Alt Left: Of Vikings and Nubians, or Who Were the Real Mediterraneans?

Anonymous: Anyone who thinks Nordics were the original “Greeks,” “Romans,” “Persians,” or “Egyptians” is an uneducated, inferiority-complexed moron in denial of the truth because of their emotions and obvious ignorant bias. Seriously.

First off, Nordics with light features in hair and eyes and pale white skin only BURN in the sun if they’re not mixed with “darker peoples'” genes. Nordics are up north in Europe because the sun is way less strong up there, duh!

Mediterranean people (of true origin, not migrants now there today) can easily tan and have dark hair, eyes, etc. to easily take the stronger sun rays on their skin and eyes. It’s so obvious only a moron (yep, many out there) would be able to actually deny this with confidence. Anyone can look up ancient art and pottery of Greeks and clearly see the very curly, swarthy BLACK hair, brown eyes, etc. And also in many pictures they show men with BLACK hair and brown skin.

This is also seen in many Minoan paintings, who were of similar or same genetic stock as the Greeks. Look up ancient Persian pictures and you see men with BLACK hair and very Semitic facial features, well, what a shock, just like today’s Middle Eastern population as well!

Look up Cyrus the Great (Persian). Nordicists are simply in absolute denial because deep inside they actually have inferiority complexes. They know most ancient history of amazing civilizations have NOTHING to do with them.

When did Nordic people “come on the scene”? Only when they invaded Roman lands when Rome was in decline. Nordics/Germanics stole all the wealth and technology and also mixed with Roman peoples over hundreds of years. This is why you see people with light features in Italy, Spain, France, etc. today.

The ancient Romans even said the GERMANIC tribes to the north lived like uncivilized animals, didn’t clean themselves, did not have public baths, ran around barefoot, etc. Germanic/Nordics never built anything like Rome or Greece until they had to come down, invade and steal everything like a bunch of animals because they could not do it on their own without outside help.

This is actual fact. Go Google image search the Germanic invasions of Rome, and see for yourself. It started at around 300 A.D., and of course many Nordic migrants came over the last 1,500 years. So much history they ignore (thus, they’re ignorant) because it destroys their superiority complex. That superiority complex is really a mask to cover their…yep, again: inferiority complex.

Sorry guys, but you’re not as “superior” as you always claim. YOU burn in the sun, which many would say is a sign of inferiority. You know damn well if you tanned nicely but most others did not, you would call them genetic defects and albino inferiors. But since you are the ones that burn, you ignore this and try to point at other things. The emotional denial and ignorance of your kind is so high.

All your quotes of people supposedly saying Greeks had “gold hair” are BS lies. More likely implanted quotes by inferiority-complexed Nordics who want to steal history. And also, even if light hair was seen, guess what? Hair dye was used all throughout the ancient times, whether Egypt, Persia, Rome, Greece, etc. Look it up, they dyed their hair different colors, even blue and orange in Egypt.

This is most interesting post, and I agree with it in general. The Nordic-Med history is similar to the Egyptian-Nubian history. Meds produced a superior civilization, and Nordics produced an inferior civilization. When the superior civilization, the Meds, began to die, the inferiors, the Nordic barbarians, charged down from the North and conquered the ruins. And proceeded to not do a thing with it either, as the Dark Ages ensued.

Similarly, the mixed-race Egyptians (87% White, 13% Black) produced a superior civilization for millenia. The Nubians to the south produced an interesting but frankly inferior civilization. As the superior Pharaohnic civilization began to die, the inferior Nubian “barbarians” charged up from the South and conquered the ruins. So in many ways, the Nubian Blacks of Upper Egypt and the Nordics are soul brothers.

Vikings are seafaring blond and red niggas from the fjords. Nubian Blacks are are dark desert Vikings gone berserker.

We can probably also theorize something about powerful civilizations here – that as they start to decline, they grow fat, lazy or decadent and soon are overrun by inferior but violent and charged civilizations, who lord it over the ruins for a bit until it all collapses.

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117 thoughts on “Alt Left: Of Vikings and Nubians, or Who Were the Real Mediterraneans?”

  1. Similarly, the mixed race Egyptians (90% White, 10% Black)

    I’m just curious, Robert, where do you get this stat regarding the racial/ancestral make-up of ancient Egyptians?

    Maybe a post on the ancient Egyptian race controversy could clear this up.

    1. Modern Egyptians are much less than 90% white. I remember hearing that the Nubian kingdom was quite dark skinned.

      1. lol Ithink you are kidding, i guess you haven’t seen Egyptians in your life. We Egyptians are Mediterranean Caucasoid people 90%-100%. Modern Egyptians cluster with southern Levantines

        Lastly Why are you mentioning nubians?, Nubians have nothing to do with Egypt, they are totally differet race. Ancient Egyptians were and are Caucasoid people.

    1. Yeah… Well, you’re obviously a simpleton. You think you’re a genius, clearly, you stated that in absurd fashion. I notice that you don’t get many posts on your website anymore. Kind of sad really. It’s probably because everything you write and think is pure BS.

  2. Four points

    1. Your banned friend is correct that the northerners must have had something going for them if they could conquer the mighty civilisations of the south. Though Edward Gibbon would point out that the south by then had become effete and degenerate, and easier to conquer.

    2. The northern barbarians had very little artistic culture, but their martial culture meant that they were at least organised. The Goth invaders used to deliberately separate themselves from the southerners because they felt they were soft and unmanly. A better analogy than Eqyptian-Nubian history would be that of the Mongols and their conquered, but more civilised neighbours.

    3. The difference between the north and south europe is still the same. People who descend from southern europe are flashy and disorganised. The archetype is the latino chrome hub cap spinners and lowriders – the sistine chapel of the latino. The northerners are bland and organised, almost east asian in disposition. The archetype is functional ikea furniture.

    4. Ancient Egyptians are not ‘mixed-race’ except from a US-centric black-white dichotomy point of view. It’s like saying Danes are ‘mixed-race’ because they have germanic and scandinavian genes. Egyptians are Egyptians, Danes are Danes.

    1. Also, to add to ski’s comment,

      “The difference between the north and south europe is still the same. People who descend from southern europe are flashy and disorganised. The archetype is the latino chrome hub cap spinners and lowriders – the sistine chapel of the latino. The northerners are bland and organised, almost east asian in disposition. The archetype is functional ikea furniture.”

      Whites, especially northern Europeans, are the blandest people on Earth. On the other hand, East Asians give Latinos a run for their money. I can’t see how you would think otherwise. They take the effort to make their cities not look brand. In fact, their whole nations ooze with the “look-at-me” mentality. As for individual East Asians, their fashion — their highly stylized hairdos on both the men and women, the designer and eccentric styling of the women, the tuner crowd — show that they are anything but bland. East Asians are among the most flashy.

      1. East Asians are the blandest people on earth by far. They are subdued in all behavior. Whites are in between blacks and east asians in behavior.

    2. Mediterraneans have a great deal of Arab blood which I believe both contributes to their behavior and to the relative advancement of their culture in the past when the Mediterranean was the trading hub of the entire world (Prior to the Atlantic, now Pacific).

      Germany and Northern Europe are the engines that drove the European Union until Britain finally walked off in disgust with it all.

  3. I do have a few quibbles with this post.

    “First off, Nordics with light features in hair and eyes and pale white skin only BURN in the sun if they’re not mixed with “darker peoples” genes.”

    Not entirely true. I live in the American South and you can see plenty of (mostly British, some German) Nordic types who tan. The thing is, they don’t tan immediately like Meds, but if a Nordic lives in a hot climate his entire life, over the course of years his skin will gradually change from pale milk to light olive.

    Ultimately though, this stuff always seemed kind of silly to me. I could never take the Nordicist “blonde beast” as the “crown of evolution,” seriously, and similarly any kind of “we’re better cuz we tan,” stuff seems childish. My personal favorite in women is black hair, blue eyes, super pale. Anyhow, the whole point of any kind of tribalism to me is that race is more than just skin color. Doesn’t this bashing Nordics for their light features seem just as silly as Nordics proclaiming that blondness=superiority?

    “When did Nordic people “come on the scene”? Only when they invaded Roman lands when Rome was in decline. Nordics/Germanics stole all the wealth and technology and also mixed with Roman peoples over hundreds of years. This is why you see people with light features in Italy, Spain, France, etc. today.”

    Not quite so.

    The Celts are usually described as lighter than the Romans, and the light skinned Celts of modern day France/Switzerland/Northern Italy, and to a lesser extent some of the Germans had been thoroughly Romanized and mixing with Romans for hundreds of years before the Germanic invasions. France and N. Italy have been mixing grounds of light Celts and olive Meds for a very, very long time but the original peoples were light Celts.

    There have also been mixtures of milk white and olive long into prehistory. I totally reject the notion that there are only people with light features in Italy, Spain and France solely due to Germanic invasions since 300 AD.

