ‘other’ women make better spouse than their own and this is not unique to American men.

        1. eh? I never denied that culture played a role in this. Asian women are raised to be wives first whereas their western counterparts are raised to be good employees.

  11. On the contrary. White men are more beta. They don’t demand traditional gender roles and are more than willing to supplicate in almost every aspect of a relationship.

  12. I’d love to date/marry a white guy, but I’m a dark skinned black female and a race realist so even if I managed to snag a desirable white guy, I’d feel guilty about it :/

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