    I’ve always been a super Southern Europhile, but also a big fan of Northern Europe, and of course am of Northern European ancestry myself (though 7.5% or so French, which this guy seems to count as S. Euro). I can kind of understand posts like this from S. Euros when confronted with Nordicist bs, but the acidic tone will just hurt us in the long run. We should just try to all get along, especially in the US where “Meds” aren’t really separate anymore (most people with any S. Euro ancestry have at least 25-50% N. Euro– pure Meds in US are rare).

    1. “…if a Nordic lives in a hot climate his entire life, over the course of years his skin will gradually change from pale milk to light olive.”

      That isn’t necessarily so. My 100% Scandinavian grandfather turned an odd shade of red every summer all his life and never managed to get a proper tan, despite spending a lot of time outdoors.

      I’ve known plenty of fair-skinned Celts who were the same way, except with freckles.

    2. Many Americans in the south also have mixed genes from the last 300+ years. Many speak about having a Native American ancestor in recent family tree (great grandmother). Like I said, if they’re NOT mixed with “darker peoples” then they WILL burn like heck. They need the gene from people who are already well-adapted to very sunny environments like the Mediterranean. So much mixture has happened between Germanic types and original Mediterranean Romans/Greeks in the last 1500 years, no one can make a clear judgement anymore. But today even we see many of them cannot tan. My friend cannot spend much time in the sun without burning to heck, even 15 minutes and he has to go inside or put on heavy sun block lotion. And that’s what many of them use, too – sun tan lotion. Many also spray tan.

      And my post was directed at stupid Nordicist Nazis who try to twist and/or claim someone else’s (Mediterranean Euro) history for themselves, because it boosts their pride (lol) in making everyone else ASSume they must be genetically superior because of such history and what we see today. Without history to back their claims of superiority, everyone seeing what they do today only proves that technology is passed down from culture to culture, not made by one genetic group of people because they’re supposedly “naturally superior” to everyone else. They know this, and thus again why they must try to hide true history from everyone. They must make up stupid excuses that “darker people in Europe are results of mixing with Arabs or Africans” crap. They ignore all the ancient Greek/Minoan and Etruscan frescoes which date back to way before any “Arabic” invasions.

      I’m sorry if I did come off as harsh. I do not believe dark complexioned southern Europeans (true indigenous ones) are ‘superior’ simply because of their history concerning ancient advanced civilizations like Rome, Greece, etc. But I have to come back hard on these Nazis to smack them down with their own medicine. Though I agree, it is still not the right way entirely, and it is somewhat out of my anger toward these propagandists spreading lies, even seen throughout movies on Greeks and Romans. I laugh when I see all these light colored people in their movies, when you see the opposite in the TRUE ancient Greek/Roman frescoes.

      As for the other person saying there were some light colored people in the south before Germanic invasions of around 300 A.D. This is true, even seen in Etruscan art, they are shown as clear minority, thus obviously foreigners from the north still, not indigenous Mediterraneans. I’m sure some northerners went to China, but this doesn’t mean Germanics made ancient Chinese civilizations. But these Nordicists try to use EXCEPTIONS to brainwash everyone into thinking they were the RULE!

      They can show quotes from supposed ancient sources all they want, most likely made up implanted quotes by Nordicist liars, and they have been known to make stuff up in order to deceive people. They’re quite desperate to pass this silly agenda of racism.

      They make up quotes saying how Greeks had “gold hair” yet ancient frescoes made by the Greeks themselves show BLACK curly hair, brown eyes, and many with brown tanned skin. The ancient Greeks even looked Semitic / Middle Eastern in appearance than anything else.

      The Nazis / Nordicists HATE that fact. They’re jealous and envious of this. It boils their blood since it just smashes their lies and propaganda to the ground in one swing. There’s no denying authentic art like this. Quotes by supposed ancient speakers can be twisted and easily made up, but not frescoes which can be dated and also many Minoan (Greek) frescoes freshly dug up within the last 100 years, once burried under layers of volcanic ash – they show people with black curly hair, [dark] brown eyes, and many of the men with dark brown skin from tanning. They look extremely similar to regular ancient Greek frescoes, because as I said, they were of similar or same genetic stock, obviously.

      Anyway, this is so pathetic to keep going on about; if only the Nordicists had actual security within themselves and did not feel the need to steal other peoples’ history and try to brainwash others in to looking up to them, I’d not have to do this. But I will continue to spread the truth as long as they try to lie to everyone. I will go to all the YouTube videos these insecure Nazis make and smash them left and right! They will lose when I tell others to simply look up ancient frescoes of Greeks, then that will speak for itself. Nothing else will be needed to say.

      But about the light colors in southern Europe today: they surely are there MAINLY because of the multiple Germanic invasions that happened in 300 to 500 B.C. and then after that the migrations south and mixtures therefore over the last 1500+ years. They became the ruling class, so they had the power to brainwash people into thinking they’re now the superiors, and this is how they’ve twisted history for so long. Thankfully we now have the Internet and WWW to get quick answers to our questions concerning these things – we can all look up ancient art and see the truth. A lot of that was filtered through biased ‘history’ books in schools for many years throughout the last 10 centuries by insecure Nordicists.

  4. “Vikings are seafaring blond and red niggas from the fjords. Nubian Blacks are are dark desert Vikings gone berserker.”

    Brilliant. Love this.

  5. To the OP, White skin helps White People produce vitamin D, which is harder for dark-skinned people to do in climates without much sunlight.

    Robert, if what you propose is correct, then I would like to to consider a few things:

    I saw a lot of ancient mummies when I was in Egypt this year. When I was in Cairo and other Egyptian cities I can tell you that, of out of 500 or some Egyptians that I saw, they all had black hair, dark skin, and brown eyes. And I am sure the same would be the case of the sample size was increased. But let’s be conservative & say there is one red-headed or blond person for every 500 black-haired person.

    Well, the first Egyptian dynasty began in 3100 BC. Ramses II had red hair and Queen Hatshepsut had blond hair.

    So what are the odds that this could occur?

    Well, since many people think that and ancient Egyptians Pharaohs and other royalty resembled the people currently living in Egypt today let’s tackle this using basic statistical probability.

    What is the probability that Ramses II could have red hair, given that there is only 1 red-headed person per sample size of 501 black-haired people? To figure this out we do the following: 1/501 = 0.00199 or there is only a 0.199% chance that this could occur.

    Given the same ratios of black-haired to blond or red-haired individuals, what is the probability that BOTH Ramses II and Queen Hatsheput could have blond or red-hair? 0.00199 * 0.00199 = 0.0000039601 or 0.00039601%. Statistically, it is basically an impossibility given the underlying assumptions.

    My belief is that, while Egypt was multiracial, its ruling class was White, and of Nordic racial character. Other time they mixed until they disappeared.

    1. Shawn
      Legend has it that King David had red hair. Supposedly there was between the Levant and the British Isles (the Christian Identity crowd loves to talk about that.)

        1. I’m seen several light-haired Iraqis. One particular individual had red hair (or a tinged of rad). He had very reddish skin to match.

    2. Egyptians were known to also dye their hair multiple different colors (even blue). Some of them used henna to dye their hair red. Same with Greeks, Romans, Persians, etc. They all had certain peoples that dyed their hair different colors. This doesn’t mean they’re Nordic / Germanic.

      Also, it is said that the process of mummification can make color of hair turn light by whatever they put in the hair to begin with after the person died. Many easy answers as to why some show light hair.

      Nordics are just desperate to claim ancient history of advanced civilizations which were ALL in the south, because the Nordics did not make any equivalent to Rome, Greece, Egypt or Persia up in northern Europe themselves, and Nordicists today hate that the world sees this.

      Some of these Nazis are even trying to say the original Mayans were some blond haired, blue eyed people that built the pyramids located in central America today! They’re so pathetic and in denial! Paintings of ancient Mayans clearly show dark brown Native American peoples/tribes, but they still try to use some made-up BS quotes I’m sure written by insecure Nordicists trying to steal history from others they envy so much… as usual.

        1. @Northax – A reading suggesting on the chemistry of hair and its association with race: the book “Hair in Toxicology: an important bio-monitor”, edited by Desmond John Tobin, published in 2005 by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Chapter 14 is on “Hair as a bioresource in archeological study”, authored by Andrew S. Wilson, and begins on page 321.

        2. Very interesting, thanks.

          Using the terms “black” and “nordic” which are pretty meaningless – anyway –

          The kingdom of Kerma was definitely “black” and that was around 2,500 BC.

          The “Nordics” have nothing to show at 2,500 BC – Stonehenge perhaps?

          So it’s not clear why the Nordic genetic superiority took so long to show up – i.e not until around 1700 AD did Nordic people colonise less developed continents

        1. Stonehenge was created by pre-Celtic Britons. Definately not Nordic people, more like Iberian, Atlantid etc.

    3. the mummification process causes hair to turn red or yellowish over time. Most mummies, whether from Mongolia, Siberia or the Andes, have light hair and dark skin regardless of what they looked like in life. That’s what happens to a mummified body after several centuries.
      There was no “nordic” ruling class of Egypt or anywhere else for that matter. As far as I can tell even in Northern Europe the ruling class is more of a generalised pan-european type than a true blonde robust nordic/baltic type. Nordics make good farmers, warriors and athletes but not good statesmen.

  6. The Vikings were stupid. Finns are morose and boring. Swedes are abortively pedantic and baselessly smug. Danes invented Danish pastries, that’s about it. They live in a frozen land and have fight lava flows with garden hoses. How smart can they be?

    1. Smarter than half-Arab wogs from the South whose female ancestors were raped by Arabs who cannot seem to run a decent economy.

      I’d use a public toilet in Copenhagen but would not go near one in Palermo.

      1. Vikings were the most advanced in ships, weaponry, etc. in their day, the Viking Age.

        A Viking man killing some 40 at Stamford bridge before a low blow took him out was impressive:

        Romans were so impressive that many posters on the respected medieval-centric forum, Arms and Armor, believe a legion could have taken on a Medieval army. Medieval armor, knight training, etc. had advanced beyond Ancient Rome, but the sheer numbers that Rome could field coupled with their leadership/organization made them a good match for warriors who came much later. They were punching above their time period.

  7. Egyptians weren’t an indo-european people. Libyans, Ethiopians, Semitic invaders from the east all contributed to the gene pool of Pharonic Egypt. They weren’t even white in terms of skin color – look at the Book of Gates, for example.

    1. Nordics aren’t indo-europeans/aryans in origin either, they’re finns, which is basically depigmented Cro-magnon plus a little Siberian Mongoloid, The Aryans were Caucasus Mountain stock like modern day Georgians and Ossetians.

      1. Scandinavians who speak languages in the Germanic family are from Germany and Finns are Slavs, essentially.

        Lapps in the far North Siberian Mongoloid? Yes, that is possible and in fact they were living in Scandinavia before German tribes pressed Northward. But the admixture is slight.

      2. In modern culture, Finns may be the most Nordic. Nordics love simplicity, especially Finns. West Siberian Mongoloid is found in Finns and Russians. Point is, Nordics are closer to the East Asian pole than the Sub-Saharan African one. Kievan Rus elite were Nordic Vikings but sizzled on Slavs and crossed with a noble Byzantine woman. The Kievan racial trident: Nordic, Slavic, and Mediterranean.

  8. Arvind,

    You are correct that the Egyptians had a lot of races living under the tent of Egypt. However only non-S. European Whites have blond or red hair (with the exception of some Australoid Aborigines with blond hair), such as Ramses II or Queen Hatsheput. Therefore it seems pretty obvious that there were Nordic rulers in ancient Egypt and it is most probable that they were simply absorbed into the gene pool over time.

    1. Quite amazing, if even true, that Nordic people came down south to “rule”, yet could not build an amazing civilization equivalent to Egypt up in northern Europe?

      Logic is on my side here, guys. Just give it up already. You’re really reaching far with these dumb theories, and it just makes you look very desperate. It’s quite embarrassing, really.

      1. yet could not build an amazing civilization equivalent to Egypt up in northern Europe?

        Well, Northern Europe didn’t have a great river like the Nile River or any of the other resources that Egypt did. It was also cursed by a poor climate.

        I don’t like nordicism any more than you do, but it must be kept in mind that the great start of civilizations like Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and China were due to very conveniently placed rivers and hydraulic resources for agriculture.

        Europe, on the other hand, has always been screwed by its poor climate and geography, except of course until the industrial revolution.

        1. There are many big rivers/lakes in areas around Germany, as well. You don’t need such a huge river like the Nile to build complex structures. The Nordics / Germanics simply did not have knowledge to do such things until they came south to see Mediterranean peoples’ (Romans and Greeks) structures. It just wasn’t in their culture, apparently.

          The Inca Native Americans built amazing structures (that baffle even today’s technologically advanced people) all the way in the mountains without any huge river near them.

          Some Nordicist Nazis even said Nordics are smart because they had to think a lot in order to overcome hardship in winter in the North. So why didn’t that lead them to make advanced structures in the summer, spring and fall?

          No excuses. They’re not ‘naturally superior’ to anyone else. Today it might *seem* so, to the ignorant among us, because they’ve stolen a lot of things from multiple different cultures over the last 1500+ years, combined all that knowledge and then mainly kept it to themselves through harsh discrimination, but anyone who knows history also can see that it’s not natural/genetic knowledge or intelligence, but cultural, and almost always received by way of force and theft.

        2. First of all, you can’t “steal” culture or ideas. Even if you make good use of other peoples’ ideas, the people you supposedly “stole” those ideas from still have it.

          Second of all, it’s no coincidence that the four great ancient civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India) arose along large rivers.

          Third of all, you don’t seem to reject Nordicism so much as you just switch the variables around, where Nords are dumb and uncultured, as opposed to smarter people in the South.

          And if you don’t believe that, then you’re going to have to explain how their “culture” held them back.

          Besides, do you really deny that Northern Europe, for the purposes of early civilization development, was screwed by geography?

          I don’t believe Nords are naturally superior at all. But I don’t agree with you either.

        3. BAG is correct, in that the Nordics had an unforgiving climate.

          But keep in mind, the Greeks. They surely did not emerge among a river and had an unforgiving climate, Greek culture is apparently extremely diverse (there were many city-states) because they were up in the mountains and highly isolated.

    2. nonsense – blond hair is found through out Africa as is Red hair.

      Blonde hair and is also common among the Andamanese. The Eqyptians were an indigenous African race.

      All the evidence suggests blond and red hair are not unique to northern Europeans but are part of the human phenotype.

      It occurs in African and Negrito populations.

    3. “However only non-S. European Whites have blond or red hair (with the exception of some Australoid Aborigines with blond hair), such as Ramses II or Queen Hatsheput. Therefore it seems pretty obvious that there were Nordic rulers in ancient Egypt and it is most probable that they were simply absorbed into the gene pool over time.”

      Pure BS. Many Caucasoid groups have a touch of blondism. It doesn’t mean Nordic ancestry.

      I explained above how mummification effects hair and skin color. Hair gets lighter/redder and skin get darker/browner with the passage of time. That’s why mummies tend to look similar no matter where they’re found.

      Nordics come from Northeastern Europe, the last region of Europe to adapt agriculture. Early Nordics were primitive people with a culture essentially like Siberians and northern Native Americans. They weren’t ruling over anybody.

    4. Old thread so you likely won’t notice this but replying just the same, for others.

      Assuming Ramses’ mummy does have red hair; frankly I don’t remember whether it does or not, it could be due to Black eumelanin breaking down faster than pheomelanin (gives hair red or orange color). Black eumelanin is less chemically stable than pheomelanin, this is one reason you find blonde or red haired mummies in places where historically red or blonde haired races have not been known to reside. Brunettes have pheomelanin too, just not as much as red heads and blondes.

    1. Hi Shawn my very good friend. Yes, I am very busy with this Bigfoot stuff. On the phone all the time long distance, emailing back and forth, all kinds of stuff. Also, I don’t agree with your whole Nordicist argument about Egyptians, so I am just not even going to deal with it at all.

  9. Speaking of similarity between East Asians and north Europeans in being organized etc., could there be something genetic? Am I the only one who’s noticed that Nordics tend to have narrower, smaller eyes compared to southern Europeans (and Arabs) who tend to have large, almost bulging eyes, take a look at Al Pacino for example?

  10. This is why the vikings lost. The world is 70 percent water. lf you want to rule the world you MUST rule the waves. And to rule the shores you MUST have the biggest and most deadly warship there is, The viking ship isn’t even close to the JEW run Americas carriers.

    “The Viking Ships part 4 ”

  11. Mr. Lindsay, your post is very interesting as a thought experiment, if anything. You have talent deconstructing racist stereotypes, albeit in a slightly…politically incorrect way (which is fine by me – being Greek BTW).

    However, IMHO you forgot one thing. The bloody weather!!! Up north, it doesn’t give people much of a chance to build Parthenons and Great Art. They were too busy organizing themselves to keep the logs in the fireplace.

    As regards sunshine, lots of blonde Swedish tourists in Greece do get a nice tan, if they persist long enough, carefully enough. The issue is negligible. Does not constitute serious inferiority.

    1. Well, Arabs are ~90% White, and Ancient Egyptians look to me a lot like modern day Arabs. We don’t really know what they were. They were basically Med Caucasoids. They weren’t Arabs and they weren’t Black. We are talking about a race that no longer exists. One theory is that of all people today, the Egyptian Copts look more like the Ancient Egyptians than anyone else.

        1. We are not our ancestors. Modern Egyptians are about 70% White and 30% Black. In the North, they are 80% White and 20% Black and in the South they are 60% White and 40% Black. Egyptians have gotten a lot Blacker from the end of Dynastic Egypt til now.

        2. Is it just me or is there a strong physical resemblance between many Iraqis (especially the Christian ones) and some Ashkenazi Jews, especially those of German origin. Anyone else see it?

        3. Ahskenazi Jews are originally from northern Iraq, and the Christians are the purest remnants of the older Iraqis of 3000 years ago. In the interregnum, the Muslims have bred in with Blacks quite a bit, the Christians not at all.

        4. Interesting. Then it’s no coincidence that, like the Jews, they are generally an (if not, “the”) economically dominant group in whatever regions they reside. Moreover, like the Jews, they appear to have been victims of many pogroms and the sort. They’re hated. They seem like very intelligent people.

          How much black genes does the average Muslim Iraqi have? They look at least 90% Caucasian to me.

  12. “”Well, Arabs are ~90% White, “”

    You have to seperate the Non Hijazis from the HIjazis. The former are ‘Arabs’ from Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. These appear to be ‘white.’ The Hijazis are the pure Arab stock of the Arabian Peninsula. They aren’t excatly white, but are a mix of caucazoid and Australoid. The Non Hijazis becamse Arabised over time following the Arab conquests.

    Modern Egyptians I’m told, are basically a genetic mixed bag. They’re a combination of caucazoid, Negroid and Hijazi genetics. One of my Egyptian friend’s Mother was totally caucasian looking. She identified herself as an Arab and a Muslim, however she looked totally Italian. Straight nose, high cheekbones straight black hair, very striking features. My buddy on the other hand was extremly fair skinned, but had somewhat negroid features, a borad nose and curly hair.

    “”We are talking about a race that no longer exists. “””

    This makes no sense. I thought there were basically 3 different races and most people were a combination of the 3? (Ok 4 if you include the Australoids). Ethnicities are temporal however (The Romans, Sumerians and Aryans no longer exist even though their decendants still carry their genes).

    On a completely unrelated note Robert, the reply button doesnt work on my browser here at the office. I really hate the new WordPress.

  13. I’d like to see the proof that ancient egyptians were 90% white?

    WHITE ppl are from EUROPE not Africa.

    The original inhabitants of EGYPT were black–KMT. Egypt was blacker then that it is now, like America is whiter now than it was 600 years ago.

    Someone should really tell you the DYNASTIC Race theory has not merit.

    You are clueless.

    PS. I don’t expect to see this post on your thread.

  14. As late as the fourth century AD, Adamantius, an Alexandrian physician and scientist, wrote in his Physiognominica, that “of all the nations the Greeks have the fairest eyes,” adding, that “wherever the Hellenic and Ionic race has been kept pure, we see tall men of fairly broad and straight build,… of fairly light skin, and blond.” Several centuries of mixing had presumably changed the racial character of many Greeks, but blonds still survived, and Xanthos, which means “yellow” in Greek, was a common personal name.

    Yes, the Greeks painted their statues, but the originals were not dark. Praxiteles’ Aphrodite, from the Greek city of Knidos, was the most famous and most copied statue in the ancient world. Hundreds of copies survive. Experts have determined from microscopic paint particles that Aphrodite was painted blonde. The Romans had their own name for this goddess, Venus, and likewise her “cult images” were ubiquitous and “painted with pale-colored flesh and golden-blonde hair” (see Joanna Pitman’s On Blondes, 2003).

    Many small terracotta figurines from Greece of the fourth century BC have survived with traces of paint. They show light hair, usually reddish brown, and blue eyes, as do larger statues from the time of the Persian Wars in the early fifth century BC. Even a cursory examination of ancient marble reliefs, statues, and busts reveals European features. Many of the faces could just as easily be those of Celtic chieftains or Viking kings.

    1. You’re another Nordicist liar, as usual, using made-up Nordicist quotes. There are quotes from ancient Greece of one Greek man saying how Greek color is the best – not too light like the northerners (blond/red hair, blue/green eyes) and not too dark like the southerners (black Africans). That means the Greeks were somewhere in the middle: dark hair, dark eyes, but lighter skin (olive toned) than black Africans, yet not pale white (that burns in the MEDITERRANEAN sun) like northerners (Germanics/Celts/Nordics/whatever you wanna call ’em).

      See, the whole quote business can be twisted and turned by anyone who seeks to abuse history.

      It would make no sense for people that are obviously FROM the north to travel south and build civilizations where they’d burn in the sun all day, every day. They are not indigenous to the south, so stop with your silly lies and obvious denial of truth.

      As I always say: Go to Google Image search and type in “Ancient Greek frescoes” or “Minoan people” and see for yourself how they painted themselves.

      Here’s a painting of Greeks from 540 B.C.:

      Here’s a fresco of two GREEK soldiers on a chariot, from around 1400 to 1500 B.C.:

      More ancient Greek paintings:

      Two boxing GREEK children:,%20Athens).jpg

      I’m sure you all can look for others on your own; there are many where these came from. So this silly Nazi Nordicist can leave now with his tail between his legs and his made-up quotes. Truth hurts, huh, Nazi numb skull? 😉

  15. The Roman experience was similarly tragic. All of her later historians agreed that the terrible losses inflicted by Hannibal during the Second Punic War (218-201 BC) were minor compared to the horrendous losses Rome inflicted on herself during the nearly 100 years of civil war that followed the murder of the reforming Tribune Tiberius Gracchus in 133 BC.

    Viewed in a historical context, it is almost as if today’s Northern Europeans have set out perfectly to imitate the ways in which the Greeks and Romans destroyed themselves.

    Immigration was the inevitable backwash of imperialism as slaves, adventurers, and traders swarmed into Rome. Over time, slaves were freed, foreigners gave birth to natives, non-Romans gained citizenship, and legal and social sanctions against intermarriage fell away. By the early empire, all that was left of the original Roman stock were a few patrician families.

    The historian Appian lamented that “the city masses are now thoroughly mixed with foreign blood, the freed slave has the same rights as a native-born citizen, and those who are still slaves look no different from their masters.”

    Scipio Aemilianus (185–129 BC), a statesman and general of the famed clan of the Aemilii, called these heterogeneous subjects “step-children of Rome.”

    One hundred and fifty years later, Horace (65–8 BC) wrote in Book III of the Odes:

    Our grandfathers sired feeble children; theirs
    Were weaker still — ourselves; and now our curse
    Must be to breed even more degenerate heirs.

    The last Roman writers therefore came to see their own people as both morally and physically degenerate.

    The subtext of Tacitus’ (56-117 AD) ethnological treatise Germania is a longing for the northern vigor and purity the Romans had lost. He saw the Gauls and Germans as superior to the Romans in morals and physique, and Roman women shared this admiration. Blond hair became the rage, and German and Gaulic slave women were shorn of their blond or reddish-brown hair to make wigs for wealthy women.

    By the time of Tertullian (160-225 AD), so many Roman women were dying their hair that he complained, “They are even ashamed of their country, sorry that they were not born in Germany or Gaul.”

    In the early Second Century AD, the satirist Juvenal complained of the dwindling stock of “the bluest patrician blood,” which is a figurative phrase for the nobility, whose veins appear blue through their light skin.

  16. Mediterraneans are not flashy, but they care about fashion, art and beauty and are more vain than the bland northerner. Fashion in Paris and Milan Madrid is a bigger deal and always was than in the North.,

    As far as being organized, Hitler wanted to follow the Roman example when he was trying to take over the world. He wanted to create a vast German empire, that was organized, with roads (which the Romans built and which led to greater ability to reach all parts of the empire). The Romans were very organized as they developed the Roman legal code, which led to less chaos. The Romans build huge cities and furthered art and science. They were clean and dressed well. The Nordics were filthy, drank every night (to keep warm, I am sure) and got in their boats when they wanted to eat. The went around stealing, plundering and thieving and lived day to day, never being able to amass enough wealth to build great cities, write great literature, further scientific achievement. They were the essence of disorganized, incapable…. in comparison to the Romans.

    Again,Hitler who worshipped Blondes wanted to model his empire after the Roman empire because it was so great and so organized. He did not want to emulate the vikings.

    And yes it was cold in the north, but it is extremely hot in Egypt and yet there was an ancient civilization there. Look at Spain, Spain is arid and dry but Spain was a world power for centuries and became a world power even before the conquest of the new world (this is why Columbus went to Spain to ask for support from his project.)

    The whole dumb blonde stereotype comes from the views of the Romans Greeks towards the barbarians.

    It is true that when the Goths came to Southern Europe, the dark ages ensued. I had actually never thought of this. And yes, when I think about it, all of the ancient civilizations seem to be in areas where blonde is not the norm.

    On the other hand, a lot of the worlds greatest scientists, musicians of today are blonde or blue eyed. Think of Mozart, etc….

    But yes, I do think that Nordics have an inferiority complex because of the Viking history. When I went to Disney World, it was blatantly obvious in Norway house. They talked about how the Vikings were brilliant because they were excellent sea farers. It was pathetic because they were obviously grabbing at straws. The Vikings were at sea more than others because they were sea pirates and this is why they discovered America and not because of intelligence. They chanced upon it because they were hungry for treasure and were used to living at sea. The Vikings thought that the world was flat, remember?

    The Vikings drank a lot and put butter in their hair. I do not know why they put butter in their hair but this made them smell rancid.

    I think that the person who wrote this is somewhat right, however, it should not be forgotten that Scandinavian countries nowadays enjoy great stability economically. I think of Germans as much smarter than Scandinavians though and this is because they seem to have achieved so much more in terms of science, art and such.. Germans have less Nordic blood and more Southern European blood than Scandinavians.

    While I Think that blonde hair and blue eyes can be pretty (depending on the hue), I must say that the Romans seemed much more organized than their neighbors to the North.

    The Latins are much more animated and lively than their nordic counterparts, but I can tell you that in Latin countries, being flat, insipid, boring, and blase are traits that are associated with people of low intelligence. It is also associated with depressed peoples but the bland person who cannot think of something witty to say or who has little facial expression is considered to lack in wit, chispa, and ultimately in brain power.

    1. CLAUDIA Why do Latin governments need to be bailed out by the engines that drive Northern Europe in Germany/Scandinavia then?

      My Gosh you people are so freaking lazy down in Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Malta. You’re half-Arab, which is one reason.

      Mediterranean was a basin for ideas and trade, no quarrel there. But again, you are so self-indulgent and lazy.

    2. Blonde worship was more Himmlers deal. He also had the SS practice yoga and was into Eastern History, spirituality, ect. Meanwhile, Muricans were putting Japanese into concentration camps.

    3. Malta packs much into a small island. Like a short Med woman with juicy fat rabbit rump.

      Gotland was where most the Vikings’ high-quality silver ended up. These people strove for perfection, like a tall thrall with fresh young perky tits, high cheekbones, deep icy blue eyes, and silvery blonde hair. They took purity of silver seriously, rejecting Arab and later German silver as the quality diminished. Eastern Vikings filled the harems of the Middle East via the slave trade. They got goods from as far away as China.

      The East Asian island of Japan has simple gardens full of geishas who live to please their danna. Spice, ice, and rice.

      Then we have Haiti…

    the assyrians were a mix akkadian mixed with sumerian/dravidiancanaanites )))),amorite(imliq) mixed with this also with canaanite people like pure aboriginal people of north america and assyrians mixed with the thamud who are descendants of Prophet HUD PBH. in jordan north africa you will still find arabian people with straight to wavy hair and brown to dark complexion and also mixing with the afro asiatic people this mix would be different because also when afro asiatic mix with arab the features would be more like a dark indian not an african from west ,central or south africa dravidians by the way the dravidians are not nubians too funny the assyrians the assyrians proof of them being in north africa i have met a sudanese couple and they looked very different than other people of sudan dravidians:On a spiritual side I have seen Prophet Muhammad PBH 11times and
    I say it with no boasting I dreamt of the Prophet PBH and I am
    standing besides him and I was told I am not a sayyid and I ask the Prophet
    PBH about the Indian people, he PBH had a big smile on his face this is why
    I started to find out about the Indian people particularly the dark ones2times
    I dreamt the dravidians are the sumerians and 1time they are from Canaan
    and that the blacks and ethiopians are from cush ibn ham by the way there are 3 nimrods 1) nimrod bin arfakhshaad bin shem 2) nimrod bin cush bin canaan bin Ham 3) Nimrod bin cush bin Ham
    i dreamt a explanation of the dravidians i was told in the dream (hamitic)
    in type with straight hair and were also egyptians then after some time i
    dreamt the dravidians came from the fertile crescent in syria close to the
    sea and after this i dreamt they came from egypt close to the sea and i see
    arrows showing their travel one arrow goes up into the fertile crescent in
    syria and the other goes east through south iraq and southern iran until
    the arrow reached northwest india! also i dreamt of a migration in the
    shape of a U on the river nile nowhere did i see anything to do with the
    horn of africa .Also no date I dreamt the migration came from the east *On 13/11/11 I dreamt the dravidians are Phoenicians

  18. The Mediterranean Peoples (Dravidians)

    (Extracts from ˜The Original Indians An Enquiry by Dr. A. Desai)

    How the Mediterranean people came to be called Dravidians makes interesting story. The Pre-Hellenistic Lycians of Asia Minor, who where probably the Mediterranean stock called themselves Trimmili. Another tribe of this branch in the island of Crete was known by the name Dr(a)mil or Dr(a)miz. In ancient Sanskrit writings we find the terms Dramili and Dravidi, and then Dravida which referred to the southern portion of India.

    South India was known to the ancient Greek and Roman geographers as Damirica or Limurike. Periplus Maris Erithroei (Periplus of the Eritrean Sea) in the second or third century AD described the maritime route followed by Greek ships sailing to the South Indian ports: Then follow Naoura and Tundis, the first marts of Limurike and after these Mouziris and Nelkunda, the seats of government.â€

    Dramila, Dravida, and Damirica indicated the territory. Then it was applied to the people living in the territory and the language they spoke, in the local parlance Tamil and Tamil Nadu or Tamilakam.


    The Mediterraneans or Dravidians were associated with the ancient Sumerian civilizations of Mesopotamia and of Elam (southern Iran). Authors have pointed out ethnic, linguistic and cultural affinities between the Sumerians (Mesopotamians) and the Dravidians of South India, and concluded that both probably belonged to the same ethnic stock. HR Hall writes: The ethnic type of the Sumerians, so strongly marked in their statues and reliefs was as different from those of the races which surrounded them as was their language from those of the Semites, Aryans and others; they were decidedly Indian in type. The face-type of the average Indian today is no doubt much the same as that of the Dravidian race ancestors thousands of years ago…And it is to this Dravidian ethnic type of India that the ancient Sumerian bears most resemblance, so far as we can judge from his monuments. He was very like a Southern Hindu of the Deccan (who still speaks Dravidian languages). And it is by no means improbable that the Sumerians were an Indian tribe which passed, certainly by land, perhaps also by sea, through Persia to the valley of the Two Rivers.

    Hall is of the opinion that Dravidian people must have migrated to Mesopotamia from India, whereas others think Dravidians came from Mediterranean regions, which was their earlier home. KP Padmanabha Menon writes about their close relationship: Orientalists, many of them, are prepared to concede that the Sumerians, the Mediterranean race, are branches of the early Dravidians.

    1. Interesting. Linguists know what the Sumerian language was like, and classify it as an isolate. If the Sumerians had so recently broken off from the Dravidian population–a group mainly identifiable by language–why can we not identify common ancestry with current and ancient Dravidian languages? We can tell that both Persian and Swedish are both Indo-European languages, even though their relationship is way more remote than the link between Sumerian and Dravidian would have been if they were from a common root.

      1. they are

        Tamil Dravidians – they are not from East Africa. they mixed with Semitic Akkadians, and they also mixed with Amorites (Imliq). The other branch of Dravidians were the Phoenicians. Also, Amorites and Akkadians mixed with a Canaanite people, the same as pure First Nations people of North America.

        Nimrod bin Cush bin Kan and Dravidians

        Nimrudh (Nimrod) was the son of Kush (Cush) Ibn Kan’an Ibn Ham lbn Nuh. The same who ruled Babil in the days of lbràhim, the friend of the Compassionate.

        There are 3 Nimrods

        1) Nimrod bin Arfakhshaad bin Shem his dwelling place was al Hijr number as mentioned above Nimrudh.

        2) (Nimrod) was the son of Kush (Cush) Ibn Kan’an Ibn Ham lbn Nuh.

        3) Nimrod bin Cush bin Ham bin Nuh.

        and in page 16 of prophets and patriarchs, it says Nimrod bin Arfakhshaad dwelled was in the vicinity of al Hijr. On page 18, it says Nimrod was son of Cush bin Canaan bin Ham bin Noah. He was the Lord of Babylon and of Abraham, the Friend of the Merciful.

        One of the offspring of Cush was Nimrod, the one who ruled tyrannically in Babylon.

        On a spiritual side I have seen Prophet Muhammad PBH 15 times, and I say it with no boasting. I dreamt of the Prophet PBH and I am standing besides him and I was told I am not a Sayyid and I ask the Prophet PBH about the Indian people, he PBH had a big smile on his face. this is why I started to find out about the Indian people, particularly the dark ones. 2 times I dreamt the Dravidians are the Sumerians, and 1 time that they are from Canaan and that the blacks and Ethiopians (Abbysinians) are from Cush ibn Ham.

        I dreamt a explanation of the Dravidians i was told in the dream Hamitics with straight hair were also Egyptians. Then after some time, I dreamt the Dravidians came from the Fertile Crescent in Syria close to the sea, and after this, i dreamt they came from Egypt close to the sea and i see arrows showing their travel one arrow goes up into the Fertile Crescent in Syria and the other goes east through South Iraq and Southern Iran until the arrow reached Northwest India! Also i dreamt of a migration in the shape of a U on the River Nile. Nowhere did i see anything to do with the Horn of Africa.

        On 13/11/11 I dreamt the Dravidians are Phoenicians (a branch of Dravidians)

        On 28/12/11 i dreamt the Phoenicians in North Africa, and i saw Italy, and there is interaction between them both.

        Dravidian is one of the primary language families in the Nostratic proposal, which would link most languages in North Africa, Europe, and Western Asia into a family with its origins in the Fertile Crescent sometime between the last Ice Age and the emergence of Proto-Indo-European 4–6 thousand years BCE. However, the general consensus is that such deep connections are not, or not yet, demonstrable.

        On a less ambitious scale, McAlpin (1975) proposed linking Dravidian languages with the ancient Elamite language of what is now Southwestern Iran. However, despite decades of research, this Elamo-Dravidian language family has not been demonstrated to the satisfaction of other historical linguists.


        On April 17th 2014, I dreamt the Elamites are a mix of Dravidian, native Canaanites, and a type that looks like some Ethiopians that are dark but have more of a Indian feature, with light curly to wavy hair, not an Afro texture. Also, long time back I dreamt the Elamites are Eb3 (E1b1b).

        Also long time back i dreamt some Ethiopians and Somalians look like dark Indians with straight hair (some, not all are like this).

        07/07/12 i dreamt the Arameans absorbed the Amorites.

        Outside Europe, E1b1b is found at high frequencies in Morocco (over 80%).

        Also 14/08/14, I dreamt the Elamites came from North Africa. On Thursday, April 17, 2014, I dreamt the Sabaeans are the Dravidians, with a question mark at end.

        ‘Imliq was the progenitor of the ‘Imlags. And to them belong tale people of Barbar whose genealogy is as follows: Barbar Ibn Tamila – Ibn Mazarab – Ibn Fárán – Ibn ‘Amr – Ibn ‘Imliq – Ibn Ludh – Ibn Sam – Ibn Nuh. As regards Sunhajah and Kutamah, they are the descendants of Fariqis Ibn Qays Ibn Sayfi Ihn Saba (Sheba). It is said that ‘Imliq was the first person to speak Arabic when his people migrated from Babil. They along with the Jurhumites were known as al-‘Arab al-‘Aribah.

        On 01/Tuesday/2015 i dreamt the Imliq are from Nabi Saleh pbh

        On 10m/15th and 16th/2014 I dreamt of North Africa, and I see a Sayyid of Morocco and that all of North Africa is from Nabi Saleh (or maybe just royals)

        The Sayyid I saw is:

        it is not just the North African Amorites were in Iraq and Syria then Egypt

        Imliq are the Amorites

    2. The people who are black and live in South India? I think they migrated from Papua New Guinea or Australia.

      Indo-Aryans? Possible, but they were land-locked cattle-drivers.

      1. Southern Indians are probably Australoid, but it does not mean they came there from Australia or New Guinea. It means that they were part of the first wave of modern humans out of Africa which also gave rise to the Australoids now known as aboriginal Australians. They just happened to settle in South India rather than continuing the migration.

        1. Your commentbis ridiculous and you have no idea what you are talking about. Have a look at features it is very different secondly the cholas went as far as malaysia and Indonesia, australia is not far so its not a stretch to say some end up in Australia.

  19. The Pharaohs of Egypt are from Imliq, who was son of Lud. Don of Shem Imliq were Knoen and Amorites. The Amorites mixed with Hamitics, Canaanites, Dravidians, and Canaanites same as pure aboriginal people of North America. ALL Imliq are from Ad why because Imliq mixed with Thamud who are from Prophet Hud as because when ad perished Huf and family went with Thamud Thamud lived between al Hijr and greater part of Syria. When the actual tribe of Thamud perished
    Prophet Salih as and family remained in prophets and patriarchs it says when Thamud perished the remaining sons of Aram were known as Arman ,they are the Nabateans whose language and culture was Aramaic. The Arameans are the Chaldeans ,there are 3 nimrods and one was nimrod bin Arphaxad who dwelling place was al Hijr people of Aws.

    The Adnani Arabs, Ghassan Israelites, people of al Ays (Esau),
    settled in that same area . The Assyrians are people of Aws
    Assyrians mixed with Thamud then with (Arameans Nabateans, chaldeans)

    1. The Vikings mixed with Assyrians. The Scandinavians have haplotype I. the Kurds and Indians (India) are from Hittite royalty – the Greeks and Berbers of North Africa. Why? because the Lydians were the Hittites and were in North Africa intermingling with people of Phut and Kush. And remember Hittites were Indo-Aryans who mixed with Assyrians.

      The person who resembled prophet Jesus the most was Urwa bin Masud from Thaqifi. He was Jadis’ son. They were both from prophet Hud, as when Thamud perished, his remaining sons of Aram were known as Arman. These were Ubayl, son of Aws, and Jadis, son of Gether. They came after Thamud and came to be known as the Arameans (the Chaldeans and Nabateans)

      Urwa bin Madud had black hair, fair skin, and was tall with dark eyes. Oh, also Kurds are from the Medes, who mixed with Arameans (Chaldeans). Many Kurds have Semitic features such as black hair. Also being either dark or fair, the Indians (India) are from the Hittites as well.

        1. Etruscan language is derived from Dravidians. They and Lydians were together. Lydians are Indo-Aryans, not Europeans. They are the Minoans, who are the first Greek civilization, but they were not Greeks. Modern day Turks are not the original inhabitants of Anatolia. They are comprised of people of Turkmenistan, the Balkans and the Caucasus.

          The original inhabitants are the Kurds, and they are not originally European in features. Many many Kurds still have black hair.

          E3b either formed in North Africa or the Levant because Canaanites, the pure native Indians and Dravidians, did not originate in East Africa or Nubia lol

      1. also another correction the Indo aryan Lydians who are the Minoans and Etruscans were in Mediterranean with the Canaanite Dravidians with Lank hair later on the Lydians intermingled with the people of phut and cush
        and i think it was more Phut who were also in North Africa

      2. another correction it is the akkadians and amorites(imliq) who are the Arman because they mixed with the Arami tribes Ad and Thamud and they also had element of Arphaxad . And about Thaqif being from Jadis I will make a correction on that It is the akkadians and amorites who are descendants of Prophet Hud and Saleh PBT

  20. Lydians are the Hittites brother . Lydians were Indo aryan with black hair
    Indo aryan Hittite empire hittites are indo aryan not indo european only if Irabic types mixed with europeans then that can be applied many many many persians , kurds and indians have black hair

    This empire reached its height during the mid-14th century BC under Suppiluliuma I, when it encompassed an area that included most of Asia Minor as well as parts of the northern Levant and Upper Mesopotamia. After c. 1180 BC, the empire came to an end during the Bronze Age collapse, splintering into several independent “Neo-Hittite” city-states, some of which survived until the 8th century BC.

    Lydia arose as a Neo-Hittite kingdom following the collapse of the Hittite Empire in the twelfth century BC. According to Greek sources, the original name of the Lydian kingdom was Maionia.

    The Medes were an ancient Iranian people[N 2] who lived in an area known as Media (North-western Iran and south-east Turkey) and who spoke a northwestern Iranian language referred to as the Median language. Their arrival to the region is associated with the first wave of migrating Iranic Aryans tribes into Ancient Iran from the late 2nd millennium BCE (circa 1000 BC)(the Bronze Age collapse) through the beginning of the 1st millennium BCE (circa 900 BC).

    Cyaxares. He was born in the Median capital of Ecbatana, his father Phraortes was killed in a battle against the Assyrians, led by Ashurbanipal, the king of Neo-Assyria. After his fall the Scythians took over. In his early age Cyaxares was seeking for revenge. He killed the Scythian leaders and proclaimed himself as King of Medes. After throwing off the Scythians, he prepared for war against Assyria.[5]((((Cyaxares reorganized and modernized the Median Army, then joined with King Nabopolassar of Babylonia.))))) This alliance was formalized through the marriage of Cyaxares daughter, Amytis with Nabopolassar’s son, Nebuchadnezzar II))))))), the king who constructed the Hanging Gardens of Babylon as a present for his Median wife to help with her homesickness for the mountainous country of her birth. These allies overthrew the Assyrian Empire and destroyed Nineveh in 612 BC
    Astyages – Astyages; by Ctesias as Astyigas; by Diodorus as Aspadas; Akkadian: Ištumegu) was the last king of the Median Empire, r. 585 BCE-550 BCE, the son of Cyaxares; he was dethroned in 550 BCE by his own grandson, Cyrus the Great. His name derives from the Old Iranian Rishti Vaiga, which means “swinging the spear, lance-hurler.”[1]

    Astyages succeeded his father in 585 BCE, following the Battle of Halys,[2] which ended a five-year war between the Lydians and the Medes.(((( He inherited a large empire, ruled in alliance with his two brothers-in-law, Croesus of Lydia and Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, whose wife, Amytis, Astyages’ sister, was the queen for whom Nebuchadnezzar was said to have built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.[3] but due to the recent evidence, the garden was likely built by the Assyrian King Sennacherib.(((Married to Aryenis, the sister of King Croesus of Lydia, to seal the treaty between the two empires, Astyages ascended to the Median throne upon his father’s death later that year.)))))

    Aryenis of Lydia was, according to Herodotus, the daughter of King Alyattes of Lydia and the sister of King Croesus of Lydia.)))))))))

    Aryenis was also the Queen consort of Astyages, King of Media and mother of Mandane of Media and a probable Amytis, married to her nephew Cyrus the Great. She was also mother-in-law of Cambyses I of Anshan and maternal grandmother of Cyrus the Great.

    She was given in marriage to Astyages to seal a treaty between Cyaxares of Media and Alyattes II of Lydia, following the Battle of the Eclipse.)))))))

    Croesus was born in c.595 as the son of Alyattes, the ruler of Lydia between c.600 and c.560, and a woman from Caria. He had a sister Aryenis who was in 585 old enough to be married to king Astyages of Media, as part of a border treaty between Lydia and Media. She must have been two or three years older than Croesus. Another sister was married to the tyrant of the Greek city Ephesus, Melas. Finally, Croesus had a half-brother Pantaleon, the son of king Alyattes and a Greek woman.))))))))) Caria and the Carians are mentioned for the first time in the cuneiform texts of the Old Assyrian and Hittite Empires, i.e., between c.1800 and c.1200. The country was called Karkissa. They are absent from the Egyptian texts of this period.
    After a gap of some four centuries in which they are mentioned only once (below), the first to mention the Carians is the legendary Greek poet Homer. In the Catalogue of ships, he tells that they lived in Miletus, on the Mycale peninsula, and along the river Meander. In the Trojan War, they had, according to the poet, sided with the Trojans (Homer, Iliad, 2.867ff). This is a remarkable piece of information, because in Homer’s days, Miletus was considered a Greek town; the fact that it is called Carian indicates that the catalogue of ships contains some very old information. In the fifth century, the Greeks thought that the Carians had arrived in Caria from the islands of the Ionian Sea, whereas the Carians claimed to be indigenous. Homer confirms their story.
    It is also confirmed by modern linguistics: the Carian language belongs to the Hittite-Luwian subfamily of the Indo-European languages. It is related to Lycian and Lydian, the languages spoken to the southeast and north of Caria.((((((((( Note Indo European means indo aryan (kurds, persians , Indians (India) indo aryan settled all through out india , Afghanistan ect))))))

    Lydia, ancient land of western Anatolia, extending east from the Aegean Sea and occupying the valleys of the Hermus and Cayster rivers. The Lydians were said to be the originators of gold and silver coins.)))) During their brief hegemony over Asia Minor from the middle of the 7th to the middle of the 6th century bc, the Lydians profoundly influenced the Ionian Greeks to their west.

    In the 7th century bc Lydia filled the vacuum left by the Cimmerian destruction of Phrygia and established a dynasty at Sardis under the legendary king Gyges. The kingdom reached its zenith under Alyattes (c. 619–560), who parried a Median threat, pushed back the Cimmerians, and extended his rule in Ionia. The kingdom seemed destined to reach even greater heights under Alyattes’ son, the wealthy Croesus, when the Persians under Cyrus brought the Lydian monarchy to a final and dramatic end (c. 546–540).

    The Lydians were a commercial people, who, according to Herodotus, had customs like the Greeks and were the first people to establish permanent retail shops. Their invention of metallic coinage, which the Greeks quickly adopted, played an important part as a catalyst in the commercial revolution that transformed Greek civilization in the 6th century bc.((((Lydians are the Hittites who are Indo Aryan and Kurds are from Medes mix between both)
    According to the Greek researcher Herodotus of Halicarnassus, king Croesus of Lydia was a very powerful man, whose
    dominion included all the people to the west of the river Halys […]. He was the first foreigner so far as we know to come into direct contact with the Greeks, both in the way of conquest and alliance, forcing tribute from Ionians, Aeolians, and Asiatic Dorians, and forming a pact of friendship with the Spartans.[Herodotus of Halicarnassus, Histories 1.6; tr. Aubrey de Selincourt]
    This is a bit exaggerated. The first king of independent Lydia, Gyges, had already captured a Greek town, Colophon, and Croesus’ father Alyattes had taken Smyrna He also concluded a peace treaty with Miletus. So Lydian involvement in the Greek world was nothing new. What did matter, however, was that Croesus captured nearly all Greek towns along the west coast of Asia. Even more important, when he was defeated by the Persian king Cyrus the Great, these towns became part of the Achaemenid empire. According to Herodotus, this was the cause of the great conflict between Greeks and Persians in the first quarter of the fifth century.

    Croesus was born in c.595 as the son of Alyattes, the ruler of Lydia between c.600 and c.560, and a woman from Caria.))))))) He had a sister Aryenis who was in 585 old enough to be married to king Astyages of Media, as part of a border treaty between Lydia and Media.))))))))) She must have been two or three years older than Croesus. Another sister was married to the tyrant of the Greek city Ephesus, Melas. Finally, Croesus had a half-brother Pantaleon, the son of king Alyattes and a Greek woman.
    Without any doubt Croesus was the crown prince. He served some time as governor of Adramyttion, the capital of Mysia and the Troad, which was the usual position given to the intended heir of the Lydian king. Yet, when Astyages died in c.560, Pantaleon seems to have revolted and Croesus’ stepmother tried to poison the new monarch. Eventually, Croesus was saved by his baker, and after much bloodshed the thirty-five year old man could establish himself as sole ruler of Lydia. According to Herodotus,

    the first city that Croesus attacked was Ephesus. The Ephesians, when he laid siege to them, ran a rope from their walls to the temple of Artemis, putting the town, by means of this link, under the goddess’ protection. The distance between the temple and the old town is about 1½ kilometers.[Histories 1.26; tr. Aubrey de Selincourt]
    This story is strange, because the tyrant of Ephesus, Pindarus, was the son of Croesus’ sister and the former pro-Lydian tyrant, Melas. The regime change must have resulted in a change of policy, and Croesus may have laid siege to the town because it had seized to support Lydia. However this may be, the conflict was ultimately settled peacefully, and Croesus rebuilt the temple of Artemis.

    He subsequently attacked all the Ionian and Aeolian cities in turn on various pretexts, substantial or trivial, according to what ground of complaint he could find against them. He forced all Asiatic Greeks to pay him tribute.[Herodotus, Histories 1.26]

    Only Miletus, which had been granted a special status by Alyattes, retained some independence, but essentially, all Greeks in Asia Minor were subdued to Croesus. This included Pergamon, which had useful metal mines. The Greeks living on the islands were tied to the Lydian empire by a treaty.
    He kept all the people west of the Halys in subjection – Lydians, Phrygians, Mysians, Mariandynians, Chalybians, Paphlagonians, Thracians (both Thynian and Bithynian), Carians, Ionians, Dorians, Aeolians, and Pamphylians. When all these nations had been added to the Lydian empire and Sardes was at the height of her wealth and prosperity, all Greek teachers of that epoch, one after another, paid visits to the capital.[Herodotus, Histories 1.28]

    Among these Greeks were the author of fables Aesopus, the Athenian statesman Solon, and the scientist Thales of Miletus. They returned home with stories about the fabulous wealth of Sardes, which the Lydian king also put on display in Delphi, the shrine of Apollo.
    However, Croesus was not always lucky. He had two sons. One of them was mute and therefore unfit to rule. His other son, Atys, was in Mysia (perhaps at Adramyttion, the palace of the crown prince) when he died during a hunting accident. According to Herodotus, our main source, Croesus grieved for the death of his son for two years, until news from the east put an end to his mourning.

    In 550, the Median empire, which was separated from Lydia by the river Halys, had been overthrown by a Persian named Cyrus, and Croesus wanted to benefit from this turmoil. He might, for example, conquer Cappadocia and Armenia. But Cyrus was a formidable foe, and therefore, the Lydian allied himself to the pharaoh of Egypt, Amasis. Croesus’ envoys seem to have visited the newly founded oracle of Ammon in the desert, which was often a sign that the man who sent them wanted to do business with the local leader. It is not known why Amasis accepted the deal. At the same time, the Babylonian king Nabonidus was looking for an ally against the Persians, and he must have sided with Croesus’ coalition. Finally, after consulting the oracle of Delphi (and leaving many presents), the Lydians asked and received support from the Spartans.
    Perhaps, this was also the time when the first Jews settled in Sardes. The evidence is weak, but it has been claimed that the Sepharad mentioned in Obadiah 20 lived in Sfard, the old name of Sardes.
    Ancient Greece imposed its hairstyle to the entire world known at that time.

    It was the extraordinary Greek civilization which, with its natural and simple hairstyles moving in harmonious waves, marked the hairstyle of the Ancient world. All the neighbor countries and the others conquered by them, will adopt, in one or another moment, its particular style, which later will be inherited by the Roman Empire. The Ancient Greece was the base and the fundamental pillar of al the Occidental culture. Its costumes, architecture, philosophy, and mythological traditions were inherited by the posterior centuries and were present in the Renaissance and in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    The most ancient Greek civilization was the Minoic civilization of the Island of Crete, which existed from the year 7.000 BC until the year 1600 BC. In this year they were invaded by the Indo-Europeans from the North West, who founded the Micenic civilization. Through the testimonies of vases and mural paintings we know that the people of these periods were of white skin, with black hair in the Minoic civilization and blond hair in the Micenic civilization. Micenics were called “Achaeans” by Homer in The Iliad. Men used natural hair, wavy and beards. The Trojans, who inhabited what today is Anatolia en Turkey, had black hair, and their women’s hairstyles were carefully elaborated. Married women used long hair with long braids, as a sign of their marital status. In this mural painting, “The Blue Ladies”, from 1.600 BC are notorious these hairstyles.

    This hairstyle with long hair and braids is also found in all the representations of goddesses, like Athena, Artemisia, Aphrodite o Cassandra.

    There are no representations of blonde goddesses; however, several male gods have been represented or mentioned with “golden hair”, which is a clue to assume that blond hair was the desired hair color for the Greeks.

    The cut and style was also a sign of social status: slaves used shorn heads, and people of higher classes elaborated hair dressings, perfumed with olive oil and scented with fragrances; though, in general, the Greeks’ hairstyles were pretty natural.

    Near the 5th century BC, in the Classic Greece period, women already used quite different hairstyles than those of their ancestors of the Minoic civilization. Their hair was long, shoulder-length or over the back, and usually held by a diadem or a band. In this period, women stop to use braids as a symbol of marital status. The bands which adorned their heads were called “estefanias” and some of them were made of gold.
    Greeks used to perfume their heads with aromatic scents made from flowers, spices and olive oil.

    They believed that the scents had been delivered to the world by the gods, and they applied fragrances to their body and their hair. They used to boil a mix of flowers and herbs, like myrrh or frankincense, preparing a recipe with olive oil. To soften the hair, they applied brushing and massages. Also they made the hair brighter with the use of lotions, ointments and beeswax. Most of the population of the Ancient Greece had black hair, and for that reason they used yellow dyes, which was, undoubtedly, their favorite color, using a mix of saffron flowers and potassium water (a mix of potassium bicarbonate and carbonic acid water). Today saffron, derived from the purple saffron crocus flower, is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Due to its extreme value, the beautiful purple saffron crocus is not likely to be used in floral arrangements by Avas Flowers.

    “kirou anavasis” of Xenophon?Xenophon was from Athena,but he admired the Spartans more than his own city.The result was that the proud Spartans because of his attitude and courage(He lead an army of 10,000 Greek mercenaries from the deapth of Asia(the area of the today Iraq) to safety and back to Greece) accept him as a citizen of Sparta.Can you imagine that?they accepted an Athenean as Spartan.And he also wrote 2 books about his trip and in there is giving a lot of descriptions about the Greek army of every city as well as the descriptions of the foreign nations that they had to fight in order to return to Greece.From what he wrote we can clearly see thousands of soldiers with fairer skin of the skin of natives of Asia,but this Greek army had Black hair and eyes and that is given in a very absolute way.”The black eyes of our army cried when they met the blue color of the sea” and also on other lines”The former shinny black hair of the Spartans had now turned white from the dust of the road” and then “the locals were as we knew fierced warriors and so we decided to make circle and if possible avoid them,we didnt want or black haired heads to become a trophies at the walls of their cities.” Lydians mixed with Medes who are the Kurds making the Kurds from Hittites both mixed with semitic

  21. urfa
    Şanlıurfa , pronounced [ʃanˈlɯuɾfa], often simply known as Urfa in daily language (Arabic الرها Ar-Ruhā, Armenian Ուռհա Uṙha, Kurdish Riha, Syriac ܐܘܪܗ Urhoy), in ancient times Edessa (Έδεσσα in Greek), is a city with 482,323 inhabitants (2009 estimate) in south-eastern Turkey, and the capital of Şanlıurfa Province. It is a city with a primarily Kurdish and Arabic population. Urfa is situated on a plain about eighty kilometres east of the Euphrates River. Urfa’s climate features extremely hot, dry summers and cool, moist winters.

  22. Dravidians are Canaanites and did not originate in Nubia lol the dravidians have been mistaken for east Ethiopians and that is not correct . They were in island of crete and were also in umbria lol. They are Kan ani , they are the original Phoenician and Sumerians

    1. Dravidian South Indians are from Papua, New Guinea or Australia. Tamil Dravidian people are Australoid blacks. You never even migrated as far North as Punjab, much less Greece.

      Alexander was briefly in Punjab but got his ass handed to him by the Aryans.

      Aryans POSSIBLY originated in Greece, Turkey or Russia but Dravidian blacks were simply invaded and retreated to South India or ended up at the bottom of the Hindu social caste system.

    2. A Gora who has been in Cochin can see that you are black Australoid people from Papua New Guinea or Australia and have nothing to do with Indo-European history save for being relegated to the bottom of the caste system of Aryans (Persian or Greek or Russian).

      Aryans themselves were a land-based cattle-driving people who were never seafarers.

      Black Dravidian Australoid Veddoids in Greece? That’s crazy.

  23. There is nothing special about nordics, this is subjective, but I find South Euros, North Africans and West Asians much more attractive, I prefer dark hair and eyes over blonde hair and blue eyes, their skin sometimes is so pale they look sickly, other Caucasians look better with their dark beige or tanned skin.

    1. I prefer South Euros and while there’s overlap, each country has their own flavor. I do believe a higher proportion of elites in Ancient Greece and Rome had fair hair and eyes than the common folk.

  24. The sexual preoccupation tends to be with Nordic females and males who are not Nordic-Italians, Jews, blacks, Asians, Latinos-power this preoccupation as much as Northern European males themselves.

    Additionally, Northern Europe is viewed as a clean, developed, safe, educated, prosperous.

    Germany, Scandinavia, Holland, America’s WASPS, U.K. were all viewed as the ruling elite of the world whose example and standards all other nations wanted to follow.

    These are the tow-pronged reasons for the obsessions with Nordics.

    1. The Nordics have lower GINI coefficients (Equality of wealth/Lorenz curve/all that jazz), higher GDP’s, and were more insulated from the Monetaristic self-defeating policies of the American, Italian, and Spanish feds (no ‘big nigs’ take risk with so much money, there’s no need).

      The Nordics have larger brains and MAY have genetic IQ’s a point or two higher than Meds.


      that’s not everything, as history shows both with the origins of civilization.

      If IQ was everything we’d be speaking Yiddish or Korean right now.(We’re not). 😉

    2. Deadliest Warrior: Strapped Zulus vs Modern Vikings

      A Scandinavian military team has a cool, quiet efficiency. The strong silent type. There’s sort of a rejection of barbarianism. They are warriors but fully modern.

      Idi Amin was brutal but his military was easily beaten. African gangsters often embrace their savage stereotype. I’ve seen a show where they hacked everyone with machetes with no trace of human restraint.

      I’m impressed with both on some levels. The Black African is physically strong. Nordics are likely the most physically strong Whites but they also approaching East Asians in precision.

      It’s obvious who would win in battle if numbers were equal in a fight between the best modern military vs a force of scary, unexceptional street thugs scenario. I’ll raise the stakes a bit. A small team of well-trained Scandinavians could easily take Black Africa.

  25. Northern Europe has more PIE DNA. Southern Europe more Anatolian farmer. We’re all a mix of both with Hunter Gatherer thrown in.

    1. I believe early Rome was Roman but Germanic tribes swelled the ranks of late Rome. Also Franks left Roman-Gaul intact. Some Franks carried on part of Rome but it died with later Franks.

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